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Jeff Fisher: Decision next week

Jeff Fisher is done with his initial meetings with the Dolphins and St. Louis Rams and he will decide between the two next week, according to ESPN.

Fisher apparently said idependently or told the network he won't decide between the two teams until next week, which suggests he'll take the weekend to think things through. He also said the decision is, as has been reported here, between Miami and St. Louis exclusively.

Both teams are hopeful of landing Fisher.


Simple: Both know he can do the job. Fisher has been a successful NFL head coach.

But both teams are continuing with their coach search. The Dolphins today are hosting Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Rams are similarly continuing with their interview process. But everyone both teams are interviewing that is not named Fisher pretty much comes with this warning:

None have any NFL head coach experience. So in that regard, the teams are hoping these candidates can be head coaches.

See the difference?

Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job.


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"Fisher is known to do the job." Really? Six winning seasons in sixteen years. He can do the job alright. Let's talk about Fisher on offense. Run, run, run and try not to throw the ball. Sound familiar? One word: Wannstedt. Also, Fisher runs a 4/3 defense. We have a very good 3/4 defense led by a very good defensive coach by the name of Mike Nolan. Do you think he'll stick around for a 4/3 defense? Not to think that all of a sudden the Dolphins have to go looking for defensive players that fit a 4/3 scheme and then have to deal with the learning curve that comes with it. All of a sudden the idea of adding players to correct our weaknesses are compounded with the necessity of filling new team needs. Here is another possibility: Hire Philbin, bring Flynn and draft Justin Blackmon. All of a sudden you give credibility to an exciting passing offense. By not having to draft a quarterback, you can tailor your draft and free agency to strengthening those areas of weakness. Or how about bringing Chudzinski, moving up in the draft (paying the price for both) to get the quarterback we want (Luck, RG3) and let Chud develop him and our offense? Personally, I like Philbin. I like getting a quarterback that has been learning the NFL game under Rodgers and Macarthy. Didn't Rodgers spend three years on the bench learning from Farve? I say NO! LET FISHER GO! FILL THE PHINS, WITH PHILBIN AND FLYNN! Isn't that a better motto than SUCK FOR LUCK?

That's no problem, Dublc. They will continue searching until they find the best available option according to their needs. That's the best anybody can do under the circumstances.

we just got rid of a stache..

why would we want another one


I say we hire Jeff's second cousin A. Nal Fissure. That dude is a pain in the ass to opposing teams. Then we should get Marion Butts out of retirement. Change the offense to feature more if the prearation H back.

Oscar. Can I blow you again?

I'm concerned that Coach Sparano is gaining weight and backsliding from his tremendous weight loss fellas

Saw a post on the previous page @943 saying what if Fisher declined our offer and went to the Rams, imo, that would be embarrassing as hell, and I'll go one step further, I'll make the prediction that if Fisher rejects our offer Ross and the ballboy will hire Bowles and say what a wonderful coach he will be and they had him rated right up there with Fisher and they couldn't be happier. Now this prediction isn't a slam against Bowles, but just testimony of the slimey crap this FO does. I'm afraid we are in for a very long off season and we will have to deal with more ineptitude from our fearless leaders in the FO. I've been a fin fan since 1970 when I was 6 yrs old, and I never thought it would come to this. But no matter, I'll keep hoping for the best and keep bleeding aqua and orange.

If Dolphins Lose out to Rams....Is it because Ireland still here??????

IMO, Fisher even narrowing the choices to two, and Miami still being in that sentence. Is totally mindboggling.

With Ross and Ireland being primary detractors of any hc coming here. It would seem the greatest hurdle has already been overcome. Now throw the the historical significance(Marino-Shula), and Fisher signing on the dotted line may now only be a formallity.

Ross/Ireland were the only "major reason" to bar us from getting a top available hc. Putting us in the final 2, seems Fisher is well passed clearing this severe road block. IMO, Fisher now will be our newest hc in Miami.

Fisher wont say no because of Ross/Ireland. Placing us as his final 2 choices clearly illustrates this.

If Fisher could not overcome the Ross/Ireland roadblock, no way would we be his "final 2" destination point.

I was on baywatch

Bravo!!!! Outstanding comment, light years ahead of ANYTHING Mando has been posted including his ridiculous, fan demeaning song, what a loser.

Yes Chudzinski should be our guy yet it appears we are not even willing to take a look at him, and that includes this "expert" we have at the Herald in Mando. Why is he not even willing to type his name at least once in his blog? Who knows, there must be a story behind that.

Chud is a stud, and as you pointed out the fact alone he completely turned around the worst offense in football, one that has been dead for years with one rookie QB is amazing. To top it all up he has huge Miami connections via community and Canes, so why not? He will very likely bring Mike Shula with him as his OC, Mr. Ross why not give this guy at least an interview?? Chud will be a star NFL head coach, whether is here or not he will be, I just hope it will be here. We have a chance at this perfect storm scenario where we will hire Chud and Shula and trade up for RG3 and be contenders or resign to be a perennial, boring and predictable team.

Grow a pair and hire Chud!

::: YAWN ::: Enlightening as ever.

Tiger Sam,

No offense, but the main thing getting overlooked when considering supposed star asst coaches for hc's, is who brought the talent there?

When these guys become hc's they're working under an entirely different gm, personnel, and they dont have personnel say so in thier new hc gigs. More often than not, a new hc will only be as good as his new personnel and the guy bringing in his future personnel.

Extremely innovative schemes may be good for 1-2 victories in the NFL. It's always great personnel that "CONSISTEBNTLY" wins on this the highest level. Schemes can surprise, but talent is what truly levels the playing field.

Gotta also remember, had Cam Newton gone to any of the 5 worst teams in the draft last season. Instead of Chudzinski, you would be mentioning a totally different oc's name right now.

Regardless, Oc's are only as good as the personnel quality they have to execute thier schemes. 90% of coordinators in this league are genuises when they have the right personnel to execute thier schemes. 0% of the coordinators in this league bring in thier own personnel.

If our new hc is Fisher, hopefully Ross allows him say so in personnel brought in. The buck can no longer exclusively stop at Ireland. If not, Fisher or any other hc here will only be "window dressing" hiding a more serious issues.

Consider the Patriots, every oc over the last 10yrs has looked like a genius there. However the one everlasting constant of everyone the Pats oc's looking like geniuses has been Tom Brady.

These supposed genius oc's have all fallen flat on thier faces when becoming hc's. The Problem:

They couldnt bring Tom Brady with them. Rob Chudzinski wouldnt be bring Cam Newton neither.

Pats oc, Bill O'Bryan or whatever his name will be Penn St's new hc. Guess what? Tom Brady wont be following him there neither.

Where a coordinator has been(oc nor dc) doesnt guarantee success in where he is headed. Especially in the nfl. His new gm and the currrent level of personnel will.

I am double D's

Its a sad state of affairs when ALoco mistakes thinking for pompousness. Even worse, ALoco can't spell pompous and wants to use it as an insult.

I can't help it if you don't understand probability. Why don't we draft a center with our first pick? According to ALoco there is always a first; maybe that center will be the first to throw for 50 TD's in a year. I wouldn't bet on it but, hey, lets ignore facts and reality.


Your post @ 9:54 made too much sense for this blog.

Haven't you read it enough here? "What has Philbin ever done. He doesn't even call the plays."

No worries. The Dolphins won't get Fisher, they won't get Philbin, and they won't get Carmichael. The Fins new coach will be Toub. Special teams coach just like Harbaugh; he will be fantastic as our coach. We don't need to draft a QB as I am sure you have read that Moore is a fantastic QB and deserves to start for the Dolphins next year.

Tigersam and Cocajoe,

I've been saying that for a while now. But, it seems that some things are too obvious for this front office and writer.

Jeezus... We don't need Matt Flynn. this guy could be the next Kevin Kolb bust. We truly need a headliner with experience and not some guy who an offensive or defensive coordinator and college wanna be NFL coach. But I believe Fisher will decide on the Rams because of their franchise QB - which Miami lacks. However, our overall offense and defense is better than what the Ram's have. Perhaps Fisher lacks the skills to bring a young QB along, ala Vince Young maybe? Miami comes with a serviceable guy in Matt Moore. No we are on hold with baited breath as Fisher decides our fate and his.

Don't worry, according to NYG the Cowher thing was a done deal at the start of the season, and has been kept hush hush for varying reasons. According to NYG the franchise is just going through the motions, all the while Cowher has already signed a contract with the fins. I wish I had the inside contacts that NYG has.

In SI and a dozen other places (originally Howard Balzer):

The Rams will enter the 2012 season with quarterback Sam Bradford entering his third season. They own the second pick in the draft and the first pick in the second round that can be used as leverage for additional picks, or to select quality difference-makers. They don’t have a general manager, and are looking.

All those factors, according to sources familiar with the thinking of Jeff Fisher, have led the former Tennessee Titans coach, who has been weighing serious interest from the Miami Dolphins and the Rams this week, to be on the verge of choosing St. Louis as the next stop in his coaching career.

Fisher likes the potential on the Rams’ roster to turn things around relatively quickly. While there is expected to be a clear division of responsibility between the new Rams head coach and general manager, Fisher will also have a certain level of input during the ensuing search for a general manager in charge of personnel.

The Rams met with Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton Friday, a discussion that complied with the NFL’s Rooney Rule. It’s not out of the question that a deal could be completed by the end of the weekend. And that Jeff Fisher would be the next head coach of the Rams.

call it coincidence but the writing style of "New Coach Wanted" seems vaguely familiar with another blogger I have not seen here in a while..

I have heard he is the next awesome Super Bowl coach, or the next Dave Wanstead who will F us over. Im not sure who to pick, Uncle Ross must feel the same. I woud say whatever Tony S and Ireland were doing, do the opposite. Er I forgot we still have crappy Jeff w us.

Im still talking about Billick lol. I say give him a shot. I play madden football on the PS3 3 times a week. I have most of the plays memeorized. I bet I could outcall good plays against most real teams in the us just from playing the Madden games. That is unless I went against the master, Tony Sporano...

I Don't give a crap who the coach is as long as they get RG3 or Luck. Trade up and make it happen. We need a franchise QB to believe in. I've been a fan for 40 years w my grandparents close to the Robbie family and I am at the cusp. No more excuses. Trade whomever, do whatever, get our guy to lead us like DM over the next 10 years.

According to ALoco there is always a first; maybe that center will be the first to throw for 50 TD's in a year. I wouldn't bet on it but, hey, lets ignore facts and reality.
Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 07, 2012 at 12:32 AM

Still ROTFLMAO!!!!

Blow Hole got called on masquerading his opinions as facts. Then he backed off and pretended he meant probabilities all along.

He gets called on probabilities being infalliable, SO, now he's back to pretending his opinions are facts and reality!

Hill-FVCKING-Larious Dude!!!!

It was highly improbable that I would survive the eighties! I did!

It was highly improbable that an NFL team would have a perfect season! We did!

It's highly improbable that you will get honest here and give up on your bullshyt. You were "SPOUTING OFF(pun intended)" your opinions as fact. Got called on it. Switched up what you originally said. Then got called on THAT TOO-LOL.

Thar she Bloooooooooooooooooooooooows!!!!


Haven't you read it enough here? "What has Philbin ever done. He doesn't even call the plays."
No worries. The Dolphins won't get Fisher, they won't get Philbin, and they won't get Carmichael. The Fins new coach will be Toub. Special teams coach just like Harbaugh; he will be fantastic as our coach. We don't need to draft a QB as I am sure you have read that Moore is a fantastic QB and deserves to start for the Dolphins next year.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 07, 2012 at 12:41 AM

Is this really factual reality(ahem)? Or is it highly probable that you're misrepresenting what was actually written-AGAIN?

Thar She Bloooooooooooooooooooooows!!!!

It's highly probable I'll have a nightcap and get some sleep.

By tomorrow afternoon it'll have become a reality.

Now THAT's a FACT!

Bottom's Up!!!!

This blog sucks. What a pile of horse shiit.

But Oscar, getting Philbin does not mean we get Flynn. Unless contracts are being written differently, that includes the new coach from an existing team must bring their most talented up and coming player with him. Not saying that Flynn is an up and comer. Chud still would have been one of my choices, but he either has not been requested an interview, or has no interest in the Fins. who knowes.

According to sources. Fisher has already made his decision and a deal with the rams could be done to day.

Fisher is such a DRAMA QUEEN....

you guys REALLY want somebody who needs this much attention as the HC....

he is squeezing every mli-second of his 15 MIN of fame....the media darling....the "can't miss prospect"......

I wonder what yo media types will be righting when he is shown the door in 3-4 years in STL (hopefully STL).....

You don't 17 years to do nothing ANYMORE....this ain't HORSESHOES....and it certainly ain't HAND GRENADES.....

And Jeff Fisher....this ain't your Daddy's NFL any more.....

Jeff Fisher is crazy.

What's there to think about?

Miami is much nicer than St. Louis.
Miami has a roster full of talent.
Miami will pay more.

I'd prefer Joe Philbin as the next head coach.

Jeff Fsher's claim to fame......

Getting punched in the jaw by 102 year old....Buddy Ryan.....

fishers teams are as boring as his personality. paint drying.

Happy New Year to One and All!!!

Back from a great vacation in the Caribbean. Of course, got to watch our crap team while there.

I KNEW I'd come back and read all about Matt Flynn. Sometimes you jokers are just WAY TOO PREDICTABLE in your lack of football IQ and wanting to do the same thing again and again. Tell me the last time Miami has prospered using some FA QB who maybe looked good somewhere else, but comes here and is crap? I'll tell you, it NEVER HAPPENED IN THE MODERN ERA.

So you fools want to take a guy, who looks great playing in the league's #1 offense, a SEVENTH-ROUND DRAFT PICK (because you see those guys leading elite teams ALL THE TIME IN THE NFL TODAY), and bring him to our mediocre offense and think he'll do the same?

The world got 1 year old, and many of you are just as dumb as ever.

Sometimes you jokers are just WAY TOO PREDICTABLE in your lack of football IQ

The world got 1 year old, and many of you are just as dumb as ever.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 07, 2012 at 08:23 AM

Got a mirror? This the same dude that hated beyond all hell Moore? The same Moore who performed better than Henne?

That makes your IQ what? Just what da fuh do you know? Nothing more than the rest of us, assswipe.

DC Dolfuk < toilet paper (used)

I haven't changed a thing odinseye. You are the one who is hilarious with the reading comprehension of a two year old. Do I need to do a line by line explanation of my posts so you might begin to grasp them? The facts haven't changed. My statements have been the same all along. Your understanding of them is the problem.

I could dissect one of your posts where you try to disparage me and show just how poor you understand, but frankly, aside, from showing others your failings and getting a good laugh from it, you just aren't important enough for me to educate.


Happy New Year....

and i'm glad you made it back safe....

AUGUST(US), Ceasar screwed up the calendar WAY to much to really know how old or what date it really is.....

The very fact Ireland was retained and is conducting the coaching search is ridiculous. Stephen Ross is a joke of an owner. Good news is the guy is older then Huizinga. Bad news is we could be waiting for another 20 years before he sells the team. I was hoping he was going to be smart enough to at least fire Ireland, hire a good coach and stay away. But no. Ross is one dummy and we are going to be stuck with this crap. The Miami Dolphins are the new laughing boys of the NFL. Perpetual Mediocrity. So far one decade, how many more?

I don't blame Jeff Fisher at all for thinking about this decision. Frankly, if I were him, I'd go to the Rams. He'll get to pick his GM (i.e. talent acquisition guy), and more importantly, he'll have a franchise QB to work with.

If he comes here, he'll see Matt Moore (oooh, ahhh). Yeah, he was serviceable this year, but has he ever put 2 good seasons back to back? Has he played in ONE Playoff game? I mean, isn't that the purpose of playing the Season?

I don't blame Moore for us not getting in the Playoffs this year, really. If he started the Season, then it would be on him, but you can't come in when the team is 0-5, a new FA, and get up to speed any quicker than he did. He was good for us this year (MUCH BETTER THAN HENNE).

But, besides a couple of games, I know all of you saw our offense sputter during long stretches this year (just like every year). When other offenses are playing with a machine-like efficiency, putting up college numbers, we were hit-and-miss.

And, since Miami doesn't have the history of EVER doing the right thing at the QB position, and EVERY failed HC since Shula bemoaned the lack of a franchise QB here, as one of the main reasons for their failure, sure, I understand the hesitancy of Fisher.

If I were him, I'd have the following prerequesites before I take this job:

1- mortgage the future to take RG3. I'd offer the Rams a #1 pick next year, a #2 pick this year, and throw in Jake Long to trade spots. John Jerry proved he's a fine replacement at LT. RG3 being mobile won't need a ProBowler at LT, he can escape pressure with his feet, so why not to get a franchise QB with his talents?

2- Make Mike Martz OC. With Fisher's defensive expertise, he needs an OC that will turn this sputtering offense into a MACHINE!!! Martz, with his passing pedigree, would know EXACTLY how to use Bush, Marshall and RG3's arm (and legs). Match made in heaven.

THAT'S how you bring excitement to S. Florida. THAT'S how you put butts in seats. THAT'S how you give an incoming HC (what, the sixth since Shula?) what he needs to succeed. THAT'S how you set your team up to compete with the Patriots.

Only other pieces on offense we'll need is a real 2nd WR (goodbye Hartline), a real #1 TE (Fasano can be #2), and a REAL RT (goodbye Colombo). Rest of the draft can be defense (this year). Then shore up defense next year. And by Year 3 we should be impossible to beat.


Yeah man, like Fisher really needs your advice. Dream on.

Dc dolfan, thats what im saying. Bring in flynn and he will do nothing. He will be matt cassell.


If you want run-run-pass-pumt...

then FISHER is your guy....

If you want to fall asleep in front of your beautiful flat screen TV...while watching your FAVORITE team...then FISHER is your guy....

If you want perpetual mediocrity....with a flash every couple of years....

well you guessed it....FISHER is your guy....

Thanks kris. Wishing you and yours a Happy (whatever year it is)!!!

Hope we have more to cheer for this year.

It was UNBEARABLE for me these last two weeks (other than being in paradise). My wife's family are Giants fans, so they were ribbing me ALL VACATION. Have to admit, it got under my skin. They're a crap 9-win team (when's the last time an AFC East team got in the Playoffs with 9 wins). But they won their division and are playing this week. While we're not (AGAIN).

I'm just sick of it. Getting mocked every year for our sucky team. Can't go through that again next year. And DEFINITELY don't want to be out of the Playoffs in OCTOBER! At least if we won against the Pats. Along with the Jets, would have given us hope for the future.

But truth is we're still not good enough. Things must change (and they will, just hope for the good and not for the status quo).

Tell me the last time Miami has prospered using some FA QB...
...I'll tell you, it NEVER HAPPENED IN THE MODERN ERA...

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 07, 2012 at 08:23 AM

Chad Pennington. He recently led the Phins to an AFC East championship.

Martz sure made Chicag exciting. Wow. Martz hasn't done jack without superstars like Warner and Faulk.

Alright DC....

Im out...probably peek back in during the play-off games....

Reading a good book....1984-George Orwell....

takes your mind off of things...let's you focus on whats really important....

Fiedler took us to the playoffs.

From Wiki "Fiedler's stint with the Miami Dolphins featured three 10+ win seasons in four years, two 11–5 seasons in 2000 and 2001, an AFC East title, and two postseason appearances including a victory for the Miami Dolphins."

DC, do you think before you babble or just babble as many words as possible?

kris, believe me, Fisher was NOT my guy (I'm with you, his are not fun teams to watch). But I think Ross wants a known commodity, so it's pretty much his job if he wants it (you see by the other guys we're interviewing). I've just accepted that it's going to be him. That's why I want Martz at OC.

Bob, great, for one fluke season. How'd he do next Season (went 0-3 before getting hurt)? And then the next year (came in for 1 play and got hurt).

So if that's what you call "prospering" then I guess I didn't explain well enough. I don't care about one fluke season. I want to be an ANNUAL Playoff team. A contender for the SB. Not barely get in the Playoffs playing the easiest schedule in decades and getting blown out at home in the first Playoff game. That's horsesh*t to me.

So no, as far as I'm concerned, it's never happened. Why set yourself up to have one good year with a FA QB, rather than do what ALL OTHER SUCCESSFUL TEAMS DID and get YOUR franchise QB through the draft (minus Brees and the Saints)?

Giants, Falcons, Packers, 49'ers, Lions, Pats, Ravens, Steelers, Bengals, Broncos. That's TEN teams in the Playoffs with THEIR franchise QB leading the way. Only TWO teams with FA QBs (Saints and Texans, though Shaub is hurt).

Are you kidding me bro? Is that not clear enough to everyone what we need to do to be elite?

Felicitaciones por tu tráfico....
Muchos comentarios

Uh huh, you're just an idiot. Or you don't even know the team you claim to be a fan of. Or both.

Remember Zach Thomas? Remember JT? Patrick Surtain? Sam Madison?

You're ignorance is proved in you saying Fiedler led ANYTHING. He was a 2000 Ravens style game manager with an elite defense that could allow him to do almost nothing and STILL win games.

If you weren't such an idiot, you'd understand that can't happen in today's NFL (when it takes 30+ points to beat the Patriots).

Do me a favor, go annoy someone else, I don't need to waste my breath with an *sshole like you this year.

Sean Payton, Mike Tomlin...even
patriots' coach had minimal head coaching experience (Cleveland Browns before they left town)before taking over New England.

Let's get off the experience bandwagon....Jimmy Johnson had GOOD past experience and that did not work out great for Miami. Fischer's is spotty at best.

I remember Zach and JT never stopping anyone in the 4th quarter. Never protecting a lead. That's what I remember. 12000 4th quarter comebacks against us.

"Fiedler's stint with the Miami Dolphins featured three 10+ win seasons in four years, two 11–5 seasons in 2000 and 2001, an AFC East title, and two postseason appearances including a victory for the Miami Dolphins."

And you won't give him credit just so you can be right. What a putz.

I am still choking on the idea that anyone thinks Tebow is a franchise QB. Denver doesn't even think they have a franchise QB. In their version of the Wildcat, they need to bring a player in to actually pass the ball.

That said, is your contention that the only way to acquire a QB is to draft him? Didn't the Rams Greatest Show on Earth use a FA no-name QB named Warner? After years of success, didn't Arizona get a FA named Warner to lead them for years? What about Kansas City and Joe Montana? What about Seattles QB for many years?

In the end, everything has already been done before in the NFL. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but the act itself is not to be blamed, it was the judgment of the people performing the act. People point to Sparano and say "thats what you get by hiring a first time HC." People point to Saban and say "thats what you get by hiring a college coach." Nope. Thats what you get when the people making the decisions lack judgment.

There is no sure thing. Flynn could be a hall of famer or he could flame right out. Just like Luck or RGIII.

We need someone who knows everything to advise our next coach. Maybe DC can do that? These coaches with 20+ years in the NFL know nothing compared to DC the rod stroker.

And before anyone wants to bring up the 49'ers, I'd say check their division. In the NFC West, sure, they're good to win it (one year out of how many since their last Playoff appearance?). Like us in '08, ANY team can be an anomoly ONE YEAR. Let's see how they do in the Playoffs. Let's see if they're that good next year with a sputtering offense?

There was a team in the AFC East with a great defense and no offense too. But you'll notice they neither won the division OR got to the Playoffs.

So keep looking to those anomolies for a blueprint geniuses. And keep dismissing the elephant in the room which is EVERY ELITE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE doing it through drafting a franchise QB (by the way, Alex Smith might not be elite, but at least he's a 1st-rounder they thought would be a franchise QB, so he had the potential, just had not reached it yet).

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