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Jeff Fisher: Decision next week

Jeff Fisher is done with his initial meetings with the Dolphins and St. Louis Rams and he will decide between the two next week, according to ESPN.

Fisher apparently said idependently or told the network he won't decide between the two teams until next week, which suggests he'll take the weekend to think things through. He also said the decision is, as has been reported here, between Miami and St. Louis exclusively.

Both teams are hopeful of landing Fisher.


Simple: Both know he can do the job. Fisher has been a successful NFL head coach.

But both teams are continuing with their coach search. The Dolphins today are hosting Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Rams are similarly continuing with their interview process. But everyone both teams are interviewing that is not named Fisher pretty much comes with this warning:

None have any NFL head coach experience. So in that regard, the teams are hoping these candidates can be head coaches.

See the difference?

Fisher is known to be able to do the job. The other candidates, the teams hope they can do the job.


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If you're going to quote directly from Wikipedia, why not take the ENTIRE paragraph instead of just pulling out the sentence that supports your position?

For everyone else, here's the paragraph:

Fiedler's stint with the Miami Dolphins featured three 10+ win seasons in four years, two 11–5 seasons in 2000 and 2001, an AFC East title, and two postseason appearances including a victory for the Miami Dolphins. During these years, the Dolphins' offense lagged notably behind its defense, which featured perennial Pro-Bowlers in linebacker Zach Thomas, defensive end Jason Taylor, and cornerbacks Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain.

Yeah, thought so.


I read your Sesame Street response....but I think YOU don't get it.

Yes, Fischer can coach...he has a lot of experience. We get that. But experience is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes being experienced makes you stale and lazy.

We have had experience that didn't work (Parcels, Johnson). We have had inexperience that didn't work (everyone else).

This is about finding someone with the proper fire in their belly. It is similar to taking Zach Thomas or Jason Taylor in a draft. Undersized, questionable technique...but they both had drive, determination.

They weren't stale and lazy.

Finding a coach that can motivate, push and transform these - i believe - talented players is more important than the administrative duties an experienced coach has.

Anyone can learn procedure...not everyone can lead.

Some people need wikipedia to formulate opinions for them. Like DC. I trust my own judgement

Facts are facts, I copied facts. He copied opinions.

I watched every one of those games. Zach and JT couldn't stop a heard of mosquitos when it mattered most.


Who do you think should be our next head coach ?

New Coach,

A) Tim Tebow is NOT elite. I added Denver to my list of teams who drafted their franchise QBs (at least they thought he'd be that) in the Draft. But trust me, I know he's no Brady, Rodgers, Brees.

B)My contention isn't that a FA QB COULD make a team successful, it's that in Miami, that HAS NOT been the case (other than 1 year with Pennington). We've been on a backslide for twenty years. We've had 5 turnovers of the HC. We've gone through a ridiculous amount of QBs (in the high teams). Getting the new FA every time. We didn't get a Warner. We didn't get a Brees. We got a Fiedler and a Dante Culpepper (post-injury) and a Trent Green (post-injury). Every professional football analyst will tell you it has not worked.

So why not try something new? We drafted a guy (Henne), he didn't work out. Let's go for broke and do something we haven't done in 30 years. Let's draft a true franchise possible QB in the first-round. Worked pretty well the last time. No, didn't equal SB, but equaled records at the QB position that lasted almost 30 years. And made Shula-Marino the winningest combo in the NFL (until recently).

I mean, how would anyone NOT want to try that again? Unless you like mediocrity.

Uh oh, uh huh,

You are trying to distinguish facts vs opinions on this blog? Did you not notice what happens when I point that out.

Be careful. You may have to give a remedial class on the difference.

Of course, I disagree with DC's assessment of QB prospects, but, that said, I do like DC Dolfans approach to posting: big hammer and swing. Anyone who gets in the way gets clocked.

I think I take a lesson from it. I will just try to ignore the dumber posters on here whose only contribution is to assert "you" are an idiot but can't offer anything of substance themselves.

New Coach

Records and stats are facts. Simple. Saying the offense lagged behind the defense is an opinion.

Fans typically blame the QB for losses and credit the QB for wins, so why not with Fiedler?

DC calling others idiots only makes himself look like more of an idiot, if that is even possible. That guy needs 12 paragraphs to say what most say in a sentence.


Your post demonstrates two things:

1) We can't count on the Dolphins to do anything right. Whether it is hiring a GM, a HC, selecting a draft pick, or picking a FA. The Dolphins are so bad that even when we do get the right player, they come to Miami and are coached to under-perform and look like busts or crap pickups.

2) There won't be a first round QB for us to take. I agree with spending a first on a QB if they project to the grade. There are a couple and they will be gone. I think it unwise to risk our entire draft to trade up to get one of them or to spend a 1st round pick on a QB who could be gotten in the 2nd or 3rd just to say we drafted a qb in the first. Fools Gold and all of that.

When Miami gets the right player they trade them to the next SB champion team.

IMO Fisher would be a vast improvement over the last 4 HCs. But that's like saying Moore is the best QB since (pick one).

Fisher may not be another Wannstedt but he's damn close. Like Parcells said (maybe the only intelligent thing he ever said) you are who your record says you are......

Team (Oilers/Titans under Jeff Fisher) Year Regular Season Post Season
Won Lost Ties Win % Finish Won Lost Win % Result
HOU 1994 1 5 0 .167 4th in AFC Central - - - -
HOU 1995 7 9 0 .438 3rd in AFC Central - - - -
HOU 1996 8 8 0 .500 4th in AFC Central - - - -
TEN 1997 8 8 0 .500 3rd in AFC Central - - - -
TEN 1998 8 8 0 .500 2nd in AFC Central - - - -
TEN 1999 13 3 0 .813 2nd in AFC Central 3 1 .750 Lost to St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV.
TEN 2000 13 3 0 .813 1st in AFC Central 0 1 .000 Lost to Baltimore Ravens in AFC Divisional Game.
TEN 2001 7 9 0 .438 4th in AFC Central - - - -
TEN 2002 11 5 0 .688 1st in AFC South 1 1 .500 Lost to Oakland Raiders in AFC Championship Game.
TEN 2003 12 4 0 .750 2nd in AFC South 1 1 .500 Lost to New England Patriots in AFC Divisional Game.
TEN 2004 5 11 0 .313 3rd in AFC South - - - -
TEN 2005 4 12 0 .250 3rd in AFC South - - - -
TEN 2006 8 8 0 .500 2nd in AFC South - - - -
TEN 2007 10 6 0 .625 3rd in AFC South 0 1 .000 Lost to San Diego Chargers in AFC Wild-Card Game.
TEN 2008 13 3 0 .813 1st in AFC South 0 1 .000 Lost to Baltimore Ravens in AFC Divisional Game.
TEN 2009 8 8 0 .500 3rd in AFC South - - - -
TEN 2010 6 10 0 .375 4th in AFC South - - - -
Total[5] 142 120 0 .542 5 6 .455

Go with Philpin.

He sets up the game plan for each game.

He would not call plays as head coach either so not sure what that is even discussed.

Geez DC, take a friggen breath man..

...The Likelyhood we draft a quarterback in round 1 is looking low right now. I know it is easy to say.."Have some guts Miami..Trade up" At this point because there are only 2 premium choices. The ransom for one of these two may not be worth saving the hostages. Also. If you were a team that could draft Luck or Griffen, and quarterback was a position of need..Why would you trade out of that spot?

Like I have said at nauseum. So many things will change before the draft. Some quarterback may come out of nowhere and charm our panties off..who knows. There is a ton of evaluation left before Draft Day..

DC has a tendancy to be long winded. He can at times be very annoying, like today. Sometimes he likes to try and make others fell stupid because there opinion differs from his. Sometimes he has good insight. Lots of times I do not agree with him.


I always liked the fiery aspect of Fiedler. Guy was all in, just limited talent. Now if we could combine Fiedler's heart with Henne's potential...

DC likes to call others stupid, like in his first post today. He just makes himself look stupid in the process. He is wrong just as much as everyone else here, like his endless bashing and hatred of Moore preseason.

The only reason that the Ram's are still in the Fisher sweepstakes is because the COO and EVP of Football Ops is the son of Fisher's agent Marvin Demoff. And if Fisher goes to the Rams there are only 2 reasons them he went there, the relationship between the Demoffs, and that the Rams have Dam Bradford at QB. And I'm not sold on Bradford.

Fvck fisher. LEt him move to missouri. Let someone else bring their talents to south beach. This is for the better anyway. I bet the redskins fans would have liked to have a different coach than shanny right about now. They went old and experienced.
Get me a younger coach with energy that can lite fire under these guys and we'll be in the playoffs next year. We're not that far off.

Michael I think there is another reason. He gets to pick his gm there.

Miami has permission to interview Mularky, no time table set yet.

Michael...I disagree. There are a ton or resons that Fisher could choose St. Louis over Miami.

1..Fisher could be G.M. or have a say as to who the G.M. should be. This is a huge perk for any veteran coach that has earned, or desires this control
2..The ownership in St. Louis is just better. Look at Kroenke(spelling??) compaired to Ross in the sporting world and it a no brainer. One controls teams in MLB, MLS, The Premier League, and the other builds nightclubs for b-list celebs at his stadium.
3.. The salary cap issues. The Rams have more cap space over the next 2 years then any other team filling a coaching void. This is also HUGE
4..Premium draft position
5..A quarteback. Us bloggers in cyberspace may think Bradford is garbage..He may be. But for now there is no issue as far as a search for a replacement..If there is. They have leverage with their draft position(#4) but there isn't. Unlike here in Miami where once again..Who will play QB?

So I think all of the Anti-Fisher guys are safe. I'm wrong a lot. So this could all be a bunch of hooey. I just can't see because of these few reasons(I'm sure there are more) Fisher coming here.

Please if you have a list of reasons why he should be a Phin. I would like to read them. (seriously..I'm not trying to sound like a punk)

Has St Louis interviewed Ray Horton or any minority candidate yet or is it this weekend? If it's this weekend then I agree with the guy who posted yesterday that they are simply waiting to satisfy the Rooney Rule before announcing Fisher head coach. And Fisher's taking the weekend to think it over is nothing more than taking the weekend to come in compliance, and possibly get a bump up final offer from Ross. I know that's negative thinking but am starting to think the Fins organization is cursed or something.

everyone here is just trying to give there opinion, they are niether right or wrong, just different. Its when some, try to make it sound like they are better judges of talent,smater, a walking NFL history book, and then try to make opinions,speculations,into fact.

I'm with Boulder....fvck Fisher!
I hope he chooses St. Louis because I've only seen ONE COACH take two different teams to the Superbowl: Dick Vermil
Philly, St. Louis.

Others have tried, but it is hard to gather the right talent at the right time with the right head coach and QB.

Fisher would have taken a "go-slow" approach in Miami and our QB situation is still horrible.

According to the various sources - like I posted previously - the Rams offer 3 things that appeal to Fisher over Miami, (1) He has higher draft picks and can get the QB he covets, (2) He believes their roster is better, and (3) He has input on the GM.

Most here wanted to draft Luck or RG3 so point 1 is understood, most here hate Ireland so point 3 is understood, and many here recognize the Dolphins are missing a lot of pieces... like a QB, a WR, a RG, a RT, a TE, a NT, a DL, a OLB, a CB, a FS, and a SS. Let us not forget our special teams ain't so special either.

Fishers choice - if he doesn't change his mind - makes sense to me. Now all we have is hope that the Dolphins pick the right coach and Ireland plays enough Madden this summer to learn how to draft and trade. It would be helpful if Ross banned him from selecting ANY players from Dallas and required the new HC to agree with any decisions.

Chris, I agree. The Rams as of yesterday had not interviewed a minority. I think it is scheduled for today. But, on the other hand, I think Fischer has the right to take his time. Does not mean he is waiting for higher offers. We are just speculating as to why, could be just dicussing it with family, or getting input from other NFL minds as to wich team has the better options. In my opinion other than the QB the Rams are in far worse shape than the Dolphins(personel).

Yes Chris,

The Rams complied with the Rooney Rule friday night.

Make it even more interesting. The Rams have now requested to interview several members of the Titans front office for the vacant GM position.

Fisher doesnt think their roster is better. 1 he will have say in who the gm will be, 2 the rams will have salary cap money, 3 they have bradford.

No one asked me but reasons why Fisher would come to Miami over St Louis in no particular order:

1. Better core talent (older however)
2. An owner who is willing to spend any amount of money for a winner (however also an owner with baggage)
3. Dolphin fans are dying for a winner and whomever comes and brings one will be like a God. (St Louis is a baseball town)
4. Miami - beach, bling St Louis - uh, the Arch and a muddy river
5. Miami - higher salary and no state income tax (don't know it Missouri has state income tax or not)

Man, that's all I got.

You are right Dolphin 77. The people talking to Fisher have no idea what they are talking about.

I was never sold on the fact that Fischer would come here. Well, not as long as ireland remained GM. It goes back to one of my post when Sparano was still on board. More than likely it will either be Bowles or Nolan. By the way, Im not 100% sure thats a bad thing.

Rams have the #2 overall pick, AND the first pick of the second round. Forget Bradford, they will have Luck or RG3 if they want.

...I'm not a talent evaluator so what I think doesn't matter. But I think the Phins roster man for man is superior to the Rams. Fishers(which is the only one that matters) may say different. I know rosters are more then just the starters. But lets start there. How many Rams would start on the Phins, and visa versa? As poor as our team was at times. I think we win the roster battle.


A rebuttal to give a different perspective.

1) Arguable. Which pieces are missing and how difficult is it to acquire those pieces.
2) Arguable. Ross has money, however, Armando has previously reported that Ross put a padlock on that money last year.
3) Up until they make the first decision Dolfans disagree with and then they will be criticized and run out of town before producing a winner.
4) Miami - beach, traffic, and sprawl. St. Louis - midwest lifestyle.
5) Yes. Miami better salary wise and no income tax but it also costs more to live there and property taxes are a bear.

..Chris in the 623..This may seems insane. I know Fisher is a huge fishing buff..HUGE. His son played for Montana, and the 2 of them loved to fish the local rivers and streams throught the area. Quality of life is a big factor in any decision process. And I wonder if the quality of life in Miami..which for a sportsman is off the charts compaired to ST.Louis would at all factor in fishers choice?

I understand this is a reach. I'm just trying to find one for the win column for Miami..

Hire Mangini!

Regardless of the debate around who would make the next best coach for the Dolphins, I am sickened by the fact that we are in heated competition with St. Louis over Fisher. Don't get me wrong, I like St. Louis...my entire family lives there, and I went to school there...nice city. But c'mon...the Rams or the Dolphins?! This alone shows what a sorry state of affairs our once great franchise is in. But, Shlameel that I am, I will probably be shelling out the money for my 4 season tickets again...I don't want to give up my great seats in the hope that, at some point over the next decade, we might actually make it into the playoffs again.

A thoughtful rebuttal but to that I would say the following.

1. You are what your record says you are and we were 4 games better than the Rams.
2. I read the same report but wasn't the spending shutdown due to the impending coaching turnover and only after the season was basically down the tubes?
3. These guys are ego maniacs. They don't listen to the nay sayers. Hell, Ireland didn't even realize the fans don't trust him to run the team according to Armando.
4. This one all comes down to what the individual and their family prefers. But Fisher was a SoCal guy don't forget.
5. True, but I'm a realtor in Phoenix and didn't Miami have a similar real estate collapse to AZ? Lots of bargains to be had right now. Especially for the rich.

Jeff in Aventura..Great post.

Did you know the former hotel doctor at the Fairmont used to be the team doctor for the Dolphins? I can't remember his name, he built the jogging trail around the property. His office was a cool place to check out past Dolphin memorabilia.I wonder if he is still there?

Could be Darryl, could be. I may be totally off base here but always assumed where a coach lives is more the decision of his family than he himself. They say these guys put in 80+ hours a week so not sure he'd have much time for leisure sports. But I hope you're right.

New Coach Wanted,

Where did you come up with the piece that the Rams have requested to interview people from the Titans front office for their GM job? Cite your source, otherwaise this is just another piece of made up stuff to help your cause.

Chris in the 623.

I live a ways from Missoula. The guys I fish with when I'm over there used to see Fisher, and his son Brandon all of the time on Rock Creek, or the Blackfoot. Just saying that I know Jimmy Johnson loved to fish, loved being in Miami for that reason. Once that gets in your blood it is like an addiction that you cannot cure(a good habit). As off the handle as it may seem. I know coaching is priority 1, as a fisherman..fishing is what calms your mind.

Big suprise...Sparano to go back to Dallas.

sparano to jets? just heard it on espn


Happy New Year to you bud! You were missed this week and we had a lot of really hotly contested topics this week.


1) Fisher vs anti-Fisher camps.
2) What to do in the draft and who to add at QB
3) Philbin vs anti-Philbin camps
4) Ireland and Ross are idiots and nobody wants to work with them.

And an assortment of other topics.

I read some of your posts this morning and there is very little I agreed with. Looks like we're off to a good start for another year....LOL.

I'm guessing you will LOVE the Lions/Saints game this weekend so that you can post next week how it's all about offence and the passing game in the NFL....LOL.


In what capacity?

Boulder...The jets, or the Crackwagon are the 2 most logical landing spots for TS..

1 team he could try and stick it to the Phins for the way Ross handled the last year(Sparano should be thankful, not spiteful. He had his chance)

2..Going home to where his heart is..Dallas. I wonder if the Crackwagon will start signing Dolphin rejects??(I understand he isn't the coach or Gm..just sayin)


I'm heard rumours he's going back to Dallas too. The othre spot he might land next year is New Orleans. He and Payton are good friends.

Marty Schottenheimer.
205-139-1 (Overall)


Jeff Fisher
147-126-0 (Overall)

LOST 126 games out of 147 and THIS is the STAR HC???

Shotty IS available also but Jeffy the SCOUT will not ask for Shotty because again, Jeff the Scout is in self preservation mode and SHotty wont come here with that POS the Scout as GM.

So just like MANY STAR prospects out there, we will be forced to take what the SCOUT Ireland brainwashes Ross into buying.



Did anyone happen to hear Mike Gundy's interview with Rome on the radio on Thursday? Rome pretty much interviewed him for a NFL HC job. That guy has the fire we need. He gets it.

He is also in contract negotiations right now with OSU. Stated they need to step up and put money into the facilities and program if they want to take it to the next level. He isn't intimidated. He would probably jerk Ginger Ballboy up real quick if he got sideways with him.

Now think about him in at HC and then we draft Blackmon with first round and hope that Weeden is available for us to get with our next pick. Do we even have a second rounder at the moment? Regardless trading up to 2d round would be much cheaper than to #3 overall.

Gundy layer it out pretty good. Hire great assistants and let them do their job the way they are suppose to.

Doubt Blackmon is there at 7/8 when we pick though.

Also, does anyone have a clue as to whether the Chud not being hired as OC was Miami's choice or his. If he got an offer from Carolina with the assurance that they were going to take Newton I can't see how he would be able to turn that down over the Miami mess.

I am not an OSU fan, I just think that could be the makings for an instant system with promise and continuity. You have three or more of the most important offensive cogs on the same sheet of music from day 1.

For some reason my cut and paste seems to have gotten deleted but just read on ESPN insider that it appears Fisher will spurn the Dolphins and sign with the Rams. It goes on to say the Dolphins appear to be moving on and will interview Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey.


I've read that too but I wouldn't put too much stock into anything until it comes from Fisher.

If Fisher says no, I expect that Jay Gruden will get an intrview for the job. Some of you guys want a Gruden as the next head coach....you might just get your wish. He has said he won't interview anywhere until the Bengals have been eliminated. If they go out this weekend, expect an interview with Gruden next week.....maybe Zimmer too.

I agree with some of you regarding Mike Nolan, or Chudzinski as a HC. Nolan deserves another opportunity. Chud deserves A opportunity, and I would be very excited, as would most fans, to see an exciting offense every week.

I don't blame Jeff Fisher at all for thinking about this decision. Frankly, if I were him, I'd go to the Rams. He'll get to pick his GM (i.e. talent acquisition guy), and more importantly, he'll have a franchise QB to work with.

If he comes here, he'll see Matt Moore (oooh, ahhh). Yeah, he was serviceable this year, but has he ever put 2 good seasons back to back? Has he played in ONE Playoff game? I mean, isn't that the purpose of playing the Season?
Considering DC you wanted to rant today and claim people to be stupid.
I just could not help myself. It is indeed fact that Moore has never put 2 good seasons back to back. THAT IS FACT,HOWEVER VERY MISLEADING. you fail to recognize Moore has never started in 2 back to back seasons. That is indeed FACT. In FACT before coming to Miami Moore only STARTED in 11 games, 3 in 07,5 in 09, and 3 2010. His record in 11 STARTS happens to be 8-3. Now do not mis understand, I do not claim him to be elite. But, he showes a lot of potential. He showes steady improvemnt. And in my opinion, had he actually started in 2 back to back seasons he might would be even better.


I'm starting to think the fins would be best served by keeping Bowles and allowing Daboll & Nolan to make whatever adjustments they deem necessary.


Todd Bowles has the highest winning percentage of any Dolphins coach since Shula.

Both latter & former have ZERO MEANING.

Nothing posted here (including this) has any bearing on anything.

In my opinion, that is a fact.

Good post finfaneurope.

LOL @ Blog Fodder

I see people posting that the Packers OC can't be that good because he isn't interviewing other places. You can't interview places while in the playoffs... It kind of sucks for them. Many times those OC get over looked because everyone wants to make a decision before another team can take someone.

As for Fisher, I'm assuming he will be signing with St Louis. Not sure if anyone has reported this but Fisher's agent is the father of Kevin Demoff. Kevin Demoff is the VP of player personnel for the Rams. He negotiates the contracts. So in essence he is working with his father to sign Fisher...

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