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Jeff Fisher picks Rams over Dolphins

Jeff Fisher has decided to join the St. Louis Rams as their head coach, The Miami Herald has confirmed through various club and NFL sources.

Fisher seemed headed to the Dolphins throughout the day Wednesday but intense negotiations with the Dolphins, particularly club owner Stephen Ross on the power structure of the organization could not be resolved so Fisher opted to go to St. Louis.

According to an NFL source close to Fisher, Ross was not willing to give Fisher power over the entire football operations, including veto power of decisions by general manager Jeff Ireland.

[Update 1: A club source tells me Fisher never requested full authority over the Dolphins. Source says club's understanding was that Fisher and Ireland would work together, agreeing mutually on personnel.]

Obviously, given the contradictory stories coming from the Dolphins and the source who is in the Fisher camp, the two sides were apparently not speaking the same language here. Either that or someone is fibbing.

That leaves the Dolphins, who hoped to lure Fisher to become their coach, scrambling to recover from yet another disappointment following a season filled with disappointments.

Fisher, through representatives, informed the Rams he had picked them to succeed the fired Steve Spagnulo. Fisher is expected to sign a contract by the weekend. Contract details remain sketchy.

Fisher's also informed the Dolphins he would be going to St. Louis and thanked the Dolphins for considering him. Fisher spoke with Ireland directly. The Dolphins interviewed with Fisher last week and were hoping to make him the 10th coach in the franchise's history.

So where does this leave the Dolphins?

The team must quickly rebound and continue a search for a new coach. The club has already interviewed Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

The Dolphins are expected to expand their coach search. Among the candidates are former Texas Tech coach Mike Sherman, current Carolina offensive coodinator Rob Chudzinski, New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

The club contends, through sources, that Fisher's decision is not a blow.

This, of course, is part wishful thinking, part spin meant to protect the club's reputation. The truth is the Dolphins have sunk from a franchise that once could lure practically any candidate -- Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells -- it chased away from other suitors.

In this case, the Dolphins find themselves placing second in a two-team competition to a St. Louis franchise that could be on the move from its current city in the span to three seasons, a club that has been one of the NFL's losingest franchises for nearly a decade.


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A couple of pieces away? Even if it were true, and it really isn't, 1 of those pieces is the biggest piece in professional sports

A QB! Good GM's don't wait 4+ years running to get one.

Why not wait for the facts? After reading all this speculation, I swear some of you were involved in the negotiations.

Zimmer runs a 4-3. The problem is he had say in drafting even as a defensive coord...because cincy has no gm period, and he stacked the d line up with crazy pass rushers. Carlos Dunlap is going to be a beast, and fanene and Atkins got better and better. Zimmer also uses shutdown corners, which I love, but he doesn't address the safety issue like we haven't, which worries me. But....as long as we got a big name to run the offense COMPLETELY then I would want to sign Zimmer.

Bring back the FIST PUMP! lol. Seriously, do any of you think this team will be any better next year with Ireland still controlling personnel? Doesn't matter who the coach is.


Some of you want to dismiss and forget what Ross did at the end of the season last year wtih Harbaugh...that was just a little window, a microcosm of how this guy operates. Need a new owner. But that aint gonna happen, so hold your nose and hope for the best.

We are very fortunate to have not one, but TWO starting caliber QBs. Both Moore and Henne will be prepared to light it up next year. They are good. Very, very good. Watch. Henne was doing this year even though the O line was giving him no protection. I look forward to the QB competition next year.

Mr. Ross, Look in the closest mirror and ask yourself this: "Do I want what is best for the Miami Dolphins and our Fans OR Do I want is best for Jeff Ireland?". Fact Sir: Coaches talk! Ireland does NOT have the reputation to overcome the stigma that YOU and HE made yourselves, that the Miami Dolphins are an organization that is to be avoided because you cannot trust ANYTHING they do! Whether Sparano diserved to be fired or not, YOU SCREWED THE POOCH by the way you handled him the last two years! The ONLY way you will fix this is to FIRE YOUR GM and GET ANOTHER ONE! The only one you MIGHT be able to get is your ole buddy! Maybe IF you do this, things will get better! Until then, NOT ONE MORE DOLLAR FROM ME!!!!

Because something shows up on Twitter of the net, does not make a fact.

Good. Didn't want him anyway. He caused problems w mgmt before and has a lousy record! What's so great about him? I want chudzinski. He took two qb and made them awesome. And he is young and hungry. Fisher took two weeks to play a game w two teams. Good riddance

So much for hiring a "big name" with an "impressive resume." They won't even talk to Billick. lol

They would rather scour the landscape for those special teams acorns with no head coaching experience so that they can learn on the job how to be a head coach here. In other words, Sparano 2.0.

At this point it is a pipe dream to even consider someone with a playoff record as a head coach, let alone a Super Bowl record. Five more year of being bottom dwellers, coming right up!

Given the circumstances, I'd be willing to wager that Bowles will be hired.
He's the only one that really fits the criteria.
That alone scares me despite his potential.
Ireland will suggest Bowles because he knows Bowles won't supercede his authority.
Same reason Sparano was hired.
Still sick .. upbeat posts coming ater.

The Phins generally chose Ireland OVER Fisher. I guess we are heading down the same road we've been on. I'M PISSED!

After liking this team for 27 years, I'm officially seeking a divorce. Nothing like a moronic owner to ruin a once-proud franchise. (I'm in the process of burning my Dolphins snuggie)

Somewhere there is an Italian gentleman pumping his fist in the air.....

The only thing I don't like about it is it reflects badly on the organization. I mean, passed over for the St Louis Rams! You have got to be kidding me! I really hope they move to LA now. I will laugh my a** off. We better make a good decision because the value of this franchise continues to slide

Ireland must have naked pictures of ross

Mustache Man, you ARE kidding right?
I doubt seriously Henne would want to stay here even if they offered him another contract.
Why would he?

What does Ireland have on ROSS..by Ross keeping Ireland it first cost us harbaugh then cowher wanted control we lost cowher then gruden wanted control we lost gruden now all that Jeff fisher wanted was a mutual agreement been him and Ireland on personal decision and Ross couldn't even give him that What is wrong with Ross since he has brought himself and Ireland to miami he has turned this franchise into a laughing team lets female tennis players Marc Anthony celin deion but the team rolling out a red carpet for what to LOSEEE to have a bum quarterback since Marino to have a bum head coach since jimmy Johnson wake up Ross sell the team to a professional or get ride of IRELAND...


They make Dolphins snuggies?


So now let the Dolphin fanatics go wild when, in fact, this is a minor blow. Fisher is a well-respected coach, true. A winner...not so much. The real issue is who will be the next QB.

Some people here still think Henne is a franchise QB?


Does this mean that Yesterdays Gone`s guy Mangini is in the picture?

just as well. I like B. Billick more anyway.

For the knee-jerkers on the board, please don't forget that 2012 is the end of the world. Judging by your North-Koreanesque over-reaction, I see you think losing Fisher is the beginning of Armageddon.

Though I have no allegiance to Ireland, just curious if his detractors would have another name of a GM to offer?

Whom would you suggest?

That's what I thought.

..This really says a lot about Ross' feelinngs towards Irelands football acumen. Ross believes in Ireland so much that he would let Fisher slip away..we will see if this was a fatal error for the franchise. Ross is showing a ton of trust in a guy that hasn't proven he can identify winning talent, over a poroven NFL commodity. I wonder if Ireland has pictures of Ross in a compromising position.

It is his team(Ross) and he is free to go in whatever direction he wants. I'm very confused. It seems like the courtship was at the point you take the panties off and go to town. That Ross balked because he felt bad for the ugly litlle sister who he had previous relations with..did'nt want to make her feel bad.

Its amazing how quickly the Fisherinas turned on him. If he had been hired, they would waited until after the draft before they turned. So fickle.

Its real simple. We don't need a headcoach with experience. We don't need a has-been who finally won a Superbowl (because he won't win another) and we don't need someone who thinks he needs to run the whole show.

We need someone who can coach, who is prepared, and who will demand accountability from his players and staff.

Carmichael, Philbin, Ryan, and Jackson all fit the bill. All would be a breath of fresh air here. Three of the four are offensive minded guys who would bring a welcome change to our offense and actually look for more than 1 yd runs and a QB who throws most of his passes behind the line of scrimmage.

There is another benefit of not getting Fisher. Now we can all watch how he accomplishes nothing with the Rams and recognize the mediocrity without experiencing it ourselves. Sure, the Rams will manage some 8-8 seasons and may even get a wildcard - not much ROI from the "most respected football coach available" whom some thought we had to have.

Bravo Dolphins. You made my day. Now lets see if the Fisherinas fall in line and support our next coach like all those who didn't want Fisher would have done.

Posted by: Primetime Jets | January 13, 2012 at 03:29 PM

Cue the Sparano fist pump!

YG, you might have a point. But today's news sure brings the point home. I'm not a big Fisher supporter, I'd like to see them look for that 'young Don Shula'. But if nothing else, Fisher's choice shows how low we have fallen.

You should laugh Primetime, you have no quarterback, a blowhard coach and our castoff HC who lost his first 7 games and loves field goal attampts.

I lost my excitement for Fisher two day's ago. Let him go to The Rams. He will never sniff the Super Bowl with the Rams. It's odd that he picked the team that beat him in his only Super Bowl appearance. As for the Dolphins pick Bowles, Moss, Chudzinski or Zimmer and move on.

Lol I was wondering that about the snuggies.....
Seriously mustacheman is retarded

You morons act as if "Franchise QBs" grow on trees and can just be picked so easily. Only problem is - IT AINT EASY AT ALL. How many teams have a Franchise QB in place as we speak? 10? 12 maybe? So 20 to 22 teams do NOT have a franchise QB. You people need to wake up SERIOUSLY! Finding that Franhise QB is not an easy thing to do, getting them is EVEN HARDER!

Marty Schottenheimer is well respected throughout the NFL. Have you seen the list of players and coaches. Those people loves the guy.

"Obviously, given the contradictory stories coming from the Dolphins and the source who is in the Fisher camp, the two sides were apparently not speaking the same language here. Either that or someone is fibbing."

...Either that or Mando's source is the Magic 8-ball.

thanks for the CAPS to bring home your point tee. It really worked. Great job.

The Dolphins are MULTIPLE players away from being able to compete for a Superbowl.

Just looking at offense:
QB - Moore had a good season, but he is a stop-gap. He fumbles too much & is NOT a franchise QB. Getting a franchise QB is going to take a lot of money and/or draft picks. We haven't had one since Marino.

RB - Reggie Bush had a decent year, but he is getting older and is injury prone. Daniel Thomas is a BUST. Miami will need to find a new starting RB AGAIN!

WR - Brandon Marshall is a good #2, but this team needs a speedy #1. Perhaps free agency can fix this... Gates is a BUST, Hartline is mediocre and Bess has been a disappointment.

TE - We need a STUD TE. Fassano is mediocre.


here we go again, Ireland must be really doing something to make Ross wanting him to be main control in personal. this used to be a great franchise till,parcels brought all these cowboy rejects in and then ross buying the team and trying to run it by trying to buy everyone.they are all idiots and this franchise is gonna be like then bengals and redskins(ruinned by owners who know nothing about football) guess my team will always suck till ross sells it to someone who knows football and get ireland out of here.

Rams are a rock bottom franchise. Which is why they are a better job. They have a good young QB, and an excellent draft position. Their ceiling is way higher, mostly because they are way lower right now. Fisher can mold the team how he wants it, and will be given ample time to do this because the expectation in St. Louis is merely to improve from 2-14. If he's 10-6 in three years, then its mission accomplished. No pressure.

With Miami, he'd have to re-evaluate the defensive scheme, settle for Matt Moore right off the bat, convince himself the Dolphins aren't that bad, but then find out they are that bad, waffle over personnel decisions (where to use Cam Wake, Paul Soliai, etc..), deal with Brady and Belichick, and the list goes on. Dolphins top out at 10-6 and maybe a wildcard appearance in 2013, and the fans want to run him out of town because it isn't good enough.

Tee...dude, ur an idiot. I mean ur last couple posts, maybe ur smart, but they were extremely inept.
We want a franchise qb, yes.....but we would settle for a joe flacco, or Matt Ryan....someone who throws more than 17 tds a year.
And we have a legitimate gripe. Since Marino, no team has gone through more qb changes. And none of them have been successful.

zimmer billick or marty

Some people here still think Henne is a franchise QB?

Posted by: Mac | January 13, 2012 at 03:29 PM

Mac, this is America. Some people believe the Earth is 5,000 years old (though there's scientific fact refuting that).

Some people think we didn't evolve from apes (more scientific fact).

Some people think don't accept the President's birth certificate (validated by the State of his birth).

Any imbecile can think anything they want in the land of freedom. Doesn't make it true.

Marty Shott

What pisses me off the most is that I only got one good day to laugh at the Yets...and now this.

Get this guy's picture off the main page please.

Is Ireland married to Ross' daughter?


Mando, is it true that Marty Schottenheimer was negotiating behind the scenes, but the deal broke down when the Fins wouldn't agree to a prescription drug benefit?

Just keep Bowles. We played well after Sparano left. Coordinators both did good jobs.

Dolphins strike out. Whats new?

Irelandsucks. I have to bash u for calling Brandon Marshall a 2. In the last five years no wr has the yards and before he came here with no qb he was breaking all kinds of records. He's 6 4 and great at yac. If we can't get rg3 how great would it be to draft blackmon (next megatron) and then draft russel wilson or wheeden or trade for mallet. Let's get this party started right.

tee..Nobody has disputed your point. The point many have made is simply..until we find a franchise quarterback we will never be a serious contender for the cup.. I see no problem with this opinion, as it is accurate to todays NFL...

Now it will only take 1 team to buck the trend, and teams will follow suit. But for now, your team will only go as far as the play of the quarterback. Until we find that guy..We are the ones sitting in the corner with our ding a lings in our hands watching.

You morons act as if "Franchise QBs" grow on trees and can just be picked so easily. Only problem is - IT AINT EASY AT ALL. How many teams have a Franchise QB in place as we speak? 10? 12 maybe? So 20 to 22 teams do NOT have a franchise QB. You people need to wake up SERIOUSLY! Finding that Franhise QB is not an easy thing to do, getting them is EVEN HARDER!
Posted by: tee | January 13, 2012 at 03:32 PM

Moron? Speak for yourself. Giants paid a Kings ransom to get one. It sure has paid off for them, hasn't it?

Arizona desperate enough to trade & pay for an unproven 1.

3 teams reached for questionble QB's in the 1st round of the draft last year.

We passed on a talent in Mallett.

It can be done, you just have to WANT to do it. The Parcells/Ireland way is to win inspite of the QB, not because of him.

Wow. I really thought that he would choose Miami, but what are you going to do. We're are certainly all used to disappointment. Ross should really find some proven winners in the front office and on the sidelines to get this franchise back on track and just stay the F#*$ out of the way.

ok i cant get my post. so anyway, zimmer has done nothing. the bungals got their ass kicked last weekend. he is a buddy of irelands. that's about it.



Patrick, be a jets fan. I'm sorry, but I'm tired of people saying we should keep Bowles. He is sparano part 2. If u can't see that I don't know what to tell u. Bellichek showed him the true meaning of the words 'halftime adjustment' and like sparano, he's nowhere near readyz

I don't mind not getting Fisher, but WOW...

The ST Louis Rams???

If Ross chose Ireland over Ross, that seems CRAZY!

If we end up with Chud, I'll be happy.

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