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Jeff Fisher picks Rams over Dolphins

Jeff Fisher has decided to join the St. Louis Rams as their head coach, The Miami Herald has confirmed through various club and NFL sources.

Fisher seemed headed to the Dolphins throughout the day Wednesday but intense negotiations with the Dolphins, particularly club owner Stephen Ross on the power structure of the organization could not be resolved so Fisher opted to go to St. Louis.

According to an NFL source close to Fisher, Ross was not willing to give Fisher power over the entire football operations, including veto power of decisions by general manager Jeff Ireland.

[Update 1: A club source tells me Fisher never requested full authority over the Dolphins. Source says club's understanding was that Fisher and Ireland would work together, agreeing mutually on personnel.]

Obviously, given the contradictory stories coming from the Dolphins and the source who is in the Fisher camp, the two sides were apparently not speaking the same language here. Either that or someone is fibbing.

That leaves the Dolphins, who hoped to lure Fisher to become their coach, scrambling to recover from yet another disappointment following a season filled with disappointments.

Fisher, through representatives, informed the Rams he had picked them to succeed the fired Steve Spagnulo. Fisher is expected to sign a contract by the weekend. Contract details remain sketchy.

Fisher's also informed the Dolphins he would be going to St. Louis and thanked the Dolphins for considering him. Fisher spoke with Ireland directly. The Dolphins interviewed with Fisher last week and were hoping to make him the 10th coach in the franchise's history.

So where does this leave the Dolphins?

The team must quickly rebound and continue a search for a new coach. The club has already interviewed Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

The Dolphins are expected to expand their coach search. Among the candidates are former Texas Tech coach Mike Sherman, current Carolina offensive coodinator Rob Chudzinski, New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

The club contends, through sources, that Fisher's decision is not a blow.

This, of course, is part wishful thinking, part spin meant to protect the club's reputation. The truth is the Dolphins have sunk from a franchise that once could lure practically any candidate -- Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells -- it chased away from other suitors.

In this case, the Dolphins find themselves placing second in a two-team competition to a St. Louis franchise that could be on the move from its current city in the span to three seasons, a club that has been one of the NFL's losingest franchises for nearly a decade.


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Ireland over Fisher...

mike sherman will be the bucs hc soon.


Dolphin77 ur an idiot. Bengals defense has been one of the best since he's been there. I've watched every game. Don't talk unless u know what ur talking about

Hey Rossie--leave Miami and take your boy-toy Jeffie with you.You couldn't sell a life preserver to a drowning man!

Some people know:

Henne threw for multiple 300 yard games with the Dolphins and opened the season with 400+ yards.

Moore has thrown for 300 yards only once and never with the Dolphins where most of his passes are dump-offs to a RB behind the line of scrimmage and he is a fumbling machine.

Henne is better than Moore or Sanchez and his stats compare favorably or better than Eli Manning and several other guys some of you claim are franchise QB's. Is Henne a franchise QB? Too early to say. How old was Warner when he suddenly was valued and then led the greatest show on earth.

Losing Fisher is not the issue.
Being a bunch of morons is the problem.

Since we don't seem to be interested in M. Schott, or Billick, and the only interviews we've done otherwise are with coordinators, it looks like we're honestly jumping to the "hope we luck out" approach.
I DO really hope we luck out, and the coordinator we hire has star quality that busts out next season. Coin flip to me out of the candidates listed. There's no reasonable predictor of any of them's future success. Which is why the Fisher attempt was so well thought of (in general - I know some of you hated it). That coupled with the trust in Ireland as the be-all of personnel, which hasn't been successful yet, but there's always tomorrow (ugh).
I have no faith in next season yet. But maybe we'll luck out.
--I guess that's as upbeat as I'm getting today. Sorry.

Mr.Ross has it all figured out. Jeff Ireland his little toy boy will be the general manager, head coach, and starting quarterback. Go Jeff go. I knew a smart owner such as yourself would have a backup plan.

How great is it we passed on mallett and picked Daniel Thomas plus the lost picks ...yes!
I'm lashing out. I need to go away. I love the dolphins, but it's been bad news after bad news since Ross and Ireland stepped up. I won't spend a cent. And I know most of u are with me. It's been too long. I'm out

Like many here have said, "losing out on Fisher isnt the problem".



zimmer sucks a@@hole!

Losing Fisher is not the issue.
Being a bunch of morons is the problem.
Posted by: rissky | January 13, 2012 at 03:42 PM


WE'RE THE NEW DETROIT LIONS!!! Ireland has cost us yet again!!! His big decision about Henne as QB was a bust--one among many. Pat White - 2nd rounder; Patrick Turner 3rd.

They took Jake Long 1st overall instead of: Matt Ryan; Darren McFadden; Joe Flacco; Felix Jones; R. Mendenhall; Chris Johnson; Matt Forte; DeSean Jackson; Ray Rice-- all of those guys went ahead of Henne! Now we can't get a coach that's not a level 2 or 3 at best!

it's not the d anyway.



Let me reiterate what he said:

It sure is hard getting a Franchise QB..WHEN YOU DON'T USE A FIRST-ROUND DRAFT PICK ON A QB IN THIRTY YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

Swirl that in your mouth some...THIRTY YEARS! How many of you were ALIVE the last time Miami drafted a 1st-rd QB?

And you have the nerve to say it's hard to find one? Please. Go watch water polo, maybe you'll understand how that sport works.

JS in LA,

You may have hit the nail on the head. Whether the next coach is Shula or Sparano is somewhat based on luck.

Interview the 4 guys. Pick the two best interviews. Flip a coin.

Today is indeed Friday the 13th.

..I had gone on record as being a Fisher supporter..One of the reasons was a big hang up for him. I believed he would be able to be the credible voice in the ear of GM Ireland. Going so far as to making his duties useless. I posted this a week ago. It was, and is something that I think this franchise must do(rid itself of Boy Wonder) if we want to compete.

Now, this choice obviously puts some pressure on the shoulders of Ireland to produce now. Sort of like Henne got last year to prove his value. Like Henne, Ireland deserves no excuses, no quarter. We passed on a guy that has proven he knows what he is doing because Ross believes in his young GM.

It may end up being the right move, I hope it is. I would much rather make an apology to Mr. Ireland then have to endure anymore seasons like the past 3. It is in everyones best interest for Ireland to succeed, and Ross to be right about him. If he ends up being wrong, we all know the fate of the teams going forward.

Heck, week 8 Moore should have beat Eli if not for two plays in the 4th.

1. Offensive pass interference by Brandon Marshall cost us 10 yards. Put us 2nd and 18.

2. On 3rd and 18, Tony decides to run Bush (160lbs soaking wet) up the middle. Tony didn't even try to win the game. They were 0-7 at that point.

If Eli is so good why did they only win by 3 in that game also?

Oh yeah, defense lost that game also. Offense wins games, offense wins championships.

Get your T-shirts:


*Fisher Sucks....Ireland Swallows!

*Ross Can't Boss

We play the Rams next year......should be an interesting game :)

Stop these re-treads! Good riddance, we are better off without Fisher. Yes, Ireland has to go, but expand your search beyond the has beens and think outside the box. Will sombebody please tell Ross to contact Chip Kelly? I am begging now.

PHILIBIN is (and always was) the answer! A proven winner with plenty of success in his resume'.

As for you St Louis Rams who enjoying reading our blogs....we can't wait for you to come down south next season. We'll see who gets the last laugh!


EX Jets strength coach Sal Alosi to be interviewed for head Coach, Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland reports.

May as well hire Sal. Hell, Ross will be happy as he can get him for around $75k per year. Jeff the SCOUT will love that as he will guarantee his place as GM and always seem smarter.

OK, MOST OF US KNOW what I am about to write but for all of those out there that don't get it... let me explain it in simple words.

With Jeff "THE SCOUT" Ireland around here, we will NEVER get that STAR.


Oh, BTW... I did NOT want Jeff Fisher. I feel we should interview Marty Shott BUT again, why wast the time as Marty wants all the power and wont work with Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland.

I rest my case.




Those of you bashing Ireland are ignorant. He has built a solid foundation from nothing. He now has the ability to start drafting best player available and filling holes through free agency. Ross has made mistakes but he is sticking to his guns. They have a plan in place and I believe in them and this franchise. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're really a Dolphins fan??? Shut up too, no one wants to hear you cry.

Wow. The first guy that gets a second interview is....Dave toub. Unless he brings Devon Hester I am done with this organization.

New Coach Wanted - u r crazy and it doesn't matter - Henne has played his last game as a Dolphin (and probably his last game in the NFL) and I for one couldn't be happier - stats don't mean a thing. He is a loser - Tebow has more 4th quarter comebacks and he only has 15 starts!

You've finally done the impossible Stephen Ross.

Four decades of living and dying with this team but I CANNOT take the idiocy any longer.

Losing a quality coach for valid reasons would be one thing. Losing him for Jeff Ireland is quite another.

I have ZERO faith in your ability as an owner.

We are now divorced, sir. I will treasure the memories of what the Miami Dolphins once were.

Truefan should read Trueretardedidiotwithahelmet.
Phew! Okay, last one. Now I'm out. I hate Ireland. Ross too, for not hating Ireland.

I am of the mindset that any man that takes moe than a week to make up his mind oin whether he will accept 7 million dollars, and is given partial control of a team... at the very least he lacks the one factor that is needed in leadership -- DECISIVENESS.

Can someone tell me why we are chasing a guy that had a mediocre career, what has he won?
Good Riddence.

Miami's next Head Coach will be Mike Zimmer.

Mike Zimmer has experience in a 4-3 and 3-4. The players will respect him and play hard for him but unfortunately Jeff Ireland resigns Chad Henne (2 year deal) as Matt Moore's competition.

Moore wins the competition but goes 2-5 before being replaced by Henne who wins his first 2 before finishes 3-3 and breaking his index finger. He is replaced by young upstart

Pat Devlin goes 0-2 and Moore replaces him as the starter when he is knocked out with a concussion

Moore finishes season with a win

Miami goes 6-10 with several nail biters.

Henne's numbers - 1290 yards 8 Tds 9 ints.
Moore's numbers - 1616 yards 8 Tds 10ints.
Devlins numbers - 263 yards 1 Td 3 ints

Dan I agree with the re-treads. Find someone hungry, smart and dedicated....who can put up with the crap this front office deals out. Uh-oh....blew that.


I like Philbin too but the loss of his son and subsequent need for an absence from the Packers puts some real doubt into his ability to lead a team this year. Emotionally, I don't think the guy should even try to assume the role because this next year will be hell for him.

My posts are inept? We GOT to have a franchise QB but you don't mind settling? Examples being Flacco and Ryan? Hm well, I do indeed like both Ryan and Flacco. But we did obtain one of the best offensive lineman that play in the NFL that year... Of course everyone knew how well Flacco was gong to be so at the time he must have justified a #1 pick. The only ammo you can use is Ryan and personally I like Long more.

unreal what a blow, lose out to the lowly rams. this is becoming so sad. and ross is letting ireland ruin everything.

Thanks, New Coach...
However it seems we already intereviwed a bunch of folks. Throw a dart. Pick one. Vegas odds would be about the same.
We either luck out or we don't. Been there before, haven't lucked out yet - but looks like the only option left. Again.

BTW, folks. Don Shula WAS a HC before he took the fins job. Wasn't luck there.

Come on lucky dice!





Moore = Eli = idiot. Eli has a ring and is on his way to his second. It took Moore three years to win his first game
Ok now I'm done.

Fisher - have fun losing in St. Louis (what state is St. Louis in anyway?). Even if you do win - no one cares when you do it in St. Louis. There is reason the big market teams are in the East divisions in the NFL NY, Miami, Boston, Dallas, Philly, DC, etc.) and the small market teams are in the South and North divisions (St. Louis, Indy, Nashville, Cincy, etc.) - no one cares about these teams!!


I'm guessing Ireland asked Fisher if his momma's a hooka.

Tebow needs 4th guarter comebacks because Denver can't score any points. Tebow wins by putting the other team to sleep with his ineptitude throwing the ball. Tebow isn't even in a conversation if you are discussing a QB.

Henne probably has played his last game for the Dolphins. He will start for someone else in the NFL. You just better hope that team doesn't play the Dolphins.

Calling us the new Lions is an insult to the Lions!

Don't take it personally tee. I'm going off on everybody. It's just a hateful time to be a dolphins fan.
I can't even imagine having a flacco or a Ryan period. The best webe had is a henne or a Pennington. Gross.

only way it could get any worse is if fisher comes in here and beats us with that awful team this year

New Coach Wanted,

What is Henne going to do, tell Miami they hurt his feeling and proceed to throw 2 ints (1 always 4th qtr) and get sacked 6 times looking like a deer in headlights! haha.

Get real Henne woooooooooooo!

henne is awful , i sure hope he starts against us, least that will be one win

..I think Henne will end up in Dallas..That is my bet.

Has Miami become a friggin leper colony? We like to dwell in the past because it is some saving grace. How the mighty have fallen. The leadership at the top may end up getting lucky, by hiring the right guy. But it seems like that is what it will take. The Wonder Twins(Ross-Ireland) have a LOT to prove. I hope that whoever comes along to take this job ends up being the right guy. Right now, it is hard to put any trust into the decision making in this franchise.

Oregon's Head Coach would be a good choice he knows how to best use the talent he has, regardless is about the players who you pick in the draft starting with QB's for the Dolphins I would not mortgage the future but I would pick 2 QB's early and late for 1, 2 or 3 years until you hit on one.

ross is letting ireland destroy hi, that stadium is gonna be empty

A once proud franchise reduced to rubble by some guy from New York.

Lastly: WE CAN'T BE MAD AT FISHER. Ross screwed the pooch with Ireland. Just like with Jason Taylor which forced him to the jets, just like everything else in this dreary dolphin world...fisher tried to come to us but Ross and Ireland threw him back. Which sucks because we are the dolphins and his name is fish-er. Perfect.
Also...their division is cake compared to ours. Reason enough right there.

Ross and Ireland have to be the most dysfunctional Owner-GM in the history of the NFL! Their ineptitude is of monumental proportions!!!!!

DC Dolfan,

Um... I was around when we drafted the ONLY two first round QB's.. Both as you know are in the HOF.

Your correct though. Ireland wont pick a QB in the 1st unless Ross orders him to.

With the current lack of good QB's left,I would as i been screaming to do is go all out and get Andrew Luck. Ross would give 40% of the Dolphins to the Colts plus the entire draft in 12 and some in 13.

If we cant get Luck i say we trade up and grab WR Blackmon. That kid is a must.

Otherwise it's going to be a bust full of Value picks and Acorns.

Ireland - the Gift that keeps on giving!!!

Finding that Franhise QB is not an easy thing to do, getting them is EVEN HARDER!

Posted by: tee


Well Tee, if you try drafting one instead of praying to the porcelain clouds one falls to you, that helps. Let's see, Miami needed a QB last year, who did Ireland draft? NO ONE. EPIC FAIL.


AGREED!!! @ 359

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