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Jeff Fisher picks Rams over Dolphins

Jeff Fisher has decided to join the St. Louis Rams as their head coach, The Miami Herald has confirmed through various club and NFL sources.

Fisher seemed headed to the Dolphins throughout the day Wednesday but intense negotiations with the Dolphins, particularly club owner Stephen Ross on the power structure of the organization could not be resolved so Fisher opted to go to St. Louis.

According to an NFL source close to Fisher, Ross was not willing to give Fisher power over the entire football operations, including veto power of decisions by general manager Jeff Ireland.

[Update 1: A club source tells me Fisher never requested full authority over the Dolphins. Source says club's understanding was that Fisher and Ireland would work together, agreeing mutually on personnel.]

Obviously, given the contradictory stories coming from the Dolphins and the source who is in the Fisher camp, the two sides were apparently not speaking the same language here. Either that or someone is fibbing.

That leaves the Dolphins, who hoped to lure Fisher to become their coach, scrambling to recover from yet another disappointment following a season filled with disappointments.

Fisher, through representatives, informed the Rams he had picked them to succeed the fired Steve Spagnulo. Fisher is expected to sign a contract by the weekend. Contract details remain sketchy.

Fisher's also informed the Dolphins he would be going to St. Louis and thanked the Dolphins for considering him. Fisher spoke with Ireland directly. The Dolphins interviewed with Fisher last week and were hoping to make him the 10th coach in the franchise's history.

So where does this leave the Dolphins?

The team must quickly rebound and continue a search for a new coach. The club has already interviewed Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

The Dolphins are expected to expand their coach search. Among the candidates are former Texas Tech coach Mike Sherman, current Carolina offensive coodinator Rob Chudzinski, New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

The club contends, through sources, that Fisher's decision is not a blow.

This, of course, is part wishful thinking, part spin meant to protect the club's reputation. The truth is the Dolphins have sunk from a franchise that once could lure practically any candidate -- Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells -- it chased away from other suitors.

In this case, the Dolphins find themselves placing second in a two-team competition to a St. Louis franchise that could be on the move from its current city in the span to three seasons, a club that has been one of the NFL's losingest franchises for nearly a decade.


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Mr. Ross... as your own words..I wish to find a younger Shula, well send him an invitation to interview right now...his name is:


and sign him.

Hope you read this blog....

I would trade Jeff Ireland right now for a conditional 7th round pick.

"The truth is the Dolphins have sunk from a franchise that once could lure practically any candidate..."

That is because they used to be owned by a guy who could sell sand to to a desert dweller and now they are owned by a carpet bagger from New York that can't convince himself that working for him is a good idea.

Sell the team Stephen Ross.

Bowles should be the guy. Philbin's old, Toub's a nobody, Zimmer is a another discarded cowboy retread

Its real simple.

Who has thrown more 300 yard games than Henne for the Dolphins? Who?

I say Taub but only because no one else interviewed him and he may come cheap. Well I think no one else interviewed him.

we are taking a beating on every show. miami is the joke of the league

I think Ross is really a Jet fan deep down inside and just decided to buy the Dolphins to run them into the ground.

Mando how did luring saban, johnson and parcells worked out? Big name coaches usually don't turn out great.

Toub sorry

Scott G,

Philbin just looks old he is 50! Bowles is 48!

#13 has been TRULY UNLUCKY here in Miami.

#13 Dan Marino, an alltime great could never win a SB, getting there only once.

13yrs and we still havent replaced #13 Dan Marino.

13yrs of utter fan frustration.

Friday 13th and Fisher says no.

The #13 is truly cursed in Miami. Sadly the current ownership doesnt know its playing a chief role in this.

Irelandsucks. I have to bash u for calling Brandon Marshall a 2. In the last five years no wr has the yards and before he came here with no qb he was breaking all kinds of records. He's 6 4 and great at yac. If we can't get rg3 how great would it be to draft blackmon (next megatron) and then draft russel wilson or wheeden or trade for mallet. Let's get this party started right.

Posted by: inimounts


Brandon Marshall was a #1 when he was with Denver and didn't drop TDs. He is a solid #2 now a weak #1. We can argue semantics all yuo want, but he is no longer an elite WR and Miami needs an elite WR. As for drafting Blackmon, never going to happen. Ireland rather look for "acorns" like GATES then land a stud like Blackmon or Bryant.

ross is letting ireland destroy hi, that stadium is gonna be empty

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 13, 2012 at 03:58 PM


It's already empty. lol

Don't kid your selves people.

Whatever puppet they get to suck up under Ireland will fail. Of course he'll be given 3 to 4 years of failure before any changes are even CONSIDERED.

If you thought SpOrano hitching his wagon to Henne and Colombo was stupid, you ain't seen nothing yet.

We can look forward to another 5 years of hovering around 500-IF WERE LUCKY.

The best thing to do now, is research who Ross' heirs are and hope the dumb shyt dies pretty soon. Until he does, Ireland is his guy!

Sweet, ain't it? Ross chose Ireland over Harbaugh and now Ireland over Fisher. Fvcking brilliant. I was sick of Fisher's bullshyt anyways, but to let the deciding factor come down to Ireland's control? What a sad fvcking joke!

Up until now I was giving Ross the benefit of the doubt. But, having chose Ireland over Harbaugh and now Fisher, I have no choice.

Until Ross, sells the team or passes away, Miami is Doomed!

Just Fvcking Great!

Thank God Mr 8-8 chose the Rams, now he can take his mediocur coaching style to St Louis. And I was scared he choose the Dolphins. Now Ross can get on with hiring either Jim Zimmer or Philpin, once the SBs over.

DC Dolphan - check your math bro!
You act as if I am opposed to obtaining a franchise QB. Marino played until 99, perhaps we should have drafted one a few years before that. so say since 95 which by my math is 16 years. so fail on your part for that. Also, We can only currently hold THIS FO structure accountable since it would be pointless to blame them for everyone elses past failures. So please stop. You usually post well, that one...not so much

Another mess and embarrassment for this sorry organization.

I would trade Jeff Ireland right now for a conditional 7th round pick.

Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!!

You wouldn't get a 7th. I don't even think you'd get a Pat White.

@cavemanna - Good points. Ireland's track record is slowly getting better, but he still is learning on the job. You can't completely discount his contribution to adding Marc Colombo as a right tackle, drafting the Patricks (White and Turner), and then cutting them both within a year, passing on a QB with their first draft (despite Jake Long being a good pick) and his ill advised choice of words when interviewing Dez Bryant. Everyone has their pros and cons list. After 4 seasons, the GM has a body of work and needs to be held accountable. After all, Sporano was held accountable for the same track record.

Ross will be buying ALL the tickets. LOL

Ross is free to fire Ireland whenever he wants. Giving an average joe like Fisher too much control would have been a big mistake.

philbin,lol guy who has never done a thing on his own, never ever. even the gm the raiders hired from gb has no interest in philbin

Guess we should have scooped up one of those 2 - 4th round QB nuggets... not like you guys dont like to slam Ireland for trying to find acorns.

Waaahhhh waaaahhhhh . Big deal. Fisher can suck with the Rams. Keep Bowles as the next head coach. Good calm guy. Let him do it. If he doesn't work out there is next year for a big Head Coach. We didn't sell the farm and you never lose something you never had.

Ok, last post of the day, fingers crossed.

Realistic HC thoughts.
Bowles, Philbin, Zimmer, Fisher, Toub interviewed. Not aware of others cheduled, so maybe this is it.
Out of these:
*Bowles. Already in the system, already relates to Ireland. Players will back him (they'd back whoever was incumbant). Vanilla, status quo, but logical.
*Philbin - Not seeing this guy's head into a HC job hunt right now. Prob try again next season. Out.
*Zimmer - Ireland friendly, would prob hire new OC. Could be a blessing there. Total unknown value. Crap shoot, but logical as any other.
*Taub - biggest crap shoot out there. High risk - either "acorn" star or flame out. But what in the world does he know about O or D? Risky risky.

Bowles is the only one that worries me, as I am not interested in the status quo. But there's nothing guarenteed that he won't make the right changes either.
I'm not against any of these guys. Really have no reasonable predictions. All have different risks.
Moss, and CHud are not on the FO's radar, so here's your blind dates bachelors. Pick one.

I would trade Jeff Ireland right now for a conditional 7th round pick.
Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!!

You wouldn't get a 7th. I don't even think you'd get a Pat White.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | January 13, 2012 at 04:06 PM

I'd settle for a pair of pylons!




Here is how it most likely went down.

The Rams are looking to "possibly" make a move to LA. Perhaps Ross had a chat with the Rams owner and made a deal. The deal was that Ross would back down on Fisher and that the Rams would remain in LA.

With that, Fisher will go to the Rams as he does not want to move and Ross will continue to allow Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland to destroy the Dolphin franchise.

Doing that will open the door for Ross to publicly say that he cant keep the Dolphins in Miami as his seats are empty.

Hence, Ross moves the team to LA.

Now of course you will call me crazy but...It may have gone down like that...

REMEMBER... This is a Billionaires game. These owners talk and meet all the time.

Agree with you Dusty,right now I'm thinking about how I'm going to spend the money I had saved to fly to Miami this season.Hmmm...You listening Rossie or Jeffie?No,I didn't think so.

True fan...I have to respectfully disagree. Our team has not improved 1 iota since Ireland took the riegns. It is Groundhogs day here. The team lacks any depth at key positions that matter in todays league. Sure we have found some good players..But who is a difference maker? Who is the player that turns the tides of close games into our favor? Ireland gets his shot. Ross has put his trust into his blueprint. My opinion of Ireland is just that..an opinion. Can Ireland do a better job? Yes..I'm sure he would aknowledge this.

Also my opinion of the GM doesn't make me anymore less of a fan then the next guy. This isn't about me being right, or my ego, or my ability to come here and voice my displeasure with the direction of the team. I want to see a winning product. Hopefully Ireland makes the right decisions for the future. I'm not sure he can.

Thank GOODNESS that is over with...! Did not want Fisher. Am often sick that retreads--even if they have made the playoffs (gee--HOW many times in 12 y???) are automatically deemed saviors. (I know an issue is stability but we have been in a >decade of losing). No certainty he would have brought a SB trophy.

The need is not giving up the bank for a HC....it's giving up whatever we need to if we have a chance to get a star QB!

Have ALWAYS felt that teams should build a franchise through the draft, while adding a few hole filler FA's or particular trades if they came along. That means don't waste or lose draft picks. HOWEVER, Luck will be untouchable and G3 is the next best choice and POSSIBLE--read that-POSSIBLE star. Everyone wants to just give Luck a SB ring now, huh, so why then play the games (BTW-Indy still hasw a number of problems that PM or AL may not automatically fix)???

Listen--the Phins have holes, but after 12zillion years of medoicrity NOTHING is more critical than QB. I would accept giving a LOT for G3 even if it cost us over the next few years for the risk he pans out to be a real star. Beyond making whatever deal we have to--1st rounders, other picks--$$$ ANYTHING, this is contrary to all of my sensability, but seems the move we HAVE to do. The risk and change of direction is worth the chance. Otherwise, more of the same.....Ireland, Ross, or whoever.....

And then, getting a hungry HC who believes in the prospect, and may help be a judge of talent while working with a GM) we may have a chance to be interesting.

It's QB, people--not HC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ross--RISK/REWARD--be a playah'!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah--TE, OL, DB for next fillers.

Our pain is the Rams gain.

Let's see?? How many super bowls does fisher have??? He's no Bill B. or Bill C. he's a okay coach who did okay not great!! Let's get a young guy who's excited to coach and has a fire to prove himself like Moore, or Philbin. We had enough hand me downs since Shula, He was a rising star, lets get one of those!! Ireland's doing pretty good on Personnel. Its the QB you all should be worried about!! Great QB makes a Great Coach!!! Get LUCK!!!!!

i sure hope so yesterday, least i know the jets will be awful next year with us


Defensively, look at Ireland's last two first round picks. Phillip Merling (bust) and Jared Odrick (when Jason Pierre-Paul was still available). Our defense still has major holes. No consistent pass rush (besides wake) and no safeties. If he pull off a trade to get RG3 then he'll earn my respect as someone who can evaluate talent.

Those of you bashing Ireland are ignorant. He has built a solid foundation from nothing.

Posted by: TrueFan


Solid foundation OF WHAT? MEDIOCRITY? Three straight losing seasons? This team has very few STUDS on it. Most of the players are mediocre and interchangeable.

I Meant to say St Louis not LA.




Ireland's press conference.

Ireland - "We got the coach we were wanting all along. I now introduce to you the new HC of the Miami Dolphins Dave Toub. We got our guy!"

Acorn of the Month President Ireland, the gift that keeps on giving.

have to say sometimes its a good thing when you do not get what you want.... no sour grapes just never have been a Fisher fan. Look at who we wanted then got... how did that work out??

I know, were all going to pretend this isn't catastrophic, and continue on business as usual!

I don't mean losing out on Ms. Fisher. I mean that our owner values Ireland moreso than a Harbaugh or Fisher.

We'll finish out this decade under the two bumbling idiots that from this day forward will now be referred to as Dumb and Dumber.

Oh well, at least that Kahliel guy will make and awesome Right Tackle. If we don't trade out of the first round altogether and pick up some EXTRA ACORNS!

AwwwwwwwwwwRight Miami Acorns!


Well i just wanted to write my last post on this peace of S@#T team. I will not be purchaching my season tickets that i have for over thirty yrs, I will be selling all my dolphin stuff on ebay tonight. I have 24 signed 72 mini helments and 12 full size helments three marino balls signed two bob greases and two shulas. If you are interested pleasde email me ,.This organization is pathetic and im ashamed to be called a dolphin fan. I will go on monday and get a new lisc tag and even get that off my car as well. I think the fans should Boycott this team intell we get REAL owners that no how to get the job done..I wiould love to really telll you how i feel about this team but they say i can use those words on here. So the best i can say is MR ROSS you are a ASS#@LE. ANd i hope th erest of the true fans understand that and BOYCOTT your whole team. NOw SUre how JEff Ireland convinced this to happen but DAmm he must suck a mean DI#K..

Its amazing how many people here know so little and are wrong so often.

The Dolphins will be out of the cellar next year and then all you Fisherinas will be jumping on the bandwagon.

Friday the 13th is no longer unlucky; the Dolphins were trying to make a mistake but Fisher wouldn't let us.

Time to celebrate our good fortune.

here's a better list for Ireland
2008 free agents
Wr David Kircus - Ireland
Wr Ernest Wilford - Ireland
QB Josh McCown - Ireland
OL Justin always injured Smiley
LB Reggie Torbor
S Keith Davis
FB Boomer Grigsby
S Cris Croker
2009 free agents
LB tearrius George
S Etahn Kilmer
S Gibril Wilson
G Joe Berger
C Jake Grove
CB Eric Green
+ traded samson satele for 6th rnd pick
2010 free agents
OL cory proctor
DT Montavious Stanley
DE Marques Douglas
ILB bobby Carpenter
RB Clifton Smith
Way to go Ireland

Oops, I must have ventured into the maternity ward...

Chris Kouffman

Hearing the mystery interview on Saturday is Dave Toub for a second interview, which IMO makes him the front runner for the Miami HC job.

bring back Cam C he has grown as a coach


This was heard coming from Jeff Ireland's midnight blue Iroc-Z as he left team headquarters.

Where does Eli Manning belong on this list?

With these guys? (Career Averages)

Matt Moore 59.1% completion 80.1 QB Rating
Chad Henne 60.7% completion, 75.7 QB Rating
Matt Hasselbeck 60.3% completion, 82.2 QB Rating
Mike Vick 56.0% completion, 80.9 QB Rating

Or with these guys? (Career Averages)

Drew Brees 65.9% completion, 86.4 QB Rating
Tom Brady 63.8 completion, 96.4 QB Rating
Peyton Manning 64.9 completion, 94.9 QB Rating
Phillip Rivers 63.6 completion, 95.5 QB Rating

Oh yeah, here are Eli's stats over his career.
Eli Manning 58.4% completion, 82.1 QB Rating

How the heck is Moore not as good as Eli?

The dolphins have ALWAYS been hated outside of Miami, ALWAYS. Even when SHULA was coach. I LIVE outside of fla. I should know.So why worry what others think.
So Ireland has haters too! Brandon Marshall, Karlos Damnsby, Jake Long, all mist really suck then. So some think he shoulda picked MATT RYAN instead of Jake Long. That 2 points the falcons scored last week. WOW RYAN sure looked good! FOr the first 4 games THIS SEASON, CHAD HENNE had better stats! Oh and MATT RYAN has better receivers! Roddy White! Julio Jones, and scored 2 points! Still wany Ryan? Yall may get him, Falcons fans arent happy with him. Some say HENNE is better! I live in Flowery Branch Ga. Anyone care tpo guess who trains there? FALCONS could use JAKE LONG too! Maybe yall can work out a deal! They'll send Matt Ryan and their left Tackle for Long, and Henne. I bet the falcons still win more!
Irelands done a good job, Keep looking at the misses, you cant see that. EVERY Gm has had misses. Including the one in NEW ENGLAND.

rams at miamia this year, all 12 fans there will ride fishers ass

the big tuna made most of the dumb !@#$% picks

Ross is free to fire Ireland whenever he wants. Giving an average joe like Fisher too much control would have been a big mistake.
Posted by: ralph ortega | January 13, 2012 at 04:07 PM

With all due respect Ralph, this really isn't the point.

In OUR OWNERS MIND, it was more prudent to give Ireland power over Harbaugh and Fisher.

That's the extent of it. Our owner values Jeff "I'm so fvcking dumb I can't even conduct an interview" Ireland over pretty much EVERYONE at this point.

Have fun going to war with a back stabbing bumbling idiot like Ireland.

Here's to at least another 3 to 5 years of Acorns, Ireland and .500 seasons!

Not that I love Fisher but to lose out to the Rams! Wow, thats a punch to the gut. Ross is a boob and Ireland his stooge. This franchise has really sunken to the depths. What's worse is that the owner has no clue and is going head to head with the Krafts

No big loss with Fisher but I think it's oathetic that the team can't even garner interviews with Gruden and Cowher.

This was the plan all along. Fisher wouldn't come cause the Rams offer more options.

Ireland now gets his acorn coach to coach his acorn team & throw him under the bus whenever he wants.

Getting a star coach should be easier than landing a star player since there's no trade or salary cap issues. So if Ross and Ireland can't get Harbaugh or Fisher, how the heck can we trust them to land a franchise QB via trade or FA? Does anyone here have confidence in their ability to trade up? Or get Manning (if healthy and available) or Flynn? It's the Miami Acorns for us. I'm scared.


Acorns -Я-Us.

I think the backwards "Я" is more fitting for the Dolphins. lol

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