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Jeff Fisher picks Rams over Dolphins

Jeff Fisher has decided to join the St. Louis Rams as their head coach, The Miami Herald has confirmed through various club and NFL sources.

Fisher seemed headed to the Dolphins throughout the day Wednesday but intense negotiations with the Dolphins, particularly club owner Stephen Ross on the power structure of the organization could not be resolved so Fisher opted to go to St. Louis.

According to an NFL source close to Fisher, Ross was not willing to give Fisher power over the entire football operations, including veto power of decisions by general manager Jeff Ireland.

[Update 1: A club source tells me Fisher never requested full authority over the Dolphins. Source says club's understanding was that Fisher and Ireland would work together, agreeing mutually on personnel.]

Obviously, given the contradictory stories coming from the Dolphins and the source who is in the Fisher camp, the two sides were apparently not speaking the same language here. Either that or someone is fibbing.

That leaves the Dolphins, who hoped to lure Fisher to become their coach, scrambling to recover from yet another disappointment following a season filled with disappointments.

Fisher, through representatives, informed the Rams he had picked them to succeed the fired Steve Spagnulo. Fisher is expected to sign a contract by the weekend. Contract details remain sketchy.

Fisher's also informed the Dolphins he would be going to St. Louis and thanked the Dolphins for considering him. Fisher spoke with Ireland directly. The Dolphins interviewed with Fisher last week and were hoping to make him the 10th coach in the franchise's history.

So where does this leave the Dolphins?

The team must quickly rebound and continue a search for a new coach. The club has already interviewed Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

The Dolphins are expected to expand their coach search. Among the candidates are former Texas Tech coach Mike Sherman, current Carolina offensive coodinator Rob Chudzinski, New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

The club contends, through sources, that Fisher's decision is not a blow.

This, of course, is part wishful thinking, part spin meant to protect the club's reputation. The truth is the Dolphins have sunk from a franchise that once could lure practically any candidate -- Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells -- it chased away from other suitors.

In this case, the Dolphins find themselves placing second in a two-team competition to a St. Louis franchise that could be on the move from its current city in the span to three seasons, a club that has been one of the NFL's losingest franchises for nearly a decade.


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I meant "pathetic"

YG...This is either here nor there. Henne, and Sanchez both have the same agent(Justin Schulman) I don't think that he would try and undermine his milk cow..especially in a contract year..I could be wrong. He may find it the perfect match. But if I'm the agent..I'm looking elsewhere for Henne...Seriously. I think he ends up in Dallas.



So long as Peterson has Ross's ear...Ireland will have a job

exactly cosmondo, what player would ever want to sign up for this mess

henne cant hold mcgees jock

Does anyone here have confidence in their ability to trade up? Or get Manning (if healthy and available) or Flynn? It's the Miami Acorns for us. I'm scared.

Posted by: cosmodo | January 13, 2012 at 04:19 PM

Be very afraid.


Marty Schottenheimer would have the experience and patience to lead the Dolphins in the right direction.

Odinseye hit the nail on the head. What's Ross' infatuation with Ireland? Unreal.

I'm not heartbroken for Fisher heading to the Rams, I like other candidates like Philbin, Moss, Chud better. Unless Ross feels the same way(which I doubt), I am frustrated with the way he runs the Dolphins and his loyalty to Ireland's DUMBASS! I wish I had billions, or a collection of wealthy friends and buyout this ASSCLOWN! Pray for us!

Fisher had 3 division titles in 17 years...

...think I'm feeling a little better now that he's off the radar.

..Bring on the Zimmer!

Thats our only hope, that is if RG3 has the size he is listed at, which might be a bit of a fib

I still can't believe we lost Fisher to the Rams. I mean thing about that for a second....they are DISMAL!! Disagree?

The year we picked first they picked second. The year after that they picked first. And then there was another second in there. And it's SECOND again this year. What have they done in the last FIVE years? I men if they aren't the worst franchise in the NFL they are very close. They have Bradford and Laurinatis and Chris Long and ?????......what? Steven Jackson? They are AWFUL!

Jeff Fisher just said, "I think I have more of a chance to win with these guys than in Miami". How far have we really fallen? WOW!!

I'm on record as hoping we are dead last next year so that we can get a guy like Matt Barkley. DEAD LAST. Go hire another Cam Cameron and let's finish 1-15, so that we can do it properly this time. Go hire Toub....he sounds perfect!

It is all VERY discouraging indeed....DARK day.

There will be a fallout over this and that fall out just may be the WHACKING I been calling for of THE SCOUT Ireland.

Things will continue to sour and Ross will make a move.

I don't understand the love for Fisher, glad he is not coming. Everyone thinks Ireland is terrible, but he has made some nice moves since Bill has gone, and I think he have to look at him since Bill has left, cause we all know who made the decisions before that

Matt Moore, turned out nice
Pouncey, turned out nice
Bush, turned out nice
Burnett, turned out ok, came on last part of year
Thomas, not terrible year
Clay, seems like decent pick
Odrick, came on strong in basically rookie year

Can't fix this mess in one year.

In this NFL, you need a GM and a Coach, all in power does not work, when has it really ever worked in this day.

Coaches Coach, GM's pick players and talent

You people are going to be so pissed when we dont draft a qb again. This team was good enough to compete this year. Even with Moore in at qb we had a chance in every game except four games. NE 1st game of the season against the best in AFC, SD 1st game after Henne went down, NY this game still stings 2nd game after Henne went down, and the fourth the Philly game. Watching Philly the last 5 games they were playing as good as anyone. Im not saying they are good enough to win it all, cause Columbo was a disaster. Biggest reason we lost all our games.Go look at the film he personaly was to blame for every momentum change. holding here, miss a block there, and opps there's another sack. That guy sucked. With the ninth pick a RT is choosen.......

agree dan but wont happen, ross became good friends with ireland that was his biggest mistake, now he wont fire his friend

Jeff Suckland..Really?? Come on. There is no GM in the league that would take Matt Moore over Eli Manning..Not one. Eli does so many things that moore cannot. Just look at 3rd down efficiency, and 4th quarter TD-to INT totals. Also if Moore had to throw it 40 plus times a game like Manning has been asked to..We would lose 9 times out of 10...

Moore did well this year. He deserves credit. He is what he is, and has proven to be a competant backup. If you want 8-8 Moore is our guy. But he and Eli are not in the same ballpark as far as quarterbacks go.

IRELAND defenders...

which genius draft moves has he contributed? Just curious...

2008 Long 1st Merling 2nd Henne 2nd
2009 Pat White 2nd
2010 Traded Down to pick Odrick and missed Pierre-Paul, Pouncey, Dez Bryant, and even the heroes from last week, Thomas and Tebow...
2011 Maybe too soon but could have had Andy Dalton, Demarco Murray...

IrelandSucks -- It would have to be Toub -- no one else interviewed him and no one else wants to coach in Miami. We're a match!!!

Ross + Ireland = The Skipper & his little buddy

...and we are castaways...we are maroooooonnnneed.

If Eli isn't 1st tier like his brother, and according to you guys, he's not 2nd tier either.

Then he must be on his own tier. What is he then...Mezzanine tier?

I been hearing clutch but he ain't all that clutch. 4-3 in playoff wins. The 4 wins came from their superbowl run. 1 and done 3 other times.

We are talking about Ireland here!! Meat and potatoes..

Ross will not fire Ireland....please get that silly thought out of your heads right now!

nhfins yes not easy going against a peyton manning team every year for div

Armando was right. This would be a defining moment with this franchise. The realisation is that Fisher would rather go to perennial losers in St. Louis, who may face a move to LA in a few years, than coach your Daddy's once proud Miami Dolphins.

Some guys will see this as a good thing. I see it as a sign of just how lowly this franchise is thought of around the league. Hard to believe....

im not even sure a 1-15 season would end irelands job, it is so pathetic



ross takes water boy over fisher?


The Dolphins next season will win games, but under NO circumstances will any credit go to some loser coach.

Just as Sparano put in his Wild Cat pkg, once the novelty wore off, we were what we were and Sparano is what he is which is not HC material.

Just as Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland was a Scout in KC and Dallis, just because he wears that GM suit doesn't make him a GM. He is what he is which is a scout.

This team would win games without a HC.

Just need someone to step up and call the shots.

The Captain on "D" identifies the look and calls out the changes to counter. The Captain (QB) identifies the "D" look and calls an audible.

I say we ain't got nothing to lose so let it ride.

NY "G", my condolences. I wasn't around for Griese, so you've been holding on longer than me.

Tee, I think my math is right and exact. We drafted Marino in 1983 (so not 30 years, 29). We haven't drafted a first-round QB since.

So what's your problem with the math?

Hey...I know some people, who know some people, that can take care of your little "Ireland" problem....just meet me behind Sparano's Pizza Palace tonight with five large and problem solved.

MAN! Ireland must be kissing some major booty!

If there was any doubt before, the keys are in Ireland's hands. How could Ross let him go now?

Let's hope by some miracle we stumble across the next gifted coordinator, whomever he is, because that's where we're headed. Maybe see who's available on the Cowboys' staff...should be a good clue...

Eli is better than any qb the dolophins have had since Dan. Stats may not convincingly reflect that. But what he doesnt do is fold like a cheap lawn chair in pressure packed situations, which is what every qb since dan has done for the dolphins with the exception of Pennington. Henne, Moore, Fiedler, none have the reputation to lead a team to 4th quarter wins. With the game on the line its not even close i put my money on Eli over the aforementioned choke artist

PFT article quoting a Miami source: Jeff Fisher used us...


Proof positive this organization is inept.

gee--there really is editing on this board--surprising, with some of the s--t that passes 9is THAt OK)

Well if we go and get the Bears ST team coach I am going to take this year off of watching my Fins and maybe until they fire this next coach if I don't like the pick, I live in Chicago and I literally can't stand the BEARS or their FAN BASE they remind me too much of the stinking JETS I want nothing to do with any Chicago Bear coaches period.

Stay far away from anything BEARS you will regret the move the most overhyped mediocre team outside the JETS.

Ireland's role sent Fisher to St Louis





This is the last time I'm going to say it.

I don't give two squats about Fisher!

The point is Ross has now put Ireland CLEARLY in the drivers seat.

If Ross wouldn't give a 17 year veteran Head Coach or the Hottest Young up and comer Head Coach any sway over Ireland, what kind of Coach do you suppose we're going to end up with? An Acorn Sucker maybe? A Brown Nosed Whipping Boy?

The smart ones(Cowher, Gruden, Fisher)wouldn't even CONSIDER working under Ireland. Harbaugh wouldn't either.

SpOrano, for all his faults, PROBABLY stood up to Ireland a little. Not anymore! Not in Miami, NO ONE STANDS UP to IRELAND! He is NOW the FACE of the Miami Acorns!

We got Dumb leading Dumber and their looking for a Head Coach named DUMMEST!

The + Ireland list is hilarious...
Those names are your big evidence that this guy was worth passing on the organizations first choice to be HC...? What?!

Matt Moore? - probably a career back up/ solid

Reggie Bush? - talented but not a true true feature back.

Marshall? - a violent headcase who drops as many big passes as he catches

Odrick - solid but not a star

Orton - looked fine with KC and probably would have been better than what we had this year

Jeff Ireland is nothing special. He will be an average GM in this league. Ross is in Love with him... In an almost weird way... The son he always wanted or something more nasty.

..Sorry, but 4 road wins and a Super Bowl victory gives you credibility. Eli Manning may not be in the upper echilon of Elite Quarterbacks(I would agree with that notion) But to say he is worse then Matt Moore is just false. Which guy would you rather have?

Eli was awful last year, he has periods of play where he looks like a scrub..No doubt. Look at his fourth quarter numbers this year, and they are among the best in the league..Look at his coversion rate on third downs..Again top 10 in the league..Not bad.

New short list: Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers – Jimmy Robinson

Offensive Coaches
Passing Game Coordinator/Tight Ends – John Garrett
Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line – Hudson Houck
Quarterbacks – Wade Wilson
Running Backs – Skip Peete
Assistant Offensive Line – Wes Phillips
Offensive Quality Control/Wide Receivers – Keith O'Quinn
Defensive Coordinator – Rob Ryan
Defensive Line – Brian Baker
Linebackers – Matt Eberflus
Secondary – Dave Campo
Secondary – Brett Maxie
Defensive Quality Control/Linebackers – Ben Bloom

Special Teams Coaches
Special Teams Coordinator – Joe DeCamillis
Assistant Special Teams/Kickers – Chris Boniol

no chance they hire the guy from chicago, the franchise would fold. yes eli is damn good, moore is a backup qb. how dumb must ireland feel knowing the entire nfl knows not to work with him

If the Dolphins sign Zimmer the Nolan will go.You heard it here first.

OK--so "Co--ones" is not allowed......

iwas just wondering if Ireland will have the "b--ls" to do a deal for RG3--THAT IS THE FUTURE"

Yesterdays Gone!
theyve gone mad! not even a question whos better.

HAHAHAHA Naked pictures finfan yeah...might even involve a red gimp ball ha ha...

Thank you for some good sense DC Dolfan, we are a couple of pieces away like the national debt is a couple trillion dollars.

My last word on Ireland (for now lol) A scenario:
You are the new Miami head coach in your first year struggling with the talent on hand trying to break out from mediocre to relevant but your hands are tied to the personnel you are given by the "star" GM. Mid-season said "star" GM invites you to go spear fishing...do you go?

I rest my case...I bet Fisher had nightmares about being a Mutton Snapper

Jeff Ireland has some scuffed up knees & a sore jaw but, in the end, it all worked out for him. LMAO

What would be hilarious is if Toub gets offered the job & he turns it down. That would be a crushing blow!

The realization is that Miami is a bottom 3rd franchise in the NFL & have been for about a decade. We are the old Bengals, Lions etc.

Smell that? Yea, me too! PEE UUUUUUU!


Is it REALLY accurate to say 'we haven't drafted a first round QB in 30 years?'. REALLY? Don't you think that's stretching things a bit? We had one of the best passers in the game in Marino. What did you want them to do, draft a QB in the first round while he was in his prime? That would be like the Packers drafting a first round QB in April. That sound like a smart move to you? Marino retired in 1999, so say we havent drafted won since he retired (12 years) if you like, but don't stretch the truth.

This doesn't bother me in the least!!! Forget about star power. Did Saban or Parcells do anything noteworthy for us? Please Mr Ross, do what all smart businessmen do. Hire the best candidate for the job - the person you feel will best lead the football team. Everything else will follow. Philbin, Zimmer, or Bowles would do quite nicely!!

dat der ball boy from da bears sure has caused a ruckus down der in Miami.

too bad about dat....hoo boy yah.

There is good teams, there is bad teams, there is 50 feet of crap and then there is our Miami Dolphins

Don't be obtuse Darryl. Of course no one would take Matt over Eli because Archie would never allow that to happen.

That's not my point anyways on what GM's around the league would do based on pedigree vs. natural ability.

My point is MATT MOORE IS JUST AS GOOD AS ELI MANNING. The STATS prove that. Heck, Henne is just as good as Eli. The stats PROVE THAT.

DC Dolfan,

lol.. Your math is fine and just as you said.. we haven't drafted a QB in the 1st round in 30 yrs.

The Fins organization had no back up plan which in part was why parcells failed and took his loot and ran back to my neck of the woods in Saratoga, NY.

We MUST draft a QB in the 1st but I don't see it happening this draft. I want Luck and that possibility is Not out "yet".

i sure hope so, nolan is nothing compared to zimmer on d


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