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Jeff Fisher picks Rams over Dolphins

Jeff Fisher has decided to join the St. Louis Rams as their head coach, The Miami Herald has confirmed through various club and NFL sources.

Fisher seemed headed to the Dolphins throughout the day Wednesday but intense negotiations with the Dolphins, particularly club owner Stephen Ross on the power structure of the organization could not be resolved so Fisher opted to go to St. Louis.

According to an NFL source close to Fisher, Ross was not willing to give Fisher power over the entire football operations, including veto power of decisions by general manager Jeff Ireland.

[Update 1: A club source tells me Fisher never requested full authority over the Dolphins. Source says club's understanding was that Fisher and Ireland would work together, agreeing mutually on personnel.]

Obviously, given the contradictory stories coming from the Dolphins and the source who is in the Fisher camp, the two sides were apparently not speaking the same language here. Either that or someone is fibbing.

That leaves the Dolphins, who hoped to lure Fisher to become their coach, scrambling to recover from yet another disappointment following a season filled with disappointments.

Fisher, through representatives, informed the Rams he had picked them to succeed the fired Steve Spagnulo. Fisher is expected to sign a contract by the weekend. Contract details remain sketchy.

Fisher's also informed the Dolphins he would be going to St. Louis and thanked the Dolphins for considering him. Fisher spoke with Ireland directly. The Dolphins interviewed with Fisher last week and were hoping to make him the 10th coach in the franchise's history.

So where does this leave the Dolphins?

The team must quickly rebound and continue a search for a new coach. The club has already interviewed Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Chicago special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

The Dolphins are expected to expand their coach search. Among the candidates are former Texas Tech coach Mike Sherman, current Carolina offensive coodinator Rob Chudzinski, New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

The club contends, through sources, that Fisher's decision is not a blow.

This, of course, is part wishful thinking, part spin meant to protect the club's reputation. The truth is the Dolphins have sunk from a franchise that once could lure practically any candidate -- Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells -- it chased away from other suitors.

In this case, the Dolphins find themselves placing second in a two-team competition to a St. Louis franchise that could be on the move from its current city in the span to three seasons, a club that has been one of the NFL's losingest franchises for nearly a decade.


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What? How in the world has this blog turn into a debate between Eli and Moore? You're all drunk in your sorrow. A better debate should be: Ireland vs. a meatball sub sandwich - which is smarter? Go.

odins post at 4:36 says it all; very true. its irelands team.

For all those who want to go to other teams ...Carolina etc....Go ahead and dont let the door hit you in the butt!Life isnt about getting what you want when you want it.Nor is it about getting a jerk for a coach such as Mr. sissy Fisher..I could tell you stories about him that if you were a real man you would punch His lights out!I live in Nashville you dont think I know?He is a nobody of a coach.So with that being said I will be a Dolphins fan untill the Good Lord takes me home .Why cause its in the heart and if it aint in the heart you get tossed like wheat!So all who are crying..... keep crying and be St.louis fans since thats were your little girl coach is going.winfin!

UGH! This team has hit bottom and is starting to dig.

The Dolphins just had their third losing season in a row. While many draft picks are still on the team, one wonders if these players would make the rosters of elite or up and coming teams.

Ireland gets the blame for several reasons:

1 - Along with Parcells, he has played a major role in the team's decline over the past three years since the overall talent is sub-500 for three years running.

2 - His Dez Bryant fiasco. Truly shameful and he should probably have been fired for it.

3 - His betrayal of his close friend, Sparano during the Harbaugh courtship. He should have at least informed Sparano of what was happening.

4 - The refusal to try to get an upgrade at QB. He stuck with Henne and did not draft a QB last year. Moore plays very well at times, but his play at other times causes serious concerns about his being a top prospect.

5 - Ireland seems to over-invest in linemen. While both OL and DL are extremely important, the teams has other needs too (WR, TE, FS, QB).

6 - Why the focus on Dallas rejects. Why stick with Columbo all year? For that matter, why was he even signed? A college FA could have done better.

7 - Why did he let Jake Long play injured much of this year? Now, Long may not even be ready for the start of next season and the concern is that he is breaking down. Just what the Dolphins need, to invest more picks in the OL.

8 - Other teams do not have to trade for premium picks to gind excellent an excellent RB. Why does Ireland?

9 - Is Ross's commitment to Ireland causing the team to lose out on coaches such as Harbaugh and/or Fisher?

Regardless, the Dolphins are sticking with Ireland. A forecast: a Head Scapegoat, er Coach, will be hired, the draft will not be very good, and the 2012 Dolphins will win more games than this year, but not be an elite level team. Management will say that the Dolphins are only a player or two away. Again. The 2013 Dolphins will regress significantly.

just as good as eli, hilarious. what a complete load of bs

Miss me yet?

why doesnt ireland just coach the team also

This organization is RIDICULOUS with the tandem Ross and Ireland...must include Peterson.
I will not spend a penny on that team until change is made or Ross sells the team!!!

Ross is such a LOOSER!!!

PS Marc Trestman for the HC if they have a clue


Eli is a great QB and the G-Men paid and got a great return on their investment.

Wish we could say the same about the Fins since Dan retired.

This is it. Either they hire Chud or else I'm gone until Ireland is gone. This is a joke. I can't believe a NFL nobody like Ireland deserves this kind of treatment by Ross. What has Ireland done - besides kiss some Tuna ass - to deserve this kind of respect. Chud or done for me. Hope others finally join me. As I have said constantly, gut the Phish

Mike Toub for Head Coach.....a 2-14 season, a cleaning of house and Matt Barkley in the '13 draft. Seems ot be the only way things are going to get better in Dolphinland.

We aren't bad enough, nor will we be bad enough next yer to get the first pick--so, no Luck and no Barkley. SO--We have to deal for next best QB. RG# is it and this year and the future is now. ANYTHING TO GET HIM.

Easy to beat up Ireland,BUT: Ross is a team owner, not a vested NFL owner (at least not by any evidence we have seen), and Tuna was rotten--those are the bigger results of our problems.

craig m only problem is ireland wouldnt draft barkley, he would draft a rt

Just got home and read this sickening news. Not so much that we didn't get Fisher but the fact that St Louis, perrenial loser who may not even stay in St Louis, beat us out. And to think that weasel Ireland may have held up the deal. I'm disgusted. The Dolphins are the kid picked last at recess. The whimpy kid who gets sand kicked in his face. I'm going to the bar to get smashed with my Raider fan buddy and we're going to lament the good ole' days.

I think that the whole thing between Ross and Ireland is similar to Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers.
Sorry, I´m trying to be ironic.

So we couldn't give final say to Fisher because Ireland needs final say? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!

I say this is an over reaction. Fisher, ok, I can see why we went after him, but its no big deal. If someone needs that much time to consider which team he wants, he isn't excited about either one.

Move on.

Bowles may be Ross's plan B, another coach that will come cheap. Who's to say he can't be a great coach? What do we really know about him? Taking over with 3 games left in the season doesn't give much room for making changes. He did recognize Jerry could play LT, that showed me he's thinking. He offers continuity and likely the same coordinators.

Forget these star coaches that are most often duds.

Dear Dolphins Fans,

Did you really think I was gonna work under that weasel Ireland & back stabbing owner? You must be as dumb as you look!

I picked the lowly Rams over you. HA! I used you idiots. What a bunch of gullable fools!

Your owner is a putz. Your GM isn't qualified to carry my sunglasses. Enjoy your miserable 2012 season!

Jeff Fisher

It seems the Dolphins have their own Matt Millen in Ireland. This is not going to end anytime soon.

ill be shocked by any coach that takes this job now. dead man walking

Maybe Ross allowed Fisher to go to the RAMS and has already agreed to a trade for the 2nd Pick in the draft......so we can get our QB, Andrew Luck.

I think Indy picks RG3 and sticks with Peyton for another 3 years or so......

One can dream


I'm not crying about losing Fisher. Personally? I cannot say whether he could have done anything with this sorry excuse for a franchise or not...look at what Jimmy Johnson did...Bill Parcells (notice HE bailed FAST)...not so much. The fact that they are a known quantity is all you have...bringing in an unknown is just that...unknown...there is no guarantee. But generally, if the regime that is in place cannot produce a winner, you clean house. Had Ross and Ireland not pulled that stunt chasing Harbaugh an argument to keep Ireland might hold weight...but Ireland is a rat...so much for my last word lol

Fans just like to complain! I could careless if fisher isn't coming to miami. But you wanna know why coaches turn down to coach here? it's because of load mouth fans that are stupid and think they are the GM or something and dont know how to support their team! And the Media that thinks they control the team and are the ones the sway the owner into doing things! Get over yourselves and just support your team . you dont really think you know what REALLY is going on do you? If you ask me... the Team isn't a joke. the media and fans are the joke!!! and the really reason Fisher didnt come here.

Good ole' days??? I'm a 40+year fan and have seen it all. Against all of my better judgement--Phins have to give whatever up for RG3 and go from there; QBQBQBQBQBQB


I have been a Dolphins fan for 36 years, 28 days and 12 minutes. That is over. I have now been a Patriots fan 20 seconds and counting. I just sent an e-mail attempting to get a refund on my 4 season tickets.

Jeff Ireland has been a cancer for this team. We just flat-lined. I don't understand how Ross can consider himself a savy businessman when he allows his staff to be managed by a individual who has limited football knowledge, no instinct, and zero GM ability.

I'm out......





....just meet me behind Sparano's Pizza Palace tonight with five large and problem solved.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | January 13, 2012 at 04:33 PM

5 Large? Pepperoni or Cheese?

I'm IN!!!!

Ok, Ha ha!

Seriously people, someone earlier was running down Irelands moves.

First of all, he wasn't really a rookie GM last year by any stretch. He was up under Parcells fat a ss for years. He's been there and sees how things work.

Secondly, as he ran down Ireland's move the best he could come up with are a couple of "NICE ONES".

Well, nice guys finish last and the crew Ireland has assembled/Help assemble, has now had three losing seasons in a row.

Thirdly, in light of this obvious dereliction of duty, our Fearless Owner has now sided with Ireland over this years Coach of the Year and now, FINALLY a 17 year vet with a Super Bowl loss on his resume.

Ireland was always a fan of Ditka from his days in Chicago. I'll bet good money these two clueless bumbling idiots are discussing how to approach Ditka for this job right now!

I would bet we trade up to the 2 spot and get Kalil to play RT.

How bout we get over ourselves and support our team when Mr Ireland follows suit...

Can't believe somone believes Daboll-locks has done well for the Dolphins.In the last game for example his offence scored ONE touchdown in the entire game.The Miami offence is rubbish and apart from the defence team all the other coaches need changing too.
Daboll-ocks by name and Daboll-ocks by record.

time to go get a drink. The phins will be in the playoffs next year. Have Faith!

Just give the job to Bowles...keep Daboll & Nolan and draft a QB in round 1.

We should be above .500 and continue to get better

I say this is an over reaction. Fisher, ok, I can see why we went after him, but its no big deal. If someone needs that much time to consider which team he wants, he isn't excited about either one.
Move on.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | January 13, 2012 at 04:46 PM

It's pretty evident Fisher was never coming here. He has too many options in St. Louis. He played the game. Miami source quoted as saying "He used us"

Well, if you're too dumb to not realize you're being used, you deserve it. The organization, from the VERY top to the bottom, is inept. It's getting excactly what it deserves by employing who it does & running it how they do.

Did I just read Henne and Moore are as good as Eli?? I'm in too poor a mood to let that slip by. Stats be damned. The difference between Eli and Moore/Henne is simply this. If your team is down by more than one score, as is often the case in the NFL regardless of how good you are, Eli has a good chance to bring you back and win the game. Moore and Henne do not. Period. That's the difference between a game manager and a franchise QB. A franchise QB can take the team on his back, when necessary. A game manager cannot.

Dear Dolphins Fans,

Did you really think I was gonna work under that weasel Ireland & back stabbing owner? You must be as dumb as you look!

I picked the lowly Rams over you. HA! I used you idiots. What a bunch of gullable fools!

Your owner is a putz. Your GM isn't qualified to carry my sunglasses. Enjoy your miserable 2012 season!

Jeff Fisher

Posted by: Jeff Fisher


Dear Jeff,
I don't understand why you didn't take the head coaching position. I have known you since I was your ball boy. Didn't I do a great job fetching balls for you? You know I am the best GM in the NFL and we would have been great together. Now you are going to have to work in St. Louis without me. You have NO chance of success. And good luck trading the #2 pick. Even though you think we need a QB, I am going to trick everyone and not draft one again! So keep your stupid #2 pick. We will see your ass in September. And it will be a hot afternoon home game since the networks no longer want to put our team on night games.



henne is beyond awful. and moore is a decent backup

Everyone usess everyone. Every interview is leverage for someone and everyone involved knows that is the game.

Jeff Suckland..I don't know what to tell you. If you want to use the stats as a barometer of the compatance of the 3 go ahead. Because chade Henne threw for 400 yards against the Pats great..Eli beat them. You can have the yards..I'll take the results. BTW..I like the line about being obtuse..Seriously..good one.

Super Bowles!!!

Why is there so much negativity in most of these postings, I believe the dolphines are better off without fisher, fisher did not have but 6 winning seasons in seventeen years, So don,t feel like you lost out here, fisher is no shula,far from it,so be confident that mr ross will keep this franchise moving in the right direction, we will have a winning season in 2012.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Stephen Ross says :

Met a Coach, thought he was grand
fell in love, found out first hand

Went well for a week or two then it all came unglued.

In a trap, trip I can't grip never thought I'd be the one who'd slip

Then I started to realize I was living one big lie

Miami Dolphin fans fvcking hate me

Miami Dolphin fans fvcking hate me la la la

I tried too hard and the Miami fans tore my feelings like I had none and ripped them away

I was King was for about an hour

after that shi t got sour they took all I ever had

No sign of guilt no feeling of bad, no

In a trap, trip I can't grip never thought I'd be the one who'd slip then I started to realize
I was living one big lie

That's my story, as you see learned my lesson and so did the fans

now it's over and I'm glad 'cause I'm a fool for all I've said

la la la la la la la la la love

la la la la la la la la la love

Miami Dolphin fans tore my feelings like I had none

They fvcking hate me

Special thanx to "Puddle of Mudd"

Soiled :)

Well, the fact is that there is no other Star HC available now and we must go on from there.

at least Millen got the Calvin Johnson pick right...

I can already hear the speech about continuity. Bowles may have moved up to #1 on their list. Until Ireland proves himself or is gone, we will be shunned by all the top name prospects.

Maybe Miami is trying to tank another season to get the top pick. Problem is the schedule is VERY easy next year. This team goes 10-6 even with Moore at QB.

Enough about our QB's, they are not good enough...period

Get Flynn, or RG3 or trade the house for Luck, but god do something to excite the fans.

Sign two FA OL at G and T to protect whoever the heck it is we get

First, hire the OC for the Panthers, as fas as you can. You said young Shula, he is the only young guy out there

Super Bowles!!

Thats why you have a GM "Crazy fin" ... do you really think Jeff Fisher is going to have final say in St. louis? the answer is no! they just hired a GM for that!

Go get Zimmer!

Steve Ross: "I don't think the organizational issue was a real issue ..."

Ross obviously is oblivious.

Everyone usess everyone. Every interview is leverage for someone and everyone involved knows that is the game.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | January 13, 2012 at 04:54 PM

The fact is the Phins sat around hoping Fisher would pick them like a puppy in a shelter suckering in his new adopted owner.

Ross & Ireland would look MUCH better in the eyes of the fans had they moved on.

After awhile, you have to know the con was on. They didn't & it doesn't just look bad, it looks terrible.


Thanks for the compliment. It's appreciated!

You guys REALLY believe one of these assistants with ZERO head coaching experience is going to lead the turnaround? HONESTLY? Great.....then who is he? Cause I have no confidence that any of them can do it. Philbin. Chudzinksi. Schottenheimer Jr....I just don't see it. None of them any special. There was ONE plan and Ross blew it. Oh yeah rythme me off McCarthy and Tomlin and Payton etc....I'v egot news for you, my list of failed assistants is TEN times longer. The guy's going to be coming here without any Big Ben, or Brees or Rodgers and this organization is nowhere near as stable as GB or Pitt.
Going to be a LONG year next year....get ready for it. You guys are going to be WISHING that old fist pump was back in the fold....

Heck, Fisher would've stayed retired rather then have scumbag Ireland as his GM.

Hire the best candidate for the job - the person you feel will best lead the football team. Everything else will follow. Philbin, Zimmer, or Bowles would do quite nicely!!

Posted by: DanC17 | January 13, 2012 at 04:39 PM

He's already done that, the guys name is IRELAND!

AwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiight Miami Acorns!!!!

All Ross has been able to do since he bought the franchise is to demonstrate that he is a first class LOOSER!!!

Loose on HCs, 3rd consecutive losing season, stick to Ireland and Henne...

Armando: "Steve Ross told me the Dolphins want to interview more candidates but cannot because "they're in games this weekend," meaning in playoffs."

ArmandoSalguero Armando Salguero
Steve Ross: "At the end of the day, we'll find the right [coach] that will hopefully be in the Hall of Fame someday."



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