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Jeff Ireland speaks from Senior Bowl

Jeff Ireland just spoke to the media in Mobile, Alabama, site of the Senior Bowl, and explained in detail the Dolphins' offseason plans for the quarterback position, confirmed the cap space amount the club has to work with, and gave up the name of the player Miami will draft in the first round of the April draft ...

... Actually, he didn't, but I just wanted to see how it felt to write that sentence.

Truth is the session, attended by The Herald's Barry Jackson, revealed precious little we didn't already know. It began with Ireland repeating something every Dolphins fan has known since January of 2000.

"We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump," he said. "This is a quarterback league. We have to do our best to make our position better."

Ireland praised 2011 starter Matt Moore's toughness, but the inference was clearly made that Miami wants to upgrade from him in 2012. If Miami needs the QB to lead the team over the hump, it obviously does not have the QB to lead the team over the top.

Moore, however, remains under contract for 2012.

The truth is the Dolphins have to get better all up and down the roster. And Ireland recognizes that.

"We're 6-10, we've got to do a better job of putting wins together," he said. "We've got to build a roster to be better than good. Good is not good enough. We want championships. Are we rebuilding? I don't believe so. I like some core pieces of this roster."

I would imagine Ireland knows what kind of offensive and defensive talent he's searching for. On defense that might include personnel for the 4-3 scheme, which the Dolphins used a lot in pass situations last season anyway, but is also a scheme the team might go to as a base look in 2012.

Ireland said he told his scouts to start looking at 4-3 personnel in case Miami goes there.

"If we have to go to a 4-3, we have the personnel to make the transition," Ireland said. "We have to add pieces."

As a personal aside, I believe the Dolphins will use their first-round pick on a pass rusher. Quinton Coples of North Carolina is a player the Dolphins are heavily scrutinizing at the Senior Bowl. The Dolphins desperately need a pass rusher to add on the side opposite Cameron Wake.

That is not where Miami's needs end. Ireland said he would love to add an "explosive" tight end.

The team needs to rebuild the entire right side of the offensive line because Marc Colombo is clearly not the answer at right tackle and right guard Vernon Carey is a free agent.

John Jerry is a possibility at either right guard or tackle.

"John has come a long way," Ireland said. "He has a long way to go."

Ireland said he is still looking forward to seeing what Lydon Murtha can do.

There will be a couple of cornerback prospects worthy or selecting high in the draft and Ireland is not showing his hand in that regard. But it's clear he's not giving up on Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"I believe in Sean," Ireland said. "They [Smith and Davis[ have got to take another step in the right direction."

Deeper in the secondary, Ireland praised Reshad Jones, Chris Clemon and Tyrone Culver, but noted, "I don't think we got our hands on enough balls."

New coach Joe Philbin will revamp the offense but don't expect much work done at running back. Reggie Bush has a year left on his contract and Daniel Thomas will be in his second season.

"Daniel Thomas will be a fine player," Ireland said. "He has got to stay healthy."

Ireland said he would like to keep unrestricted free agents Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai. But neither is signed and it is improbable the club with be able to keep both and still find a pass rusher.


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If we go to a 4-3, Big Paul and his overinflated salary will be gone and better used elsewhere. Same with Langford. That money needs to be re-distributed. These two players earn their money in a 3-4.

In a 4-3, we are more than well served with Starks, Odrick, and McDaniel. Then there's an effort guy like Ryan Baker to fill in as required.

Andy, much like you, I wanted Mallett at 15. And like you, I'm ready to face the fire.

I liked Mallett for two years at Arkansas and stated it here and it would be hypocritical to take that back.

I believe the guy can play, still do.

4-3,4-4, 4-6

It's all babble. Most teams now use various sets.

So at QB everything I am reading seems to think:

1) Manning
2) Flynn

I have a hard time thinking it is wise to give up what we would have to to get RGIII as far as picks go. I am seriously questioning whether I think Manning will be back to play, but I think he is open to getting out of Indy. His statements today did not sound pleased.

Flynn only if he doesn't cost a fortune, and only if our new coach thinks he is worth it. It is great having the inside track there.

I like the idea of maybe shooting for Weeden in the 2nd round; even if he will be 29 years old.


Did Ireland REALLY say 'we have to find an explosive TE'. My God, how long have waited for him to say that? It's music to our ears. I've been one of many on here to trumpet that thought for the longest time. Too many guys have been ignored in the draft who can do this, while the team sticks with Fasano and some of the flunkies they have brought in.

I'm all in favour of the idea of pass rush with the first pick and a TE in the second....YES PLEASE!!.....get it done!

I think we should bite the bullet and go for Andrew Luck-
I would offer this year's first, second and third picks and next year's first.
AND yes he is that good. I am not buying into the RGIII hype.

I think this team needs to start getting skill offensive players in the first round. Drafting a WR in the first round should not be out of the question nor should trading up for one be. We can fill in pieces to the offensive and defensive line through free agency.

Talk is cheap. Right now the Dolphins organization is saying all the right things. Right on down from Ross to Ireland to new HC Philbin. Hopefully this can all translate to the most important thing. W's. Its all that matters.

I know some of you hate Ross, but I believe he truly wants to build a championship team.


Texas no sure if you switched blogs this is from last blog

Lol. Wow bro sounds like my living room as well. My dad is an Arkansas alum so we watch a ton of Arkansas, I was literally squeezing his hand and saying "here it is, here it is!" and then Daniel Thomas. I was almost as disappointed as I was hearing my dad tell me on the phone because I had work that "Jamar Fletcher".
I like Pouncey but an offensive line coach like Sparano taking an offensive linemen is such a cop out! An offensive minded guy is allowed to take a QB but an O-line coach should be able to develop a 2nd or 3rd round (John Jerry) and pick another elite position that you don't have a background with.
I was fine with Miami taking Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin in round 1 to fix that right side but Philbin's background as an O-line coach gets the same expectations as Sparano and that is they should be able to develop a guy in rounds 2 and 3 as much as another guy could with a 1st rounder. Now that isn't always going to happen the 1st round guys sometimes are just that much more talented but you get the point. Philbins background is O-line therefore he should be able to take a Michael Floyd or Courtney Upshaw or whomever else that is worthy and isn't an O-linemen

Andy, I'm still hung up on rg3 for 2012the and refuse to let it die.

But your pick of Michael Floyd wouldn't be the worst. Quentin coples would be good too. As long as its not another interior player.

Craig, it is nice to hear Ireland say that but problem is us as pee ons on the blog were saying that three years ago. Instead he was too busy drafting john Jerry and aj edds

"We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump," he said. "This is a quarterback league. We have to do our best to make our position better."
-Jeff Ireland

Uh huh, you should have thought about that last year or the year before that.

That is not where Miami's needs end. Ireland said he would love to add an "explosive" tight end.
-Jeff Ireland

Oh? Finally got the memo?

This is the first article I've seen predicting Miami to take Coples over Martin or Reiff and I HOPE you are right. Especially if we are switching to a 4-3. Could you imagine Wake coming off one side and Coples the other? Even Brady would be like, "Damn!"


Indy's not giving him up. Not sure how many times you have to hear that to believe it. Think about it...you just said 'he's that good'. Indy knows that too....why would they give him up?

By all accounts the minimum price to get him starts with 3 number one picks. Your trade wouldn't cut it.

You can't trust one word out of Jeff Ireland's mouth. No need to even read the article!


Totally agree. I've stuck up for Ireland a lot but that's not one I can defend him on. The year Grink came out there were a lot of good TEs that could have been had in rounds 2-4. Insane that he didn't have the fortitude to draft one. Zach Miller also would have been a great add last year, despite not having a great season in Seattle.

I'm going to reserve judgement on the new HC because I don't know enough about him. I have read that he has a reputation as a guy who has always done a good job of his getting his OL in order, so that's certainly a plus. I'll support him and hope that better days are ahead for this team.

"I believe the Dolphins will use their first-round pick on a pass rusher"... so much for the offense

"We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump," he said. "This is a quarterback league. We have to do our best to make our position better."

***So why didn't you draft one last year when you had the chance Jeff? Why not take a shot at Mallet when he fell to you?

Ireland said he would love to add an "explosive" tight end.
***So why pass on Gronkowski, Hernandez, Jimmy Graham and take Clay? Of course you need an explosive tight end. Nice of you to finally notice!!

"Daniel Thomas will be a fine player"
***No he isn't. You better find another RB Jeff because if Reggie Bush gets hurt, this team is in big trouble.

On a side note, Manning sounds like he's had a belly full of goings on in Indy and it sounds like Ross would like to get him.

on another subject, did anybody read where Philbin would like Sherman as his OC? I know he was good in his day, but would it not seem he is a little past the prime. And the choice somewhat surprises me as well.

I like the idea of maybe shooting for Weeden in the 2nd round; even if he will be 29 years old.

Posted by: TheOtherRick

No more 29 year old rookie QBs (remember John Beck?) Miami would be much better served grabbing the stud TE.


Daniel Thomas is TWENTY-FOUR years old. He was hurt most of the year. How about you cut him some slack before you right him off. He had an outstanding season his last year of College.

Guys didn't want a first round pick spent on a RB, so you roll the dice a bit on guys like Thomas. We probably could use anothe runner in there but if Thomas is healthy he should be a contributor.

Running a 4-3 scheme defense would put less emphasis on OLBs who are great pass rushers. Now, of course your LBs still rush in a 4-3 but not nearly as much as they need to be able to in the 3-4(coming off edges). Much more emphasis placed on DE and MLB in the 4-3.


Yeah I like RG3 as well but Miami will have to give up a lot to get him. Peyton Manning is a pipe dream and could be a bump let alone a crushing hit away from retirement. I think the safest bet is to invest in Matt Flynn if Philbin endorses him.

Flynn will cost money but who cares it isn't out money. So you sign him to a Mike Vick sort of deal not as far as $100 million but the language of Vick's contract has guaranteed money but if he is cut after year 3 which is 2012 then he is owed very little and nothing against the cap.

Manning is worth it if you take a guy in round 2 to groom behind him for a a year or 2 but the expectations will be through the roof with Manning and personally don't think it would work out to what we would all want which is a Super Bowl win. Miami is 2 or 3 drafts away and in that time other guys get older. The NFL is crazy like that just when you sure up the offense the defense, Wake, Dansby and Bell all are ancient in football years.

I am on borad with you about Sherman. I would rather not have another 68 year old OC.

The flirtation with Coyle guarantees a shift to the 4/3 in all likelihood. The man learned under M.Lewis and Zimmer who are of that school and our personnel does fit the scheme quite nicely. I also think Solia would be gone in such a scenario with McDaniel, Starks and Odrick more than capable after all playing DT in the scheme previously.

I believe we would be wrong to think Langford expendable. He was a pass rush threat in the 4/3 in College (Troy) were on tape he was a Osi U. clone and in the NFL made the switch to 3/4 were he was asked to occupy space and stuff the run. He has excelled there and become our most steady player in the run game but he has the speed to shoot gaps in the 4/3 and get around the tackle he is a great athlete who has immense potential.

Andy, I switched.

My poor wife remembers the insane amount of bad words coming from me and her asking "why do you watch that if it makes you so mad?"

Now Ireland says it is a QB driven league. Were people not saying that last year. AND now he says we need an explosive TE.

For my first choice this year it would depend on if RGIII slipped for whatever reason or Blackmon slipped. I would jump on either if that happened. If we stay at 8 or 9 and they are gone then I am not sure which way I'd go. There are a lot of OL and a couple DE's that I would take but they may also be good trade bait for the right team. I would love for Cincy to want Coples and he be there. They have 2 later 1sts. That would give us the chance to take a chance on a reach QB and WR M. Floyd. Wouldn't that help ticket sales!


As a first time HC I think it would be smart of Philbin to add a couple of experienced coaches who have maybe been HCs before. Another guy I would take a look at is Childress. Not sure I have an opinion on Sherman but he could be a useful guy to have in the fold as he's been a HC and has worked with Philbin before.

I'm thinking maybe Quentin Coples with the first pick and Orson Charles with the 2nd. Or as texan dolfan says it would surprise me to see us trade down for 2 firsts with Cincy. Kendall Wright and Coples could both still be there both are people we are probably looking at heavily

I agree with the Other Rick... Except I would take a shot at throwing my entire draft at Indianapolis for Andrew Luck... They have a lot of holes to fill and are rebuilding... The 8th pick in the draft is not fodder either...

I just wish the dolphins would've started talking like this years ago. Its like Ireland just figured it out. Otherwise, why would he take 4the linebackers two years ago or spend 4 draft picks on the run game this year when your pass game was so bad?

I see your point. Just had me scratching my head a little. Sherman did not show much at A&M, which begs to question has the game past him by. Still have to wait and see, he is still on the interview chair with TB.

fin4life, Ive never seen a game where Langford showed off his speed from the edge, I dont think he's even had 6 sacks in a season I may be wrong. IMO he's more of that big bodied DE in the 3/4 defense that Parcells always liked but as a pass rusher Langford is very limited.

I will be surprised if DE Coples is there at 8 or 9 in the draft.

Mark in Toronto,

Quite possibly because he's been under Parcells influence for so long and perhaps those were the guys Sparano wanted.

I'm thinking Cinci looks for another WR for their young QB in the draft (Floyd?) and at some point I think they need to find a replacement for Benson. Their defence is actually pretty good.


Thomas reminds me so much if Ronnie Brown it's sickening! He plays hard and throws guys off him but his body can't take the pounding and then he runs soft to avoid injury when he comes back thus his season average of 3.5

He started off hot for 2 games got hurt and after that outside of the Oakland game who stinks vs the run what other game did he do anything? He gets banged up and becomes a fall on first contact runner just like Brown.

I remember watching Ronnie Brown bull over guys, guys bounce off him but the second someone popped him or he got hurt he was done. He wanted no parts of the game anymore or the games after an injury.

Regardless whether Ireland actually is willing to do what he says, I do like what he is currently saying. And Armando too.
Yes, QB priority 1, and if no trade up for Griffin, then... go second round for QB and get...
Pass rusher! NOT another O-linemen here! CB/S, DE, LB, WR, TE, whatever ... find your OL acorn in tnhe lower rounds mister master scout.
AGREE, agree, agree. Cross fingers he believes what he's saying too.

I have NOT been a fan of Jeff Ireland, but hoping I'm wrong..I'm giving him the benefit of doubt and saying he only had control in 2010..He did well, he brought in Bush, & Burnett...Drafted Pouncey, Clay, & Thomas all who showed some promise... I think Philbin is a good hire as well.

Craig, the replacement for Benson -- wouldn't Trent Richardson be a good choice? hehe Maybe just maybe they could be a good trade partner. They are not too far off and 2 first for 1 works for me. :)

I know I know, I am dreaming but I've seen stranger things in the draft.

This imbecil of GM is awesome. He realizes just now that the Dolphins need a franchise QB, and yet he let go don't know how many prospects. On the other hand by his stupid and blunt statements I can imagine how M. Moore feels right now. For sure if he had any respect for this Neanderthal, he has lost it completely by now. Then he talks about hopes on S. Smith, who is one of the worst CB's in NFL. Gizz ! Moreover, he declares, "we need championships", in plural ! Hey, pal, better start by beating the Patriots and just thinking in making a decent season before talking about championships, moron !, etc etc.
No doubt Miami has the stupidiest GM in the history of NFL.
Somebody should tell this mental retarded to keep his mouth shut.

I just hope Philbin can bring some diversity to his coaching staff, in a league fill with a lot of blacks not all of them respond well to a old white guy yelling at them.


Agreed if either RG3 slipped or Blackmon I'd take them before Floyd but I was just trying to go off a realistic scenario. I don't see either making it to Miami barring a trade up. Too many teams need QBs after Luck to Indy with Cleveland and Washington and then too many need a stud WR in St. Louis, Minnesota, Cleveland, Washington and Jacksonville. In any case there are teams ahead of us with same needs and see too many obstacles and teams to overcome to grab either.

I read Floyd is more a 15-25 pick but if you like a guy just take him even if it's a little of a reach. The reason Floyd is considered not higher is off the field issues. Floyd had 100 catches and 1147 yards and 9 TDs playing with crap QBs who couldn't even get him the ball. He made acrobatic catches every time I saw ND play that could of been incompletions or ints. He makes QBs look better. It's also note worthy he didn't drop a single pass until they played USC which was like game 10 or their schedule.

I hope Philbin brings us plenty of white redneck players and some Wisconsin cheese.

I hope Philbin does not have any cats.

I want us to draft big huge rats that can scurry like mice.


Your a JOKE if you think Sean Smith is one worst corners in the league. And why would Matt Moore care? He's on a back up contract and he knows were looking for a franchise QB. And what are you on? we wanted a franchise QB last year but Matt Moore was pretty much the best one available get a clue! And don't mention Ryan Mallet


You might well be right on Sherman....it's possible the game has in fact passed him by. I like the fact that he's at least getting an interview. Hopefully Philbin will look at things objectively and not just hire him because he has worked with him before?

Andy, you're right about the Thomas/Brown comparison. Thomas has a very upright running style and it's likely going to mean a short career for him. I'm hoping he got a taste of what life in the NFL was all about this year and he comes back in better shape knowing what it's going to take to be more successful. At best I think he get a C or C- on his season.

Sherman is a very good offensive coordinator i know he didn't have a great time at A&M but they still had a pretty offence and he would be a very good hire.

Spidermouse, instead of posting under fake names like a beeeatch, why not use your real name puss.

Spidermouse, instead of posting under fake names like a beeeatch, why not use your real name puss.

Posted by: Spiderman | January 24, 2012 at 01:58 PM

Is Spiderman your first or last name? And whats with the name calling? Not getting any? Try using a fake name, most girls probably don't want to date a guy named Spiderman. My name they find cute and cuddly.

Spidermouse its obvious your a guy who posts here regularly, posts under your name and be a man pu55y. Changing your name to insult someone is childish

I like D. Thomas, I think he will be a really good back for us for a while. I don't quite agree with all these upright running comments. I saw the kid run and hit hard every play. I think he is a work in process transitioning from what he was asked to do in college to what he is asked to do in the NFL. He was nagged with a hamstring injury most of the year. I don't think he will be "scared" to make contact. It isn't like he blew out his ACL or MCL or couldn't work all year. He was just hampered with the hamstring and espeially when we have a year with no offseason those type of nagging injuried can be difficult to overcome fully during the season.

Guys... forget RG3 - price way to high especially considering what's coming out next year in QB's. Hate to sound like we wait another year but to many holes now to mortgage future on a hope that RG3 is worth it. And yes I've watched almost every game RG3 has played since Texas is in the Big 12. Now I would feel totally different if we're talking Luck - but that's NEVER going to happen.

Perfect draft to me...
Coples DE or Upshaw OLB - 1st
Dwayne Allen (or J. Finley FA signing and use on Adams OT) - 2nd
Martin FS or Potter OT (if Offensive Tackle is still outstanding)
Robinson FS - 4th

and the rest BPA.
BTW - I would sign Matt Flynn if our new coach advises we do - no one would know better if he's worth it than Philbin (hense why that signing would be nothing like Kolb or others we were stupid enough to take.) Just my opinion...

These people are Masters in the Art of saying, nothing.

Craig, considering how Ireland shed himself of sparano and got to stay, I don't think sparano had influence.

And be a man, figure these thing south for yourself. Most of us knew it, he was making decisions like he didn't.

More acorns Jeff....you can tell by his words he's got presure on him bigtime!

OoOooo oscar hows sesame street?

BLACKCOCKAROTE, Your posts are bout as dumb as your name.

What's up losers?

: Clue....... yeah and you're a piece of s@##!

Another fine quote from Jeff Ireland.

"I don't think we got our hands on enough balls."

Seems like Sean Smith comes under fire every year and there are reasons a lot of you bring up that i agree with.

I guess the question that is always brought up with him is can he be moved to free safety and actually play well there? If so then maybe they can use money that will be freed up if they let Soliai or Langford go on someone like Grimes from Atlanta or Finnegan or a Carlos Rogers or my personal choice Brandon Carr from K.C. if he isn't franchised which i think is a strong possibility since Bowe is a free agent there too.

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