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Jeff Ireland speaks from Senior Bowl

Jeff Ireland just spoke to the media in Mobile, Alabama, site of the Senior Bowl, and explained in detail the Dolphins' offseason plans for the quarterback position, confirmed the cap space amount the club has to work with, and gave up the name of the player Miami will draft in the first round of the April draft ...

... Actually, he didn't, but I just wanted to see how it felt to write that sentence.

Truth is the session, attended by The Herald's Barry Jackson, revealed precious little we didn't already know. It began with Ireland repeating something every Dolphins fan has known since January of 2000.

"We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump," he said. "This is a quarterback league. We have to do our best to make our position better."

Ireland praised 2011 starter Matt Moore's toughness, but the inference was clearly made that Miami wants to upgrade from him in 2012. If Miami needs the QB to lead the team over the hump, it obviously does not have the QB to lead the team over the top.

Moore, however, remains under contract for 2012.

The truth is the Dolphins have to get better all up and down the roster. And Ireland recognizes that.

"We're 6-10, we've got to do a better job of putting wins together," he said. "We've got to build a roster to be better than good. Good is not good enough. We want championships. Are we rebuilding? I don't believe so. I like some core pieces of this roster."

I would imagine Ireland knows what kind of offensive and defensive talent he's searching for. On defense that might include personnel for the 4-3 scheme, which the Dolphins used a lot in pass situations last season anyway, but is also a scheme the team might go to as a base look in 2012.

Ireland said he told his scouts to start looking at 4-3 personnel in case Miami goes there.

"If we have to go to a 4-3, we have the personnel to make the transition," Ireland said. "We have to add pieces."

As a personal aside, I believe the Dolphins will use their first-round pick on a pass rusher. Quinton Coples of North Carolina is a player the Dolphins are heavily scrutinizing at the Senior Bowl. The Dolphins desperately need a pass rusher to add on the side opposite Cameron Wake.

That is not where Miami's needs end. Ireland said he would love to add an "explosive" tight end.

The team needs to rebuild the entire right side of the offensive line because Marc Colombo is clearly not the answer at right tackle and right guard Vernon Carey is a free agent.

John Jerry is a possibility at either right guard or tackle.

"John has come a long way," Ireland said. "He has a long way to go."

Ireland said he is still looking forward to seeing what Lydon Murtha can do.

There will be a couple of cornerback prospects worthy or selecting high in the draft and Ireland is not showing his hand in that regard. But it's clear he's not giving up on Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"I believe in Sean," Ireland said. "They [Smith and Davis[ have got to take another step in the right direction."

Deeper in the secondary, Ireland praised Reshad Jones, Chris Clemon and Tyrone Culver, but noted, "I don't think we got our hands on enough balls."

New coach Joe Philbin will revamp the offense but don't expect much work done at running back. Reggie Bush has a year left on his contract and Daniel Thomas will be in his second season.

"Daniel Thomas will be a fine player," Ireland said. "He has got to stay healthy."

Ireland said he would like to keep unrestricted free agents Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai. But neither is signed and it is improbable the club with be able to keep both and still find a pass rusher.


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Spiderman @1:39


Pre-draftFollowing an invitation to the NFL Scouting Combine in February 2008, Langford scheduled private workouts with the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers and St. Louis Rams.
Langford appears to have a knack for blocking kicks. He blocked four during his career at Hampton. Combine Results: 40-yard dash 4.95; 20-yard shuttle 4.69; 20-yard dash 2.84; 3-cone 7.72; Bench Press 24 reps; Vertical Jump 27" [6]


A 4.95/40 for a 6'3"/305 Pd. man is nothing to sneeze at!! Consider that Peppers who is far and away elite came into the NFL running a 4.78 and today so many years in is probably at around 4.9 himself. Langford I feel was always miss used by the Coaching staff because his primary goal was to stuff the run and occupy blockers permitting the OLB's to clean up the QB. I feel this will be another player we will see excel some place else like New England or G.B. if not careful.

BLACKCOCKAROACH, OooooOoO tough guy.

I don'know that much, but if I were doing a mock Draft, I would first go for the players of nationally ranked Teams, let's say, the DeCastros, the Blackmons, the Crimson Tide D front 7......I guess.

mando, actually the phins were in 4-3 mostly during run situations not pass situations.

fin4life, Combine Speed doesnt always equate to being a good pass rusher. For instance JJ Watts plays for Texans and was a rookie but has produce more sacks his rookie season than Langford has in any season he's been here. I dont think it matter what schem Langford plays in he's just not a high sack guy, which makes him expendable if we move to the 4/3 def.

I'd take players that prefer light white cheeses over the dark, stinky cheeses.

Gotta be honest, I saw more good things than bad with Daniel Thomas. He did not fumble half as much as I thought he would.

I am optomistic on that pick going forward.

1. Fire Sparano - check
2. Hire offensive minded HC - check
3. Acquire franchise QB - TBD

Gents...we are ONE PIECE away from competing every year.

Look at two teams to see what I'm talking about:

1. Jets - Hired Ryan & drafted Sanchez...AFC Championship
2. 49'ers - Hired Harbaugh & well, hired Harbaugh.

You get my point...New HC + New QB = Playoffs!

I like it when men stare at my breasts.

I agree with Frank throw picks at IND for 1st pick and get Luck! Franchise QB worth giving up that many high picks! We won't get Coples so can forget that he will go before Miami picks at more than likely with there luck at number 9. And to be honest don't think they will pull the trigger nor will IND take it!

Hey, Man, are you taking your medicine.....

What positions are the Dolphins set at (no needs)

The Dolphins do not need any more 3-4 DLs. Arguably they have enough 4-3 DLs.

Left side of the OL is set.

We're good for RBs.

MLB could hold out for another year depending on whether Kevin Burnett keeps up his late-season form.

Our K, P, and LS are set.

Dolphins have solid WR.


My Draft Anylysis:
A) I just don't watch enough college ball to see all these guys regularly.
B) I am not a talent scout.
C) Watching ESPN does not make you a talent scout.
D) Kiper and McShay aren't who we thought they were

I just hope Philbin can bring some diversity to his coaching staff, in a league fill with a lot of blacks not all of them respond well to a old white guy yelling at them.

Posted by: Spiderman | January 24, 2012 at 01:46 PM

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say Spiderman is at least half KKK.

Talent Evaluation is the number one variable that separates the top tier teams from the rest of the pack.

I'm hoping that over time, Philbin slowly brings some of the Packers scouts down to Miami, then we will begin to build a team for the long haul like New England, Pittsburg & Green Bay do every freakin year....GO PHILBIN!

I'll bet I have nicer breasts than you.

Years ago, I would go over to the Brady's house to give it to Alice in her rear door but after awhile I got bored with that old prude. I knew Mr. Brady was into older guys so I started letting him suck on my nipples and service my equipment. I gotta tell you it really turned me on to watch him going at my breasts---especially after he got that perm a few years later. We let Greg join in one time, too. That was great.

I miss those days.

I think it's a good thing Philbin doesn't have his playbook, lineup and game plans all set.

He did say he wasn't going to copy his old playbook and "PLOP IT" on the table. It's always in bad taste to plop your package on the table prematurely ANYWAYS.

I think this speaks to the fact that he's more similar to a Shula type in his approach.

How can he know this team well enough to make any of those plans yet. Up until a week ago he was working on his teams playoff hopes.

It was like music to my ears when I heard him say he wants to learn our rosters strengths and weaknesses, exploit the good and hide the bad.

In other words, he **SOUNDS** like he's prepared to formulate his scheme around his available talent as opposed to trying to force square pegs into round holes.

I'm not calling him Don Shula, but it is an indicator that he "Gets It".

How about Andre Branch DE from Clemson? Now that guy is a playmaker and a hard hitter

odinseye....I agree, its music to my ears to hear Philbin talk vs. Sparano.

Anyone with half a brain can tell there is huge jump in IQ between the two.

I'd even venture to say Philbin's IQ is higher than Fishers!

We landed the best fish in the pond this go around and must give kudos to Ross for getting it right!

Don Shula was 32-years-old when he got the Colts job. When he came to Miami seven years later, he had the best winning percentage of any coach in the NFL and a Super Bowl appearance under his belt. He was already thoroughly established as one of the best.

Philbin may do fine---and I like his evident inteligence and confidence---but these Shula comparisons are absolutely ludicrous and baseless.

Need to look at Free Agents but need to be realistic. There are very few QB's that will realistically move teams next year. Only a couple I would be interested in the Fin's giving consideration to. Only Flynn has hopes of becoming an Elite QB. Most others have proven they are not. So, I love the fact that Philbin has insided knowledge on Quinn and he should know if he is really worth the Fins investing in. Whether you believe Flynn is going to be Elite or not it doesn't matter. Philbin is in the best position to know and to make recommendations either way.

Drew Brees (NO)- Not moving
Matt Flynn (GB) - Is he Elite?
Alex Smith (SF) - Not moving
Kyle Orton (DEN)- Elway went w/Tebow End of Story
Jason Campbell (OAK)- Not Elite
Donovan McNabb (MIN)- Old and done
Chris Redman (ATL)- Not Elite
Derek Anderson (CAR)- Not Elite
Shaun Hill (DET) - Not Elite
Drew Stanton (DET)- Not Elite
Brady Quinn (DEN)- Not Elite
David Garrard (FA)- Worth Back up Consideration
Luke McCown (JAC)- Not Elite
Chad Henne (MIA)- Been there done that
Sage Rosenfels (MIA)- Damaged goods
David Carr (NYG)- Not Elite
Mark Brunell (NYJ)- Old and tired
Kevin O'Connell (NYJ)- Been there done that
Kyle Boller (OAK)- Not Elite
Vince Young (PHI)- No way
Charlie Batch (PIT)- Old and tired
Dennis Dixon (PIT)- Not Elite
Byron Leftwich (PIT)- Broken down
Charlie Whitehurst (SEA)- Not Elite
A.J. Feeley (STL)- Not Elite
Josh Johnson (TB)- Real potential so not going anywhere
Rex Grossman (WAS)- Not Elite
Richard Bartel (ARZ) - Restricted
Max Hall (ARZ) - Exclusive Rights
Tyler Palko (KC) - Restricted
Brian Hoyer (NE) - Restricted
Chase Daniel (NO) - Restricted

I can't believe some guys STILL think we're going to trade up to get Andrew Luck. Forget it. It's not going to happen. The Colts WON'T trade the pick. Manning is 35 with a broken neck. They have a chance to draft another Peyton Manning. Jim Irsay is NOT going to trade the pick, he's not an idiot. Stop dreaming, it AIN'T going to happen. I know it would be nice, but forget it. I understand, I would love to see it as well...But it AIN'T going to happen. It's like a dream I had a couple of years ago, Tom Brady was wearing aqua and orange and throwing one TD after the other...Then I woke up and watched Chad Henne the next day...Nuff said!

Hey Sam! I remember waking up one night and walking in on you and dad doing it in his office. Great memories!

Come on JP....you don't think Brady Quinn can become an elite QB with the right coaching?

(hint of sarcasm in my post....)

Trading down wouldn't be a bad idea for the Dolphins...Still lots of holes on that roster...

Ireland sucks your posts are boring and irrelevant. Get over it already, no one cares that you're in love with Jeff Ireland. You are right? That's why you talk about him every day? Even to the point of writing fantasy interviews between you and he. Dude, I'll get his number for you if you really want a date that bad. Just let us know.

In other words, he **SOUNDS** like he's prepared to formulate his scheme around his available talent as opposed to trying to force square pegs into round holes.

I'm not calling him Don Shula, but it is an indicator that he "Gets It".
Posted by: odinseye | January 24, 2012 at 02:36 PM

The all do this. I don't know why bloggers underestimate pro coaches. Fans sitting at home think they 'see' more than coaches living it 80 hours a week. They have there systems, but they all adjust them to what they have and not the opposite.

This square peg in a round hole argument doesn't fit any coach in todays game.

Some dude on NFL.com has Miami taking Richardson in the first round. What an idiot. We traded up last year to get Daniel Thomas, Reggie Bush just had his best year EVER and we'll use our first round pick on a RB. Hilarious! Mock draft my butt...

Of the dolphins free agents, Carey, Colombo, henne, Soliai, Langford, and merling. I'd only re sign Carey and merling. Merling can be had cheap and Carey leaves a hole that would require a more expensive replacement.

The rest can walk especially if moving to a 4 3

I would not be opposed to trading down either, in the right situation. picking up another 2nd would not be a bad option. Depends on who is there at 8 or 9.

Mark in Toronto, I agree. But getting Carl Nicks would be a HUGE upgrade for our o-line...The guy is physical and friggin strong...Carey is not overpowering to say the least...

I don't see what Merling has done to merit a return. Has he made a single memorable play since his rookie year?

As for Carey, yes...but only at the right (reduced) price. He can still be useful as a versatile backup.

I think I'd let Merling walk before Langford.

Philbin may do fine---and I like his evident inteligence and confidence---but these Shula comparisons are absolutely ludicrous and baseless.

Posted by: ted | January 24, 2012 at 02:41 PM

I think this speaks to the fact that he's more similar to a Shula type in his approach.

I'm not calling him Don Shula, but it is an indicator that he "Gets It".

You translate these two statements into Shula Comparisons?

Shula was not the only Coach that tailored his schemes to fit his talent. That's why I said Shula "TYPES" and their "APPROACH".

Heck, I even used this approach when Coaching Pop Warner and High School.

I think your rubuutal baseless and your comphrehension absolutely ludicris, but that's just my opinion.

PS: Compared to SpOrano, I think Philbin tips the meter back towards the Shula **TYPE**.

LOL @ 2:31

3:pm, Warning here comes the Demented Rainbow Ferrys. The TRUE dirt of life. Please take your kids away from the monitor. They are VERY sick people.

This square peg in a round hole argument doesn't fit any coach in todays game.

Posted by: Neves | January 24, 2012 at 02:49 PM

So I guess playing Jason Taylor and Cam Wake at Strong Side Linebacker for a whole season was just a figment of my imagination?

The Trifecta has been notoriously guilty of this for the past 4 years. I'll give you at least 10 examples like Taylor and Wake right off the top of my head.

ESPNsucks sucks.

While these words ("We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump") may be a no-brainer for all fans who have been here since the Marino days, it's comforting to see the knucklehead in charge of acquiring talent is on the same page. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!

Now we just need to see what kind of talent evaluator Ireland is when it comes to Quarterbacks...

Heck, I even used this approach when Coaching Pop Warner and High School.

Posted by: odinseye | January 24, 2012 at 02:57 PM

Really Odin? Did you just drop a pop warner/high school football reference on us...

C'mon man!


ESPN sucks sucks = mik really like ESPN

Montreal, if we take Richardson, you won't see me around here for a while. Probably because I'd be in a "mental cleansing" retreat.

In response to nobody in particular. I don't think kendall wright makes it out of the first round.

What's encouraging is Ireland finally seems to have his priorities right. Talking about QB, TE, Pass Rusher and FS. Talked a little bit about o-line, saying John Jerry is getting a lot better and Lydon Murtha returning. Still need to sign one and/or draft one in my opinion. I can envision our 2 guards being Richie Incognito and Carl Nicks. Pouncey in the middle and Long at LT. Yeah, that would be nice...

ESPN, I'd rather pay merling the vet minimum to he a rotational guy in a 4 3 than pay the reported 5 mill a year Langford was asking for. Especially since we already have starks and odrick under contract.

Montreal, same reasoning with Carey over nicks. Save the money and spend it on impact players. Enough money spent on the o line already.

Mark in Toronto, LOL!! That's like drafting Jamar Fletcher instead of Drew Brees when you already have Pat Surtain and Sam Madison. Poor Wannstedt...Not the brightest bulb come draft day...LOL!!

Really Odin? Did you just drop a pop warner/high school football reference on us...

C'mon man!

Posted by: ESPNsucks | January 24, 2012 at 03:06 PM

Whats wrong with Po...........oh........OH!

Sorry, didn't mean to bring up any bad memories.

odinseye | January 24, 2012 at 03:04 PM

That isn't square peg in a round hole. That is working with the only players you have.

We have another Mallet sighting...still haven't gotten over a backup QB....we're the only people who speculate on this guy. Kris are you stirring up this pot again?

odin your teams must suk like u

Mark, I get your logic but this is in the hopes Merling decides to come in and play some. He was active for what, 4 or 5 games last year? And when he started getting in towards the end of the year more it looked to me that he was bulking up a lot more. Possibly getting himself in a position to play NT?

Mark in Toronto, if we're going to get Peyton Manning, we HAVE to improve our o-line. He's 35 with a broken neck. We allowed 160 sacks or something last year. Not good. 160 sacks combined with a 35 year old QB coming off neck surgery is NOT a good mix...

Ireland is such a tool. He makes Dansby and Kevin Burnett priorities in FA the last two years, then he lets Mike Nolan go and now he's talking about switching to a 4-3? Defense is not the problem. So instead of blowing it up they should be looking for pieces that fit the puzzle that's already 80-90% complete.

He seems to have questions about every player he's signed and drafted since he got here, saying he needs more out of basically all of them. I especially love how he and Ross have been crowing about a QB being the highest priority a) because Ireland signed Moore and he played pretty well and b) because there's nothing like showing your cards and telling everyone else in the league how desperate you are.

Saying they need an explosive TE after watching guys like Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham go elsewhere while he went fishing with Charles Clay. Who didn't play badly when given the chance but their fascination with Fasano has cost them the chance to upgrade the position year after year. Jermichael Finley seems to be a Philbin fan and conveniently he's a FA this year. But Ireland couldn't connect the dots on a Burger King children's menu so I have no faith he'll land Finley either.

This is sooooo frustrating.

Whats wrong with Po...........oh........OH!
Sorry, didn't mean to bring up any bad memories.
Posted by: odinseye | January 24, 2012 at 03:12 PM

That was you? You dirty SOB


I brought up the same point earlier regarding "Jamar Fletcher". That is my all time LOW draft day moment. I knew Fletcher would stink! But not only that but Brees was shattering Big 10 records at Purdue of all places. Yes, yes he struggled he first few years and probably would have in Miami but Miami could of allowed Fiedler to be the bridge instead of him being thrown to the wolves like he was in San Diego.

My second lowest moment was more recent and it was taking John Jerry over Hernandez. I remember the way Miami used Fasano and Martin the first year Sparano was in Miami and thought Fasano the blocker and Hernandez catching passes. I don't think I envisioned the Hernandez we see today but I knew he would be good and Jerry well who knows at this point.

IF NY takes out NE again...
Miami WILL be running a 4-3 next year. Period.

"We've got to build a roster to be better than good. Good is not good enough. We want championships. Are we rebuilding? I don't believe so. I like some core pieces of this roster."

By Jeff Ireland

We have to be better than good? Since when have we been good? 3 consecutive losing seasons isnt good, Jeffy!

Core pieces? Like still needing a complete back end overhaul in the secondary? Or a completely new right side of the oline? Or a playmaking TE? How about a QB? A dependable RB? What core pieces?

This team is in SERIOUS trouble with Ireland at the helm. It dont matter who the coach is!

Excellent post T.Martin. No one knows what Ross sees in him.

Remember to be careful when u open clams!!

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