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Jeff Ireland speaks from Senior Bowl

Jeff Ireland just spoke to the media in Mobile, Alabama, site of the Senior Bowl, and explained in detail the Dolphins' offseason plans for the quarterback position, confirmed the cap space amount the club has to work with, and gave up the name of the player Miami will draft in the first round of the April draft ...

... Actually, he didn't, but I just wanted to see how it felt to write that sentence.

Truth is the session, attended by The Herald's Barry Jackson, revealed precious little we didn't already know. It began with Ireland repeating something every Dolphins fan has known since January of 2000.

"We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump," he said. "This is a quarterback league. We have to do our best to make our position better."

Ireland praised 2011 starter Matt Moore's toughness, but the inference was clearly made that Miami wants to upgrade from him in 2012. If Miami needs the QB to lead the team over the hump, it obviously does not have the QB to lead the team over the top.

Moore, however, remains under contract for 2012.

The truth is the Dolphins have to get better all up and down the roster. And Ireland recognizes that.

"We're 6-10, we've got to do a better job of putting wins together," he said. "We've got to build a roster to be better than good. Good is not good enough. We want championships. Are we rebuilding? I don't believe so. I like some core pieces of this roster."

I would imagine Ireland knows what kind of offensive and defensive talent he's searching for. On defense that might include personnel for the 4-3 scheme, which the Dolphins used a lot in pass situations last season anyway, but is also a scheme the team might go to as a base look in 2012.

Ireland said he told his scouts to start looking at 4-3 personnel in case Miami goes there.

"If we have to go to a 4-3, we have the personnel to make the transition," Ireland said. "We have to add pieces."

As a personal aside, I believe the Dolphins will use their first-round pick on a pass rusher. Quinton Coples of North Carolina is a player the Dolphins are heavily scrutinizing at the Senior Bowl. The Dolphins desperately need a pass rusher to add on the side opposite Cameron Wake.

That is not where Miami's needs end. Ireland said he would love to add an "explosive" tight end.

The team needs to rebuild the entire right side of the offensive line because Marc Colombo is clearly not the answer at right tackle and right guard Vernon Carey is a free agent.

John Jerry is a possibility at either right guard or tackle.

"John has come a long way," Ireland said. "He has a long way to go."

Ireland said he is still looking forward to seeing what Lydon Murtha can do.

There will be a couple of cornerback prospects worthy or selecting high in the draft and Ireland is not showing his hand in that regard. But it's clear he's not giving up on Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"I believe in Sean," Ireland said. "They [Smith and Davis[ have got to take another step in the right direction."

Deeper in the secondary, Ireland praised Reshad Jones, Chris Clemon and Tyrone Culver, but noted, "I don't think we got our hands on enough balls."

New coach Joe Philbin will revamp the offense but don't expect much work done at running back. Reggie Bush has a year left on his contract and Daniel Thomas will be in his second season.

"Daniel Thomas will be a fine player," Ireland said. "He has got to stay healthy."

Ireland said he would like to keep unrestricted free agents Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai. But neither is signed and it is improbable the club with be able to keep both and still find a pass rusher.


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Isn't it an oxymoron to say we need to upgrade at QB, then say the first pick will likely be a pass-rusher? How do you upgrade from a 2nd-round talent (Moore>Henne who was a 2nd-round pick) if you take a pass rusher with your 1st pick?

NO ONE KNOWS what Flynn can do. If he's EVEN an upgrade to Moore, so I don't include Matt Flynn as any upgrade. He's another FA QB that's more likely to fail than succeed. Only UPGRADE at QB through FA is Peyton Manning. PERIOD (yeah kris, I did it)!!!

Other than that, you have 2 options (really one): Luck or Griffin.

So Armando, clarify please.


I brought it up earlier. Sorry man! I was talking about the "Jamar Fletcher" thing and also how Miami passed on Pierre Paul, Earl Thomas both very good players to trade back for Odrick and Misi (I actually wanted Brandon Graham from Michigan and he's a bust so I was wrong). Also talked about Vontae Davis over Hakeem Nicks and Clay Mathews which was who I wanted Miami to take that year. That's how Mallet made the blog today.

I think a Speed Receiver is really critical. I'd like to go FA instead of Draft. I'd prefer a proven talent. I see some WR's and TE's in FA that would be upgrades if we can land them.

Wide Receivers:
Reggie Wayne (IND) - The Colts are likely to find a way to keep him
Wes Welker (NE) – Never should have let him go. He’s not going anywhere. Why would he?
Vincent Jackson (SD) – Likely staying put.
DeSean Jackson (PHI) – Not leaving Philly.
Dwayne Bowe (KC) – Like him if KC lets him go they are crazy.
Marques Colston (NO) – Payton too smart to let him go.
Steve Johnson (BUF) – likely staying put.
Brandon Lloyd (STL) – Likely staying put.
Robert Meachem (NO) – Like his down field capability. Would want to talk to him.
Mario Manningham (NYG) – Not going to leave NY
Mike Wallace (PIT) - Restricted - The Rest: Early Doucet (ARZ)
Harry Douglas (ATL)
Eric Weems (ATL)
Roscoe Parrish (BUF)
Legedu Naanee (CAR)
Earl Bennett (CHI)
Roy Williams (CHI)
Andre Caldwell (CIN)
Jerome Simpson (CIN)
Eddie Royal (DEN) – worth looking at
Rashied Davis (DET)
Maurice Stovall (DET)
Bryant Johnson (HOU)
Pierre Garcon (IND)- worth looking at
Anthony Gonzalez (IND) – worth looking at
Jerheme Urban (KC)
Devin Aromashodu (MIN)
Bernard Berrian (MIN)
Greg Camarillo (MIN)
Deion Branch (NE)
Matt Slater (NE)
Domenik Hixon (NYG)
Devin Thomas (NYG)
Plaxico Burress (NYJ) – worth looking at
Derek Hagan (OAK)
Chaz Schilens (OAK)
Steve Smith (PHI) – worth looking at
Jerricho Cotchery (PIT)
Patrick Crayton (SD)
Braylon Edwards (SF) – worth looking at
Ted Ginn (SF)- FUNNY!
Josh Morgan (SF)
Mike Sims-Walker (STL)
Micheal Spurlock (TB)
Donnie Avery (TEN)
Kevin Curtis (TEN)
Lavelle Hawkins (TEN)
Donte' Stallworth (WAS)
Stephen Williams (ARZ) - Exclusive Rights
Jordan Norwood (CLE) - Exclusive Rights
Jesse Holley (DAL) - Exclusive Rights
Kevin Ogletree (DAL) - Restricted
Stefan Logan (DET) - Restricted
Matt Willis (DEN) - Restricted
Danny Amendola (STL) - Restricted
Dominique Curry (STL) - Exclusive Rights
Preston Parker (TB) - Exclusive Rights
Top Free Agent TEs
Jermichael Finley (GB) – I see him as a top candidate. Again, I love having Philbin’s inside knowledge.
Tony Gonzalez (ATL) - Falcons will push to keep him.
Fred Davis (WAS) – likely staying in WAS
John Carlson (SEA) - rehabbing a torn labrum
Mike Leach (ARZ)
Joe Zelenka (ATL)
Scott Chandler (BUF)
Gary Barnidge (CAR)
Richie Brockel (CAR)
Jeremy Shockey (CAR)
Kellen Davis (CHI)
Bo Scaife (CIN)
Alex Smith (CLE)
Martellus Bennett (DAL)
Daniel Fells (DEN)
Joel Dreessen (HOU)
Jacob Tamme (IND)
Zach Potter (JAC)
Jim Kleinsasser (MIN)
Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN) Like to take a look at him for sure
Randy McMichael (SD)
Justin Peelle (SF)
Billy Bajema (STL)
Craig Stevens (TEN)
Michael Palmer (ATL) - Exclusive Rights
Jeron Mastrud (MIA) - Exclusive Rights
Jake Ballard (NYG) - Exclusive Rights
Bear Pascoe (NYG) - Restricted
Matthew Mulligan (NYJ) - Restricted
David Johnson (PIT) - Restricted
Kory Sperry (SD) - Restricted


JPAO are you nuts for posting all og the FA, we get it there a bunch now quit flodding the blog with that nonsense.

We cant get Jerkoff Finley because he will be franchised by the Packers plus he's always injured. Give me Orson Chaarles.

I'll take Ted Ginn back in a heart beat. You cant teach his speed and our special teams will be well very special with him back.


"We’ve got an established Anthony Fasano – he does a fine job. But you can see how the Vernon Davises and Rob Gronkowskis and Aaron Hernandezs in the playoffs have really made a big difference.”

Shows you what a dumb ass Ireland is. Always the last one to the party. We have all been screaming at Ireland to take a stud TE in the draft for 2 years!! He always seemed to be enamored with a mediocre Anthony Fasano. At least he is smart enough to finally realize it after TWO YEARS of denial!

Montreal, get what you're saying but if you replace Columbia with any other human being on the planet, you reduce the number of sacks instantly by 135. Playing this guy all year was one of the worst personnel decisions in the history of team sports. Everyone else on the planet could see the guy sucked other than sparano. Thank god he's off to new York to improve their red zone offense.

Craig M, are you seriously giving that yahoo (Ireland) credit for saying we need to upgrade at TE? Like, do I get credit for saying USA needs to jumpstart our economy?

Here's the problem people. We needed to upgrade TE in TWO THOUSAND AND NINE. We're currently in TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE. THAT'S a problem. The timing there STINKS. We filled the wrong holes before, or didn't prioritize this hole being filled quickly enough. We've wasted time.

That's how you can grade the GM. Not only does the guy he picks work out. But does he pick a guy when another guy was available that would have been a better choice at a more premium position.

We didn't need Odrick in 2010. We have so many DE's we're now about to get rid of a few. Yet, we're the only team in the division without a star TE who acts more like a receiver than a blocker.

That's a problem.

Clue why take Ginn back when we just drafted his speed equivelant PLUS Gates is not afraid of contact. Gates is still a VERY raw WR, he needs good coaching and a good scheme...i think he is about to get both of those things.

That was you? You dirty SOB

Posted by: ESPNsucks | January 24, 2012 at 03:17 PM


OK Clue...I'll stop flooding the site with FA's.

I'll break it down this way. What are your thoughts?

I don't think the team should leverage everythig by trading up for RG3. Not 100% sold he is a NFL Franchise QB. Plus this team has a good nucleus but needs many upgrades. We need our draft picks to keep building.
Offensive Nucleus: Long, Beast, Bush, D. Thomas, Pouncey, Incognito & Bess (Matt Moore as a backup and possible starter)
Defensive Nucleus: Wake, Dansby, Odrick, Starks, & V. Davis.
Immediate Priorities for next season (either draft or FA)
1) QB - Need someone solid to compete with Moore. I really hope Philbin BELIEVES that Flynn is worth the money. It would be the fastest way for us to improve and would allow us to use our draft very differently. Man I hope this pans out.
2) DE/OLB - Need a stud pass rusher. Fins have to put more pressure on QB's. Rather go to a 4-3 but regardless of the system we need a STUD pass rusher.
3)CB - smith is not the answer (too soft and inconsistent). Get a solid corner to help play more press coverage with V. Davis. Two shut down corners allow for a very different defense.
4) Safety - Bell is getting old and all others haven't shown consistency. Need this finally filled this coming year.
5)WR - We need a solid #2. Bess is a tre #3. Beast is #1. Hartline is not scarrying anyone.
6) RT - need to get rid of Colombo and provide more protection for the QB. I really hope Garner and Murtha can handle the load. Would be nice not to have to use our draft or FA here.
7)TE - Fasano is OK. Clay is showing really solid signs but I would love to see a big deep seam threat TE.

Andy not to make things worse but they could've got Hernandez instead of edds.

Graham was drafted after Jerry.

And even my 20 year old nephew was asking any Jerry and eddsan instead of Graham and Hernandez at the time instead of hindsight.

JPAO your new way is even worse.

ESPNsucks, Ted Ginn is 50x better than Gates, Gates is not as fast as Ginn nor is he as elusive as Ginn, he's also haf the WR Ginn is thats not saying much but all in all Gates sucks and is a major project.


Even to the point of writing fantasy interviews between you and he.

Posted by: blogperson


Blogperson -- those are actual quotes from Jeff Ireland on miamiherald.com. Yes, hard to imagine. Go back to your job at the Miami Dolphins Blogperson. You have more important things to do then hang out at this blog. I will continue to bask Ireland until he starts making the right decisions for this franchise (doubtful) or is fired.

That isn't square peg in a round hole. That is working with the only players you have.

Posted by: Neves | January 24, 2012 at 03:12 PM

I think you have selective memory.

We had Jason Taylor, Cam Wake and Joey Porter at OLB.

Of those three, Porter was chosen to play weakside pass rusher(only 5 sacks to make it even worse.

So, we have the NFL's LEADING active Sack artist in JT, Wake who just rewrote the CFL sack records in two seasons. Yet we had Porter starting at Pass Rusher? Porter that got 5 sacks and virtually NO TACKLES?

Are you kidding me?

You call it what you want, that's forcing square pegs in round holes.

DC, I agree Flynn is not the automatic upgrade and won't consider the search over if we sign him.

Found it funny that Arizona is one of the teams in the hunt for manning. Didn't they just get their matt Flynn last year?

Problem is Mark, this joker (Ireland) is better at drafting olinemen than anything else (even then he's 50/50). He can't draft speed receivers (Gates, please). He can't draft QBs (our guy can't even get off the practice squad), he can't draft linebackers (Misi, ok, good for a .500 team).

So we're asking Ireland to do what we've all seen he CAN'T do well. Hence our dilemma.

This was the wrong week to stop taking Pepcid.

Clue, I never thought they should've let ginn go to begin with. He was a good role player as an elite return man and situational receiver. There was even less reason to trade him after they got Marshall. Yet the idiot Ireland got it backwards.

"Duuuuuuuuh, there are other quarterbacks out there.....duuuuuuh, we, uhhh, we just have to uhhhhh, find them." I Swear to PHK this team is such a pathetic joke now. This Ireland moron doesn't know his hind end from his elbow. Way to go Ross. EPIC FAIL.

Clue before last year I would have agreed with you. I was wondering at the time why everyone was calling for Ginns head (not his fault Cameron took him 9) and trying to run him out of Miami. I never saw him as a #1 receiver but a sold 2/3. I was very confused when we decided to let Ginn go and brought in Marshall at the same time who would have been good compliment to each other.
But I think a solid offseason and Gates will show us some things. The guy has only been playing football for 2 years! At any level!

What was the one great signature move by Parcells / Ireland in the DRAFT the last 4 years besides signing Jake Long (who was #1 overall anyway).

There is NONE.

Sure there are some "good" players and some "busts". But there have been no home-runs with respect to draft position. No pro-bowl players. No one whom we drafted which other teams are in envy of.

Miami has failed to draft a stud at any skilled positions. We have drafted no players which scare the opposition. The drafts overall have been lackluster at best.

So for all of you Ireland lovers out there, you are living in dream land. Maybe Ireland changes his strategy this year. Let's hope so. He has come a year to two late that we have all been begging for him to draft a QB or TE stud. If he can do it this year, most will be forgiven.

But as of now, Jeff Ireland sucks until he can prove otherwise...

And for those of you whom don't like my comments, just don't read them. I don't care. I will continue to bash Jeff Ireland until he comes through or is fired.

This clown GM hasn't even mentioned Kellen Moore, who has by the far the best accuracy of any QB to come out in the last 10 years. The overhyped Griffin isn't half the well rounded, intelligent QB that Moore is. Yet, Ross actually trusts this idiot to draft for us???

Talk about QB Nick Foles is starting to swirl. I said in December someone would make some noise at the shrine game & combine. I like the idea of trading back & getting Cincy's 2 first rounders. That's ammo for a great draft.

He seems to have questions about every player he's signed and drafted since he got here, saying he needs more out of basically all of them.

This is sooooo frustrating.

Posted by: T. Martin


Typical Jeff Ireland. Blames the coaching staff for not developing his acorns instead of realizing his acorns aren't studs to begin with. When you draft Patrick Turner high in the draft (when most people don't have him even PROJECTED to be drafted) it is not only a waste of a draft pick but you can't expect him to turn into a stud. Odds are against it. Everything Ireland does he does against the odds. He never drafts the STUD with the PEDIGREE. Too scared to strike out, he drafts "safe" players and tries to find studs at skilled position later in the draft (mostly failures). This is a LOSER MENTALITY.

Loser Mentality = Jeff Ireland

Doesn't have the balls to draft a Dez Bryant, Ryan Mallet or Rob Gronkowski.

Jeff Ireland is the emperor with no balls!

Hey cut Ireland some slack. He's apparently starting to learn on the job. He's starting to "Get It".

(4 years and 32 draft picks later he's starting to "Get It")

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

We gave up a 4th round pick for Ginn, WHY? to select Nolan Freaking Carrol. CMON MAN! At least keep him until he walks via free agency.

Mark Toronto,

Yeah Graham is great to be honest I didn't think he would be a good player. I thought he was a basketball player trying to play football lol. Big mistake! So I can't play "fake GM" on that one. And like I said looks like I would have struck out on Brandon Graham too. But wanted Clay Mathews and if not him Nicks and they took Vontae which I understood the pick and he has had flashes but never consistantly at a high level. He can be hit or miss.

DC @ 3:30: I'm by no means defending Ireland, but to understand we have to remember the mindset of the Trifectas. Their committment was towards ground-and-pound power running and Henne. And they've built a roster for it (i.e. the drafting of OLinemen and the disregard for QBs and TEs). I'm certain that if Sparano was still here, they'd go after an RT at first pick.

It's just now that Ireland realizes their plan was severely outdated and he's playing catch up to the likes of Pats, GB, Saints. Our hopes rest on Philbin's shoulder. Let's hope he develops a winning football model and strategy and can persuade Ireland to pick the right men for it.


Jeff Ireland is the emperor with no balls!

Posted by: IrelandSucks | January 24, 2012 at 03:47 PM

IrelandSucks, I guess the other signature move would be Brandon Marshall, maybe dansby. But those were expensive moves. Same with long.

Acorns have not happened other than one year of Pennington.

Mark wouldn't it be fair to include Wake and Bess as acorns? If you count Penny you got to throw in Incognito and Moore as well, I think.

For all the Nick Foles lovers, just read a write-up of Foles on cbssports.

Guess which NFL Quarterback they compare him to?

Chad Henne!

Sounds like Mando is trying to say is '...we have 7 free agents and 6 draft picks...'

I've been saying that for 2 months in here.

Az looked at Flynn last year and felt Kolb was better. If Philbin gambles on Flynn and it doesn't work out he'll look like an a sshole and we'll have to do this over again with another coach.

Philbin needs someone that can make all of throws and that can take the fall if things don't click the first year.
Ross & Ireland know that and so


Mark, you have a point with Colombo. Having said that, I believe we still need AT LEAST another o-lineman. I don't like Carey, Colombo is history so who cares, Jerry played a couple of good games but we still don't know. Murtha was hurt all year. Garner is average at best. We have Long, Pouncey and Incognito. That's it. We need more.

I was referring to Jeff Ireland in the draft. He has made some good free agent signings and some horrific ones. Free agent signing though only cost $$$ and cap room. Since Miami isn't spending to the cap these days, it isn't as critical. Anyone can sign free agents when spending someone else's money.

In order to be a success, we need to draft some studs in the draft. This teams overall drafts have been lackluster the last four years (while better then the four years prior to that). We need to hit some home-runs in the draft and it simply hasn't happened. You have to go for the home-run in the first round though and Ireland would rather play it safe and go for a single instead of taking a chance and getting a home-run.

Peyton and Brees have 1-2 years left in the tank tops.
They're not wasting it here.
They don't even come here on vacation.

I for one will be happy to see my Henne out there on the sideline.

Henne getting franchised...LOL!!

Why don't we franchise Colombo while we're at it? LOL!

kris the h omo needs to stop imitating me and get back to the loading dock.
Your 8 minute break is over.

Henne is NOT getting franchised. Even Ireland isn't that stupid. Henne would sign that franchise tag the day they gave it to him and Miami would be on the hook for all that money. It is the same reason Flynn likely won't be franchised. The biggest difference though is there is a market for Flynn and not a large one for Henne unless you are looking for a backup QB or a team like the JETS.

I don't think we will Franchise Henne but I do think he will get the "Alex Smith" deal.

Brees will be great another 3-4 years as will Brady. Who knows about Manning due to the injury...

I for one will be happy to see my Henne out there on the sideline.

Posted by: PriceMaster | January 24, 2012 at 04:04 PM

Yes, I agree! It will happen too.

Moore did not lose any games for the team.

I confident with him starting again next year.

Mando, I have also been thinking pass rusher. it accomplishes 2 things, getting the QB on his butt, and helping the secondary.
The giants D Line has really made their secondary look so much better.

Ireland trying to justify the Thomas pick? Disingenuous.
Never hire a short GM. Short man complex. see the (I'm only 5'10", so no flames please. LOL)

Bruce Arians is available. If he was good enough for Tomlin....and a city younger than Mike Sherman, who reminds me just a wee bit too much of Henning. Please, lets NOT go there.

ESPN, true enough, I will Grant him bess and wake.

Sheesh...can somebody at the Herald PLEASE disable the auto spell check?
I meant " as he is younger than Mike Sherman."

Anyway, have a great evening guys...Time to pick up the kids...See you all tomorrow...

You can sign henne for a million a year and this moron wants to franchise him.

Wonder what Philbin and a good QB coach could do with Moore?
He is certainly better than Alex Smith.
A better o-Line wouldn't hurt.

Foles played in a pro style offense at Arizona just like Ponder did at Florida State. He is used to taking snaps from under center.
Comparing him to Chad Henne means the writers haven't a clue. Henne never accomplished at Michigan what Foles accomplished at Arizona.
If I were to compare him to anyone it would be Dalton even though Arizona didn't win a lot of games with him as the quarterback. Arizona had a pitiful team while Foles was there and their coach did a poor job of recruiting talent and getting players on the field.
When all is said and done Foles will probably move into the first round. Is he worth the #8 or #9 pick? I don't think he's going to go that high but I didn't think Ponder would either.
He's a big quarterback with a big arm and is accurate on the long pass, unlike Henne. Foles could come in and start for a team like Dalton did but I doubt Tannehill could.
If Miami were to choose Foles it would probably signal a move in the right direction but Tannehill would sit behind Moore or whoever the starter is for a couple seasons. IMHO.

Nobody is even considering Franchising Henne.

I don't even believe I'm responding to this again. Henne could be had for less than the average of all NFL QB's. 2nd and third stringers included.

Where did his stock suddenly skyrocket?

His play in the first three games this year(which were all losses)?

I'm a Henne fan and think he'll prove he can start in the NFL. But up to this point, he hasn't done ANYTHING to command a big salary or a franchise tag.

Silly Talk............................

For all the Nick Foles lovers, just read a write-up of Foles on cbssports.

Guess which NFL Quarterback they compare him to?

Chad Henne!

Posted by: IrelandSucks | January 24, 2012 at 03:59 PM

Consider the source. CBSSports also reported Paterno's demise a day before it actually transpired.
Foles is WAY more accurate. His problem was bad game planning/coaching, and having to do it all himself.

Please do tell me you have Tanneyhill, a turnover waiting to happen, the worst 2nd half QB since.....Henne.

Have you ever broken wind on the counter and had some leakage?

Sherman = Tannehill

We are WAY TOO POSITIVE on this blog. Can't we ever have a day when we discuss everything bad about the team?

Yeah some people just try to be annoying and talk stupid or are totally clueless when it comes to Henne.

Franchise him? Stop it. It really isn't worth responding to but I will. Henne did not work in Miami, period. What you see with Henne is what you get. He is a .500 type of player who plays well vs weaker competition and against good he struggles. He also struggles in clutch situations like the 4th qtr and 2 minute drills.

IMO he would be a nice pick up for a place where they have a young QB who needs a back up. A place like Indianapolis might work if they let Peyton go. Andrew Luck would be able to sit if that's their plan or if he get hurt along the way they wont have to suffer Curtis Painter or Orlovsky at QB again.

i remember sitting on the porch looking down and there it was... a puddle of mud.

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