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Jeff Ireland speaks from Senior Bowl

Jeff Ireland just spoke to the media in Mobile, Alabama, site of the Senior Bowl, and explained in detail the Dolphins' offseason plans for the quarterback position, confirmed the cap space amount the club has to work with, and gave up the name of the player Miami will draft in the first round of the April draft ...

... Actually, he didn't, but I just wanted to see how it felt to write that sentence.

Truth is the session, attended by The Herald's Barry Jackson, revealed precious little we didn't already know. It began with Ireland repeating something every Dolphins fan has known since January of 2000.

"We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump," he said. "This is a quarterback league. We have to do our best to make our position better."

Ireland praised 2011 starter Matt Moore's toughness, but the inference was clearly made that Miami wants to upgrade from him in 2012. If Miami needs the QB to lead the team over the hump, it obviously does not have the QB to lead the team over the top.

Moore, however, remains under contract for 2012.

The truth is the Dolphins have to get better all up and down the roster. And Ireland recognizes that.

"We're 6-10, we've got to do a better job of putting wins together," he said. "We've got to build a roster to be better than good. Good is not good enough. We want championships. Are we rebuilding? I don't believe so. I like some core pieces of this roster."

I would imagine Ireland knows what kind of offensive and defensive talent he's searching for. On defense that might include personnel for the 4-3 scheme, which the Dolphins used a lot in pass situations last season anyway, but is also a scheme the team might go to as a base look in 2012.

Ireland said he told his scouts to start looking at 4-3 personnel in case Miami goes there.

"If we have to go to a 4-3, we have the personnel to make the transition," Ireland said. "We have to add pieces."

As a personal aside, I believe the Dolphins will use their first-round pick on a pass rusher. Quinton Coples of North Carolina is a player the Dolphins are heavily scrutinizing at the Senior Bowl. The Dolphins desperately need a pass rusher to add on the side opposite Cameron Wake.

That is not where Miami's needs end. Ireland said he would love to add an "explosive" tight end.

The team needs to rebuild the entire right side of the offensive line because Marc Colombo is clearly not the answer at right tackle and right guard Vernon Carey is a free agent.

John Jerry is a possibility at either right guard or tackle.

"John has come a long way," Ireland said. "He has a long way to go."

Ireland said he is still looking forward to seeing what Lydon Murtha can do.

There will be a couple of cornerback prospects worthy or selecting high in the draft and Ireland is not showing his hand in that regard. But it's clear he's not giving up on Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"I believe in Sean," Ireland said. "They [Smith and Davis[ have got to take another step in the right direction."

Deeper in the secondary, Ireland praised Reshad Jones, Chris Clemon and Tyrone Culver, but noted, "I don't think we got our hands on enough balls."

New coach Joe Philbin will revamp the offense but don't expect much work done at running back. Reggie Bush has a year left on his contract and Daniel Thomas will be in his second season.

"Daniel Thomas will be a fine player," Ireland said. "He has got to stay healthy."

Ireland said he would like to keep unrestricted free agents Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai. But neither is signed and it is improbable the club with be able to keep both and still find a pass rusher.


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i agree, manning would be huge risk

What up fellow Miami Dolphins.How about those conference championship games! Joe and Alex could have done more for their respective teams.
Are you-all also starting to feel a good vibe with Our team?
Hey Salguero leave the jokes to the comedians you check collector.

What up fellow Miami Dolphins fans.How about those championship games.Alex and Joe could have done more for their respective teams.
Are you-all also starting to feel a good vibe about Our team?
Hey Salguero leave the jokes to the comedians,check collector!

Looks like Philbin is putting that all-star coaching cast together that we heard about.

Hi ozkar!

Hi ozkar!

It seems like People here just come to spout their BS and know nothing about Football or its History, and worst, they don't care.

Are you insinuating something oscar the grey headed one?

Looks like there are some remnants of the bootleggers mentality, up in that City.

TheSMF be flossin like a jizzill.

Hey Snitch the dick wad Tractor? It was a mistake It came out twice limp prick!

C'mon, Armando, look it up! If they are not able to hush it, this could be a big scandal for Bob Kraft and to our advantage!

Do you have any idea of what I'm talking about? Yes? No? Don't care? All of the above? You watching TV? Snacking on something? Not talking to your mate? Yes? No? Maybe? Hmm..

ok ozkar
ok ozkar

10-4 good buddy
10-4 good buddy

yo i is down wit it
yo i is down wit it


ok ozkar
ok ozkar

10-4 good buddy
10-4 good buddy

yo i is down wit it
yo i is down wit it


It is a fact that Internet will belong to the broadly Educated.

Yes oscar - I educated myself all over a couple of broads last night.

I've been out of touch for a few days.However I did see some news about Bowles.So who's this all-star cast of coaching staff coach Philbin is putting together? Who's our defensive coordinator?Our offensive coordinator?

ozkar - ask TheSMF.
He claims to have all the answers.
But proceed with caution.

ozkar basically guys u havent heard of or a 68 year old man, no all star cast here

SMF fill me in pal.I'm not being facetious.I haven't been around for a few days.Work.Family.Friends.Championship games.Grocery shopping.You know tipical bs.

Todd Bowles is OUT. Report: Bowles will not be back in Miami.

Now I want Philbin to finish purging all the Soprano, Tuna and Ireland crap.

HEY JOE!!! Hopefully you will make Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland look like the jackass he is so that Ross fires him.

ozkar bend over and I will fill you in!

I mean, you have to know about History at some point, like there was a time here in the USA when liquor was prohibited and some People made huge amounts of $ out of it. Ah, you understand $, that you do. Yeah, like the huge amounts of $ that are being made at the expense of Internet. I know, you understand that. Don't you? But you will.

Glad to here We're eradicating most things with a parcels' seal of approval.If only Ireland...

NFL’s “magic potion” has risks, players like Urlacher don’t care.

Good short artical on this "legal drug" on PFT.

What's up with the censorship around here? I'm not being crude.

I wanted to comment on TheSMF POST.That's all Armando please forgive me sire!

Good question ozkar.

Good question ozkar.

Hell there's other blogs for childish censorship Salguero.Hell dude I'll give some other check collector my ratings if that's the case.

Billy likes soda.

Is Billy a goat?

Melvin Ingram looked extremely good in the first day of the South squad practice in the one on one drills and then in the full squad drills.
He looked better than Coples or anyone else on the outside.
I already think Miami needs to take him with the first pick but, after seeing him today it only helps to solidify my choice.
Check it out at:


Another site worth visiting is:


Welcome aboard ireland! Holy shi+, qb?, te?, passrusher?, safety?, yeah you think? My god how does this guy have a job? I was thinkin this 2 years ago, which means he should've 3 years ago!

LOL boutris boutris ghali.

get peyton then draft weeden or cousins in the later rounds ....needs rg rt pass rusher saftey big play te and big play wr opposite of marshall.

Last time I heard that was on the Tonight Show With Johnny Carson.

Ireland has shown some promise.For the most part last year's draft without the expired can of tuna to smell was a good draft.Si o no?

4 Years ago Parcells got here and started calling everyone he had ever worked with to find out who wanted a job.
Soprano. Ireland, Bowles accepted.
There were still a lot of openings so he asked those guys that he had hired to call whoever they knew to see if any of them wanted a job.
Dan Henning, David Lee etc accepted and what happened happended.

Now Joe Philbin is doing the same thing.
Problem is Philbin doesn't know as many people as Parcells did.

What TheSMF? That doesn't sound positive or auspicious!

Hard to argue with that.

Make a list of the available offensive and defensive coordinators not under contract currently walking the earth.
Not an impressive group is it?
Now narrow that list down to the ones that are actually willing to reside in Miami.
Of that group list the ones that are fans of Jeff Ireland/Joe Philbin.
That's the short list.

We are so f ucked!

You said an All-Star Staff.A tongue-in-cheeks tinge perhaps?

Lou, I saw Ingram as well and he did look good. He reminds me a lot Freeney. Coples didn't look good at all when compared to Ingram and Upshaw. Ingram has the quickness and moves but Upshaw looks really powerful. They both look pretty impressive.

ozkar - good catch.
He is actually a flip-flopper.

Roanoke; you?

Lou, I saw Ingram as well and he did look good. He reminds me a lot Freeney. Coples didn't look good at all when compared to Ingram and Upshaw. Ingram has the quickness and moves but Upshaw looks really powerful. They both look pretty impressive.
Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | January 24, 2012 at 08:15 PM

All I know is I just want to see Brady lying on the ground and having trouble getting back up when he plays this team. Ingram probably gives them the best chance to plant his as$ in the ground.

RT has to be first with the 8/9 pick.

What is an SMF?

TheSMF why do you think that We're screwed?
Free agency and the draft are still ahead.
Be hopeful my dishearten fellow Miami Dolphins fan.

Me? I would draft Dont'a Hightower.

RT has to be first with the 8/9 pick.
Posted by: TheSMF | January 24, 2012 at 08:23 PM

I can't tell if you're being honest or sarcastic. In the case you're being sarcastic there is a lot of offensive line help in other rounds. Right tackle isn't as much of a priority as it is for this team to get a pass rusher that can make the lives of opposing quarterbacks miserable. Probably just as important as finding a quarterback.

RT,RG,Best Available in that order.

Give the defense the rest of the picks and the free agent budget

What is an SMF?

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 24, 2012 at 08:25 PM


You fill out the rest.

SMF = Smart Mother F ucker

Ha! Ha!

oscar canosa did you misspell don't a Hightower,que?
American English my fellow American. Por favor.

SMF = Mother F ucker

Posted by: TheSMF | January 24, 2012 at 08:28 PM

Incest - ugh!

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