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Jeff Ireland speaks from Senior Bowl

Jeff Ireland just spoke to the media in Mobile, Alabama, site of the Senior Bowl, and explained in detail the Dolphins' offseason plans for the quarterback position, confirmed the cap space amount the club has to work with, and gave up the name of the player Miami will draft in the first round of the April draft ...

... Actually, he didn't, but I just wanted to see how it felt to write that sentence.

Truth is the session, attended by The Herald's Barry Jackson, revealed precious little we didn't already know. It began with Ireland repeating something every Dolphins fan has known since January of 2000.

"We need a quarterback that can lead us over the hump," he said. "This is a quarterback league. We have to do our best to make our position better."

Ireland praised 2011 starter Matt Moore's toughness, but the inference was clearly made that Miami wants to upgrade from him in 2012. If Miami needs the QB to lead the team over the hump, it obviously does not have the QB to lead the team over the top.

Moore, however, remains under contract for 2012.

The truth is the Dolphins have to get better all up and down the roster. And Ireland recognizes that.

"We're 6-10, we've got to do a better job of putting wins together," he said. "We've got to build a roster to be better than good. Good is not good enough. We want championships. Are we rebuilding? I don't believe so. I like some core pieces of this roster."

I would imagine Ireland knows what kind of offensive and defensive talent he's searching for. On defense that might include personnel for the 4-3 scheme, which the Dolphins used a lot in pass situations last season anyway, but is also a scheme the team might go to as a base look in 2012.

Ireland said he told his scouts to start looking at 4-3 personnel in case Miami goes there.

"If we have to go to a 4-3, we have the personnel to make the transition," Ireland said. "We have to add pieces."

As a personal aside, I believe the Dolphins will use their first-round pick on a pass rusher. Quinton Coples of North Carolina is a player the Dolphins are heavily scrutinizing at the Senior Bowl. The Dolphins desperately need a pass rusher to add on the side opposite Cameron Wake.

That is not where Miami's needs end. Ireland said he would love to add an "explosive" tight end.

The team needs to rebuild the entire right side of the offensive line because Marc Colombo is clearly not the answer at right tackle and right guard Vernon Carey is a free agent.

John Jerry is a possibility at either right guard or tackle.

"John has come a long way," Ireland said. "He has a long way to go."

Ireland said he is still looking forward to seeing what Lydon Murtha can do.

There will be a couple of cornerback prospects worthy or selecting high in the draft and Ireland is not showing his hand in that regard. But it's clear he's not giving up on Sean Smith and Vontae Davis.

"I believe in Sean," Ireland said. "They [Smith and Davis[ have got to take another step in the right direction."

Deeper in the secondary, Ireland praised Reshad Jones, Chris Clemon and Tyrone Culver, but noted, "I don't think we got our hands on enough balls."

New coach Joe Philbin will revamp the offense but don't expect much work done at running back. Reggie Bush has a year left on his contract and Daniel Thomas will be in his second season.

"Daniel Thomas will be a fine player," Ireland said. "He has got to stay healthy."

Ireland said he would like to keep unrestricted free agents Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai. But neither is signed and it is improbable the club with be able to keep both and still find a pass rusher.


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Prof. Lou,

Do you think OLB's in the 4-3 have more or less coverage responsibilities?

I'm asking because if Wake has a weak spot, covergae would be it.

Just wondering how much this might come into play in the new Coaching Staffs decision making process.

We aren't pals.We aren't friends.And We'll never be homies either.So stop with the rhetoric.As far as insults goes,if the shoe fits wear it! I was efforting for amusement nevertheless your a benchwarmrer as most commentators as ourselve here are.

BTW, the reason I drone on about Manning is that we have NO chance at a franchise QB in the 1st round, so get Manning, and draft one of the "maybe" QB's like Kellen Moore, Wilson, etc in the 2nd or 3rd round.

I made myself all pretty tonight. Did my hair, my nails, and put on these HOT lace panties I bought at Victoria's Secret. I even gave myself an organic facial. Now, I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine and purr.

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That, or lay off the sauce-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!

Yo retards:

The coaching staff, the roster etc has one goal for the people under contract and one goal only:

Ross: getting paid crazy with the depreciation, revenue sharing;
Ireland: getting paid millions for being employed win or lose;
Philbin: can get paid for 3 or 4 years long as he goes along

Why would you spend millions on Manning? he is one hit away from a wheel chair..Its not like the Drew scenario. I would go with Flynn (if cheap enough) pick up a QB in the draft, allow Flynn, Moore and whoever else compete.

IMA @ 11:33,

If healthy and Cleared to play, I'd not only be on board, I'd drive the ship!

Manning could hold things down while get things turned around and find our future QB.

I think a Healthy Manning is a no Brainer.

Prof Lou,
I've been touting Foles since time last year, when I mistakenly thought he was a senior.
Accurate, good size, quick release. The knock on him was that he...and his team... usually came up short in BIG games.
I PARTIALLY blame that on lousy coaching. His HC was fired this year, a year or 2 too late.

For HIS sake...and maybe ours, I hope he attends the Combine. I'd assume he will.
I'll be surprised if he doesn't have physical gifts GREATER than most of the other QB's. He has a much stronger arm than Luck.
Just don't know what's between the ears.
UA is hardly Stanford.

Oh odinseye,you prideful god.You sound like a codger by the named of Newt Gingrich with your pompous rhetoric!

You have it perfectly!
One thing: Peyton will not spend the last year of his career here.
In fact he won't even come here on vacation.

Odin...in this VERY odd post season, for ONCE the stars seem to be falling in place for the FINS. We are guaranteed both a superior OC and DC, due to recent HC firings. The Colts FO, especially owner Irsay performing dysfunctionally, laying the groundwork for a Manning move SOMEWHERE.
It's ALL so delicious.
If the Fins get Manning, watch even our Defense come alive, knowing no game is out of reach.....assuming we seriously upgrade our O-line.

Digressing, would you agree that considering Sparano's background, the lack of a 1st class O-line MUST be considered his biggest failure?
The 3 straight losing seasons can be directly tied to our QB's having no comfort zone in the red Zone.
The Jets having 4 ex Dolphin's on their staff, including Westhoff.
Other than Westy, they can have 'em all.

This is gonna get good.

Prof. Lou,
Do you think OLB's in the 4-3 have more or less coverage responsibilities?
I'm asking because if Wake has a weak spot, covergae would be it.
Just wondering how much this might come into play in the new Coaching Staffs decision making process.
Posted by: odinseye | January 24, 2012 at 11:31 PM

The OLB in a 3-4 scheme are usually used as pass rushers. At least one is a strong pass rusher and the other may leave during passing downs and be replaced by someone who can cover or is replaced by a rush specialist unless he can rush the passer also. Pittsburh is a perfect example of a team that keeps both OLB's in to rush on passing downs because they are good at it.
In the 4-3 the OLB is usually someone who can cover better than one in the 3-4 because his responsibilities as a pass rusher aren't there. His responsibility during the run would be basically the same; to set the edge. However, OLB's in the 4-3 are usually asked to cover a lot more than in the 3-4. You'll find they are usually asked to cover passes into the flat. Also, you'll usually find that OLB's in a 3-4 are different body types than those in a 4-3.
As in anything else you'll find exceptions to the rule.

It's possible there are some teams looking at Foles as the next "Dalton." In the right situation Foles could probably do well his first year in the league.
It would be nice if Miami were that "right situation" with a new coaching staff.
Philbin has been credited with much of the development of Rodgers so it appears on the surface that this could be it.

I was reading a Jets blog yesterday and it is funny to read how some fans are trying to rationalize Sparano's failures in Miami.
Some are also pointing out the players he developed while he was with the Dolphins and one even credited him with the development of Romo while in Dallas.




Your post was so ridiculous, I edited it for you. No need to thank me snooky ookums, it was my pleasure ;)

Oh odinseye,you prideful god.

Posted by: ozkar | January 24, 2012 at 11:49 PM

Why THANK YOU Sweet Cheeks!

PS: The edited version is A LOT better, Huh?

Ya Think?

P'Lou, I saw Foles play twice in 2010, and once this year.
truthfully, it looked like he regressed a bit this year, agin blame going in part to the horrible, undisciplined coaching.

He APPEARS to have a much stronger arm then Dalton, but is careless with the ball at times, a bit Favre-ish. Odd, considering most of the time he seemed VERY accurate.
His release was very quick, like Phillip Rivers, but without the funky delivery.
Again, if he rises in the combine, he has skills equal to mallet, but is not a head case, at least not as far as I know.

I wish I'd seen him in more games, but oft-times those 10PM start times for Pac12 games are not doable for my old bones.

Great chatting with y'all tonight.
I've had a 45 year love affair with my Fins, and I can't help getting hopped up.

However, OLB's in the 4-3 are usually asked to cover a lot more than in the 3-4. You'll find they are usually asked to cover passes into the flat.

Posted by: Professor Lou | January 25, 2012 at 12:00 AM


I should have been more clear.

I know the 4-3 OLB's have to be in coverage more often. What I was getting at, is because of this, do you think the new staff will be more inclined to try Wake at RDE, or do you think they'll try an keep him at OLB?

Posted by: Professor Lou | January 25, 2012 at 12:09 AM

Some in NY actually saying Sparano credited with helping develop Romo?
Thanks, pal, that made my night!
Somewhere, Dan Henning is taking credit for Tony's good fortune.
An on and on.
We ought to steal Westhoff back, make him an assistant HC, just to nail the Jets good, as if willing them Sparano wan't enough already.


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Instead of wondering how Cam Wake fits into the 4/3 scheme I think it's time to begin to wonder if he isn't on the trade block for the right price. Alot of folks on this blog are thinking some sort of pass rushing DE in the draft and in actuality I'm thinking a true 4/3 OLB if the switch to the scheme is implemented maybe a trade down if the grade is lower even. I see K.Misi going back up to the 270-275 Pd. range he played DE in at Utah and being given every chance to rotate in on pass downs or something in the 4/3.

I really haven't had the chance to look at the FA class of OLB's but will be looking carefully at who the Fins could pick up via that route and the draft. I don't think we commit this year fully to the scheme without remnants of some hybrid 3/4 while the LB's are found to fit what we will be doing. I would consider giving K.Burnett a looksy on the edge in the formation given his ability in coverage and speed to rush but he is so soft in run support you wonder about him setting an edge or in pass rush without ever having truly done it in his career.

K.Dansby is fine in the middle but outside of him the team has a heap of problems in the 4/3 with the rest of the LB's on this roster and in this day and age the 4/3 OLB is not as easily identified as in years past, especially from an Org. and FO that have traditionally used the 3/4 scheme and probably have never dealt with a lighter 240 Pd. OLB with coverage skills, just something to keep in mind regarding the switch.

Dansby signed here because we made him the highest paid LB in history, Look it up.

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No doubt but my point is outside of K.Dansby we really don't have a LB on the roster to play the 4/3. If the move is made then the position of OLB becomes a priority on draft day and I think it's time to look at who will be out there in FA, plus the trade of Wake for the right price becomes a very real possibility .

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While retribution does occur on these PODS, it's very rare because the only other place you can be housed is in Solitary Confinement(6 months on your first write up, 12 months thereafter). It's psychological torture, most prisoners will do ANYTHING too avoid it.
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Posted by: odinseye | January 25, 2012 at 01:34 AM

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What up losers

Pass rusher, tight end, then OT. Which would indicate the Dolphins will go after Matt Flynn and not be outbid for his services. Forget about Manning, if you can not plan for him due to the fact it is unknown about his health. He is not a viable option. The next step for Mr. Ross if things do not turn into winning is to upgrade at General Manager. Replace Jeff Ireland with a more capable person at talent acquisition.

ireland is finally out of his rabbit hole and talking for the 1st time in a year. he is saying what everyone has known for the last 3 years. ireland needs to follow parcells and sparano out the door so we can have our team back!

IRELAND SAID , (( 6-10 )) IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH..............






the fact that ireland is still employed is very perplexing. he can talk all he wants;actions speak for themselves. he is just waking up and repeating what we have been saying for 3 years!

Ireland is an idiot. We will never win while he is here.

Mando, I know they don't care but do they get that Ireland is the most hated person in south Florida?

Greg Z......

Great point.....

I have been trying to hammer that same point in to Craig M's head for 2 years.....seems like this year he FINNALY gets it.....and now....so does Jeff Ireland......

Hmmmm....i'm not saying Craig M. Is Jeff Ireland.......but they sure seem to have the same thought pattern.....

Greg Z.......

Further to my point.....both Jeff and Craig seemed rot figure it out a year to late....


Thanks for the shout-out.....I enjoy your post as well.....

I hope we hear some news on coach hiring today. That would be nice.


Give us something to chew on!!



GOING TO WORK, THE FAKE ALoco will take over very shortly...have fun fin nation ..................

We'll have to wait and see if Ireland actually gets it when decisions are made.

At least he is saying the right things though

Ohio, exactly, it's still about philosophy. For example, some here have questioned if we can afford to pay Peyton, or move up to get RG3, or make a splash move like that for a QB. I think that's the way Ireland generally thinks.

My counter-point is how can we afford NOT to make a splash move for a QB? We've seen year after year that's the biggest setback this team has to success. We've been stuck in cement for a decade now. We've drafted players, picked up FA's, and nothing has changed the trajectory of this team. So why NOT risk everything for a possible franchise QB (even Peyton who only has a few years left). The upside is we might very well make the Playoffs and go far (or further than we've gone in the past). Down side is we extend our losing streak a few more years.

That's not such a bad deal if you ask me. People really can't believe with an upgraded line and some other role players we might acquire this year we'll be competing for anything. That's the same hope everyone has every year, and it gets blasted out of the water as soon as Week 1 comes around.

People need to wise up. We have this incredible need for stability at our most important position. Multiple FO's have come and gone without addressing it. Instead of waiting until it's too late, or their almost on the way out, I'd love it if this FO chose to do something about that out of the gate, right now, so they don't waste anymore time realizing they can't win without a franchise QB.

Thinking about the interchanges that went on here last night it occurred to me that those that write/read here that have never been to Miami might have a miscontrued image of all of us Cubans that write here. First, Armando's skin color is the exception rather than the rule among us Cubans in Miami. Most of us are white-skinned, dark haired, tall and VERY handsome(our women are knockouts). That mass of beautiful People in South Beach that you might see on TV, it's mostly Us. If you can, ask some of the Dolphins players about us. Other misconceptions about Miami and its People will be cleared later on.

i don't know oscar. i see a ton of gringos,blacks and europians on so be.lol

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