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Jets lead Dolphins 10-6 going into the third quarter

At one point during the second quarter I tweeted how this game is rolling along ... like a root canal.

Dang this is terrible so far.

The Jets lead 10-6 as neither quarterback is playing very well. Matt Moore has trown two interceptions while Mark Sanchez threw one near the end of the half that the Dolphins turned into a 58-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter.

the live blog continues in the comments section. Assuming you can stand it.


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No comment.

this is a perfect example of what miami needs to get rid of in the offseason....anything molded to sparanos coaching scheme....Bowles isnt a big loss....sparano would take him back to dallas with love!!!

YEAH!...at least toss me the Bouquet...always the bridesmaid never the bride...sigh

Indy and Washington both playing like crap, as expected.

One of the priorities in the offseason should be Odricks sack dance

Hartline has never been able 2 make catches when him and the DB ARE GOING FOR THE BALL...THAT'S A ARENA LEAGUE WR.
...What's up with Boomer E. and the jets he talks like he's scared of the Jet fans.Odrick..Marshall..Langford ,,the guys who talked this week haven't done ZELCH..ISMELL A REVIS INT..THEY BETTER WAKE UP.

Soiled, remember Sandusky was his teacher

matt flynn looking good

that stadium is so damn empty right now....i cant tell if this is a pro game or a high school tryout....

Put in Devlin! What's it matter? Wanna see him!

Daniel Thomas is looking like a averge player...FIRE IRELAND!

Odrick is a bit to old for sack counseling from Sandusky from what I've heard

Dan Carpenter's 58 yard FG is the second longest in his career and third longest in Dolphins regular season history.

Boy Ross better make a splash and spend some $ otherwise he's never gonna fill this stadium.

Someone neds to tell Moore to RELAX and not force things, team is ONLY 4 pts down with LOTS of game to play and Jets aren't really playing stellar ball either.


Yes I know, but not for the Pee Wee Move

I'm falling asleep! Zzzzzz

Dabolls play calling is ridiculous!

This team is limp.

Why doesn't Moore get rid of the ball when no one's open why does he take sacks?

3rd and short......lets throw shorter!!! Works Every Time...at punting back to other team....*lol*

All I want for 2012 is NEVER to see Matt moore EVER play football again by any means necessary. 3rd and 6 and he throws a 1 year pass. How stupid is that? Gosh, if he has kids they must be dumb as can be.

Daboll needs to go. I'd rather have schottenheimer and he isn't cutting it for the Jets. Gonna be fired most likely. Daboll should be gone as well.

Wake got picked by his own teammate!

The play calling looks desperate too, haven't seen any creativity, where are the screens, end arounds, wheel routes, trick plays...we need to run the ball again in this game to facilitate a more diverse playbook to choose from

great adjustments at halftime.

Dam it.....u can't hit what u can't see...

NO pride they tanked it in 4 a better pick!NO PRIDE!

Nice Tackle by Burnett, this is a joke defense

On vacation in Tahoe and I took a ski day off for this junk? Same old song and dance!


When is your man-crush JT gonna make a play....

people are going to use Burnett's attempt to tackle as an example of how not to tackle... That should be a blooper finalist

Armando on another board someone stated that ESPN reported Billick will be named coach on Tues. do you know anything?

matt flynn has made himself alot of cash today

Any chance Mr. Ross makes a play for Rex Ryan....it would be no small feet...but a big Feet...and I think Rex Ryan would be tempted by a big Feet

Indy playing like crap. What a surprise. They've had Manning for a decade and now they're about to draft Andrew Luck. Man are they laughing.

Matt Flynn over a rookie not named LUCK anyday!

HA HA HA. The airplane banner calling for Ireland to be fired is true. Nice pic on Sun Sentinal's website.

I dont blame the wets for being conservative.....we seem to match them play for play...especially for a team NOT going anywhere this year.....

You're right on dusty. 14/24 for 244 - 3 td/1 int. And they're still in the first half.

Maybe we can win a Super Bowl with our kicking game? Lmao


black monday tomm, how many will be fired?

What happened to the Dolphins running game?? Is Bush that good??

It was a 1 yard completion....WTF....

You people better start filling that stadium next year, it cost me enough damn money to travel to mami twice a year for games I'm not going to be able to afford two trips to Los Angeles to watch them if you don't

joke: A pt goes to see a behavioral counselor in downtown Miami. Counselor to patient "welcome and tell me what's going on today that has brought you here." Patient: "Well, you see, I'm a Dolphins fan" and before he can even finish, the counselor rolls her eyes and thinks to herself..."oh gawd, not another schizophrenic!"

Nice play

Good catch, bad feet (as usual) by Bess.

We are really missing Jake Long, so obvious

Slippery feet bess

Jacksonville in the red zone...

John Jerry seems to be playing well at LT. Sparano couldn't see if the guy was good or not watching game tape will sun glasses on.

O line absent

td washington!!!!!!!

Why can't we get the ball down the field? Too many short passes, no one stretching the field at all.

Or daniel Thomas isnt that good....just sayin!!!

Can't wait till April so we can pick another O lineman 1st! Lol

They're playing tributes on the big screen here and they just played Dan Marino telling JT, "We all love you." He was wearing a No. 99 jersey.

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