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Jets lead Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

The Dolphins are not doing their part to ruin the Jets' playoff chances.

They drove inside the New York 30 yard line on their first possesssion but settled for a field goal. The Jets have answered with a touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez to tight end Dustin Keller.

Touchdowns > Field goals.

So New York leads, 7-3. The live blog continues in the comments secton. Go there.


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Where's Soiled? Dang that guy is always late.

I've stated this before. NO HEAD COACH who WON a superbowl has gone on to win a superbowl as HC of another team. So if the Dolphins hire Cowher or Gruden, they would be coaching for a superbowl and to make NFL history.

Posted by: dbmfins | January 01, 2012 at 01:39 PM

Personnel department is a far bigger issue than hc this offseason. As long as Ireland continues to have the say so there, we'll continue to field less than stellar talent.
Yes he has brought some talent here but it's been at a snail's pace. That's just not going to get it.

Fins weak. An embarrassment.

Armandito who do you think will end up as head coach?

I must be suffering from Sparanoitis...fist pump for being second

I'd settle for winning a playoff game again. A Super Bowl is beyond my comprehension.

dierdoff is such a jet cheerleader

Looks like Sancheezy's gonna keep us in this game. There wont be an official winner, it'll just come down to who wants to win less.

I'm liking checkdown Chad a lot more than can't-scare-me-moore right now. Moore performs against crap teams and goes into a shell against good defenses. With the season over I'd rather have seen what Henne could have done with his season than Moore.

Trade Moore for a 1st-2nd rounder this offseason to a begging team

Fisher is hungry 4 a Superbowl.I knew Matt Moore 7 int's this year was too good 2 be true now it's starting 2 even out.where's d.thomas?

now that shottenheimer called a good drive against us you dont think they will pick him do you?

exactly tommy

Everytime Diedorf doses the game the Fins lose i wonder whats his record the last 5 years.

Slaton is good

Who ever the new hc is, if he doesnt get rid of Fasano right off the bat, we know he'll suck.

Fasano's only good for about 2-3 games a year.

Everyone carries on over that meaningless factoid about Super Bowl winning coaches repeating their success. I'd like to see us become a good team first, then worry about greatness.

Like Chudzinski with FA QB Flynn and TE Greg Olsen who is working with Chudzinski now.
Also like Mike Shula for OC or QB coach.

I like Clyde Gates ...but he has that Chris Chambers syndrome..satisfied.

tampa finfan.....i like that

Yeah has now made it his personal mission to taunt Soiled Bottom. Wow.

I dont care if Mickey Mouse is our hc next year as long as we get someone who can actually evaluate talent and is agressive in pursuing it.

Ireland's one of the primary after 4 seasons of rebuilding we're not even a wilcard playoff team. But we are a legit "layoff team".

Slaton got our first win single handedly

Second time Will Allen gets beat .

Kerley just made Will Allen look like Moe.

Yep Allen getting killed

YEAH! and myself = Hatfields vs McCoys part 2

Armando.....Every body know that you are Yeah

For 2012 I hope for a no-nonsense, winning HC and for Ross to replace Peterson and Mangini as advisors. And then of course that we acquire a superb QB through whatever means necessary. Top it off with some new lineman and that should be decent for starters.

Why aren't the Dolphins blitzing SANCHEZ?

skins can beat philly, will be huge

Pass D like game 1 today

Seriously, this really is a U-Haul game that the CBS pregame was talking about.

Keep your friends close but kee your enemys closer...Right YEAH!...Buddy

Yeah has now made it his personal mission to taunt Soiled Bottom. Wow.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 01, 2012 at 01:50 PM

Taunting not. It's all in jest, just responses to his menacing, mafia style, threats.

Stick to improving your English.

Would be nice if Kendal Langford made a play to gain attention rather than be called for a penalty.

Armando -

Which coaches in the college ranks seem like they'd be a good hire at the pro level? There was talk of LSU's (and Michigan alum) Les Miles, but he's not the best gameday coach. He mismanages the game and really gets by on superior talent (and the NFL draft doesn't allow you to recruit 20+ 5-star athletes each year).

Oregon's Chip Kelly is reknowned for his offense but would that translate to the NFL, especially with the size of players he uses on offense?

The only names that come to mind who could make the move seem set to stay (Iowa's Kirk Ferentz) or have lost their jobs in the past year (Mike Sherman, Jim Tressel). Would a Michigan man like Ross even consider an OSU guy like Tressel?

glad langford is gone, good riddens

Boring. Where's my pizza???

Kerley hands to Shemp on the wildcat for a first down.

Karlos Dansby best linebacker....sitting on the sidelines

Humiliating us with wildcat just for fun

I've heard speculation about NFL teams being interested in Tressel.

no more retread coaches-get someone out of college

If we hire Jim Tressel...do all the Dolphins get free tatoo's ?

Miami is doing their part to keep that top 5 draft pick alive*lol*

Supposedly there's a plane trailing a banner around the stadium that says, "Ross, Save our Dolphins, fire Ireland" That true Mando?

Bring someone from winning franchise, college are BS coach

nice of the defense to show up for JT's final day LOL

Kendall Langford is a good speaker..but average player a stiff.a lot of plarers on the fins are going thru the motions no pride.

It sure looks like the stinkin jets want to win this more than Miami does.

Ross won't hire an Ohio guy. He likes his Meatchicken people too much. Remember how he tried to get the Dolphin's scouts interested in Mike Hart?

And the Jets really are not doing anything special today, that's what sucks.

jason is doing his job, left tackle is eating on his hands

Who would win in a match between Jim Tressels sweater vest and Bill Bellicheats Hoodie ?

D has started offseason.

This game is like slow death. Only worse.

Bowles bowing out of his audition.

Just as well. We can't have a coach whose name is an anagram for Bowels.

Phins look phlat

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