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The absence of a good QB option hurts on field, off

Jimmy Johnson wanted to get back into coaching in 1996 and he wanted to do it in Florida so he looked around the landscape of possible jobs and weighed the Tampa Bay Bucs and Miami Dolphins. In Tampa, he had more cap room, a budding great defense with youngsters Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and John Lynch, and the promise of a new stadium.

In Miami, Johnson saw Dan Marino.

Johnson picked the Dolphins. And he did it primarily because he believed Marino could get him to the Super Bowl quicker than anyone on the Tampa roster playing quarterback at the time could. Johnson figured he could build a team around the quarterback easier than find the quarterback to build the team around.

Yes, he was wrong because Marino would soon begin his decline.

But a team's quarterback situation was important for more than one reason all the way back then -- even before the NFL became a lubricated lightning strike league where teams can score four touchdowns in four minutes of playoff action as New Orleans and San Francisco did last weekend.

Fast forward to 2011. The Dolphins lost out on hiring Jeff FIsher a few days ago. And on Monday there was this in Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column in Sports Illustrated quoting Fisher:

"From day one, when I began this process after the season, I felt Miami and St. Louis were my best options. I did my research. I looked at every team that had an opening. I looked at the personnel on each team, I looked at the owners, I looked at the cap situations, and I narrowed it to two. Not Marvin. Me. Marvin didn't push me. I am convinced he was completely objective.''

Fisher went on to say at the start of the process he was interested in a team that had a good owner and good quarterback, and he felt St. Louis had the best combination of both.

I'm not going to replay the Fisher fiasco. That's done.

But the lesson from that missed opportunity is that aside from hurting the team on the field, aside from keeping the team perpetually playing a secondary role to NFL teams that do have quarterbacks, the Dolphins decade-long inability to land even a good quarterback has come to roost off the field as well.

We've seen glimpses of how the QB situation has driven the direction of the franchise before.

Nick Saban quit after 2006 when he realized he made a terrible mistake in his chase of a quarterback and that mistake was probably irreparable, thus killing his chances to win soon, thus making life in the NFL miserable.

The 2004 Dolphins were terrible because Ricky Williams quit days before the season, that is true. But if they had a great quarterback instead of the terrible Jay Fielder-A.J. Feeley competition that was never settled, they might have overcome the disaster of that season.

The one season the Dolphins did kinda sorta solve their QB woes -- 2008 -- also gave the team its most successful season in years. Chad Pennington was great and the club won the AFC East.

Knowing this history, knowing how the quarterback situation has repurcussions on and off the field, how can anyone rightly say that the status quo is good enough?

It is not.



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Another negative article. What about the positives? That the Phins have identified two solid coaches, that Ross is going after the right guys, that Moore was considered strong enough that Fisher wanted to interview here? You only point out all the negatives but always leave out or gloss over the positive things. Can you at least try to give them some credit where credit is due? All you and the other Dolphins sportswriters do is post is negative, negative, negative. That impacts the team on and off the field too.


Please quit putting such a negative spin on Fishers choice. With the team he is assembling it appears we have avoided a mistake.

Yes, and as long as Ireland is calling the shots, we will NOT have a franchise QB.


Trade up for rg3!

well, no sh*t.

but yet idiot talent evaluators keep telling us why they bypass potential keepers for picking corners, defensive tackles, centres, and running backs.

because any of these positions have been named nfl mvps, or super bowl mvps in recent memory.

jeff ireland is a disease and needs to be cut out.

We are screwed. We have neither a good owner nor a good quarterback.

yeah, mando, what about th positives. what about highlighting that this team has regressed in the last four years depsite not suffering any insurmountable injuries.

what about highlighting how we finish in the bottom third in passing offense

how about highlighting how we finished bototm third in turnover ratio

how about highlighting how we did not beat one team with a winning record

positives. bunch of clowns

Yeah, and a few years later Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl hasn't been played and It already feels like it's been a long off season.
I so thought Ireland would be gone by now. I was anticipating it since SpOrano got the ax.
You can make the argument that he hasn't done all that bad, but you can also make the argument he hasn't done that good either. That would explain 7-9, 7-9, and 6-10.
Even if Parcell's was the Head Honcho, Ireland was still an integral part of a Front Office that's been on a steady three year decline. Wasting later round picks is one thing, but these absolutely squander 2nd round picks like I've neevr seen. SECOND ROUND PICKS! Unacceptable in my book.
PS: I don't know much about the rest of the canidates but I don't like the idea of McCoy. Judging by recent events, that means he should be our new coach by Friday.

Jimmy picked Miami because it was close to his home and boat in the Keys!

These idiots are going to do it again this year as well. Passing on rg3 to draft yet another ol. They will never learn.

how about highlighting how we did not beat one team with a winning record

positives. bunch of clowns

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 17, 2012 at 08:28 AM

Mark, quit holding back. Just tell us how you REALLY feel-LOL!

Mando, I don't want to be rude but Marino did not "BEGIN" his decline , it was brought about by Johnson's desire for a running game . He all but destroyed the passing game and put the future of the FINS on the back of an awesome first round pick of Karim Abdul Jabbar. Johnson hated Marino. I attended many games when the two of them were on the sidelines and they could not co-exist . They did not even stand on the same end of the sidelines during the games.
I think the real discussion should be what HC candidate worth their salt would want any part of this FIASCO!!! If Ross thinks Ireland is such a great G.M. and chose such wonderful players , why are the Dolphins not in the playoffs?

Sorry, but Ross is a negative and Ireland is a negative and in that case two negatives don't make it positive. THEY ARE LIABILITIES to the team I used to love, respect, etc.

Mark, it gets even worse. In today's Herald, Barry Jackson has a piece saying that Miami might, get this, ONCE AGAIN, settle on an olineman with their first pick in the Draft.

His story basically says that the only option is to trade up, and since that's pretty unlikely, if they stay where they are their only choices would be oline, dline, or LB. AND, the LB he says Kiper/McShay are projecting at that spot isn't a rusher-type, he's a tackling, cover LB.

Now, first you have to believe the story. Maybe it's a ruse devised by Ireland to throw off some of the other teams to what Miami actually wants to do.

But, since to me if follows EXACTLY Miami's M.O. for the last decade plus (AND goes along with the Parcells way Ireland was trained in) this could be a real possibility.

And NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, could spell disaster and mediocrity more than this move. Another year without a true playmaker with that 1st pick. Another year (or years) wasted on trying to develop a lesser QB prospect (if they even draft a guy), only to find out 4-5 years down the road he's not the franchise QB we were looking for.

If this happens, we're virtually ASSURED of being mediocre for the ungoing future. No way we can beat Brady with a team of (B) players, no way we can keep up with the other elite teams in our division, and no way this fan base runs back to the stadium to watch a brand spanking new RT blocking for Matt Moore.

It's a shame, the depths this team has gone to. If this happens, I will be actively HOPING for blackouts all Season, and maybe THAT will push the fanbase into DEMANDING what should have been done a decade ago.

This is worse than a joke. This is mismanagement at the HIGHEST LEVEL. Worse than the captain of that ship in Italy. This is blatant disregard for turning this franchise around, if it wasn't a private entity I'd say it's criminal and punishable by law.

It's Peyton Manning or Bust.

I honestly think Miami has a chance.

I think it's between us and Washington.

He's not going to NYJ to upstage his brother and play for a team who's window is closing fast.

He's not going to Cleveland.

Am I forgetting any other teams?

C'mon down Peyton. We need you.

If we had a top qb we would have prob not got rid of Sparano.

Armando, could you please respond to my questions on the Barry Jackson article today? Do you agree with his assessment (and if he "heard" it by anyone credible within the organization)? What would Miami's QB search then become (getting ANOTHER 2nd-rounder with less of a chance to be a franchise QB, getting Flynn in FA only to find out Flynn/Moore is not much better prospects than Henne/Moore? Can you add any insight into this subject (of course once you finish your radio show)?

Any news on the head coach search ?

Don't blame that on Marino. jj went into the kippy brown offense of running on the first 2 downs and sometimes the 3rd.

Cant see the Pats or Packers ever doing that to their QB.

in other news mando reported that the sky is blue.

NO Payton are you guys nuts!!! The guy is just off neck surgery!!! Yes neck surgery!! There is no guarantee he will even be able to play! Also he has played in a unique offense for over ten years now that alone would make the transition difficult for anyone. This reminds me of the Culpepper days.

Marino was declining late in his career? Really? Marino could have played another five years if it wasn't for his knees.

********Breaking News********

Ireland Interviewing Horace Johnstone For Head Coaching Job.

Johnstone is an old aquaintence of Ireland's and they worked together previously back in Chicago. Ireland answered directly to Johnstone back then as Ireland was a Ball Boy and Johnstone the Equipment Manager.

Most of the details have been worked out on a new deal and Johnstone has been offered the job. To avoid a repeat of last weeks events, Johnstone has been giving a deadline and a decision is expected no later than Friday.

Johnstone has told reporters that he has narrowed his choices down to two and is currently waiting to hear back from the General Manager of the Dairy Queen in Kokomo Indiana.

PLEASE follow me on Tweeter for UPDATES!

This is why the dolphins need to draft RG3 and hire Carmichael as head coach. He has experience working with and developing QB and not to mention Drew Brees is the QB he's been working with. That combo will get us where we need to be. Matt Flynn nor Matt More are not the ones to get the job done. People keep taking about how week Moore did this year, he's been in the league five years and been a starter and all he's been is average at best. Flynn is just a product of his system.

Armando you are right on the money!

Shula new the importance of superior quarterback play when he drafted Marino even though he still had the average QB play of Don Strock.

I'll take the offensive lineman or outside linebacker over RGIII any day. RGIII is't an improvement and won't be for at least five years.

He can run, but he's too small to throw over big linemen. He won't make it through a season without injury.

I am leaning towards trading down and getting a additional second round pick. We can get either Tannihill or the Arizona quarter back later in the first round.

Remember Marino was picked late in the first round.

Sir, I beg to differ. Matt Moore is every bit as good, if not better then Pennington. Moore has a faster ball, is as accurate and can run which Penny cant. And Moore isnt made from thin glass as Penny. Penny gets injuried at the sight of a defensive lineman.
The Dolphins can win with Moore, its a proven fact. This draft is so very important. Dolphins need OLmen, A game changing TE. Dont know how many are in this yrs draft. Need, a RB, speed WR (not named Gates) SS, rush OLB. The Dolphins have needs, please do not give up the draft for a QB.


Relax Bro. If we bring in Flynn, we'll bring in Henne too. That way they can actually have a three way competition with Moore.

I mean that would be progress of sorts. Last year we didn't even have any competition.

(Ok, I don't have to tell you this is meant to be DRIPPING with sarcasm.........RIGHT?)

Why is drafting a right tackle at #8 a bad idea? Look at what is available thru the 3rd round. There are some quality players available on the offensive line in this year's draft.
If they don't have a chance at a quarterback in the first round they should be looking at someone who could pressure the passer from the right side. Odrick came on in the last five games and Wake can't do it all by himself.
Brady picked Denver apart and they were helpless because they got no pressure on him the entire game. Miami needs to be able to at least knock him around and frustrate him in order to compete.

PS, If Sparano had only opened up QB competition during camp, I feel confident Moore would have subplanted Henne and the Dolphins might have made the playoffs. Our DBs are a little suspect but look at whats taken place in the playoffs. Defenses are not allowed to, u know, defend someone, so its up and down the field, like little league football. And thats what the NFL has become, the "Peter Pan" league.

LOL odin@ 8:58. The thing that makes a joke funny is it's close to the truth and this is pretty close.

If Flynn is a product of the system... and the system if effing AWESOME, then get Philbin, implement the system and get Flynn...

My offseason dream scenerio other than drafting rg3 which will cost way too much would be signing Peyton & drafting Blackmon. If Flynn & Manning are signed by Cle & Wash. that eliminates a lot of competition for rg3. Do you think Manning would like to lock horns with Brady twice a year again?

Let's look at the 4 teams left in the playoffs for a moment and their QBs.

Pats - Brady, super elite
Giants - Manning, elite
49ers - Smith, average
Ravens - Flacco - good

Where are the elite QBs like Brees, Rogers, Rothlesberger... Sitting at home.

You need a good QB and a great team. Don't bet the farm on a great QB for the sake of the rest of the team.

The title of a more accurate article would read, "The absence of a good QB option hurts on field, but saved us from Fisher-mediocrity"...

The Rams got the very "raw end" of the deal. So long as Ross hires one of the offensive-minded coordinators that have play-calling experience(which narrows it all down to about 3 choices) and our draft is solid, we should have a decent season next year, which we can build on. We aren't getting a franchise QB in the draft, so people need to face that. Try to get someone in free-agency who would get an opportunity to unseat Moore and move forward.

It's fun to talk about trading up for RG III. Unfortunately, it just WILL NOT happen(IMHO). To many Quarterback Starved teams with a lot more ammo and a lot better position and leverage.

Not to offend anyone, but the trade up for Griffen talk is basically just ridiculous. At least people have stopped with the trade up for Luck talk.

At this point, I think we only have two viable options.

1. **TRY** trading down into the later part of the 1st and reach for a QB there.


2. Stay put and go BPA out of Pass Rusher, O-lineman and CB.

As far as ANY TE's whatsoever, Kiper and McShay have the top guy ranked around the 20-25 range. According to them, after the one guy, there is a BIG DROP OFF.

It sucks, but it IS what it IS!

Hawk1052 RG3 is every bit of 6'2, he's the same size as Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, and Steve Young. We can fill all other positions in free agency.

I too believe Matt Moore would likely have beaten Henne out in camp.

Reason # 1 Sparano should have been fired.

Miami can win with Moore and a strong defense but 3-4 years of a healthy Peyton Manning would be sooooooo much better.


the Fisher quotes don't really actually support the "conclusion" that he preferred the Rams QB. Not even a nice try!

Posted by: Professor Lou | January 17, 2012 at 09:06 AM

I don't like it Lou. But, I'm afraid you're right on the money.

I'd prefer we get Luck or Griffen, but realistically speaking, it just ain't happening. Other than these two, you're talking a big reach going after ANYONE ELSE higher than MAYBE the 25-30 range.

Some times you just have to make Lemonade. I think we're going to be forced to make the best of a less than desirable situation. I'd prefer a Pass Rusher or a Corner before the O-lineman, but I think we'll have to get the BPA out of the three.

Matt Moore is no worse than Alex Smith. It had to do with the entire team and ......... COACHING! If there is a good coaching staff and the right talent(not just qb) in place you will succeed. When was our last really good coach? Jimmy Johnson. When was the last time the team was remotely successful?(wannstead ridding his coat tails in his first couple years does not count) You cant keep changing staffs every 3 years and hope to be successful, you have to give the players the right system and keep them in it to succeed!

Trade with Fisher to get up to #2. Give up Dan Thomas(Jackson is old & injury prone), this years 1 &3 & next years #1 & 2 for RGIII.

All told, with Thomas in there, that's 7 picks worth. Fisher would be a fool not to make that deal since they have a QB.

Ben Grubbs is one line-man thats available, Stevie Johnson a wideout that's available. It will be free agents that will fill what we need. What we really need is a QB that will be a winner and be here 15 years.

Count me down for Matt Moore imagine what we can do now that he has a full offseason to prepare as a starter. Lets at least give him a shot because there's no way were getting griffin. Its not like he's terrible either.

Another bad article.
1) Fiedler was not terrible.
2) Miami didn't win AFC East because of Pennington. They wone because a) strength of schedule. b) VERY creative offensive scheme that took teams off guard and c) No Tom Brady and d)Yes, Pennington did run a their very creative schemes very well. (and so did Ronnie Brown)
I realize Mando is writing his opinion I just do not agree with it at all, which is usually the ccase.

odin, that's EXACTLY what I think Ireland's thinking (bring back Henne and have a 3 man competition). And I like the sarcasm.

Prof. Lou, the reason a RT won't have any effect on the team (or not a big one) is where we lack right now, actually, for the last decade, is in efficient offense AT THE MOST OPPORTUNE TIMES. That's why we lose close games every year, that's why our offense looks great on one series then sputters for the rest of the half, that's why we hardly EVER blow anyone out of the water.

Our defense is now and has always been better than mediocre. It's our offense that's lagging. You saw it in the defense this year. These guys are sick of having to cover for the offense time and again. We need more consistent offense.

If you can't upgrade the QB (which, to me is the ONLY option we should be considering), then at least give him more playmakers. Give him a playmaking TE (not a blocker), give him another playmaking WR (how would Marshall/Blackmon sound as your receiving core?). What you DON'T do, what would be the WORST POSSIBLE OPTION, is to give a team with 3 1st-rd drafted linemen, ANOTHER FIRST ROUND DRAFTED LINEMAN, because they've PROVEN that it doesn't really work (it's not worth giving up such a high pick). It doesn't. We're not the top line, nor are we close. Why can other teams do more with less, ask yourselves that?

We CANNOT waste, and I mean WASTE, another top pick on a lineman.

See Singletary, can't do it. Won't do it. Can't win with it.

Just say "NO" to OL!
Say "Yes" to Blackmon!...this guy is a BEAST and the next coming of Calvin Johnson.

Imagine Blackmon & Marshall lined up on the same side...who you going to double team there?

We can win with Moore...but we will draft or acquire another QB to push him in camp.

There is no way that the Dolphins are going to do anything like that. They aren't going to trade 4 top picks for the next two years on a one-man gamble at QB. It isn't going to happen, so you may as well stop wishing for it.
Either staying where they are and drafting the best player on the board or trading down and acquiring more picks to fill real needs with the best players on the board is always the way a team should go.
You can bring in a QB to push Moore for the starting spot.
Honestly, if you are going to give away your first-born child on a gamble like that, why not throw in the rest of your draft picks and go for Luck? lol...

DC - if a RT does not have an effect on the team or not a big one as you suggest, why did everyone rip Columbo apart all year? If RT isn't a big deal why cry about Columbos play, just leave him in there...RT doesnt matter anyway, right?

People, this has NOTHING to do with Matt Moore being terrible. No one's saying that. He's serviceable. But the issue we ALWAYS have, it backing a guy, who proves in the end NOT to be the guy. We CAN'T keep doing it. We need a constant rotation of possible options until we find the right one. Matt Moore MIGHT be the guy. But what if he's not? And what if we find that out mid-next Season, with a losing record? What then? Waste ANOTHER year just playing out the games, knowing we're going nowhere, saying we'll draft a guy in the upcoming draft? Doesn't that get old to anyone after a decade? Is it just me?

Mando's getting his Henne bash warmed up again because he knows that he was wrong and I was right and


Philbin isn't REALLY what you would call an Offensive Coordinator.

I mean, he is, but he isn't or wasn't in Green Bays supposedly awesome system(I personally believe it's more Rodgers, Grant and an awesome group of receivers).

Philbin didn't call plays and didn't really work with the first team offense other than to fill in when McCarthy had to be elsewhere during practices.

Philbin mainly ran the scout teams and collated game plan handouts for the starters.

I don't want to downplay the guy's skills, but he's just not quite as experienced as people are making him out to be.

Bless the Guy for his tragic loss, but I'll pass.

All told, with Thomas in there, that's 7 picks worth. Fisher would be a fool not to make that deal since they have a QB.

Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!! | January 17, 2012 at 09:33 AM

ROTFLMAO! I read this and thought: OH, GOD NO! Don't get anyone started on "Math Picks"!


NO QB = 15yrs of mistery.

ok...we have what 7 picks in the upcoming draft?

Let's assume were NOT trading up for a QB:

1. WR - Blackmon
2. QB - Wilson or Weeden
3. OL - Best avail
4. LB - Best avail
5. TE - Best avail
6. DL - Best avail
7. SS - Best avail

It hits on every position we have a NEED and addresses the QB situation in the 2nd round (again)...we'll get it right one of these days.

Wasn't Mike McCoy the OC at Carolina in 2009 when Matt Moore was there? I think so. Moore had a QB rating of 98.5 over the 7 games that he played in.

McCoy left for Denver after the 2009 season and Moore was subjected to a new OC and offense in 2010.

So, McCoy was in Denver a year before Fox was brought in? I hadn't realized that, until now.

Now if Franchise QB's only grew on trees......

Another bad article.
1) Fiedler was not terrible.
2) Miami didn't win AFC East because of Pennington. They wone because a) strength of schedule. b) VERY creative offensive scheme that took teams off guard and c) No Tom Brady and d)Yes, Pennington did run a their very creative schemes very well. (and so did Ronnie Brown)
I realize Mando is writing his opinion I just do not agree with it at all, which is usually the ccase.
Posted by: ESPNsucks | January 17, 2012 at 09:42 AM


It drives me crazy when people want to credit that season to Pennington. It's slanted and biased at best when they do. Usually to butress a weak point their trying to make.

To add to your list, don't forget one of the most underated stats there is and one of the biggest reasons for our success that year: Plus Turnover ratio. We led the league!

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