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The absence of a good QB option hurts on field, off

Jimmy Johnson wanted to get back into coaching in 1996 and he wanted to do it in Florida so he looked around the landscape of possible jobs and weighed the Tampa Bay Bucs and Miami Dolphins. In Tampa, he had more cap room, a budding great defense with youngsters Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and John Lynch, and the promise of a new stadium.

In Miami, Johnson saw Dan Marino.

Johnson picked the Dolphins. And he did it primarily because he believed Marino could get him to the Super Bowl quicker than anyone on the Tampa roster playing quarterback at the time could. Johnson figured he could build a team around the quarterback easier than find the quarterback to build the team around.

Yes, he was wrong because Marino would soon begin his decline.

But a team's quarterback situation was important for more than one reason all the way back then -- even before the NFL became a lubricated lightning strike league where teams can score four touchdowns in four minutes of playoff action as New Orleans and San Francisco did last weekend.

Fast forward to 2011. The Dolphins lost out on hiring Jeff FIsher a few days ago. And on Monday there was this in Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column in Sports Illustrated quoting Fisher:

"From day one, when I began this process after the season, I felt Miami and St. Louis were my best options. I did my research. I looked at every team that had an opening. I looked at the personnel on each team, I looked at the owners, I looked at the cap situations, and I narrowed it to two. Not Marvin. Me. Marvin didn't push me. I am convinced he was completely objective.''

Fisher went on to say at the start of the process he was interested in a team that had a good owner and good quarterback, and he felt St. Louis had the best combination of both.

I'm not going to replay the Fisher fiasco. That's done.

But the lesson from that missed opportunity is that aside from hurting the team on the field, aside from keeping the team perpetually playing a secondary role to NFL teams that do have quarterbacks, the Dolphins decade-long inability to land even a good quarterback has come to roost off the field as well.

We've seen glimpses of how the QB situation has driven the direction of the franchise before.

Nick Saban quit after 2006 when he realized he made a terrible mistake in his chase of a quarterback and that mistake was probably irreparable, thus killing his chances to win soon, thus making life in the NFL miserable.

The 2004 Dolphins were terrible because Ricky Williams quit days before the season, that is true. But if they had a great quarterback instead of the terrible Jay Fielder-A.J. Feeley competition that was never settled, they might have overcome the disaster of that season.

The one season the Dolphins did kinda sorta solve their QB woes -- 2008 -- also gave the team its most successful season in years. Chad Pennington was great and the club won the AFC East.

Knowing this history, knowing how the quarterback situation has repurcussions on and off the field, how can anyone rightly say that the status quo is good enough?

It is not.



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ESPN, as far as 1st-rd drafting, correct. I'd rather stay with Colombo honestly.

But I guess I'm wondering why can't we find a lineman LATER in the Draft? We have what, 9+ picks. You're saying there isn't ONE prospect Ireland can find in round 3 (like John Jerry)? Speaking of Jerry, why not try HIM at RT?

I mean, we're trying EVERY Tom, Dick and Harry at the most important position in football. Why not spend a year trying a guy who looked every bit like Jake Long on the left side, on the right side? How's that for thinking out of the box?

Unless you guys are telling me RT is more important that QB. That we can waste a year seeing if Henne finally GETS IT, but we can't waste a year seeing if Jerry can block just enough for a QB to get off a pass.

Some people here are really putting the cart before the horse.

Why use another premium asset on a right tackle when we already may have one on the roster in john Jerry?

Come on dolphins. Use some imagination, Jerry played a decent left tackle in the last few games. Right tackle is an important position but not worth the 8th pick. Get the frigging premium qb talent. You won't be this close to getting one for years again. If they don't get rg3 then I will honestly be cheering for the new coach and every pick this year to be a flop. I will cheer for them losing every single game. This organization is infiltrated with a loser mentality and needs to be flushed completely.

Once again Mando's stories point out how non-elite a journalist he is.
Alex Smith was considered a bust. He's been in the league for what 6 years? He's been benched multiple times. He's never had a season better than average.
Be he is going to the NFC C'ship game.
Mando's so called elites (Ryan, Rogers, Roethlisberger) were all one & done.

Our lack of QB picks in the first round is equal to our success of picking them in the 2nd+

I agree with you there DC. I would be okay with seeing what Jerry could do at RT. He looked decent at LT in the games he played. Honestly, I am not sure why we moved Carey to RG but thats a whole other issue. I think more importantly with the Oline is having a group or guys with lots of time/reps playing together. I am okay with taking a QB in this draft. I don't agree with trading everything just to get RG3 but that's me. If we do take a QB in this draft (wherever he gets drafted) we have got to have someone one the staff with the ability to groom the kid, period.

DC and NH,

I'm just assuming there's no way we get Luck or Griffen.

Having said that, Blackmon is my DREAM PICK!

With Marshall and Blackmon on the outside, they're either scoring big time or Bess, Bush and Clay are wide open down the seams and underneath ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

(Go ahead, make fun of my sentence structure there. I don't care, Blackmon gets me excited-LOL)

Ricky quit because he was tired of getting pounded into the Offensive Line which made no holes 30+ times a game. It was like hitting a brick wall.

First Down: Ricky Up the Middle
Second Down: Ricky Up the Middle
Third Down: Ricky Up the Middle
4th Down: Punt

That's the Dolphin's offense for you!

Ross is messing up Miami. We lost Harbaugh and look what he's done in San Fran. He wants Ireland more than to win. We lost Fisher, who's putting together a pretty good coaching staff. People complain about Fisher, but he did well his last few years before the bad one.

If we won't give top coaches the right to pick their GM (and they may not ask for this if Ireland didn't make such bad moves), then if we can't get Fisher, how will we get even better coaches like Cower, Dungy, etc.?

Good morning guys,

This is more frustrating then any Head Coaching dilemma could ever be. I have no idea how Miami gets a long term solution in here at QB. There are some Matt Moore supporters out there. I am not one of them. He does some nice things. He has more fire and "it" then Henne ever showed but starting a a season 0-0 and knowing you are the guy is a whole lot different then being 0-7 and just letting it fly.

Moore was horrible in his first start and although Miami should of beat Denver he turned the ball over in OT when the pressure was on again. Against the Giants he played good early and spotty at best late and couldn't make any plays when it mattered. The team was 0-7 when he started to go on a mini run and played good in a few games. Not matter the reasoning Moore did no beat a single team over .500, he is NOT the answer going into next year.

If Moore is Miami's best QB on the roster next year do not expect a season over 8-8 or you will be highly disappointed!

Why won't coaches work with Ireland? Not because he's a weasel, its because he sucks!!!

A little less than a year ago inching in closer to the April draft day gurus, experts and fans alike in Carolina did not want their front office to draft Cam Newton. They heard the same comments you hear today about RG3, good but not #1 pick material, not even top 10, horrible mechanics, did not play under center, blah, blah, blah.
The same people advocated the team to instead go a different route since the team had -and still has- a lot of holes to fill (OL, WR, CB, DT, way more than our current situation, in fact most fans wanted the team to trade down but no one thought Cam Newton was worth such deal). The team after all still had a 2nd round "gift" that fell in their laps when Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen fell to them. You could have made the case Clausen was a rookie and had to go through growing pains -BTW Clausen is the man who benched our future (chuckles) SB winning QB, Matt Moore.

Instead they went bold, something that they were not known for really, and chose a different route against fans and experts' "conventional wisdom", I mean why would they pick another QB the very next year after they spent a high 2nd rd pick in a guy who Mel Kiper touted as high a prospect as Sam Bradford. They pleaded to take Marcelus Dareus or Patrick Peterson or even Newton's teammate at Auburn Nick Farley; some folks even asked to pick (gasp) Blaine Gabbert.

The Panthers made the right choice, yes they gambled, again a FO that was awful yesterday and remains awful today for the most part (see the similarities?) but their gamble paid off, the team had the same record we had 6-10 but theirs feel a whole of a lot better than ours, doesn't it? They found a leader, a leader inspires a team, even someone as limited as Moore did that for our team, go ask Jason Taylor who in a heartfelt and emotional teary farewell speech took the time to praise his QB (did he ever do that for Henne?).

It is very easy to now say "well RG3 is not Cam Newton", when in reality most folks last year were probably saying sheesh Cam Newton? He is not even Blaine Gabbert. My point is that these guys for the most part are still very raw products, even one Peyton Manning was not a fully polished QB when he was picked, which is why Andrew Luck is such a lock at number 1 and why Indy would be nuts not to take him, he is the closest thing to a sure thing I've seen in years. RG3 on the other hand is not at that level, yet, but in my humble opinion he shares the traits that can potentially make a good college QB into a great NFL one. He has the athleticism, big arm, good field vision and the intangibles, intelligent not just on the field but by academics measurements, eloquent and charismatic, a stand up guy, religious and raised by a military guy. I think such description makes the odds that he'll be successful at the next level pretty high.

The Panthers realized they needed a QB in a QB driven league, discarded the old coaching staff (all of NFL dinosaur John Fox's people, yet we are now interviewing his OC in Denver, oh the humanity!!) and went after a solid guy in Rivera who was smart enough to bring Chudzinski, the guy who turned our OC job down b/c of the mess he saw here with Sparano.

As important as it is to bring RG3 here it goes hand in hand with the coach and Chud should at least be considered a candidate. I'm pretty sure the reason Chud has not gotten an interview is b/c they are still holding against him what happened here early in 2011. Please be rational and give Chud an interview, this IS different because he will be the HC not an assistant to Sparano. Chud is the best TE coach in the league and has done a remarkable job with Newton and the offense in his first year despite the lockout, he is that qualified, I know you wish he was running the show early in the season instead of Daboll.

Wasn't Mike McCoy the OC at Carolina in 2009 when Matt Moore was there? I think so. Moore had a QB rating of 98.5 over the 7 games that he played in.
McCoy left for Denver after the 2009 season and Moore was subjected to a new OC and offense in 2010.
So, McCoy was in Denver a year before Fox was brought in? I hadn't realized that, until now.
Posted by: Blog Fodder | January 17, 2012 at 09:56 AM

NICE CATCH! That's a pretty interesting realization there. I didn't really want McCoy(don't know why, don't know much about him), but I had a feeling he'd be who we **SETTLE** on.

This information lends some credence to the idea. It sounds like just the sort of move Ireland would try in looking for a rabbit in the hat.

He's ready to try anything to save some face at this point.

It is what it is.

All of this Ireland hate is just silly.

Drafts have been decent recently and they got Reggie Bush, Dansby and Brandon Marshall. Team is loaded at DL and defense was 6th overall in points allowed.

He's doing something right.

Giving full control to Fisher would have been a huge mistake.

He just hired Bryan Schottenheimer as his OC people.

That is all you should need to know.

DC and ESPN,

I hope I am wrong but just seeing the pattern of drafting by Miami the past 2 years I don't see anyway barring a VERY unforseen trade for RG3 that Miami takes anything other then Riely Reiff or Jonathan Martin.

It's a position of need at RT. I would love to see John Jerry be given the opportunity as well. Just like you said ESPN he did pretty good filling at LT why not give him a crack at RT. But Ireland from my understanding had his hands firmly around the last 2 drafts and in both cases he took linemen. Odrick wasn't even a position of need at the time and Miami still went D-line and Pouncey was a position of need as was highest rated linemen at the time.

So Miami seems to go BPA in round 1 regardless of a need in one sense (Odrick) but if you couple that with a position of need and BPA it just makes sense based on Ireland's past that Reiff or Martin end up in Miami.

Yeah, well, the way the power structure has been designed for the Miami Dolphins, it appears that we don't necessarily need a HC to be present in Mobile.


On your argument against drafting another Tackle.

How about this: Other teams put together some pretty decent O-lines without using 3 and 4 first round picks to do it.

I want a great offensive line just as much as anyone, but at what cost?

If we can't get the QB in the first(and I don't think we will)I would want Blackmon(highly unlikely, but a guy can dream).

If not, THEN a pass rusher, corner or THEN the O-lineman(only if he's the undisputed and OBVIOUS BPA!).

I'm not totally against the idea of a tackle in the 1st, I just think it could be better spent elsewhere under our current circumstances.

I am a firm believer of the Personnel man doing his thing, and the HC his other.(separation of powers, you know?).

Look we have an alpha receiver Brandon Marshall, we don't need Blackmon, and as for a tight end Olsen is a free agent and so is Finely so we can get one of them and use Fasano and Hartline as trade bait. We gotta get a QB and trading up won't hurt us we we aren't weak at many spots. We can fill those in FA. A franchise QB is paramount.

Just look at what SF has done in one year...they FIRED hall of fame linebacker/coach Mike Singletary and inserted a ROOKIE head coach.

Harbaugh had the same roster as Singletary, but he inserted scheme's that aligned with their strengths.

That's how I see the Dolphins....good to great roster, with the missing piece being a head coach who can maximize the talent and insert the proper schemes.

...IMO we are closer to being contenders that most give us credit for.

I will say this. If we take a 1st Rd RT then we better never leave a TE on the edge to block. 2 - 1st rd picks on the ends and one in the middle. They better block every kind of blitzing scheme you could imagine so maybe we can try to get our TEs down the field.

On Mike McCoy,

I know nothing about this guy other then the recent news he was Denver's O-Coordinator this past season and was a good enough coach to switch his offense around based on Tebows abilities to succeed and did a pretty good job at it and would have looked even better if Tebow who I like and am a fan but he couldn't hit the ocean at times this year if he was standing on wet sand. I heard McCoy is 39 which feeds into some of the guys on here's cliche of "young and hungry" but it could also mean no experience and over his head. Who knows?

All I know is that if McCoy was brought in expect to see a guy he worked with as Matt Moore's competition for Matt Moore. Get ready for Orton or Brady Quinn. 2 Qbs who were linked to Miami possibly at one time (Orton trade, Quinn draft).

This does nothing for me as a Dolphins fan. I would much rather see Armando's guy Winston Moss and him feel comfortable enough to want Matt Flynn or even possibly Philbin who is able to somehow turn the page in his life although I have no idea how he should even be considered at this point.

Miami needs to look for a package deal as Armando stated previously to not look forward too. But a combination of Mike McCoy and Brady Quinn or Orton is sickening!

If we miss out on interviewing Carmichael, we suc.

Be he is going to the NFC C'ship game.
Mando's so called elites (Ryan, Rogers, Roethlisberger) were all one & done.

Posted by: TheSMF | January 17, 2012 at 09:58 AM

Excellent point!

Remember when people wouldn't even consider bringing Alex Smith here during the off season?

You remember, back when we were hearing the Orton Chants! LOL!

As a rabid fan of nearly 40 years I can say with conviction that the 2011 season was the most frustrating, hopeless, confusing season for the Dolphins since the mid 70s. Think about it, the Harbaugh fiasco, the QB competition that wasn't, 0-7 and being out of it in October, and a late season rally which most likely prevented a franchise QB. At least in 2007 we had the #1 pick in the draft.

Of course I'll be rooting for the Dolphins as hard as ever come opening day but man, right now I feel worn down. And I see the Dolphins come to Glendale next year so hopefully I can tailgate with a few of you next fall.

All this OL in the 1st round stuff is making me sick...hey look, Tony "Mr O-Line" is gone so the chances the new HC picks an OL is pretty slim (one can hope).

#1 Best avilb. TE
#2 Best avilb. OL
#2 Best avilb. DL
#3 Best avilb. QB (Kellen More?)

who is that ?

Excellent point!
Remember when people wouldn't even consider bringing Alex Smith here during the off season?
You remember, back when we were hearing the Orton Chants! LOL!

Posted by: odinseye | January 17, 2012 at 10:27 AM

YES, say what you want about Ross, thank GOD he blocked that trade. What kind of spot would we be in now if he didn't? In the whole with a long term contractor and down a couple picks...with Orton at the helm. Thank you Mr. Ross!!

Ireland couldnt get an elite QB if one fell in his lap.

As far as ANY TE's whatsoever, Kiper and McShay have the top guy ranked around the 20-25 range. According to them, after the one guy, there is a BIG DROP OFF.
It sucks, but it IS what it IS!
Posted by: odinseye | January 17, 2012 at 09:21 AM

That's not exactly true. Kiper and McShay have been touching each other for too long. Fleener had an exceptional season in 2011 averaging over 19 yds per catch and he is a definite threat at the tight end position; big, strong with 4.5 speed. Not a big drop off IMO. Now, when you get to Orson Charles there is probably a drop off but not with Fleener.


Good point! If Miami does indeed draft a RT in round 1 then you're right the TE should be utilized much more.

I say get ready to see some of that as the year progresses but initially a rookie may need some help

The Fisher situation was not a "fiasco." Get a dictionary.

Not trading up for RGIII will ensure we never are able to land a top prospect. Why? Because we're never bad enough to get the top 1-2 picks.

If you want a QB, teams pay a price for them. Look at the Giants & how they are being rewarded with Eli now. He didn't fall to them ya know, they traded alot to get him.

Look at all the teams that reached for a 1st round QB last year because they understand how vital finding that top notch QB is. They may fail but they should be applauded for trying. At the end of the day, if those picks don't work out, how are they any worse off than Miami is? They aren't!

Losing out on 4-5 picks to acquire that top prospect is worth it. Until we do get one, expect more of the same. You can only go so far without one.

You either want a QB or you don't. Teams that want one, pay the price. You can't just hope & pray 1 falls to you. Teams that want to succeed make it happen. Those that are happy with the status quo do what Miami has done the last 4 years.

Blog Fodder, that is a good point at 9:56. Food for for thought.

I'm not good enough? You and your lofty standards

I can foresee me actively rooting for my team to lose every game this upcoming Season for the first time in 30+ years. That's where THIS fan is at!

"Yes, he was wrong because Marino would soon begin his decline."

Except that's not what actually happened, and it shows how little Armando understands about the QB position.

Jimmy tried to turn Marino into a young Troy Aikman. He took away the offense that made Marino, great, and even worse, took away Marino's discretion in it.

One of the reasons a veteran QB is so valuable is that they have a deep understanding of what their team should be doing, and experience allows them to recognize defenses and adapt. Tom Brady is not physically better now than he was in '03, but he's a better QB. Same goes for the Peyton Manning of '08-'10 versus vintage '98 Manning.

If Jimmy had let Marino actually run the offense - call audibles, throw deep routes, etc. - instead of trying to play-action in order to make a star out of Karim Abdul-Jabbar, they would have been elite contenders during Jimmy's time.

Instead, he squandered that period by ignoring the strengths Marino had and playing to his weakness, and we're left to wonder "what if?" while idiots like Salguero denigrate his legacy.

Draft Strategy,

1. Give up 3 first rounders and this years second to St. Louis to get RG3. Huge risk but what do you have to lose if you are Miami? Ireland is clearly entrenched with Ross. A move like this would make Ross happy and give Ireland a few years to add more talent and build around RG3.

2. Draft the best player available! Jonathan Martin! It's not a sexy pick but I don't like any of the pass rushers outside of a switch to a 4-3 and if Quentin Coples is available. More then not undersized 3-4 OLB like Melvin Ingram and Branch fail in the NFL. Too much a risk as a top 10 pick for me. Having Long, Pouncey and Martin would finally solidify the O-line woes.

3. Draft Michael Floyd. This may be considered a huge reach at 8 or 9. But Flyod is a great player on the college level. He dominates his guy in man to man. Marshall and Floyd would be Miami's best WRs since Clayton and Duper. And although they are built similar Floyd is a big play threat. Didn't mention Blackmon cause dont see any way he is there.

4. Draft Luke Kuechly! I know we have Dansby and Burnett but Dansby is not proving to be anything more then a good player. His contract does not match his play. Maybe move Kuechly to inside at 3-4 and Dansby and Wake as the OLB. I don't think Dansby is a 10 sack guy but can see around 5-7.

Just my thoughts....I'm prepared to get buried lol

DC @ 9:42,
I wasn't advocating the use of the #8 pick on an o-lineman. Personally, I think Reiff will be gone by that time and then they have Martin or DeCastro who are guards and they really need a tackle more than a guard.

My picks are actually up right now. Today is Mock Draft Tuesday on NFL Network and I'm getting in on the action:


We are not going to win much in 2012 anyway so we should trade down. Trade away our 1st rnd pick for an additional 2012 second or third rounder and a first round pick next year. Having two first rounders in 2013 gives us a better chance at drafting a franchise QB and righting the ship.

How the hell can you categorically affirm that Ross blocked the Orton trade? Only I heard was gossip thru the Press.

Ireland signed possibly the best backup QB option available in the offseason in Matt Moore Gregg.

Think the Texans could have used Matt Moore last weekend? They are still playing right now with him in there.

How about the Bears this year?

Wake Up getting Moore was a good move.


listen to your show on my way to work up here in ct. like yor show...but just realized its just you and perkins...talk about being still asleep while driving...thats me. BTW this is thru an iphone app as its 12 degrees outside rite now....

Without a broad Education, we can be so easily manipulated by the Press....

I hope we will get Philpin as HC so he can bring the System from GB in and Flynn can throw 6 TD against the Patsis

Then we need to Trade back so at 25 Pick and get a extra +2rnd pick

Then we gett Flynn in FA to compett with Moore for the starting Job.

#1 Best TE (Allen/Clemson)
#2 Best OL (RT for Colombo)
#2 Best WR
#3 Best QB (Moore/Boise St)

Ok you did say elite qb but I think I made my point.

Blame Sparano for poor talent evaluation at qb(Henne over Moore) but the Ireland bashing must stop it's getting stale and tired.

It's quite simple.

If we're stuck with Moore, the biggest impact pick would be WR.
At RT, a serviceable player would be improvement enough.
The biggest impact pick on defense would be a pass rushing OLB

WR, OLB in the draft.
RT, TE in free agency.

Thanks for the enlightment.
We need a new QB...DUH.

Next issue, like Ross needs to sell/partner with an owner who has football sense.

That's not exactly true. Kiper and McShay have been touching each other for too long. Fleener had an exceptional season in 2011 averaging over 19 yds per catch and he is a definite threat at the tight end position; big, strong with 4.5 speed. Not a big drop off IMO. Now, when you get to Orson Charles there is probably a drop off but not with Fleener.

Posted by: Professor Lou | January 17, 2012 at 10:31 AM

Thanks for the info. I just remember reading the comment in an article the other day. I'll be checking them out for myself soon.

It's just about the time of year to switch over from Armchair Coach to Armchair General Manager/Talent Scout!

At least Ireland can't take this away from me. Not until draft day anyways.


If you think RG3 is the guy (which I personally am not sold on) and if a trade up to # 2 is a possiblity, I do not see the need to give away so many draft picks. If I am GM and I make an offer to move up to #2, the offer is as follows. This years 1 and 3, with player and next years 1 and 4. I wouldn't give up anything else to move up 6 maybe 7 spots.


They are not giving Flynn Free Agent money to compete with Moore. Not happening.

If a team throws 50 million at him he will be expected to be the starter, not compete for any job.

I don't know why this concept is so hard to understand. They will not sign Flynn because they have Moore who is at least as good or possibly better.

Flynn lit up a horrible Detroit defense this year. Big deal.

Andy, I for one see option one as the only successful option for this team. And I wouldn't even blink at paying the price.

If you bring Flynn in through Free Agency he is not competing with anyone. He will want and will get long term starter money and those guy start, they don't compete.

Three first Round picks and a second Andy for RG3?

Stop. Just stop.

ROSS wake up!!!!! Don't you see your own fan don't like what your doing.. ROSS are you doing what's best for yourself and Jeff Ireland or are you doing what's best to win... Because if u were doing what's best to win you would bring in a coach who is known for winning not a oc or dc that has no experience and a qb who has skill.... Open your eyes ROSS Miami haven't had a good coach since jimmy johnson in 1996 and a qb since Dan Marino in 2000... Give the team back to Wayne hysuanga at lest he went out and got good players and names...unlike you u bum.. Another year of a losing season with Matt Moore as our qb Irelands such a genius hell bring in another backup qb to compete with Moore.. Ross what have you done to make this team a potential winner?? Marshall and bush r gonna end up demanding a trade if you don't give them a qb to win.. I would love to have ROSS and Ireland in a room on a call and ask Ross what Ireland has done to improve this team with another losing season luring

You are right though I would be fine with LB Kuechly at 8 or 9 wherever we end up.

Some say Matt Moore would have beaten Henne and what's funny is that its true. I went to their open practice and Henne moved without urgency. He looked much slower than Moore. I didn't know who Moore was then except he was taller than Henne and throwing with much more velocity. I don't actually think Miami need a new quarterback. I think we need a better 2nd option receiver. Marshall hasn't lived up to his bargain, but to be more realistic, a great first receiver has a good second string receiver that won't allow defenses to just double him and catching running back. Jerry Rice had Taylor, Brent Jones, Rathman(and more), Irving had Emmit Smith, Alvin Harper, Moss had Chris Carter, etc. etc.

Also, I do not think it is so critical to get that #2 spot either. I think if we want RG3 as long as we are able to move above the Redskins we can get him. So, 2 - 5. Though Cleveland would worry me a bit.

Blame Sparano and Henne for the losing season Nick.

Getting Moore was a good move at 5 million for two years.

You get what you pay for.


I like your draft strategies number 1 and 2 but not a fan of 3 or 4.

In option number 3 I don't see Floyd going that high. I know you said he's a reach but he's a way late 1st to early 2nd round pick. I agree he's got talent but WR's unless elite seem to slide.

In option 4 Luke is rated fairly high at the moment but I'd bet by draft time he'll slip to late first early 2nd round as well. He's a small slow ILB yet very productive at the college level. He kind of reminds me of the Rams Laurinaitis from OSU. He went in the early 2nd round.

In the first draft strategy why not see what it would take to get Luck. How for would you go. 4 1st rounders, maybe 5? What is the going rate for Luck and could it be done?

In option 2 I can see us going Reiff, Martin or DeCastro if we don't trade back or up.

I like option 2 if we can't trade up for RGIII or Luck. Then I would like to see us trade into late first or as high as needed to get Foles or Tannehill

Brock Osweiler might be a consideration in the 2nd as well. I am reading good things so far. I have not see much of his play except highlights. He's tall with a strong arm and can make all the throws. I am not sure about much else.

To me in this draft getting the right QB at the right pick is priority #1 for me.

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