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Landry Jones returning to Oklahoma as senior

The quaterback talent for the 2012 draft just got thinner, as Oklahoma University just announced Landry Jones is returning to school for his senior year.

"I want to accomplish the goals that I set before I got here, and there is still a lot more to do," Jones said. "I want to make sure I've exhausted every effort in that area. And I want to be a senior. I enjoy being at OU and with my teammates and look forward to graduating with the guys that were in my class when I got here."

The Artesia, NM, native said the NFL remains his goal.

"That's the ultimate goal for anyone who plays football," Jones said. "I've thought about that since I was a little boy. It would be a great honor to play in the NFL and that goal will still be there when I finish at Oklahoma."

I'm glad Jones is going back to school. It is the best decision for him because, frankly, he struggled terribly the final month or so of the season and that hurt his draft stock. He showed poor decision-making. He turned the ball over. He proved himself incapable of carrying his team when injuries befell the offense.

Unlike the decision by USC's Matt Barkley to return to school, Landry's decision isn't really a huge hit to the Dolphins. Jones would probably not have been a top 10 draft pick, given his struggles.

He thus would not have figured in Miami's plans at No. 8 or No. 9 where the Dolphins are scheduled to select. (There will be a coin toss between Miami and Carolina for the No. 8 pick and the loser takes No. 9).

Barkley, by contrast, might have been the second or third quarterback selected and would definitely have been on the radar of both the Dolphins and other teams in the top 10 looking for a quarterback.

The indirect effect this Jones decision might have is that teams in the middle of the first round that might have waited for Jones to fall to them now might be tempted to trade up past the Dolphins to land a quarterback.

Impossible to predict.


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Not that the other receivers aren't great but something about this Blackmon kids hands and athleticness. I don't want to see a diamond fall into someones hands that will hurt us. We know as Fin fans all to well THAT will happen. Dez is going to be a great receiver and we passed on him and took _____? lol

I say go get him, just my opinion. We as I said earlier must address the O line AND D. Both if we can afford it can be addressed BUT, that depends on who's in charge of the drafting and FA.


finfaneurope...I think the kid from Alabama stock will go up pre draft if he is the only guy rated in the first round. This said. 8,9 is too high for a guy that is right now rated where he is(obviously).. I know a lot of people are anti corner again. But keep an eye on the 2 guys in the championship game Kirkpatrick from Bama..And ??? from Lsu(can't remember his name right now)

So much will happen between now and the draft. It is impossible to try and speculate what we will do. It is fun to throw opinions back and forth..But so much will change between now and April that it can make your head spin trying to figure it out.

Anyone catch Alex Marvez's rant on Joe Rose's show? What is his deal? Sounds pretty bitter... like he has an axe to grind with the Dolphins. Glad he's not the beat writer anymore.

Good for him. One more year of chicks, and beer. Why not?

..Claiborne. is the guys name. I don't think I spelled his name right. I had a brain fart. Couldn't remember his name..Kind of lame when I'm trying to make a point...

I've recieved a Message from The Cuban Menace, He says he'll post Sat. Night at 7 pm about everything Dolphins,Cuban,Aloco,Jeff Ireland,NYCPD,Pineapple princess,Jeff Ireland,Steve Ross, And his prediction that the fins would be 3 and 13 this year,and other things And why he's been absent since september, This should be a record Armando post-fest, So tune in Sat. At 7pm to see what's going on.


Whazzup my Lil Glue Sniffing friend?

Whatever happened to the commissary money you said you were gonna send me. Not even a letter?

I had to do some favors to get this quick minute on the computer, so I'll get right to the point.

Cuban Menace
Inmate No. 100678
Cellblock B-6
Rikers Island, Ny Ny.

PS: Write me fella's - SEND MONEY. It's tight in here.

Hire Tony Dungy (if he's interested) sign Peyton Manning, & draft Justin Blackmon.

ALoco @ 7:03.

That is the most honest, and right on post written here in some time..Nice work.

Always wandered what happend to Mr. Menace and his gIRLFRIEND.lol

With the rules of the current NFL, you NEED to get pass-rushers. DBs CANNOT do anything after 5 yards---those days are long-gone. Get 2-3 pass-rushers and that makes the defensive backfield look much better. Think about the Giants DBs in their SB year --- they did it with Sam Madison and Gebril Wilson (from my recollection)---they beat the PATSIES because of their front 7 being such greatr pass-rushers. Cover corners are overrated AND overpaid.

Jones and Barkley returned to school so that they would not be drafted by the Phins.

If RG3 is unattainable go with MM and look at QBs rated lower. Kellen Moore , Ryan Tannehill or or QB from Arizona ( don't remember name ). Moore reminds me of Dalton , Ryan Tann. has only been a QB for 2 yrs and is a project with a high ceiling. MM may not be elite but he's the best since Dan The Man!!!

John..You make a very good point. And I agree. Pass rushers are the great nuetralizer to pass happy video game offenses. I was offering my opinion on what direction we should go at 8,9. I haven't done much research about potential pass rushers. but would have absolutley no problem should we go that route. If we stay in the 3-4 defense we MUST have a compliment to Wake or the scheme is rendered useless against top tier quarterbacks. I do disagree that shut down corners are not premium, or desirable players.. But to your point, and you are right. Without a pass rush it makes it difficult for even the best corners to be affective..Good point.

Moore might be a decent QB in the future but I got a fee;ling the phins wont be the team he's successful with.

Any of you guys read the other Mando blog story about Marty Shottenheimer?
The guy who just won the UFL championship?
You know who the QB of that team is?
It's Pat White.
You know the 2nd round pick that we got nothing for.

Price, No Way.Is this true?

I think the Dolphins should interview more former high school coaches like Tony Sparano.

..If Shottenheimer were 15 years younger I would be more in favor. But what happens in 3-5 years. Even if he has success that would be his window right? Because Buffalo did it with Marv Levy shouldn't be reason enough to do it here. Shottenheimer may or may not be a great football mind. But IMO he is passed his prime. His age has to be a factor.

I'm so full of shitt it comes out of my mouth.

Live Blog At 7 pm 1/7/2011 Conducted by Cuban Menace.

No way I hire Philbin. The picture on the Harold's Web page makes it look like the guy drives a Big White Kid Touching Van.

How could Fisher pass up Miami for St. Louis?

Other than Amhieser Bush, St Louis ain't got nothing. So it can't be location.

As far as talent, it's all Miami there too. The Rams have problems across the board.

If Fisher is stupid enough to choose St. Louis over Miami, I'll be glad he didn't sign here. I've had enough stupid for one decade!

PS: What's Up Menace? Happy New Year!

Don't drop the soap :)

For those thinking Matt Moore is somehow our best option, keep this in mind: He's a notch below Chad Pennington. Pennington was considered a good to great starter for the Jets and us, even though he managed only some meager showings in playoff time. I'd consider any QB we put our faith in next to be at LEAST Pennington value or higher in order to believe we have a real shot at winning anything. I think that's fair.
Moore is a viable starter on a team that has top-tier elements in every catagory except QB (old Ravens, Bucs, 90's Giants etc.). but he's not a person that will win us games. He's what they expected Fiedler and Henne to be - a manager who does his job adequately and doesn't lose games. Good to have when you have nothing better, but we've been without our Marino long enough. Time to find him again.
And... No I don't know who that will be either.

Odin, Two names that will make fisher not choose the phins., Ross and Ireland., Just saying both names made me vomit a little., Just saying.

I don't mind Ross so much. All he has to do is make one or two decisions a year and sign the checks.

As for your opinion of Ireland...........Just Pass Me a Barf Bag!

Odin, They got good music and great BBQ., Just Saying.

Miami sucks. Stinky hot, humid, giant bugs, mosquitos, sleazy 8th street ho's. South Beach is a joke, for posers. Its a no class, no culture, town.

Price, So you've been to our city.

JS @ 7:44,

The only exception I would take with your entire post:

Matt Moore doesn't even have two seasons worth of starts.

When you peel back the biases, the situations and circumstances, Moore is young, still a little green and has a lot of upside yet to be reached.

Coming into a sucky situation this season alone, he played very good, improved overall and looked to be IMPROVING each week.

I have always agreed with the Holmgren types in that you should draft a QB EVERY YEAR. In our case, I think were way OVERDUE on drafting a guy in the first round.

Having said that though, I think it would be majorly retarded at this point, to reach for a QB now and take one just for the sake of using a first rounder on him.

Experiencewise, Moore is where Henne was at, at the begining of last season. Poised to take the next step into being a bonafide starter/elite or relegated to perrenial Solid Backup.

Considering how things played out in regards to QB's being available in this years draft, I myself wouldn't have a problem going into next season with Matt Moore. I mean, I think if a QB is showing promise and progress, he should get at least 30 starts to show what he's got.

If we can't get Luck or Griffen, get us another Pass rusher, Linemand and DB and tailor our play calling to Moores strengths!

come on fisher your killing me, make a decision. come to miami!

Price you forgot to add
Blacks on welfare
Cubans that run the city
Crooked Cops
The worse School system in the USA
Terrible Traffic(See Cubans)
Long lines at the DMV
Long Lines at the super Market
Long Lines at Applebees
Airport thats horrific
A Zombie Epidemic
Steven Ross
A News paper that will be shutdown in 4 months
Dogs Living with Cats
Etc, Etc,Etc.

Lived in Miami for a few years. Lame. They those who think its some privileged area just don't realize how many better spots there are. Up and down the west coast is way nicer, more options, more quality, no harsh winters either.

Good luck finding someone at Miami Intl Airport to speak English with you. Even the young Cubans pretend they don't speak English just to be difficult. Those types should be boated back.

fisher wouldnt live in miami, hell the fins dont even play in miami


Hire Tony Dungy (if he's interested) sign Peyton Manning, & draft Justin Blackmon.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson | January 05, 2012 at 07:25 PM

***Tony Dungy is retired from coaching and has stated that more then once on live television..

*** Peyton Manning needs to pass a physical before he ever throws another football, and the first time he gets really smacked from the blind side he'll be in the Hospital for Moths...

*** No way in hell Blackmon gets beyond Minnesota. He is exactly what they need for Christian Ponder to play with.

Now that Jones has dropped out, I doubt Miami takes anything other then a OT/OG in the 1st to fix the right side of the line...

I could see Miami trading up from their #2 or down from their #1 to grab either Weeden or Tannehill.

The numbers for Weeden are impressive...
***Fiesta Bowl: 29-for-42, 399 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT in a 41-38 overtime win over Stanford.
***Season: 408-for-564, 4,727 yards, 37 TDs, 13 INTs; Oklahoma St. finished the season 12-1

The numbers for Ryan Tannehill are not bad, but the int's are scary.
***Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas: 27-for-40, 329 yards, 1 TDs, 1 INTs in a 33-22 win over Northwestern.
***Season: 327-for-531, 3,744 yards, 29 TDs, 15 INTs; Texas A&M finished the season 7-6.

Tannehill is an early 2nd rounder who may slip into the first now because of Jones, Weeden, I feel is going to be a very solid Rookie and have a good NFL Career, trouble is his career will be 3 or 4 years shorter then most rookies coming out because of age.

I feel Miami will end up taking one of these two guys providing they can jostle their 2nd round pick or drop back in their 1st.

tannehill looks awful every other game ,no way. weeden is 28, be 30 before he even gets the nfl down,no way. either trade up for luck or griffin if possible or make a run at flynn

Nope, lost my virginity to a 15 year old girl in New Orleans.

you sleaze bag you need to stay off the sofa with the young boy's and miami is way better than St. Louis!!

The Brunette

Live Blog At 7 pm 1/7/2011 Conducted by Cuban Menace.
Posted by: Gone West. | January 05, 2012 at 07:41 PM


odinseye, oscar said you blew him. True?


wow on bourbon street, better get yourself tested brother

haha, that was a looooong time ago, and I ain't dead yet, so I'm fine...damn was that nice though.

yeah but those huge bumbs on your balls arent a good thing

Tannehill will take 5 years to learn how to be a good QB (he has only had 2 years of ANY QB learning at all (including high school). Weeden will last 5 years. So draft both together ;)

dusty seems the one who knows most about std's. I never had nothing.

sure price, they always get u later. i wouldnt touch a girl on bourbon street with your dick


Why do you want a coach who doesn't want the fins......

Our next coach needs to WANT this job... as much the FINS want him....

If a boat load of money STILL has fisher on the fence....then eff him.....and most FIN fans should feel the same way....

There are only 32 of thes jobs out here....and if isn't jumping at the chance....then Ross should find someone who will.....

The coach and team should be a symbiotic one.....

kris its a big dec, maybe his wife is also thinking. let the man decide, lets hope its us

dusty, you said bourbon street, not me. We were young, in the burbs. You are thinking whores...so that tells me something about you.

well price if u have ever been to bourbon street, which i have a couple times, its fun. but no place to want to find some strange. but good to hear u were banging some dudes mom instead of a hooker


I think you must have misunderstood my post. It's probably my challenged vocabularic abilities ;)

I couldn't agree with your "Oh So Eloquent" response. Right down to the "...then EEF him..."

You said it way better and more to the point. But that's what I meant by if He's too stupid to want the Miami Gig over the Lambs, EEF HIM!!!!

I don't want stupid and I don't want any half hearted bullshyt. I want a guy with fire in his eyes and desire in his heart!

A Poor Man's Don Shula if you will ;)

I want you krissy :P

Retarded is not trading up for Aaron Rodgers.

Fins should interview Jim Fassel too...check out his Wikipedia page.

fassel sucks

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