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Live blog with coaching news starts here

I am reporting that the Dolphins will begin their coach interview process Monday, according to a source, when general manager Jeff Ireland, owner Stephen Ross and possibly others discuss the job opening with Todd Bowles.

I am also reporting that the team has already reached out in recent weeks to both Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden and have been told neither is interested in coaching the Dolphins. It is possible the Dolphins circle back around to one or both men thru official channels but the chances either will change his mind is small.

All this according to multiple league sources.

As for today, we've got a football game to play.

There is a live blog going on. It starts in the comments section. Go there now.


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What's next?

Dear Mr. YEAH!

As all the Gods are my witness, I will end your reign of posting first before the end of the world in Dec of 2012

Soiled :)

thats good news.

we want someone who's motivated!

Hey Armando,

When does Soiled interview for the job?

Well then who can they get as new coach? Not really fired up by Jeff Fisher and his mustache. I guess they will go after a OC or some Assistant that will forget where he put his challenge flag for the first 9 weeks next year.

The draft issue aside today, this one's a must win for JT. Let's go!

It's almost Kickoff! Let's kick some Jets ass!

Anyone have a link to the game please?!

Great throw by Franchize


Oh gosh, we have Dan Dickdorf commentating for CBS...this is where I normally would switch to radio for Mandich

Dolphins defense does good work first series. Now it's the offense's turn.

Working Link


Damn what a hole and run!

Dolphins offense line is an enigma:

Great run blockers. Terrible pass blockers.

T Bowles for the top job next year?

FG Miami 3-0

Only way Dolphins win more games next year is to scre TDs when the field shrinks inside the 30 and particularly inside the 20.

Yeah Mando they are giant plodding elephants. A result of Tunas 1980's mentality.

Todd Bowles just do a fist pump ?

Not the head spot,on staff yes.

Bowles has been terminated. They just need to fire someone else to let him know.

TO Armando and all your Followers thru this Blog and Newspaper:)))


Yeah, def more balance needed on the O Line Mando...one thing Miami will def need to improve to compete @ championship level...injuries have been part of the prob

@ Mike D
"giant plodding elephants" heh heh heh

I see the stadium is empty...Again...

Happy New Year Everyone,

Reading Armando's piece, I was wondering if the Rams get the first pick, do you ransom the future for Luck or give something reasonable to GB for Matt Flynn?

I hate the Jets. It would be great to knock them out of the playoffs by kicking their butts! Plus JT can go out on a win. How nice.


If they loose they can better their draft position.

Mixed fellings about a win here.

and what's up with LT trying to steal JT's moment today?

feel the same way, but can take another loss to get better draft position. Jets aren't anywhere near a playoff team so isn't going to matter for them anyway.

Every week Sanchez gets closer to bust. LOL

Dansby is done, groin!

Who's the better bust...Sanchez or Henne ?

yeah, would like to win it for JT but best for team draft if loss...sounds like blasphemy but the NFL is what it is

Sack Sanchez!!! Again and again! What's with the injuries....dropping like flies!

Flynn is FA at end of today's game.

Dolly Parton

and it's the friggin, stinkin Jets which makes even more of a dilemma

Went to commercial, gonna take a while to find Dansby's small balls.

Henne is def a bust, Sanchez really is not that bad


Sanchez #5 overall, Henne 2nd rd'er. Sanchez would easily be the bigger bust.

Blown coverage!

There should be a Bronze bust of Dolly Partons bust

Dolphins would be the league's top defense if we ever learned to play the pass.

I wonder what questions Ireland has prepared for Coach Bowles? I'm sure he will ask about his parents.

Bronzed i.e. without tan lines.

I don't know if we have enough depth at LB to replace Dansby effectively....Jets will be sure to exploit that key absence

Dansby is questionable with a groin injury.

As a #5 overall pick, Sanchez is only a dull razor from being complete bust. Jets went to 2 afc championships on the heel of great defense and run game. Not the merits of Sanchez's sensational play.

Tampa Finfan,

Thx I was looking it up. Makes more sense to give him the money and use the draft picks to better the team.

Miami beats the Jets today and Bowles will be one of the top candidates for the job.

Nice block on the MLB by Vernon Carey on that last 7 yard gain.

3 and here and the collapse begins.

Too bad Sanchez can't play the dolphins every week. They make him look great.

Lou, that's one of the reasons I'd rather see us lose today.

Ireland and company don't need any encouragement.

That is the 2nd third down when Moore threw to a receiver SHORT of the sticks.....

Is Dolly Parton taller head to foot or wider back to end of her bust ?

Well, shortly it'll be 14-2 Jets. We've seen the tape before. Our offense and defense assumes the missionary position in unisom.

Slippery when it's wet boys!

Is Moore trying to be accurate...rather than aggressive......

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