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McCoy believes himself the leading candidate

Mike McCoy is scheduled to interview with the Dolphins on Thursday, the last of the three second-round interviews the team is conducting as it tries to find a new head coach. But this one might be more significant than the other two in that McCoy tangibly believes the job is his to lose.

Acccording to a source, McCoy considers himself the front-runner in the Miami job and is so confident of this status, he took his name out of consideration for the vacant Oakland Raiders job. McCoy was scheduled to interview for that Raiders opening in Denver on Wednesday but ultimately declined.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the Raiders were not thrilled with the apparent snub but were made to understand that McCoy believes himself the front-runner in Miami and he didn't want to do anything to hinder that status.

Both Todd Bowles and Joe Philbin, Miami's other two finalists, are also on the radar for head coach jobs with other teams but have not removed their names from the running of any potential opportunity.

It is unclear if McCoy was led to believe he is the front-runner by the Dolphins. The Dolphins are not commenting to the extent they declined to even confirm which candidates are being interviewed in the second round. The club did confirm completed interviews during the first-round of interviews.

The team did tell both Bowles and Philbin that today's interviews "went great," according to sources. The club is clearly not showing its cards.

McCoy has the enviable position of being the last of the three finalists to interview for the job. On Wednesday, the Dolphins talked to both interim head coach Bowles and Green Bay offensive coordinator Philbin for a second time.

McCoy will get the chance to the leave the lasting impression on owner Steven Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland.

Philbin, meanwhile, got an endorsement for his Dolphins candidacy from current Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy.

“I think he would make an excellent head coach,” McCarthy told Green Bay media. “I’ve said that before.”

Philbin has been with Green Bay since 2003 and has been offensive coordinator since 2007, although McCarthy calls plays. The Packers have ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in yardage each of the past five seasons, including third in 2011.

As Philbin, McCoy and Bowles compete for the job interviews, there is starting to be behind-the-scenes lobbying for each candidate from parties partial to one or the other.

One source asked why the Dolphins would be so enamored with McCoy as to give him a second interview, noting that the Broncos started the season on a 1-4 slide and ended the season on a 1-4 slide. In fairness, the Broncos did win the AFC West title.

But even that title was getting shot down by sources partial to the other candidates.

One of those noted that the only reason the Broncos won the AFC West is because since-fired Dolphins coach Tony Sparano opted for a two-point conversation against the Broncos early in the fourth quarter of their October 23 game. The conversion failed, giving the Dolphins a 12-0 lead instead of a 13-0 or 14-0 lead.

Had Sparano kicked the extra point, the Dolphins might have withstood a breakneck Denver comeback and still won the game 16-15 in regulation instead of losing 18-15 in overtime.

Interesting ...

That people close to the other candidates are bringing up these issues might also be a sign they believe McCoy might be Miami's leading candidate and he might need to be cut down a couple of rungs to even the playing field.


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Any of these finalists will bring us 5 SB's. They are all exactly what we need to turn around this team for good.

I find the line "a lasting impression on Ross and Ireland" laughable. All that really means is that Ross will ignore him because he's not a female celebrity and that Ireland will pick the least qualified candidate. It's such a circus. I've seen 8 year old birthday parties that are better organized.

I Guess the next "Shula" Will be a 2nd tier coach. Typical Ross/Ireland f@ck up IMHO.

Ireland sucks!

m i first....

This makes no sense Philbin does not make in game decisions which is why he is not qualified to be a head coach. He's not really a coordinator. McCarthy promoting Philbin to the media sounds a lot like Jimmy Johnson, when he gave Wannstedt his stamp of approval.
We all know that Wannstedt was not qualified to be an NFL coach.

It's soooooo sad. We literally have been reduced to watching old videos from the 70's/80's every weekend. It's gonna be a longggggg dry spell

So sucks to be a Dolphins fan right now... there is no light at the end of the tunnel as long as Ross is the owner of the team.

Philbin, McCoy and Bowles...

it's a no brainer and most of all, we were lied to as there will NEVER be a STAR HC in Miami so Philbin is the clear choice and I dont like any of them.

Pro, you are correct but sadly it's sooooo much worse than that. We are completely screwed. Tell everyone you know, don't buy tickets!!! It's the only power we have.

Boycott this nimrod until he sells. It's all we can do.

Matt Moore is a QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

Cluster $#%^!

Please sell the team Mr. Ross. You are way over your head.

Don't buy tix! Don't buy tix!!!!

ESPN's Adam Schefter said Wednesday that several people around the league believe Ross favors Philbin, whose offense finished No.1 in the NFL this season after winning the Super Bowl last year, while general manager Jeff Ireland favors McCoy, who has earned praise for the way he changed the Broncos' offense on the fly to suit Tim Tebow this season.

But then again, From I can surmise from the current brain trust running this circus, Beggers cant be chosey I Guess., Like I said yesterday, Hire Aloco as coach, His press conferance will be more understandable then a Sporono one, And he'd bring his brown lizard to games.

Doesn't sound promising in regards to his past results, but it's a new direction...hopefully the right one, but I'm not getting too excited over either candidate

Don't buy tix! Don't buy tix!!!!

Bleed ross dry! Don't buy tix!! Don't support the insanity!!!

I will give a bid to buy this team.

McCoy was a quarterbacks coach and Tebow can't throw the ball!!! Denver ran the ball 10,000 times against New England. Yeah, I'd hire him! He probably has a great fist pump!

Absolute joke!! At this point it really dosent matter who they hire. The damage has been done. We are now viewed as a league wide joke, like the drunk chic at the party, stay away. We are the red flag team of the league.

Yeah don't buy tickets...when you guys lose your franchise to another town you'll be regretting that...there are ENORMOUS amounts of Dolphin fans abroad that would DIE to have the chance to see games 8 times a yr no matter what state the franchise is in....don't take it for granted...a TRUE fan supports the team no matter what...


DO NOT believe that there will be ANY decision on the HC position made by Friday as Armando reported.

History repeats itself. Therefore history is predictable. If history is predictable, then it's preventable - and if it's preventable, then it cannot be an accident.

If you all recall how you were glued to this asylum for a week waiting for the FISHER decision. We were told it will be early Monday. We were told it will be made by Wednesday. No, Friday as blackhawks were hovering around Ross's mansion.


We shall all know when and if it happens. Those of you that wish to remain glued to the white padded room box in front of you. Please make an appointment with the good Dr.

Even Armando pulled the Dolphin curtains away last time as he was duped by his so called Insiders, those in the know, and all the rest of the BS the Dolphin's throw out as feed

Post @8:00 says that Schefter said Ross favors Philbin and Ireland favors McCoy, that right there should tell us that the right candidate is probably Bowles. History has shown us that anything these two idiots like or want is usually wrong for our team.

Really? He believes that?

Ross doesn’t want the next hot offensive coordinator to run the Dolphins as his signature hire.

“We can’t afford to take that gamble,” the source said. “The guy we hire to run this team won’t be learning on the job.”
- Armando S. writing in the 10/17/11 Herald


I wish they would use some creative notion and at least look at Chip Kelly (Oregan) or even others in the NFL (Chud). Gosh. SO pathetic!

I love Kellys' offense!!!


this mess has made us ALL crazy

Well, a HC, is better than none.

I say we sign Philbin as HC, and sign Flynn to compete with Moore. We have no $$'s invested in QB's so we should have plenty of $$

Let Solai walk, saves $12M right there.

Then we sign Grubbs OG from Baltimore. Bell OT from Buffalo, move him to RT

Sign Colston at WR, and maybe one DL to replace Solai

Draft Richardson at #8

Then pick BPA at OLB and Safety the rest of the draft

Moore or Flynn should be ok with time and weapons...

It's all about who's your QB. They make/break your coach. Mike McCarthy was a joke until Aaron Rogers showed up. Anyone of the 3 can win super bowls with a great QB.

I just have one word for this organization:

I aint likin' this McCoy feller!

hire PHILBIN....

I just realized that if Bowles doesn't get the job he will go down as the coach with the highest winning % in Dolphins history.

No fisher BS.......

Hire a proven winner....who NEEDS to win to cement his legacy

What is FUBAR?

FUBAR = #ucked up beyond all recognition

Ah yes, FUBAR, something like Armando writes in these Posts.

LOL. Watch it blow up in his face and they hire Philbin. I will laugh.

McCoy?? Seriously?? I would rather have Mike Zimmer.

This guy is hated by Bronco fans, learned under our favorite OC, Dan Henning, guy has no creativity, no strategy and is WAY too conservative.

Posted by: ALoco | January 17, 2012 at 06:42 PM

Still think this might be the post of the year.



Just like Daboll.. He was and probably is still hatted by the Browns fans as he sucked. So I'm sure Ross and THE SOUT Ireland will hire McCoy.

Did mccoy coach Moore the year moore finished the season 4-1? I think he did and maybe that's the reason he's front runner here. He knows moore.

Hey guys i hate tell you this i hope this guy get the job?


I don't know this guy from Adam.

If McCoy is hired the fans will mutiny. That will be it. No ticket sales this year. Ournew coach is credited w the offense going 1-4 and lodging the last three j. A row. Awesome. That IS Exactly who we would pick. A new young Shula? Shula never was a bad coach!

What's the big... I say, what's the big idea chasin' my worm? You're a cat, son. Cat's don't eat worms. You're takin' the food right outta my mouth! I don't go around chasin' mice!

Two half nothin's is a whole nothin'! And I know what I'm talkin' about and these here Dolphin cats who wanna be the coach are a whole nothin.

I'm out.

Enjoy folks.


It should be fascinating to be present at those interwiews, what they would ask, like,"have you ever hired a hooker", "if there were 2 min left to play, would you hand the ball to Tom Brady, or onside kick", etc.

This search for a HC is a tempest in a teapot!

The only issue that matters is-
Who will be the QB?

@Hatfield LMAO Feller!! Regarding the HC search two words Cam Cameron and how'd that work out for us?

Mr Ross.

Over here in England there is rumour of a NFL franchise moving here.Please sell the Dolphins to London and then hop upon the USS Titanic from New York to Southampton to seal the deal.pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

If McCoy is hired the fans will mutiny.

Posted by: Finfan23 | January 18, 2012 at 08:42 PM

And I will be one of the first.

Mike McCoy is the man. Want a young Shula? Well, the first criterion must be someone young, right?

You can just tell McCoy has the "it" factor. He's got that intangible charisma that guys like Wade Phillips, Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, and Norv Turner don't.

Iconic coaches have that "it" factor. You can just look at guys like Shula, Landry, Belichick, JJ, and Bear Bryant and see "it."

Mando will end up loving McCoy. Great pick.

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