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McCoy believes himself the leading candidate

Mike McCoy is scheduled to interview with the Dolphins on Thursday, the last of the three second-round interviews the team is conducting as it tries to find a new head coach. But this one might be more significant than the other two in that McCoy tangibly believes the job is his to lose.

Acccording to a source, McCoy considers himself the front-runner in the Miami job and is so confident of this status, he took his name out of consideration for the vacant Oakland Raiders job. McCoy was scheduled to interview for that Raiders opening in Denver on Wednesday but ultimately declined.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the Raiders were not thrilled with the apparent snub but were made to understand that McCoy believes himself the front-runner in Miami and he didn't want to do anything to hinder that status.

Both Todd Bowles and Joe Philbin, Miami's other two finalists, are also on the radar for head coach jobs with other teams but have not removed their names from the running of any potential opportunity.

It is unclear if McCoy was led to believe he is the front-runner by the Dolphins. The Dolphins are not commenting to the extent they declined to even confirm which candidates are being interviewed in the second round. The club did confirm completed interviews during the first-round of interviews.

The team did tell both Bowles and Philbin that today's interviews "went great," according to sources. The club is clearly not showing its cards.

McCoy has the enviable position of being the last of the three finalists to interview for the job. On Wednesday, the Dolphins talked to both interim head coach Bowles and Green Bay offensive coordinator Philbin for a second time.

McCoy will get the chance to the leave the lasting impression on owner Steven Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland.

Philbin, meanwhile, got an endorsement for his Dolphins candidacy from current Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy.

“I think he would make an excellent head coach,” McCarthy told Green Bay media. “I’ve said that before.”

Philbin has been with Green Bay since 2003 and has been offensive coordinator since 2007, although McCarthy calls plays. The Packers have ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in yardage each of the past five seasons, including third in 2011.

As Philbin, McCoy and Bowles compete for the job interviews, there is starting to be behind-the-scenes lobbying for each candidate from parties partial to one or the other.

One source asked why the Dolphins would be so enamored with McCoy as to give him a second interview, noting that the Broncos started the season on a 1-4 slide and ended the season on a 1-4 slide. In fairness, the Broncos did win the AFC West title.

But even that title was getting shot down by sources partial to the other candidates.

One of those noted that the only reason the Broncos won the AFC West is because since-fired Dolphins coach Tony Sparano opted for a two-point conversation against the Broncos early in the fourth quarter of their October 23 game. The conversion failed, giving the Dolphins a 12-0 lead instead of a 13-0 or 14-0 lead.

Had Sparano kicked the extra point, the Dolphins might have withstood a breakneck Denver comeback and still won the game 16-15 in regulation instead of losing 18-15 in overtime.

Interesting ...

That people close to the other candidates are bringing up these issues might also be a sign they believe McCoy might be Miami's leading candidate and he might need to be cut down a couple of rungs to even the playing field.


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ESPN's Adam Schefter said Wednesday that several people around the league believe Ross favors Philbin, whose offense finished No.1 in the NFL this season after winning the Super Bowl last year, while general manager Jeff Ireland favors McCoy.

Posted by:T | January 18, 2012 at 08:00 PM

Let me get this straight..Ireland prefers McMCoy??? That settles it, pick Philbin.

Ryan said the same thing about shotty because he didn't want him in NY anymore. Maybe that's why Mcarthy is saying he'll make a great coach. To get rid of him.

Why should you mutiny? Nobody knows what this guy can do as HC. And Ross certainly came close with his aim last year. Not me, Pals.

Lets be honest guys,Bowles,Philbin or McCoy as a head coach?Do they really want to kiss Ross's backside that much?

McCoy IS the only young candidate.

Who knows- maybe he IS the next Shula. If he's picked we'll just have to give him a chance.

Giving up the Dolphins would be like giving up women. IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!

I was born and raised in Miami. Back in the Griese days with the big Zonk, Kick and Morris. I too would like the Fins to win, say their first 7 and have hope of the play-offs. It used to be that way for years, Miami was the team to beat, and the team to win the AFC east. But these post I read from most of you are abserd. Give the front office a chance and see what happens. Look what happened when Parcels came on board. All post were, The trifecta we trust. What did that get us, NOTHING. Give a young coach a chance to turn this thing around. You know your going to. So quit your bit#hen. You will watch them, you will buy tickets, and you will buy Dolphin products. Why? because your a true fan. The rest of you get the #ell off here.

As painful as it is, go DOLPHINS.

Pick Philbin.

I would of prefered Philbin but in all honesty neither one of these guys would of been on my list. I still don't understand why we didn't interview Carmichael. Don't understand why we didn't interview Fagano a few weeks ago when we had a chance. I would of loved to see Ross interview a young, hungry college coach like Chip Kelly. Even Jay Gruden. Whatever. I also thought Nick Saban would make the Dolphins a contender. I was wrong and I'm not afraid to admit it. So we'll see I guess.

Master Belicheat is laughing his asss off.

I have an interesting opinion about all this. Trouble is, nobody would find it interesting, just like nobody finds interesting anyone else's spout and babble here.

It's funny how hard some of you try to sound informed or knowledgeable, when in fact you all know less than nothing.

Finally someone who wants to be our coach!!!

We are all going to die before we ever see our beloved Dolphins in the Super Bowl again.


Who cares what McCpy believes...

Armando...you believed this franchise was SUNK without Fisher......

And Ireland likes MCCoy best why? Because he's the weakest out of the 3 so he can walk all over him? When Miami sucks again, he can try to hang it around the next guy? For God sakes hire a football president that's impartial and let him pick the people. Ross is Bozo and Ireland is Cookie

Cookie or KOOKY?

To "Steve"

Goodell will never allow the Dolphins to go anywhere, especially with his obsession to go international. The Dolphins are the most widely known team overseas, it is true; and Goodell, and the rest of the onwers, will not allow it to happen.

So fans go ahead and do not buy tix nor merchandise if this clown hires McCoy, besides I doubt another city would welcome such atrocious owner anyway.

Cookie man! You didn't watch Bozo growing up? Lol

Really wish that Jay Gruden was interested.
Just sayin...

I just googled it-

Bozo and Cookie- a pair of CLOWNS!

to finsfan72:

Since when being young equates to a young Shula? Shula already had coached the heavy weight Baltimore Colts to a Super Bowl but lost. How does that in any shape or form is similar to McCoy's accomplishments?

I can tell you unequivocally that McCoy is the worst selection this search committee could have found. I lived in Charlotte and know this guy. Anything close to John Fox is kryptonite. McCoy was Dan Henning's boy, you still remember that douche, don't you? McCoy ran the worst offense in football the 18 games prior to Tebow, who they reluctantly had to play due to enormous fan pressure.

But who are we kidding this is Ross' team, as much as I can not blame Ireland for a lot of the misguided choices this team makes because he is a yes man to his owner's wishes, he is too responsible for being a coward, useless GM whose real input means nothing to Ross apparently. So ESPN says Ireland's preference is McCoy? Do not believe that for a second, that'a smoke screen, that is why Ross loves Ireland unconditionally, he counts on Ireland to be the fall guy and you know what a bunch of people have bought it.

Of the 3 stooges, we have only 2 in Miami because the third didn´t want to come to the dolphins¡¡¡¡

We are all going to die before we ever see our beloved Dolphins in the Super Bowl again.
Posted by:Felix
January 18, 2012 at 09:08 PM
I'm afraid this is looking more like the case every day! Lol.

It's a farce how bad this team has been managed for the past dozen years.

Scroll, next page and scroll. Yep, the same thing...

The circus stays in town with thehead clown Ireland.


I'm not that enthused about McCoy. And any association with Henning is a definite negative. I just would rather hope for the best since I'm not getting a vote in this. None of the 3 finalists give me wood.

I was a young Fins fan when Shula came over from the Colts and took the Fins to the Super Bowl 3 times in a row. There will never be another Shula. I just hope McCoy is half the coach Shula was if Ross hires him.

Is Todd Bowles that bad? A coach who had his players playing hard except for the third quarter of the New England game? Unless anyone of us has actually interviewed anyone of these guys we can only assume who is good or bad. But from the same distance of t.v and the stands, you can see that a team that started 1-7 and had their coach fired did not quit. Bowles had the Dolphins playing hard and well for the most part. Emotion and a weak Buffalo team could have contributed to that win, but the other performances were very solid and the players seem to respect the guy. Change for change's sake is not always right. If not here, watch Bowles be the next Rex Ryan/Mike Tomlin and win somewhere else.

This coaching search has more conspiracy theories than the JFK assassination

Let's vote for the most worthwhile blogger. That person that enhances the blog with objective insight and knowledge.

I vote for nobody.




Why is McCoy so confident? Because he has learned to speak the "language" of Ross/Ireland. His interview will be short and go something like this:

Ireland: "What is the most important position on any professional football team?"
McCoy: "Right Guard!"

Ireland: "How long does it take for a superious GM to build a championship team?"
McCoy: "Fifteen Years!"

Ireland (eye shining): "Who would you use the Franchise Tag on?"
McCoy: "Columbo!"

Ireland (becoming excited): "What is a field goal worth?"
McCoy: "Two fist pumps!"

Ireland and Ross look at each other. Ross nodds and Ireland asks: "Is your mother...."
McCoy (interupting): "Yes!"

Ireland and Ross together: "We just found the young Don Shula! You're hired!!!!"

Of course, the real interview will actually be much worse. Lol

Bowles does have the same demeanor as Steelers coach Tomlin.

Hard to say how he'd do.

The coach doesn't matter nearly as much as the QB, unless he's a super genius or a complete idiot.

post by SIGH is hysterical!! and sad but so true!

Here is a profound idea: " ".

I believe they should choose the coach that will get us a SB victory. I'm curious who agrees or disagrees, lets open it for debate.

It doesn't matter who the Fins pick for HC the WORLD IS GOING TO END 12/21/2012. I hope for a good SB it may be our last.

Will the real young Don Shula please stand up...

mccoy does nothing for us. denver was awful. this has to be a joke, when will we wake up from this nightmare

As a Miami fan since 1969 when I was 8, I wish nothing but the best for the team. Teams do go through rough years and the good years will come back around for the Dolphins.

McCoy is the man! Perfect fit for us. Marshall and Moore both thrived with him. He is young, 39 years old. He has called the plays and run different offenses with mediocre talent and those teams have made the playoffs. Now he will have more weapons. If you actually take a minute to learn about him before you just blindedly judge him negatively , like most of the idiots posting here, he is a carbon copy of Sean Payton and his career. Let's find him the franchise QB next and this guy will take off just like Payton. McCoy is our guy!

moore thrived with him, moore has never thrived anywhere

Mr. Ross,

I know you read this column and probably chuckle almost to death when you see all the spew against you b/c you don't care. I'd love to be you.

But anyway here is what I think you should do, and if I know you well you may consider this scenario:

Trade 1st picks with Denver and get Tebow.

Can you imagine the media bonanza this would generate? I know you live for that.
Just picture Tebow and BFF LeBron taking pics together playing in the same town. The Hate-O-Meter would be off the charts!!!!

Skip Bayless and ESPN will relocate their offices to Miami, forget SOPA and PIPA, youtube and Twitter's servers will crash in minutes LOL.

And if Timmy does not pan out at QB he can always be a FB or better yet a TE.


Toss Ross

McCoy is the one. Philbin doesn't call plays. Bowles coached this secondary and no longer has Nolan... when Nolan was there I thought Bowles was the choice of the three. Now, not so much. I know jack squat about McCoy except that he is young and looks a little like Chucky. What the heck. They're going to suck monkey ballz anyway so might as well take the gamble and see what he can do. Maybe we will all be surprised.

If not McCoy, then Bowles. Philbin looks like Larry Coker's Uncle Fester. I just can't do it.

and quit lying, hes been denvers ocord for 3 years, they finished 18, 29, and 25th in scoring. have always been awful

This coach search is a joke...you hear that Ross and Ireland...you are a pair of clowns. Of course you won't read this...that's because Ross and Ireland wouldn't read anything thats worth while.

ireland is the dumbest gm in the nfl and ross is legally retarded in state of florida


"McCoy is carbon copy of Sean Payton". Based on your statement you must get your facts from Fox News.

Thank you Steve! I happen to be one of those faithful Phin fans. I live in NC and have never gotten to attent a home game. Being from the Charlotte area, I know how a local fan base can take their team for granted through rough times. My dad was a fan since '71 and I grew up loving this team and still do. It would kill me and my dad if the franchise were to fold up and possibly move.

If San Fran winds up meeting the Ravens it will be called "The SuperBaugh"

well phinfan that might just be what ross wants to happen. the stadium will be empty next year and with many blackouts this thing could get ugly

Very interesting video of Philbin talking football with Bilick:


I look at that video and listen to Philbin and I cannot question the fact that he would instantly make Matt Moore a better quarterback.

I hope whomever is hired turns out to be great, but the three guys just don't look to be great choices. If Mr. Ross is looking for a young Don Shula, then he should have looked for someone who not only was young but had been an NFL HC who has already played in a Super Bowl as Mr. Shula has already done when hired by the Phins.

I agree with all the posters, all excellent points.

Don Shula was once in a lifetime.

Tiger Sam,
Sure is. Take a look at who Sean Payton was before the Saints gave him his opportunity. He was a young offensive coordinator / passing game coordinator for the Giants and Cowboys. Sounds pretty familiar to me with McCoy. And oh yeah, the Broncos and Panthers suck, so McCoy sucks right? Jake Delhomme and Tim Tebow made the Pro Bowl. Give the guy a chance, now he gets to work with more talent.

I have an image of the 2 of them sitting in a room... and each one is saying how well the interviews went and each is privately thinking "holy @#$% how did this happen".

There are no unemployed "Don Shula" type coaches out there.

There are no "franchise" QBs available in FA.

It takes a smart front office (like Pittsburgh's) to hire a good young coach and draft a good young quarterback.

Talent has to be developed in the NFL. You can't just buy the best. All owners have boatloads of money.

And no, Ross is not cheap.

AS Jay Glazer told me, "He doesn't know what he doesn't know about the NFL."

He's not an idiot really, just a novice NFL owner.

Philbin too soft to manage a bunch of ego maniacs.

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