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McCoy believes himself the leading candidate

Mike McCoy is scheduled to interview with the Dolphins on Thursday, the last of the three second-round interviews the team is conducting as it tries to find a new head coach. But this one might be more significant than the other two in that McCoy tangibly believes the job is his to lose.

Acccording to a source, McCoy considers himself the front-runner in the Miami job and is so confident of this status, he took his name out of consideration for the vacant Oakland Raiders job. McCoy was scheduled to interview for that Raiders opening in Denver on Wednesday but ultimately declined.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the Raiders were not thrilled with the apparent snub but were made to understand that McCoy believes himself the front-runner in Miami and he didn't want to do anything to hinder that status.

Both Todd Bowles and Joe Philbin, Miami's other two finalists, are also on the radar for head coach jobs with other teams but have not removed their names from the running of any potential opportunity.

It is unclear if McCoy was led to believe he is the front-runner by the Dolphins. The Dolphins are not commenting to the extent they declined to even confirm which candidates are being interviewed in the second round. The club did confirm completed interviews during the first-round of interviews.

The team did tell both Bowles and Philbin that today's interviews "went great," according to sources. The club is clearly not showing its cards.

McCoy has the enviable position of being the last of the three finalists to interview for the job. On Wednesday, the Dolphins talked to both interim head coach Bowles and Green Bay offensive coordinator Philbin for a second time.

McCoy will get the chance to the leave the lasting impression on owner Steven Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland.

Philbin, meanwhile, got an endorsement for his Dolphins candidacy from current Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy.

“I think he would make an excellent head coach,” McCarthy told Green Bay media. “I’ve said that before.”

Philbin has been with Green Bay since 2003 and has been offensive coordinator since 2007, although McCarthy calls plays. The Packers have ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in yardage each of the past five seasons, including third in 2011.

As Philbin, McCoy and Bowles compete for the job interviews, there is starting to be behind-the-scenes lobbying for each candidate from parties partial to one or the other.

One source asked why the Dolphins would be so enamored with McCoy as to give him a second interview, noting that the Broncos started the season on a 1-4 slide and ended the season on a 1-4 slide. In fairness, the Broncos did win the AFC West title.

But even that title was getting shot down by sources partial to the other candidates.

One of those noted that the only reason the Broncos won the AFC West is because since-fired Dolphins coach Tony Sparano opted for a two-point conversation against the Broncos early in the fourth quarter of their October 23 game. The conversion failed, giving the Dolphins a 12-0 lead instead of a 13-0 or 14-0 lead.

Had Sparano kicked the extra point, the Dolphins might have withstood a breakneck Denver comeback and still won the game 16-15 in regulation instead of losing 18-15 in overtime.

Interesting ...

That people close to the other candidates are bringing up these issues might also be a sign they believe McCoy might be Miami's leading candidate and he might need to be cut down a couple of rungs to even the playing field.


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I don't see that anywhere on NFL.com or anything.

You're right ozkar....Tomlin sucks; LOL. First of all, it's just one example, and IMO a good one. Secondly, I'm not talking about the personnel dept or who's players are whom's...I'm talking about coaching ability.

And my point primarily being that there are numerous examples of assistants and coordinators that were lacking and basically no named assistant before becoming HCs of their prospective teams and look at them now.

Conversely, you have a lot of "superstar" coordinators who seem like great and logical picks to take their coaching skills to the next level and they fall flat....a few names off the top of my head come to mind:

Dick LeBeau
Wade Philips
Dave "the stache" Wannstedt
Cam Cameron
Norv Turner

And the list could go on and on.

Point being, we as fans really know absolutely nothing about this.

Sad that We've ha three out of those five!

Another fine example of a, for the most part, lackluster assistant becoming a very good HC....Mike McCarthy. Yeah, everyone knows his name NOW...but...

Before McCarthy became HC of the Packers, he had OC stints with both New Orleans and San Fransisco. Prior to his OC gigs, he was quality control assistant and QB coach.

As OC, he had one pretty darned good season in New Orleans in 2000 where he boasted the leagues 9th ranked overall offense. But from then on....nothing much to write home about.

The remainder of his stint in New Orleans '01-'04 he boasted the leagues 23rd, 17th, 13th, and 12th overall offenses respectively. OK...'03 and '04 weren't horrible...just average.

He moved on to his sole season with San Fransisco and boasted the leagues 27th ranked offense. He was hired as HC of the Packers the following year.

So again, I'm sure posters on this blog, had Miami interviewed him.....it would have gone something like; "who's this 3rd tiere guy I've never heard of?" "What....he's supposed to be an offensive minded guy and boasted one of the leagues worth offenses?" "OMG....this is crazy, the sky is falling and we're the laughing stock of the league for interviewing this nobody."

Sounds about right!

Can we get Tony Sparano back?

Ozkar - maybe we get lucky with one of these "3rd tiere" nobodies. Personally, I'm somewhat glad that the Phins are taking a different approach....even if it was forced upon them.

As others have said, perhaps the loss of Fisher was a blessing in disguise. I for one am dissapointed....but I'm not going to, for one second, pretend I know how any of these "nobodies" are going to work out.

OK...gotta run. Quick board meeting and then I have to get up to the capital for the legislative session.

Gotta see where this new Governor and ridiculous legislature are going to spend their money (that they don't have).

wolfman, u speaks as if you have a job

As long as Ross is the owner I see no improvement for this team. He has not shown me anything that leads me to believe he knows hot to run a football team. That being said as a Dolphin fan since I was a kid starting in the WoodStrock era, if McCoy is hires from Denver and the Dolphins trade for Tebow I will find a new team to support. I can see Ross getting that guy to coach, trading for Tebow from Denver which would take the heat off of Elway but more importantly sell tickets in Miami as that hype came to S. Florida. Ross has repeatedly said he wants hype, a specticle, an event atmosphere and nothing would do that more at this point then the nightmare I just mentioned. Let's hope that does not happen.

I don't think it's going to make much difference who we hire as coach. So long as the players play hard for him and he knows how to manage the clock, unlike Sparano, we're fine. The important decisions this off-season, like it or not, will be made by Ireland. So we better all get on our knees and pray we were wrong about the guy. Gulp!

That's what crossed my mind when I read about McCoy's head coaching possibility.
Going after dante bum culpepper and overlooking Drew Brees has las an ever lasting shitty taste in mouth.So I would understand Scott!

Best case scenario:

1. Matt Flynn goes to Redskins
2. Trade up for RGIII
3. Todd Bowles hc
4. Tommy Streeter wr UM

Redskins maybe the greatest competition in a trade up for Griffin. Skins signing Flynn solves this. Plus, Griffin seemingly has far more NFL upside.

Obviously, it costs at least our second rounder for Griffin. With the 3rd rd pick take UM's 6'5 215lbs wr Tommy Streeter. He's a projected 3rd rd'er.

Last, but not least, of the 3 hc candidates remaining I believe Todd Bowles would be the most successful and most calming influence for a franchise filled with "caos". No need to comment further.


I know, I know, none of these things are likely to happen. Anything making sense seems to have no place with the present Miami Dolphins organization.


..To jump on the McCarthy theam. He wasn't exactly loved by Packer fans until the end of last season.(Hard not to appreciate a Super Bowl). Even last season Packer fans had a distate for McCarthy. Poor time management, poor instant review timing, poor playcalling, anything you could say about a coach..The Packer fan had said it. If you don't believe me go back and read some of the stuff fans were saying after the NFC Championship game with the Giants..During the whole 2010 season that ended with that loss to Arizona...Or check out what fans were saying last year...

The point is..We fans are fickle. It is our right to be. This isn't our job, nor do we have any of the information, or ability to really understand the true ins and outs of coaching a pro football team...Why wouldn't the fans complain when the team keeps coming up short?

McCarthy was far from perfect. He has come into is own. Perhaps he was always pretty good. The point is. If the coach is McCoy, or Philbin, or Bowles..Relax for a second before claiming the world is coming to an end. I get it that it is hard to belive in Ireland. He probably orders his steaks well done, and has proven he can't be trusted. Maybe this time he gets lucky..and we do find the right guy.

RG3 = Pat White


Tommy Streeter*, WR, Miami
Height: 6-5. Weight: 215.
Projected 40 Time: 4.52.
Projected Round (2012): 2-3.

12/12/11: In his first season of playing time, the junior Streeter was a source of big plays. He is a tall, lanky wide receiver who has the speed to stretch the field. In 2011, Streeter caught 46 passes for 811 yards and eight touchdowns. He is an excellent red-zone weapon due to his height and leaping ability. Streeter is raw and needs a lot of work as a route-runner. His draft stock probably could have been enhanced if he returned to Miami for his senior season before going pro, but Streeter declared and hired an agent, so there is no turning back.

FinBoston I totally agree they should def look at chip kelly, chud or basically anybody besides the three finalists they have.

i have a feeling we are going to get McCoy and then we will start have to think of a saying like Suck for Luck but this time with Barkley

With this hiring it will be official - The Dolphins an irrelevant franchise. Nice job Ross.

UM wr Tommy Streeter could be available when we draft 3rd rd. Yes, he may need work as a route runner, but at 6'5 215lbs and a great leaper. He will be an instant "legit" red zone threat.

Last time I saw nearly the same scouting report on a tall UM reciever. It was a little-known TE named:


BTW, he was also a 3rd rd UM reciever we missed out on. We thought John Jerry was the far better pick.


I'd rather offer our 1st pick for Tim Tebow then take a chance on RG3.

When you have grown in Excellence, is very difficult to get used to anything else, DD.

On second thought, Philbin brings a W C O. to Miami. Can and more importantly, has it ever beat NE?

Mike McCoy is a awful pick as head coach. Only the Dolphins could pick the worst candidate out of the three. More years of mediocrity to follow. God, this really is depressing. These ownership group is so moronic. McCoy! God help us.

You'll need at least 7-8 All-Pros on your defense to win a SB with Tim Tebow. I love him in close games, but he totally sucks in a shootout.

YG, Some team will reach on Streeter before the second round once he goes through combine and his speed is a legit 4.4. And it will take much more to trade up to select RG3. FAce it were stuck in medicracy forever. Were the new Cleaveland Browns, Detroit Lions etc

Whew....quickest meeting ever! Thank God, sometimes those things can just go on and on with absolutely nothing accomplished. Often I leave the board room wondering what was actually discussed and what was so important that we needed to spend 2-3 hours talking about.

At anyrate, off to the legislature to hear about all of the different ways that we'll be screwed this year...and how those ways will be different than the previous ways. But hey....at least we'll have a Spaceport...you know, for all of those commercial spaceflights people are taking these days. Seems to be the one thing that this Democratic Legislature and Republican Governor can agree on....we must be on the cutting edge of commercial spaceflight....OMG!

Perhaps in 50-100 years everyone will look back and say we were ahead of our time....but somehow I doubt it. But what do I know, I don't understand half of what these idiots are talking about...mostly incoherrent jibber jabber....but the boss man insists that I go.

I'd much rather read incoherent jibber jabber on this blog....at least it's entertaining and has no real or tangible impact on my future.

So again, I'm sure posters on this blog, had Miami interviewed him.....it would have gone something like; "who's this 3rd tiere guy I've never heard of?" "What....he's supposed to be an offensive minded guy and boasted one of the leagues worth offenses?" "OMG....this is crazy, the sky is falling and we're the laughing stock of the league for interviewing this nobody."
Sounds about right!

Posted by: wolfman13 | January 19, 2012 at 11:48 AM


Nice post. You went in depth on some details there and make an exceptional point.

Anyone can make any number of arguments in McCarthy's case(or anyone's for that matter). Such as, extenuating circumstances, personal matters, overall level of talent on prior teams, no defense, etc, etc.

The problem I'm having though, is outside of Philbin, you can't really point to any distinguishing moments in their careers.

Unlike McCarthy, McCoy has a dismal body of work, with no indications that he would/will be anything but average at best. His big claim to fame is riding TeBow and the 27th(?)ranked offense to an AFC West title?

The same goes for Bowles. He's been a Defensive Backs Coach here. Meaning he's Coached our teams biggest weakness of the past four years.

Philbin you could make a better argument for. But in all reality, he's rode along under the tutelage of an OC that did successfully become a Head Coach. Not only did McCarthy call the plays, he provided a security blanket for Philbin. I mean under McCarthy, how could Philbin fail?

Not to take anything away from your post, I think it's a good and valid observation/statement. In general principle and theory, it's right on the money.

However, in the cases of McCoy, Bowles(and Philbin maybe to a lesser degree), I just don't believe it applies.

Compared to the road McCarthy took to a Head Coaching Job, our final 3 canidates have yet to even begin blazing a trail(IMHO).

Wolfman -- Ask them if there's a chance we'll have the NFL on the moon. The OSFL (outer Space Football League).

Im torn between Philbin and McCoy because Philbin brings the GB style offense and Matt Flynn. McCoy is more of a HC especially because he knows how to run an offensive unit and I like the fact that he made Tebow look better than he really is(imagine what he'd do with RG3). I think McCoy's the better offensive coach but philbin seems like a complete miss or hit type of coach. Im glad I dont have to make the choice because another bad decision(Mike Tomlin, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees)could turn the city of Miami upside down.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/01/mccoy-believes-himself-the-leading-candidate.html#storylink=cpy

Honestly guys, I'm so past being stressed out over this I can't even tell you.

I don't even care who they pick at this point. You know it will be the wrong person.

I think a big issue that could be going on is the Irland/Peterson situation. How can a Front Office function with 2 guys trying to push their opinions? It's just not healthy, and I imagine there might be some heated debates going on. One of them needs to be out of the picture.

Ross just has this really expensive toy that he has no idea what to do with or how to work it correctly

Ohio, Imagine owning the Miami Dolphins as a side gig. Thats how Ross looks as it.

I wish we can morgage our whole draft to get Luck thats sounds like a good deal to me. Possible 5 extra draft picks

I don't get all the RG3 doubters.

To call RG3 the next Pat White is just ridiculous!
Pat White? Really?

The reason RG3 came from obscurity to the Heisman in 1 season is because he showed AMAZING talent.

He's not an athlete playing QB like Pat White was. He has amazing accuracy on deep throws, a cannon for an arm and oh, by the way, he's also a track star.

I would take him over Andrew Luck without question. His upside is way higher.

RG3 = Pat White? Get a clue!

What I think is important is that 8th or 9th pick. There is THREE stub DE/OLB that can book end Wake for several years. We need to hit on this one and everything else will fall in place

Tony Dungy has went on record saying RGIII should be the First QB taken in this years draft.

Mike Holmgren has always said he likes to draft a QB every year. He has two first round picks this year.

I think it's safe to say Shanahan would do almost anything to get a shot at Luck or Griffen.

With Fisher's situation I don't see him trying to get a QB. A nice weapon for the QB he does have, seems a lot more likely. Justin Blackmon anyone?

Fear NOT Phin Fans, plenty of Acorns to be FOUND later-LOL.

You know, after we find a Head Coach, a Defensive Coordinator, a Defensive backs Coach. Heck, depending on how big of a SPLASH Stevie and Jeffy make with this new Head Coach, we might even go out and get us a NEW Offensive Coordinator as well.

We're not COMPLETELY rebuilding though, nosiree bob. We're just UPGRADING!

I live in Denver. Why would we want McCoy? I watched every Broncos game this year and their offense sucks. Almost any team can lead the league in rushing when you rush the ball 80% of your plays. I guess if he's sure he's going to trade up for RGIII I can sort of understand since he has experience with a scrambling QB. Otherwise no way freaking way. Just go with Philbin or Bowles please!

We need to dump Ireland and Peterson and look at bring in the Polians to turn our organization back around. The Dolphins lack any credibility and respect as long as Ireland and Peterson ae inthe fold. The Polian's would give that back to us which would b a huge start.


That's so carzy it just might work.

We can't get rid of Ross, but we can get rid of the last vestiges of the Parcell's fallacy in Miami!

We need to start at the top and rebuild from there. Full speed and top down.

Start with canning Ireland, and banning Peterson from team headquarters. Hire the Polian's and have them bring Peyton along.

If Manning's not healthy enough to play, he'd still be a better Head Coach than McCoy, Philbin or Bowles!

PS: Irsay WILL NOT sink this high of a pick and money into a guy only to have him sit behind Manning for the next 2 to 3 years.


The only thing that the Polians did was lose enough games to get Payton Manning at #1. Elite QB's make you look good.

Agreed Odin-

Peyton Manning is through in Indy. I'd take him as QB (if healthy), HC or even player-coach.

NO WAY Luck sits on the bench.

I think we need Ben Edwards to buy the team and hire coach Molly McGrath!!

Make a path for coach McGrath!!!

The only thing the Polians did was lose enough games?

I thought they traded Marshall Faulk and moved onto Edgerin James?

I thought they found Sweeny, Dallas Clark, Garcon, Waynne and Bob Sanders.

I'm sure they suck and only know how to lose.

Yeah, it's probably best to Stick with Ireland's Acorns!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight ACORNS!!!!

they did more than that, they made the seemless transition of #1 WR Harrison to #1 Wayne. they transitioned from James to Addai. consistantly surrounded Manning with talent....its been more than just picking manning after losing. how well did we do in picking talent after losing? look at there number 1 picks since 1996 Harrison, Manning, Wayne, James, Freeney, Addai, Gonzales.... all starters, most pro-bowlers and a few possible HOF'ers. and by the same token look at ours during that time Gardner, Fletcher, Avery, Brown, Allen, Ginn....not quite the same caliber

Ireland, Ross, and the Dolphins are utter garbage.

If Manning gets physical clearance.....Luck sits like Rodgers did. No big deal.

I'm still holding out hope that Manning is fine, and that Luck's dad ends up being like Archie and demands that his son plays somewhere else. Then we can swoop in and trade whatever it takes. That's our only hope of landing him, and I give that at least a solid .001% chance of that happening and the Fins getting Luck. Oh well I can dream.


not so sure 29 million i a lot to pay a guy you are planning on transitioning from. they have already had a losing season so going with luck could be no worse. and look how the young QB's (Stafford, Dalton, Newton, Locker) in the league are fairing. ...But really Manning is not the point here, its changing the league perception of the organization by changing the front office, so we can attract better coaches, so we can attract free agents, and we can manage our drafts better. its all about direction and right now our direction is wrong.....

UPDATE: Miami still sucks. Stay tuned...

Posted by: AndyNJ | January 19, 2012 at 11:13 AM

Andy, this alone makes me like McCoy - seems like he's got awareness or at least more sense than we've seen in a while out of our HC.

raiders mgmt may well be thinking they were smart in trying to talk to him, and he had the sense to say no.

Plus, as others have said, this is a complete crapshoot - what else do we have to go by?

Stephen Ross will be buying a BOATLOAD of his own tickets next year....

DC Dolfan--

I really enjoyed our erotic shower together yesterday. I hope that you will come over to the chapel tonight and visit me in the rectory.

No one wants to run this train wreck! Even Mr. Nolan ran away.

Keeping Ireland ensures us of getting a 3rd tier coach and more pathetic seasons.

Wooohoooo! Break time. Just been catching up on the last couple hours or so.

In RE to Manning....I think it's a bit different from the Favre/Rodgers situation. Namely, Favre wasn't hurt....they just knew he'd be retiring soon (or so they thought).

Also, the Packers weren't completely overhauling they're entire structure when they acquired Rodgers. Indy looks to be doing just that. It's not just the QB we're talking about....Irsay looks to be flushing the past and moving onto the future in all avenues. Ergo, the Polian/Dungy/Manning era comes to a complete close.

Idiots. Keep blaming McCoy for the offenses lack of production. Dont worry about the fact that he had a rb at the qb position who graded out as the worst qb in the league this season. A QB who needs a special game plan installed mid way through the season because he wasn't able to run a regular offense. The guy got the Broncos to the playoffs by completely changing the entire playbook midseason to accomodate a qb that can't throw a ball consistently. Tebow wasn't their saviour this season, it was Prater, the defense, and McCoy. That is the prevailing opinion around the NFL and that is why teams are interested in McCoy.

Yeah,Ross will be buying a boatload of his own tickets. That is unless the Dolphins go on a winning streak, at that point all of you bandwagon fans will be clamoring to buy scalped tickets. Here's to hoping the Phins do well and you get ripped off on nose bleed seats!

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