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McCoy believes himself the leading candidate

Mike McCoy is scheduled to interview with the Dolphins on Thursday, the last of the three second-round interviews the team is conducting as it tries to find a new head coach. But this one might be more significant than the other two in that McCoy tangibly believes the job is his to lose.

Acccording to a source, McCoy considers himself the front-runner in the Miami job and is so confident of this status, he took his name out of consideration for the vacant Oakland Raiders job. McCoy was scheduled to interview for that Raiders opening in Denver on Wednesday but ultimately declined.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the Raiders were not thrilled with the apparent snub but were made to understand that McCoy believes himself the front-runner in Miami and he didn't want to do anything to hinder that status.

Both Todd Bowles and Joe Philbin, Miami's other two finalists, are also on the radar for head coach jobs with other teams but have not removed their names from the running of any potential opportunity.

It is unclear if McCoy was led to believe he is the front-runner by the Dolphins. The Dolphins are not commenting to the extent they declined to even confirm which candidates are being interviewed in the second round. The club did confirm completed interviews during the first-round of interviews.

The team did tell both Bowles and Philbin that today's interviews "went great," according to sources. The club is clearly not showing its cards.

McCoy has the enviable position of being the last of the three finalists to interview for the job. On Wednesday, the Dolphins talked to both interim head coach Bowles and Green Bay offensive coordinator Philbin for a second time.

McCoy will get the chance to the leave the lasting impression on owner Steven Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland.

Philbin, meanwhile, got an endorsement for his Dolphins candidacy from current Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy.

“I think he would make an excellent head coach,” McCarthy told Green Bay media. “I’ve said that before.”

Philbin has been with Green Bay since 2003 and has been offensive coordinator since 2007, although McCarthy calls plays. The Packers have ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in yardage each of the past five seasons, including third in 2011.

As Philbin, McCoy and Bowles compete for the job interviews, there is starting to be behind-the-scenes lobbying for each candidate from parties partial to one or the other.

One source asked why the Dolphins would be so enamored with McCoy as to give him a second interview, noting that the Broncos started the season on a 1-4 slide and ended the season on a 1-4 slide. In fairness, the Broncos did win the AFC West title.

But even that title was getting shot down by sources partial to the other candidates.

One of those noted that the only reason the Broncos won the AFC West is because since-fired Dolphins coach Tony Sparano opted for a two-point conversation against the Broncos early in the fourth quarter of their October 23 game. The conversion failed, giving the Dolphins a 12-0 lead instead of a 13-0 or 14-0 lead.

Had Sparano kicked the extra point, the Dolphins might have withstood a breakneck Denver comeback and still won the game 16-15 in regulation instead of losing 18-15 in overtime.

Interesting ...

That people close to the other candidates are bringing up these issues might also be a sign they believe McCoy might be Miami's leading candidate and he might need to be cut down a couple of rungs to even the playing field.


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Odinseye, sorry.

na na na, na na... I forgot the rest.

odinseye thinks Henne was booed and benched because he was so good? LOL

you are praising 0-3. not to mention henne was the worst qb in fins history in the last games of the previous season.
tell me who is the ash brain.

Posted by: odins fetish for losers | January 19, 2012 at 08:21 PM

Making up MORE bullshyt and completely ignoring getting called out on your INITIAL BULLSHYT! (Quick-TRY to CHANGE the subject-LOL)

ROTFLMAO-BRILLIANT! There's just no hope for you troll, the damage is done, you're too far gone ALREADY ;)

Have fun making up bullshyt and arguing with yourself! Ya'll got SERVED!(snicker, snicker).

Prof. Lou,

I saw posting about your mocks earlier. I can't help it, during the off season, I'm a Mock Drafting Junkie!

I can't explain it, it's just something I've been doing for years and I LOVE IT.

I know ALoco was just spouting off about saying the same things as last year. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Each and every year brings and entirely new set of circumstances. I think this is what makes it inherently interesting. I never get tired of it.

Anywhoo, I think I'm going to mix a fresh drink and take a look at your mock.


Who has had success in the NFL as HC, multiple years, well respected, winner...???

True, he had PM, but Mike Cladwell just got axed by the Colts and I have not heard his name mentioned by anyone on any team looking for coaching. Maybe he wants some quiet time enjoying his contract checks, but why isn't someone of his pedigree even being discussed (+ or-)???



Check out the videos on the Home Page. Good stuff.

odinseye thinks Henne was booed and benched because he was so good? LOL

Posted by: Jeff | January 19, 2012 at 08:36 PM

Jeff, that's a pretty simplistic view of things. Where do you get all those simplistic ideas-LOL?

I think Henne was boo-ed and benched because he was developing and adjusting too slowly to the NFL game.

Ultimately, because he wasn't getting it done in the win column.

He looks to me like a late bloomer in the Rich Gannon Mold. That's a rarity in todays NFL.

Hope that wasn't to complicated for you.


I only took a quick look(so far), but it's pretty impressive! I like it. I'll be kicking you some feed back as I check out more.

PS: I wouldn't be surprised if Tampa took Richardson, but I don't think I would!

Sparno got fired for wasting 4 years with RoboHenne.

I think its safe to say we would've gotten Andrew Luck if Henne didnt get injured.


Even if Henne would've gotten us the first pick, Ireland trades down to get ALL KINDS OF ACORNS!

A nice thought though....................

Geez, if Ross blames Billick for costing him 40 million, I wonder what kind of tab Ireland has run up?

Ireland was hoping Dez's Momma would be his "M I L F".

If he looked for Quarterbacks like he looks for the H o's, we'd be in Super Bowl FO SHO!
Ross needs to invest 10 dollars in getting the 45 year old v i r g i n laid. It would do him and the Phins a World of Good!

mccoy would be one of the worst hires ever

Well, for lack of any better options, I'm EXPECTING McCoy :( and hoping for Philbin ;(

Considering the above two, I would'nt be disappointed at all with Bowles!

PS: I can't believe I'm going to have to use a Jedi Mind Trick to get pumped up and root for one of these guys!

AwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight ACORNS!

Let's GO!

PSS: I ALMOST prefer Bowles and indeed, as a poster said earlier, it's a Sad, SAD situation!

I think Sparano was fired because he made turned an 11-5 team into a 6-10 team in just four years as a head coach. I don't think you could do that if you tried.

From Mercury Morris, Bob Griese and Larry Csonka to Shula and Marino...................to Ireland, McCoy and Matt Moore?

Oh GOD! I think it's going to take more than a Half Gallon of Jack and some Jedi Mind Tricks to get on board this train!

crap. seems like everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side. why not give bowles a shot?

I look at Philbin, his mannerisms and the way he speaks and he reminds me of Shula.
I'm not saying he's the next Shula if he becomes a head coach but Shula was this smiley, calm guy when he was being interviewed but anything but on the practice field and during a game.

Notice how the blog goes down hill when the douche bag odin comes posting his rants of diarrhea.

What's up losers?

it's time for this:


This will never be more than a mediocre chatroom because Mando is not an elite journalist.
As we speak Mando has his eye on the Cleveland Plain Dealer to find out who the HC will be.

I’m sure Ross is great at real estate but I’ve never seen such a moron owner

Is Tommy Streeter any good or is he the next Randall Hill?

Sparano was just awful. Terrible. And now, we will replace him with someone worse.

The final 3 candidates are all candidates no other team wanted.

What's Up Peeps?, Anything new on the Home front?

Henne was awesome! Nothing was his fault. It was Henning and Sparano and the receivers dropped passes. Henne was phenomenal under Dabol (ur uh despite not winning a single game). Henne is pro bowl top 5 QB material. Ya'll wait and see!!




vaustn do you suck daddy weewee?

Vaustin, It was already going down hill before Idiot Ross took over, I'd put the downfall at the time the Robbies sold it to Huizanga.IMHO, that's when things started going south.

FP4FGs hmm going south...does that mean.... :p

LOl At Poo, Should I say "The Slide" Started when the Robbies Etc,Etc. Is That better?

This guy has never been a HC in the NFL so he has more going against him than for him. In any case, if he turns out to be a good Coach then Ross/Ireland will be vindicated. If he doesn't, probably Ross will sell the Team.

The slide started once Shula no longer had an ace GM. This team has been living off its legacy far too long. Now, few people alive can even remember the fish had a legacy.

Oscar, Like last year It's all to clear, I dont think Miami Will get that big name Coach(Fisher,Gruden,Cowher,Dungy) Cause it's simple really., Why would you want to work for Ross who apperently is a clueless Owner, Your thoughts?

Bill Parcells death bed confession will be that making Ireland a gm was the worst mistake he ever made!

Sure, FP4. It's clear for some time now that Ross/Ireland do not want their particular power shared and prefer a Coach that only coaches.

His offenses were not great why McCoy?

What would happen to Daboll if McCoy assumes command? His keeping or letting go might be key in knowing where this Team is going the next couple years.

On the draft a bit...

These are just the type of guys that the Fins need to keep tipping the DEF towards dominance.

These guys would both look good in Fins uni's. They pursue like madmen. Crush ANYTHING in a different jersey. Pursue relentlessly and arrive to the scene exploding through the tackle. With little regard for their own bodies but all in the name of not conceding another inch to the opposition!

Ronnell Lewis OLB Oklahoma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS5coCK-qCg&feature=related

Vontaze Burfect ILB Arizona State: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvcsffTQojI&feature=related

These are types of guys that become the next Ray Lewis or LT or Derrick Thomas! OLB is more of a need but if we keep adding quality football players, the whole ship will rise.

Miami needs more players like these that obviously care about results and are ultra competitive. Slinging themselves around like missles. Just like Zack and JT did for so long...they just flat hated to lose, PERIOD!

Whittner was the Buffalo safety that got away to the Niners. Now he and fellow safety running mate Dashon Gholdson set the tone for the backfield. These two LBs could do that for a team.

If we end up NOT trading the moon and stars to get a "an elite" QB...we can focus on dragging players like this in.


Notice how the blog goes down hill when the douche bag odin comes posting his rants of diarrhea.
Posted by: FartFace | January 19, 2012 at 09:47 PM


Watching you talk to yourself was SO MUCH better.

Oh well!

You get what you play for!

Who cares about Daboll? His record is atrocious.

But that's what I mean, MJ. If they let him go and Miami offense improves then McCoy will be a good Coach.

McCoy doesn't have the kind of package I'm looking for.

Yoyu know what I mean Big Boy.

I want Bowles to coach me up one side and down the other and I know you know what I mean

Holla at your boy Oscar ;)

It is a scientifically proven falsehood that Negroes have bigger diks than Caucasians. Ask my son's wife.

McCoy appears to be the type of guy who would stick everything down your throat meaning, if Dabol where kept on the staff, he would be very aggressive at pushing his offense onto Dabol and maybe clash with him.
Philbin seems to be more of a "let's take a look at what you've got and see if we can add some stuff to make it better" type of guy and work together to make the team better.
Of course, I wouldn't know if that is the case but it is my observation.

I would rather he just show me

is your son young and hung

McCoy appears to be the type of guy who would stick everything down your throat

Sounds like my type of coach

get me that guy

Oscar this team is a long. long way from improving. They're on life support LOL

NICE! Troll Face.

Way to really shine!


I'm out!

Maybe, but the Fish is not dead yet.

Did you get my comment about the blindfolded prostitutes that couldn't distinguish a big one, from a medium from a small one? True experiment.

kinda tossed on who the best choice is myself. I was heavily leaning towards Bowles until Nolan left. Now Im not so sure. Although McCoy at one time was a QB, I think that is a big plus. Not sure how Daboll and McCoy would coexist. Like you said Daboll and Nolan have been our best coaching hire in ages. And anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand football.

ment to say QB coach

I wonder if the fact that Philbin interviewed in Tampa Thursday is a sign he was told he didn't get the job.

Why is Oscar allowed to post here.....

I have routinely posted less offensive stuff on this blog.....and some how it doesn't make its way thru the Herald filters.....

calling a member of the FO dumb.....or disagreeing with Parcells philosophy...are some examples.....


Oscar post some of the dumbest, rudest, sexual in nature, nothing to do with football post that I have ever seen.....

and he claims himself to be a doctor.....his patients should sue him for malpractice.....If his post on here are any indication to the inner-workings of his mind.....then I am sure they are getting ripped off.......

Hire Philbin.....Football talk.....

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