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Miami's 'intimate knowledge' a good thing

Work with me on this ...

The Dolphins hired Joe Philbin as their head coach. He was the offensive coordinator at Green Bay and so one supposes he is familiar with Green Bay reserve quarterback Matt Flynn, who is expected to be available as a free agent this offseason as he searches for a starting job.

Philbin hired Mike Sherman as his offensive coordinator. Sherman was the head coach at Texas A&M where one supposes he became very familiar with starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill is available in the coming draft as perhaps the third or fourth-rated quarterback in the draft.

General manager Jeff Ireland, meanwhile, is a graduate of Baylor University. One supposes he still has ties to Baylor, where quarterback Robert Griffin III did great work in winning the Heisman Trophy in 2011. Griffin will be in the draft and could be the first or second player selected and a target for the Dolphins if they get the hankerin' for trading up.

So, pardon me for doing a lot of supposing here, but I'm supposing the Dolphins should have an advantage over other teams when it comes to knowing and understanding Flynn, Tannehill and Grffin.

"I guess you could suppose that, couldn't you?" Ireland told me during his appearance on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640 Sports (640-AM in South Florida) Tuesday. "Yeah, you know, we have some intimate knowledge of a lot of different people. Obviously with Mike and Joe and my ties to those universities and obviously the work that our scouts do -- my pro scouts and college scouts and how they surround themselves with resources and people -- we have intimate knowlege of the market. And that's a good thing."

It is a clear advantage in a situation where more information is always better. Of the five top quarterback possibilities for the Dolphins this offseason, including Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, the Dolphins are ahead of the game on the three mentioned above. They obviously have work to do in gathering information on Manning and Luck, but I have serious doubts Luck is within reach so really, the issue is they know three of the likely four players on an "intimate" level.

Advantage Miami.

The Ireland interview is below. In fact, the entire 8 o'clock hour of the show is below, including our interview with Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com:



Ireland is aware of the comments about playing with elite quarterbacks that Brandon Marshall made following his winning of the MVP award at the Pro Bowl.

Marshall said his job was easier when he was catching passes from elite quarterbacks because they "put the ball in the right spots." Marshall also agreed with me when I said on my twitter account that if the Dolphins improve the quarterback position, they improve that position and Marshall at the same time. He retweeted my tweet.

Some of you took exception with the comments for various reasons, among them that they were a slap at Moore. Ireland disagreed.

"I don't know if it's a slap in the face at all," he said. "Matt did a nice job this year. And he's going to continue to develop as any quarterback we bring in is going to do. When you're over there and playing with Pro Bowl quarterbacks, they do things differently than some other guys. They're there for a reason. You've got the Tom Bradys of the world, and obviously he wasn't over there, but you have the Ben Roethlisbergers and Drew Breeses of the world and they're Pro Bowl quarterbacks. They play at a little different level than other quarterbacks. But that's not a slap at Matt. Matt did a great job and I think Brandon would tell you Matt did a great job."

I agree.


The Dolphins continue to fill out their coaching staff. I've been told Jim Turner, a longtime friend of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman who served as the Aggies offensive line coach the past three years, is close to being hired in Miami. I presume he will coach the offensive line.

No announcement has been made by the team. Turner has never coached in the NFL. He did coach at Delaware, Northeastern, Harvard, Temple and Louisiana Tech. He also served from 1990 to 1994 in the United State Marine Corps.

So one supposes discipline will not be an issue with his unit.

Semper Fidelis.



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Mando, You think Miami's Gonna Pick A B in the 1st Round?, LMAOROTF, Sorry Mando but please dont say something so akin like "A man in the Dessert needs Water".. LOL Sorry.

Just dont reach for Tannehill at 8/9 or give away the house to trade up for RGIII all because we have connections and intimate knowledge. This certainly helps. Just be smart about it. 50 million for a kolb-esque hyped-up player in Flynn or 25 million a year man Peyton Manning better be worth it.

Thanks for update(ah...just a quick question: Do you ever read the blog-AHEM?).

An Ex-Jar Head as the O-line coach.

I don't know anything about him, but it sounds GOOD!

-Do or Die-

"QB", My bad....

Odin, How they Hanging?

Good information!

Wanny was hated in Chicago!

The guy wore Kevlar on more than one occasion before being ran out on the rails.

odinseye | January 31, 2012 at 11:59 PM


That I didn't know, is that true or are you making fun to stress a point, LOL! Any who I wouldn't doubt it and your right his time in Miami was masterful by comparison (DID I JUST TYPE THAT) Up of course until the 1-7 start were he finally, mercifully for us all quit after loosing to Arz. at home!!


I made up the Kevlar part.

If Wanny was smart though, he would have.

I'm from Chicago and most of my Friends and Family are Bears Fans. I don't think they really wanted to shoot him.

I think they rather have beat him to death..........VERY SLOWLY.

Chicagoans are NUTZ!!!!

Odin, How they Hanging?

Posted by: FP4FGs | February 01, 2012 at 12:19 AM

Not good man, NOT GOOD!

I broke some ribs awhile back. Alcohol, Young Lady and a Trampoline.

I had some lingering pains and stuff going on. So, after some x-rays and MRI's, this morning my Nuerologist recommened surgery on my Neck/Spine and or Shoulder.

Their giving me some good pain meds and all, but I'm kind of a mess at the moment. Stuff like this makes you step back and think.

PS: They told me not drink with my meds. Guess what I'm doing right now-LOL?

Wannstadt destoyed 2 proud teams, I knew when Wannstadt took over the fins it was the begaining of the end.


Your take on this post by Mando?? He talks of ties between Ireland and his Alma Mater, Baylor Univ., you buy that?? How much connection do you think he has to the College were he was the Kicker from 88-91 and before someone posts he scouted them I remind that Baylor isn't exactly the 1st Texas Small College Football team you scout or at least one would think??

Then the connection to Tannehill and here I would put some stock in what Sherman saw given that say what you will he was a good O Coach in G.B. and his teams reeled of good numbers. If we take Tannehill on what Sherman believes he saw in him I for one put more stock in it than what Henning and Parcells saw in Henne.

The decision on Flynn will tell us were it's going before the draft on the onset of FA by leaps and bounds I believe but I guess you never know, your thoughts??

Forget about Peyton Manning. Looking more like two years for the nerves to sufficiently regenerate. That only leaves one guy to drtermine our 2012 draft future.

Matt Flynn.

Despite his limited resume, if we can get him at a reasonable based on experience price. We would be fools not to sign him. However, if Flynn chooses to take his talents elsewhere other than South Beach. That opens the door for making a serious run at RG3.

The competition for RG3 will be hot and heavy. So if we cant strike gold in a trade up for him, then Tannehill probably becomes target #3. If left to pursuing option #3, I feel its best to trade down to the bottom of the first rd( Maybe like 30th), draft a Tannehill, pick up an extra 2nd rd and perhaps 3rd pick in the process.

Still Im not 100% counting Matt Moore out. We have no idea of how he'll handle Philbin's new timing offense. Or if qb guru of sorts, Philbin can coach him up to the next level where he needs to be.

Moore's 3-4 100 plus qb ratings hame were not done with smoke and mirrors. I legitimately believe "something's there" with Moore. Question is does Philbin know what that final missing element is and can he Moore locked into it.

RG3 = Pat White

The competition for RG3 will be hot and heavy. So if we cant strike gold in a trade up for him, then Tannehill probably becomes target #3. If left to pursuing option #3, I feel its best to trade down to the bottom of the first rd( Maybe like 30th), draft a Tannehill, pick up an extra 2nd rd and perhaps 3rd pick in the process.

Yesterday's Gone | February 01, 2012 at 12:58 AM

I agree 100% with this line of thinking, I know it's far fetched but IF by some miracle Blackmon (I know HIGHLY doubtful) fell to our pick then pounce and pray Tannehill falls to our Pick rd.2. IF our guy is Flynn and Philbin has a conviction a trade up for Blackmon would be on my mind as well.

RG3 = Pat White

Publicado por: MJ | February 01, 2012 at 01:06 AM

Pat White ran a 4.55/40 and was NOT exactly known for his accuracy as much as his running in West Virginia and alot more option than spread in his College game as well.

I will wait for his Pro Day but RG111 reportedly runs a 4.29/40 (Vick like speed) and IS the prototype College spread Q.B.

There is really little to NO comparison outside of size between these two.


That's not a bad idea either. Sign Flynn and trade aup a couple spots if need be to get Justin Blackmon. With Blackmon and Marshall opposite eachother, there should be absolutely no reason for Flynn to be as great as his "short resume" has advertised.

RG3 wont even be the 2nd QB taken


I see youre definitely not "JORDAN". Just in case you were wondering:

Pat White = 190lbs

RG3 = 220lbs

No comparisons at all to Pat White. Even Pat White's mother wants to trade for RG3 to replace her son.

Ike Taylor wouldnt want to see Rg3 coming at him with a full head of steam! LOL

I believe we have the cap room get both Matt Flynn and Robert Mathis in fa. Even if it means letting Soliai walk.

Then draft Justin Blackmon at #9 or trade up 2-3 spots to get him.

"I guess you could suppose that, couldn't you?"

Ireland would struggle to connect the dots on a kids menu at Denny's.

YG...is Blackmon paying you to say his name bro? It's been a lot lol

Ike Taylor wouldnt want to see Rg3 coming at him with a full head of steam! LOL

Yesterday's Gone | February 01, 2012 at 01:18 AM

For starters Griffin would juke him out of his shoes with his array of moves. Your observation on weight is a good one as well and I believe two inches separate them as well with RG111 taller. The comparisons to there game is down right comical to me and anyone that makes it never saw either of them play in College, they are such different players.


All jokes aside Blackmon is the BEST I've seen come out in a long time with all do respect to Megatron and others including AJ in Houston. He will be a Superstar in the NFL and IF a Fin I tell you it will alone without the QB make Marshall better. I believe this because we have never used Marshall the way he was used and succeeded in Denver.

I know the drops are a Pain with him but in Denver I saw him catch so many short passes were he was used in screens even inside the ten were he broke tackles on his way to scoring. The difference was the Broncos had legit threats opposite him and at T.E. that could in their own right burn you so the double covers with a Safety rolling over the top of him weren't the issue in his game they are in Miami.

No comparisons at all to Pat White. Even Pat White's mother wants to trade for RG3 to replace her son.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | February 01, 2012 at 01:17 AM


Dude, your too much ;)


You left me hanging @12:44 Bro?

You left me hanging @12:44 Bro?

Posted by: fin4life | February 01, 2012 at 01:57 AM

Yes I did. My bad.

These meds were insoiring me to rip up the strings on my Stratocaster.


I'm watching a replay of the Rams VS. Pats S.B. and I'll tell you nobody likes the arrogance of Belichik less than me but have to admit he called a Defensive doozy on that one.


My take on Mando's post?

He ganked us for it. It's cool though, that's how it goes. I rape and rob every talking head and website I can leading up to draft day.

Sherman? Definitely has the inside track on Tannehill. I trust the guys judgement. He's been around the block in my opinion.

Tannehill? I'm just not completely sold on him. Scarry proposition in my opinion.

Same goes for Philbin and Flynn. Except I like the Flynn idea a lot more than Tannehill.

Flynn at least has some reps in and has looked great. Signing him would open up a lot more wriggle room come draft day. Like Blackmon, Coples or Kuechly.

Kuechly is getting to me. Everything about him screams future Hall Of Famer!

Disclaimer: This post has been heavily influenced by strong medications. Read at YOUR OWN RISK!

Again, my apologies Fin4.

Will do my homework on Kuechly just haven't seen enough of him but am now definitely curious. Later Brudda.

How bout a Stevie Johnson or DeSean Jackson in free agency to go with Flynn
And draft Q. Couples with the #1 and the best tightened available with the #2?

This is not a joke or a prank. Im a frequent reader of these blogs and every now and then I share my 2 cents. I post under "MJ" and im here to let you know that I don't agree with anything that moron posts under my name. Im smarter than that, Im better than that lol. So "MJ" Is not me even though Its my screenname. BTW RGIII is not pat white...I know this.

Anyone that thinks we are getting RG3 is on a 70's acid trip. What dummy is going to give us a great qb prospect, the future of a franchies for a few good draft picks? So count out RG3 and Luck and Blackmon. The price tag is too high or simply unattainable.
Trade up at what cost?

BM had better get used to catching the slightly poorer throws of Matt Moore. Also, Flynn played 2 games. 2 games? Anyone remember a player from Philly we got that played a couple of games? I do and he sucked donkey poop.

We are hopfully going to find a way to beat NE through a much better defence. A great blitzing linebacker. Our offence is going to get a great RT and fill some more holes. Copying the Giants Defence would be a smart move. Eli Manning while a good player is not that much better than Moore. He just has good players around him.

Didn't we have the intimate knowledge of a WR named Ted Ginn a while back?

tigers dont change their stripes. ireland is the same guy we have been burdened with the past 4 years. ross made him come out and talk to the media who he hates. ross wants to sell tickets;he is a businessman. peyton will fill the seats.


I don't want to be an Armando basher....but you seriously NEED to step your game up....

This particular blog could have been written (AND HAS) by any number of poster's a 1000 times over....

there is no INSIGHT in this read....no uncovered mystery...no new tidbit of information in to what the FINS might do....

This is the same stuff that any average poster (myself included) has posted many times...

Its the off season for us.....

can you PLEASE call up some players....and get some real interviews.....

bring the personality back to your blog.....

and don't just get a crush on ONE player (AKA Jason Taylor)....but reach out to many players....

Chad Henne has to have a MOUTHFUL to say....he just needs a MOUTHPIECE to say it in to...

Grill Dansby and ask how he plans to EARN that heft pay check....his play was clearly down....

I haven't read one WORD on this blog from a players mouth about the Firing of one coach..or the hiring of another....they have to feel some sort of way....

C'mon Armando...step it up...and get OUTSIDE OF THE BOX....

Definitely will help our team long term, as we lowered the risk of taking on a bad contract pretty significantly



I know we have an unwritten NO POLITICS rule on here....

BUT.....WE THE PEOPLE have to band together...and stand up to our OVERLORDS.....I mean political representatives that WORK FOR US....we must tell them.... we will NO LONGER SUPPORT THIS POLICY OF PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKES.....

America was founded on being a DEFENDER OF FREEDOM....not nation that forces its IDEALS on OTHERS.....

FEAR is not way to govern....or be governed.....seems we are always being told what or WHO to be scared of....now its Iran....

"the man who trades FREEDOM for SECURITY does not deserve NOR will ever have either"
- Ben Franklin

We had ALL better WAKE UP soon....

Now back to your regular schedule football blog....

You guys still fighting.... I wanna know how RG3 is rated by the "experts". Like somebody above said, he might not be the #2 player selected and maybe within our reach. Blackmon, in my opinion, forget him.


Nice post. Why isn't Armando interviewing some players about the firing of Tony and the new regime?

Get some insite!!!

The truth is I really hope Matt Flynn is the real deal!! Giving up a ton for RG3 just isn't the right move. Then again, we have no idea what the Rams would want, and there will be more than one bidder too!!

RGIII's size is a problem. He may develop into a good quarterback, but he won't have instant success like Newton. I would not draft him in either of the first two rounds.

Tannehill is a late first rounder and a good value at that position. I prefer we get a pass rusher or offensive lineman it the first round.


I agree that I don't see RG3 as successful immediately as Cam Newton. RG3 is somewhat slight of frame but I think over time who knows who will be more successful of the 2. I would tend to lean to Cam for obvious reasons but RG3 has the mental makeup to have a great career along with obvious physical ability. Saying you wouldn't touch him with a 1st or 2nd round pick is just asinine. Maybe you don't like hime but c'mon get real.

Tannehill? Now I wouldn't touch him with a 1st at all. He was a former WR turned QB. He stinks. Watch him actually play. He isn't anything special. He is a turnover machine in fact. 14 ints and 6 fumbles = 20 turnovers. He is your athlete playing QB.

RG3 is a QB who happens to be an athlete.

No comparison between Cam and RG3. Cam is classic QB, how quick and straight he sets up, scanning the field, quick delivery, on target. RG3 has all the tools but has a lot to learn. Also, as one reporter said, with some exceptions, there are no arms in this bunch as compared to last year.

It seems more and more that Flynn is our best option but, Bro, 50M for an unproven Franchise QB. Hmm..

blackmon at 9,lol hilarious will be long gone before 9. we will stay at 9, so that means that the best olineman left is ours unless the cb fitz is still there

and flynn wont cost 50 mill.

greg, i tink it's leopards ain't change their spots but tigers and stripes could work.

If we go by Ross' wishes, of course, it will be Peyton Manning. Maybe. Devlin has to be taken into account because, as his arm is no great shakes, he is very accurate and might fit the WC scheme.

devlin,lol well we know manning wont come here,so no worries there. tannehill is a huge project, waste of a pick. sign flynn and start rebuilding with the draft.

How much will Flynn cost?

there is nothing to stop them from signing henne who is better than most of the other options.

db, all qb's r projects. get flynn, get tannehill or? in the 2nd.
get pba in 1st. and the phins r off to a decent start.imo

oscar. me tinks around 6-7 a season. less than kolb but around that. coconut wont be around. solia. use his $$$.

Well, that's more like it, 2watt.

if jp lands flynn, then he is attaching his hc career to his wagon.
he knows more about him than anybody. if it is another qb,then we all why.

Alcohol, young woman, and trampoline has to be a top ten drunk story.

The Dolphins should grab Blackmon in the draft. Flynn, Henne, or Moore would all be better with that one pick.

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