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Miami's 'intimate knowledge' a good thing

Work with me on this ...

The Dolphins hired Joe Philbin as their head coach. He was the offensive coordinator at Green Bay and so one supposes he is familiar with Green Bay reserve quarterback Matt Flynn, who is expected to be available as a free agent this offseason as he searches for a starting job.

Philbin hired Mike Sherman as his offensive coordinator. Sherman was the head coach at Texas A&M where one supposes he became very familiar with starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill is available in the coming draft as perhaps the third or fourth-rated quarterback in the draft.

General manager Jeff Ireland, meanwhile, is a graduate of Baylor University. One supposes he still has ties to Baylor, where quarterback Robert Griffin III did great work in winning the Heisman Trophy in 2011. Griffin will be in the draft and could be the first or second player selected and a target for the Dolphins if they get the hankerin' for trading up.

So, pardon me for doing a lot of supposing here, but I'm supposing the Dolphins should have an advantage over other teams when it comes to knowing and understanding Flynn, Tannehill and Grffin.

"I guess you could suppose that, couldn't you?" Ireland told me during his appearance on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640 Sports (640-AM in South Florida) Tuesday. "Yeah, you know, we have some intimate knowledge of a lot of different people. Obviously with Mike and Joe and my ties to those universities and obviously the work that our scouts do -- my pro scouts and college scouts and how they surround themselves with resources and people -- we have intimate knowlege of the market. And that's a good thing."

It is a clear advantage in a situation where more information is always better. Of the five top quarterback possibilities for the Dolphins this offseason, including Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, the Dolphins are ahead of the game on the three mentioned above. They obviously have work to do in gathering information on Manning and Luck, but I have serious doubts Luck is within reach so really, the issue is they know three of the likely four players on an "intimate" level.

Advantage Miami.

The Ireland interview is below. In fact, the entire 8 o'clock hour of the show is below, including our interview with Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com:



Ireland is aware of the comments about playing with elite quarterbacks that Brandon Marshall made following his winning of the MVP award at the Pro Bowl.

Marshall said his job was easier when he was catching passes from elite quarterbacks because they "put the ball in the right spots." Marshall also agreed with me when I said on my twitter account that if the Dolphins improve the quarterback position, they improve that position and Marshall at the same time. He retweeted my tweet.

Some of you took exception with the comments for various reasons, among them that they were a slap at Moore. Ireland disagreed.

"I don't know if it's a slap in the face at all," he said. "Matt did a nice job this year. And he's going to continue to develop as any quarterback we bring in is going to do. When you're over there and playing with Pro Bowl quarterbacks, they do things differently than some other guys. They're there for a reason. You've got the Tom Bradys of the world, and obviously he wasn't over there, but you have the Ben Roethlisbergers and Drew Breeses of the world and they're Pro Bowl quarterbacks. They play at a little different level than other quarterbacks. But that's not a slap at Matt. Matt did a great job and I think Brandon would tell you Matt did a great job."

I agree.


The Dolphins continue to fill out their coaching staff. I've been told Jim Turner, a longtime friend of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman who served as the Aggies offensive line coach the past three years, is close to being hired in Miami. I presume he will coach the offensive line.

No announcement has been made by the team. Turner has never coached in the NFL. He did coach at Delaware, Northeastern, Harvard, Temple and Louisiana Tech. He also served from 1990 to 1994 in the United State Marine Corps.

So one supposes discipline will not be an issue with his unit.

Semper Fidelis.



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Professor Lou,

You are right about Flynn not having any pressure the Packers already had the #1 seed locked up.

But let me ask you did you see the game? I watched bit and pieces of it live and a few more times on NFL network and he was pressured a few times and extended plays and also moved very comfortable in the pocket, sliding left and right to make nice throws. Remember the Packers were down 2 and 3 linemen in that game and also no Greg Jennings or Randall Cobb.

Professor Lou,

I like that kid too. I'd love to see him there at 9.

The conversation this year shouldn't be about how to get an elite QB this year it should about, 'Ireland's a fool if he doesn't see what on the horizon for this defence and more specifically the pass rush'. Is anyone convinced that Misi, Langford, Starks and Odrick can get it done? That's what we'll be looking at if the Wake contract dispute drags on....have a backup plan.....unless of course you're convinced a guy like Tannehill can be all that down the road.


What's up bro?

Who do you like best of all the options and why? Also what do you feel most realistically happens?

I know there's a lot of doubters about Odrick's ability but if he is healthy he's a beast on the d-line. So, I'm not worried about him. In fact, I think he and Ingram on one side would be tough to contain.


I'd have no problem with Flynn being added to the mix. I'd prefer him than Henne. What I have a problem with is paying him big bucks and just handing him the job. I don't want any of the positions on the team to work that way and certainly not QB. I hope a guy like Sean Smith has to earn his playing time next year and isn't just handed the job.

Ohio, it certainly does play and Miami is probably option 1 for Flynn. The question is does Miami feel the same and I think they will.

Professor Lou,

I like him too but realistically what's the best we can expect from Odrick? Can he get to 10 sacks? Is he someone the other teams really have to worry about? I look at what the NYG can do on defence and I'm in awe. There's no reason we can't get to that point too....couple more pieces and we're there.

Craig, I put Flacco at the top of the league (top 10). I certainly don't put Moore over Flacco? Could Moore have taken the Ravens to the Playoffs last 4 years? Doubt it. I still say Flacco's elite (Ravens are a defense-driven team, he's not asked to do but so much).

Hasselbeck's been getting his teams to the Playoffs forever, again, a Top 10-12 QB in this league. Sanchez is the only one who's mediocre, and one year his team got in as a fluke (Indy gave it to them). So I only give him one year making the Playoffs, and he played up in those games.

Same with Smith. Sure, he's BEEN mediocre. I don't think a mediocre QB has a 14-2 record (no matter what his defense is like). OR wins in a shootout vs. Brees. He played pretty elite when I saw him in the Playoffs.

Craig, agree with you on unsure of whether Flynn is more talented than Moore. He may be a better fit for the system though??

Who do you like best of all the options and why? Also what do you feel most realistically happens?

Posted by: AndyNJ | February 02, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Geeeez, how can you POSSIBLY ASK THIS QUESTION????

Hasn't DC already answered that 10 times a day for several months now????

Not that it changes Flynn's talent level, but wasn't Detroit playing for the #5 seed, as opposed to settling for #6 and facing the Saints?

Watching Matt Flynn's College highlights, he's accurate and can scramble. But he's no classic QB and no big dude either. Hmm.. BTW, where the hell is Gettysburg college?

Has anyone given any new thought to possibly upgrading at QB?

One thing is for sure, none of us here (including those who may think otherwise) really has any clue how Flynn will do outside the Packers bubble. None whatsoever.

Philbin, though, can probably answer that question as well or better than any person on the planet. That's a bonus to have if you're the Dolphins, obviously.


Andy, what's up man. As I've said, I believe in the NFL today, the best option is to TRY and garner a franchise QB. As I just stated above, they don't need to be Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. It depends on the supporting casts. Flacco can be elite because he has that defense. Ditto Smith in SF. Eli is money when it counts. There's many ways to skin a cat. Maybe that's Moore, maybe Flynn, I don't know. But history and probability is against it.

I'd personally prefer the route of mortgaging the future for 1 of the top 2 QBs coming out this year (Luck/RG3).

Now, what do I THINK will happen, I think we get Flynn, he and Moore battle it out in training camp, and miraculously, Flynn wins out and becomes the starter next year. I think it's pretty much a done deal. Like Mark, I'm skeptical of that move, but if it works I'll be the happiest man on this blog.

With a 4-3 Odrick will probably end up being a starting DT. Then you will see his full potential and you will see that other teams will need to respect his strength. Don't underestimate Odrick. He had the injury so people got down on him but if it were to end up close to the lineup I had in my previous post Odrick will have a pro bowl year.


What's up bro?

Who do you like best of all the options and why? Also what do you feel most realistically happens?

Posted by: AndyNJ | February 02, 2012 at 12:15 PM

true, dc has commented on this nonstop for as long as I can remember. it amazes me how many of you come back every day only to repeat the same thing over and over and over.


My reasoning to mortgage the future is I don't have faith that Ireland can create a Top 3 (offense or defense). I don't think he has it in him to make a WHOLE team. So I'm hoping he can at least be right on ONE guy. If that's the QB who becomes a franchise QB, then that will go a long way to helping the team succeed (more so than giving an avg QB lots of weapons, IMO). So that's why I favor that idea.


We'll disagree on what 'elite' is. Was Pennington 'elite'? He took this team from 1-15 to 11-5. Are we giving him credit for that? The defence? No, he's not elite in MO, never was....around the middle of the pack, which is where Flacco should be. Off the top of my head, here are the QB's I'd put ahead of Flacco (and I'm sure I'll get some criticism).

Big Ben
Manning (when healthy)

And then I think you start getting into discussion about guys like Bradford, Newton, Dalton and Flacco.

I've named TWELVE I'd have ahead of Flacco for sure.....there may be more. No way is Flacco elite in my opinion. They are getting by with a good defence and a good run game and Flacco is managing things for them. Remains to be seen if he can ever take them over the top.

Lastly, one thing I haven't factored in is the new Coaching staff. Maybe they are better than their predecessors and can develop avg talent into very good talent. If so, then my plan might not be the best (due to the risk factor).

I just don't know yet with the staff, I'll have to wait and see what they can produce and how well they coach up the talent they have.

Over and over,

Because it's Groundhog Day!!!!

Would anybody be opposed to the team adding Manning if it meant there was a 'chance' he could play some time next year but probably not start the season? I'm thinking maybe a two year deal where there was an out clause we're he not able to get any better. It doesn't sound like he's going to be ready to go in September but maybe he's not 'completely' done.

Odrick is a beast and Big Paul also is but veery fast. If they put both in the middle NOBODY is going to run thru there.

Craig, I'd but Flacco over Shaub in your list, that's where we differ.

On Manning, I wouldn't mind that, AS LONG AS his contract is written so he only gets paid for playing and succeeding. Not give him a boatload of cash to be Pennington (on the bench). Then I'd be opposed.

But getting Manning means you'll have to change your offense to what he wants, and I don't know if Philbin will do that (for 1-2 years only).


Fair enough. I know you answered the question before but I never specifically asked what you would do or what realistically you think happens. Thanks for answering.

I think realistically that is what happens as well and I hope it does.

craig. moore would win 5 of 8 'till pm was ready but.?.
just look at the bulging in his neck.
winn with flynn.

andy. a healthy pm can work in any o. lol

oscar. saw alot of 1 on 1 blocking on the coconut.

It would be ideal to have those two beasts at tackle, specially against Brady as he is susceptible to the rush up the middle.


You got to admit....DC Stroker was pretty funny.....

Yeah, 2 watt, in the 3-4. I also saw a lot of penetration by Paul in the Pro-Bowl.


I know, what am I thinking, Andrew LUCK, are you kidding me?

Only person worth that trade is Ryan Mallett, right?
Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 01, 2012 at 04:16 PM

This was a god one too....laughed all night about that one....

My kittcat's name is MISS PRISSY and she watch the MAIMI DOLPHINS GAMES with me every time!! my daddy says helloooo!! he told me to come here and then wrote what I said except some words!

I'm feeling that we are going to be much better next year and is going to be due to the departures of the all-controlling Bill Parcells and the all-stubornness of TS.

Craig, on an earlier post, I believe we need help at pass rush too. I know linemen are plentiful in this draft, but have you heard about pass rushers? Not just at the top, all around? I know I talk offense mostly, but really other than QB at the top, wouldn't mind spending the rest of the drafting shoring up defense (and getting a RT and TE in FA).

Manning's biggest problems is a nerve and atrophy.

The atrophy can be attributed to inactivity and immobilization post op and during recovery/physical therapy.

Manning can reverse the atrophy without the nerve damage ever rejuvenating. Then problem then becomes without the nerve fully functioning, the bicep won't operate at full strength. Meaning his eyes will see plays that his arm can't make.

There's really nothing else you can say. Manning could be physically ready to go muscle wise in a month or two. But until if/when the nerve rejuvenates, he won't be the same.

Craig, I'd take any of those 12 qbs you mentioned. They're all good enough in the right scenario.

Does she meow, Tina, or is she calm?


Totally agree. I think we agree areas that need help are DL/LB, TE, S, RT and QB. I'd also like to see an upgrade at WR from Bess or Hartline. IMO, we don't have a 'true' number two and I'd love to see a guy like V. Jackson or Colston on this team. It's likely not in the budget but I'd likely move on from Solaia, Bell and Carey, especially if it freed money up for other positions.

What is the rule in football regarding injured players and the salary cap?

IN hockey for example, if a player is not on the active roster, he doesn't count against the cap. If that's the case, then it's a no risk move to sign Manning.

If he needs to go on PUP or IR in year one, big deal, you know you can still be at least .500 with Matt Moore and probably better with that schedule.

As far as TE, I'd like to get John Carlson from Seattle. He's not getting signed there and was a good player in the past. He's young and was on IR last year. COuld probably be had pretty cheap and has big upside.

Isn't Carlson similar to Fasano?


I agree with your earlier comment about Flynn....might work better here than Moore. I'm open to it, just not OK with handing him the job.

I BELIEVE, once a player is signed he counts towards that cap figure. I was just thinking, maybe there's a way Manning could be signed (think incentive laden deal) that if he wasn't able to play the number wouldn't be huge against our cap. Maybe a contract for games played or bonuses etc....Small contract with incentives. He MIGHT be open to something like that. Then again, he might chose to sit on the sideline until he knew what his status might be.

kris, was DC Stroker mimicking me in that post? I thought he was serious. Funny.


I've always liked Carlson but to me he's disappointed a bit the last couple of years. I know he missed all of last year....I just don't remember why. I like the guy but is he a BIG upgrade over Fasano? I believe they both went to Notre Dame....could they be used together?

Craig, I'll answer, no, I don't think he's a big upgrade. Jermichael Finley would be a big upgrade.


I read DD's comments about Finley and the need to be cautious with this guy and I agree. He's just not the same player the last couple of years. Too many drops and too inconsistent....plus I think he's going to want big money. For myself, I'd rather look at one of the kids in the second round.

When's Hernandez' contract up in NE? They can't keep him and Gronk on the roster, can they? Would he want to be a #2 (when he can probably be a #1 everywhere else)? Would be nice to pull a reverse Welker on those guys and beat them with their own medicine for once.

Ohio, Carlson is a lot faster than fasano. Stretches the field better. Not as good a blocker though.


I think Hernandez still has a couple of years left on his contract. I'm getting confused now but was last year his rookie year? If I'm not mistaken, I think he signed a four year contract. He'd be worth looking at were he available.

Always wondered why the Dolphins shy away from UM players.


I agree with you on Carlson, I'd just be concerned how much the injury slowed him down. Big Zach Miller fan myself and I would have loved Ireland to have shelled out the money for him last year.

Personally I think Carlson would be a nice foil to fasano. With fasano, you don't need a superstar starter but somebody who does thing fasano can't do-like David martin did.


As far as FA TE's I like Fred Davis from Washington. I don't see him being franchised either because Laron Landry is also a FA. Davis is an athletic TE, one that gives us a different dimension from what Fasano offers. Fasano is a pretty good blocker and does a good job at reading zone coverages to sit and find a spot. He just cant beat man coverage to save his life.

Craig, there are a list of very talented tight ends longer than my arm this regime let pass in the last few years for some unknown reason. Miller is another one ...

I'll second Fred Davis Andy. I think he'll have even bigger years to come

Andy, Fred Davis is another good option. Don't think you need to break the bank on a tight end, just need to find ones that certain things well that fasano does not. Fasano doesn't need to be replaced, he needs to be complemented. Fasano, clay, and another athletic tight end gives Miami a very intriguing interior passing game which given Flynn's average arm, will be heavily utilized.

Andy, Davis is a BEAST. But he just got suspended 4 games for puffing the sticky icky. I'm betting he DOES get franchised, as Landry's injuries are taking some of the shine off him, and Chris Cooley's getting to the end of his career (at least in DC). Right now, Davis IS their offense, I really can't imagine them letting him go.

But if they did, that would be my choice.

Fasano needs to be put out as a receiver more. Hope Philbin understands that TEs today are receivers more than blockers.

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