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Miami's 'intimate knowledge' a good thing

Work with me on this ...

The Dolphins hired Joe Philbin as their head coach. He was the offensive coordinator at Green Bay and so one supposes he is familiar with Green Bay reserve quarterback Matt Flynn, who is expected to be available as a free agent this offseason as he searches for a starting job.

Philbin hired Mike Sherman as his offensive coordinator. Sherman was the head coach at Texas A&M where one supposes he became very familiar with starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill is available in the coming draft as perhaps the third or fourth-rated quarterback in the draft.

General manager Jeff Ireland, meanwhile, is a graduate of Baylor University. One supposes he still has ties to Baylor, where quarterback Robert Griffin III did great work in winning the Heisman Trophy in 2011. Griffin will be in the draft and could be the first or second player selected and a target for the Dolphins if they get the hankerin' for trading up.

So, pardon me for doing a lot of supposing here, but I'm supposing the Dolphins should have an advantage over other teams when it comes to knowing and understanding Flynn, Tannehill and Grffin.

"I guess you could suppose that, couldn't you?" Ireland told me during his appearance on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640 Sports (640-AM in South Florida) Tuesday. "Yeah, you know, we have some intimate knowledge of a lot of different people. Obviously with Mike and Joe and my ties to those universities and obviously the work that our scouts do -- my pro scouts and college scouts and how they surround themselves with resources and people -- we have intimate knowlege of the market. And that's a good thing."

It is a clear advantage in a situation where more information is always better. Of the five top quarterback possibilities for the Dolphins this offseason, including Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, the Dolphins are ahead of the game on the three mentioned above. They obviously have work to do in gathering information on Manning and Luck, but I have serious doubts Luck is within reach so really, the issue is they know three of the likely four players on an "intimate" level.

Advantage Miami.

The Ireland interview is below. In fact, the entire 8 o'clock hour of the show is below, including our interview with Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com:



Ireland is aware of the comments about playing with elite quarterbacks that Brandon Marshall made following his winning of the MVP award at the Pro Bowl.

Marshall said his job was easier when he was catching passes from elite quarterbacks because they "put the ball in the right spots." Marshall also agreed with me when I said on my twitter account that if the Dolphins improve the quarterback position, they improve that position and Marshall at the same time. He retweeted my tweet.

Some of you took exception with the comments for various reasons, among them that they were a slap at Moore. Ireland disagreed.

"I don't know if it's a slap in the face at all," he said. "Matt did a nice job this year. And he's going to continue to develop as any quarterback we bring in is going to do. When you're over there and playing with Pro Bowl quarterbacks, they do things differently than some other guys. They're there for a reason. You've got the Tom Bradys of the world, and obviously he wasn't over there, but you have the Ben Roethlisbergers and Drew Breeses of the world and they're Pro Bowl quarterbacks. They play at a little different level than other quarterbacks. But that's not a slap at Matt. Matt did a great job and I think Brandon would tell you Matt did a great job."

I agree.


The Dolphins continue to fill out their coaching staff. I've been told Jim Turner, a longtime friend of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman who served as the Aggies offensive line coach the past three years, is close to being hired in Miami. I presume he will coach the offensive line.

No announcement has been made by the team. Turner has never coached in the NFL. He did coach at Delaware, Northeastern, Harvard, Temple and Louisiana Tech. He also served from 1990 to 1994 in the United State Marine Corps.

So one supposes discipline will not be an issue with his unit.

Semper Fidelis.



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Armando, how could you even invite Jeff 'Fire' Ireland on your show? I can't stand him!

Did you ask him if the only reason he's still GM is because he and Ross have a business venture together? And in another interview he acts shocked, shocked, that the fans don't like him.



Moore is better then Flynn or RG3.

Fake GM,

I feel the same on Flynn. If he comes to Miami it will be because Philbin has given the green light on it. New regimes always means a new QB. Philbin knows all he needs to know at this point about Flynn and if he decides to bring him to Miami then it will be a good thing. I think that's the truest indicator of whether or not those 2 games which he played were a mirage or not

What month does free agency start? March?

semper fadelis. thanks mando, my word of the day.

reassuring to know they have the information to make a a successful descision on QB. looking forward to see who it going to be. (though i hope they give moore some consideration.)


..I think most reasonable people would be able to set aside their own bias should Flynn be signed here in Miami. There wouldn't be too much to say...You could hate it all you want, but none of us are in the position to evaluate him as our head coach..I think this has been echoed in a lot of posts recently. The argument has been heating up as far as the merits of the Phins aquiring Flynn..

It is that easy really...Now this doesn't mean if we fail to aquire Flynn that Philbin didn't want him here, or believe in his skill set. To many factors outside of this franchise that may come into play that could steer Flynns talents away from South Beach..If we do get to pull the trigger, it would seem to be the right move..just because of the relationship between coach and player.

Can we trade Ireland for some blocking dummies?

Have some new articles out at www.miamisportsminute.wordpress.com

Thoughts on what the future holds for our local clubs, and the 2012 baseball season overall.

If we do sign flynn, it certainly would be nice to retain that second round pick. I like dwayne Allen and coby fleener.

Will people PLEASE, seriously...PLEASE stop saying Flynn will cost as much as Kolb? That's just stupid!

Kolb cost allot of money, PLUS a pick AND a pro bowler! He was a 2nd rounder w/a larger body of work than Flynn, who was a 7th rounder & only 2 games on the books.

Flynn won't be cheap, but he'll be very affordable considering the potential he has to flourish with Philbin. He's staying in the system where Kolb didnt.

How much would Rams expect from Fins to swap picks?

Would they swap first round picks if the Fins include Marshall in the deal (I assume he has 1st round pick value, so it would be = to two 1st rd picks)?

Would they want more?

How much would Rams expect from Fins to swap picks?

Would they swap first round picks if the Fins include Marshall in the deal (I assume he has 1st round pick value, so it would be = to two 1st rd picks)?

Would they want more?

Flynn won't be cheap, but he'll be very affordable considering the potential he has to flourish with Philbin. He's staying in the system where Kolb didnt.

Posted by: Captain Obvious | February 01, 2012 at 12:22 PM

thats the key. system or not, if philbin thinks flynns got it, theyll go after him. if they dont, it pretty much says hes a dud.

ill trust philbins opinion, even though he's unproven, over our bum gm!

Flynn = A.J. Feeley


Thanks for your post explaining how it's unlikely that we'll see Luck or RGIII saying NO to the Colts like Elway did.

march 13 on fa.

Thanks 2 watt

Again what are Matt Flynn strengths and weaknessess? It seems like a lot of you are just saying go get him just because every one else is saying to. He played in 2 games in 2 years, are we that desperate for a QB where we possibly sign him for 40 million. Strengths and Weaknesses of Matt Flynn please?


I think that's part of the issue.....nobody really knows his strengths and weaknesses.....some people might claim to know after watching him for 2 games.

But how could they possibly assess him with so little work so far?

That makes the Fins decision even tougher, because it is a little bit like playing Vegas on this one.

For our sake, if we get him I hope we hit the jackpot on this 50/50 risk

Ohio, Its like crap shoot, and that game is not set up for you to win.

If they do get Flynn, Ross will immediately proclaim him the next coming of Dan Marino.


But you could say that about the draft too though right?

Ron, Didnt Idiot Ross already say Henne was the next Marino?

The draft is only a crapshoot to incompetent GM's like Ireland.

Someone is seriously asking if we're desperate for a QB?

Flynn is the safe gamble. Not a neckless Manning, not an inexperienced rookie. If Flynn don't pan out, keep looking. He wont cost picks, just money.

Ross apparently has no problem throwing money away. He's paying Sparano to be the OC for the Jets!

spidey,if jp paxxes on flynn then we'all kno why.

2 watt, I agree. But if Flynn doesnt work out were on the books for 40 million at least.

spidey, i'm sure the fo sees what happened in az. but?

rogers says flynn is coming to the phins.

I'm the next Marino!

Is he a strong arm QB, pocket presencwe, great accuracy, can he run, I mean seriously he was a 7th round pick

Mark, Maybe the next Mareeko.

I still can't believe all the hype over this Flynn guy. One good game on a team that could make me look good and everyone goes crazy


Brady= pure luck

play him, that's the only way to find out.

we have no other choice

Its safe to say Tom Brady > Dan Marino with or without this superbowl victory.

Free agent QBs. I believe any would do well in west coasy offense.

Brees - unrestricted
Alex Smith - unrestricted
Jason Campbell
Vince Young
Josh Johnson
McNabb - skins and vikings stunk, not due to him
Dennis Dixon

out too lunch..

amsmith965, the hype over Flynn may indeed by just that. Time will tell.

Remember though, Flynn is a better bet than your normal "hot" backup this year because it's Green Bay. Brooks, Brunnel, Hassleback, Rodgers. All GB back ups that went on to become solid NFL starters at a minimum. GB has been a QB factory for the last decade and a half, give or take. It's still a crap shoot, but because it's GB the upside is more worth the risk.

Actually Miami has 3 offseason qb options:

1. Sign Matt Flynn. If this fails...

2. Trade up for Rg3. If this fails...

3. Trade down to bottom 1st rd, get an extra 2nd and 4th rd pick. Then draft a Ryan Tannehill and start Matt Moore.

Even the 3rd option isnt an god awful one.

If Philbin brings Flynn, then it means that he's the right QB, and no one can really dispute it.

Any other option is pretty much a crap shoot.

I also believe that Moore would make a very good plan B.

If Philbin brings Flynn, then it means that he's the right QB, and no one can really dispute it.

Any other option is pretty much a crap shoot.

I also believe that Moore would make a very good plan B.

2 watt, I agree. But if Flynn doesnt work out were on the books for 40 million at least.

Posted by: Spiderman | February 01, 2012 at 12:55 PM

A. not us, Ross
B. so what?
C. how many millions has Miami wasted on saban, cameron, sparano, parcells, ireland, Smiley, Grove etc?

teams that play it safe & scared usually finish in last place.

I guess I really mean it...

I guess I really mean it...

Even if we sign Matt Moore, we can still trade down for an extra 2nd rd pick.

I know, I've been on the Justin Blackmon bandwagon. However, we maybe able to solve the dynamic wr opposite Marshall by getting Ryan Broyles on the cheap. Perhaps with a 3rd rd pick. If we dont think he'll still be there 3rd rd, we can use one of our two 2nd rd picks obtained by trading down.

Do you hear this Jeff Ireland?

Matt Flynn....


Actually it would be great to trade down for an extra 2nd rd pick without actually trying to replace a 2nd rd pick. AKA Brandon Marshall deal.

Not that would really be like paying only 1 2nd rd pick for Marshall because we're actually "profitting" in the deal.


I never flip flop. I change because I obtain better information. Or dumb readers here confuse throwing several diffrent options on the table with "flip flopping".

Truly wise readers fully understand my posts. But titanium plated blockheads like you can not. LOL


sign flynn. its the risk we have to finally take


The problem isnt rebuoilding. The problem has been building "mole hills" instead of mountains.

Mountains will wilter under centuries of erosion. But a mole hill will fall in one day!



Since fa comes before the draft, Flynn will be option #1. Whether we get him signed or not determines what option two is.

We wont fail to get Flynn because we failed to go after him. That you can pretty much bank on.

Haha, someone built the grand canyon? ALoco is the champ!

really gone? so we have a 50-50 shot then at flynn if u know already we are going after him for sure. everything out of flynns camp is he wants to be a dolphin or seahawk

Spiderman, last thing you want to do is listen to anyone on here's idea of how to acquire a franchise QB. People here say Moore had a great year, yet he had a .500 record (you call that great?). I'd qualify that. I'd say he had a good Season for a Dolphins QB (recent history). Or for a 1st-year journeyman QB. Or as the backup who became the starter.

What I wouldn't do is say he's DEFINITELY a franchise QB, or he's not upgradeable.

Posters here still think Henne could do the job. That view will go something like this:
"It takes a while for a QB to develop; AND, Henne had Henning and a poor offense to handcuff his progression, he's really in year 2, still learning." I know you've heard variations of that story. I guess Dalton didn't get that memo that a QB couldn't be hot out of the gate. I guess every analyst didn't get the memo that Miami didn't desperately need a QB (they have 2 in Henne and Moore).

Also, posters here don't want to risk too much to get a franchise QB. Like "wasting" (their word) a #1 Draft pick. Too risky. Of course, when you have the #1 pick in the Draft, and can get the best QB on the board, then posters feel that's also too risky, much better to go after a sure thing like an olineman. Hence our line which has 3 1st-rd olinemen on it now, and you hear the chatter from posters who want to make it 4. Of course, those 3 helped the team give up 52 sacks (one of the worst in the league). Guess 1st-rd olinemen are just as risky as every other position huh?

No, what you can't do on here is wonder why this team won't draft a 1st-rd QB. Do that and all you get is crying from the crowd, people saying they're glad you're not GM, or you know nothing about football. Because that's an outlandish idea (getting a QB in the 1st-rd). To do what? Win? Become an elite team? Hogwash. Look at the Ravens. They got a 1st-rounder. He's not that good (just got his team in the Playoffs every year he's been in the league, that's all). But Henne's better than him, check the stats (that's what they'll say). It's the team they'll say. The 1st-rd olinemen they all wanted (our QBs don't get all day to throw the ball). It's the lack of TE, or WRs. Yet, league-wide Bess is highly regarded, Marshall is a ProBowler, and Sparano loved to comment how Hartline had the best YAC on the team. I've seen him blow the top off defenders, yet our QBs couldn't get him the ball. Got to be the OCs fault. Couldn't be that Chad Henne or Matt Moore aren't good enough.

Oh well, they say. Let's try it again with a 7th-rd pick. Maybe this will be the ticket.

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