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Miami's 'intimate knowledge' a good thing

Work with me on this ...

The Dolphins hired Joe Philbin as their head coach. He was the offensive coordinator at Green Bay and so one supposes he is familiar with Green Bay reserve quarterback Matt Flynn, who is expected to be available as a free agent this offseason as he searches for a starting job.

Philbin hired Mike Sherman as his offensive coordinator. Sherman was the head coach at Texas A&M where one supposes he became very familiar with starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill is available in the coming draft as perhaps the third or fourth-rated quarterback in the draft.

General manager Jeff Ireland, meanwhile, is a graduate of Baylor University. One supposes he still has ties to Baylor, where quarterback Robert Griffin III did great work in winning the Heisman Trophy in 2011. Griffin will be in the draft and could be the first or second player selected and a target for the Dolphins if they get the hankerin' for trading up.

So, pardon me for doing a lot of supposing here, but I'm supposing the Dolphins should have an advantage over other teams when it comes to knowing and understanding Flynn, Tannehill and Grffin.

"I guess you could suppose that, couldn't you?" Ireland told me during his appearance on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640 Sports (640-AM in South Florida) Tuesday. "Yeah, you know, we have some intimate knowledge of a lot of different people. Obviously with Mike and Joe and my ties to those universities and obviously the work that our scouts do -- my pro scouts and college scouts and how they surround themselves with resources and people -- we have intimate knowlege of the market. And that's a good thing."

It is a clear advantage in a situation where more information is always better. Of the five top quarterback possibilities for the Dolphins this offseason, including Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, the Dolphins are ahead of the game on the three mentioned above. They obviously have work to do in gathering information on Manning and Luck, but I have serious doubts Luck is within reach so really, the issue is they know three of the likely four players on an "intimate" level.

Advantage Miami.

The Ireland interview is below. In fact, the entire 8 o'clock hour of the show is below, including our interview with Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com:



Ireland is aware of the comments about playing with elite quarterbacks that Brandon Marshall made following his winning of the MVP award at the Pro Bowl.

Marshall said his job was easier when he was catching passes from elite quarterbacks because they "put the ball in the right spots." Marshall also agreed with me when I said on my twitter account that if the Dolphins improve the quarterback position, they improve that position and Marshall at the same time. He retweeted my tweet.

Some of you took exception with the comments for various reasons, among them that they were a slap at Moore. Ireland disagreed.

"I don't know if it's a slap in the face at all," he said. "Matt did a nice job this year. And he's going to continue to develop as any quarterback we bring in is going to do. When you're over there and playing with Pro Bowl quarterbacks, they do things differently than some other guys. They're there for a reason. You've got the Tom Bradys of the world, and obviously he wasn't over there, but you have the Ben Roethlisbergers and Drew Breeses of the world and they're Pro Bowl quarterbacks. They play at a little different level than other quarterbacks. But that's not a slap at Matt. Matt did a great job and I think Brandon would tell you Matt did a great job."

I agree.


The Dolphins continue to fill out their coaching staff. I've been told Jim Turner, a longtime friend of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman who served as the Aggies offensive line coach the past three years, is close to being hired in Miami. I presume he will coach the offensive line.

No announcement has been made by the team. Turner has never coached in the NFL. He did coach at Delaware, Northeastern, Harvard, Temple and Louisiana Tech. He also served from 1990 to 1994 in the United State Marine Corps.

So one supposes discipline will not be an issue with his unit.

Semper Fidelis.



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Ireland saying, "Henne is smart, intelligent tough"(where can I trade him?)

bell is old but ill take him back. soliai will be a pitt steeler


Scenarios are hard because there's too many moving pieces. For example, I don't know what the teams ahead of us needing QBs will do in FA. What if Seattle takes Flynn. Skins take Manning. Then we go into the draft knowing we'll have to give up less (to move up).

But, as a hypothetical, and I'll shoot for Luck (never happen, but what the hell):

- I'd offer the Colts 3 #1 picks, 2 #2's (this and next year) and one of our best players they need (say Dansby).

In return, we get a QB for the next decade plus. We shore up our holes with the rest of the draft, and even FA if necessary. Yes, draft picks are good, but a franchise QB is better.

Risky? Yes. Possibly crippling to the team for years to come if it doesn't work out? Yes.

But my point is, what's so great about the team now? Or for the last 15-20 years? We've wasted all this time already. Let's try something new. Who knows, maybe it'll work and we'll actually play in a Championship game, or dare I say, a SuperBowl. I see an Andrew Luck playing in a SB WAY MORE than I see a Matt Moore/Matt Flynn playing in one.

leave moore out of this, hes awful but yes i can see luck before flynn. im with u dc on luck, id give up a tonnnnnnnnnn. least offer it cant hurt


Posted by: ALoco | February 01, 2012 at 02:23 PM

The person calling others uneducated thinks man created the Grand Canyon.

Shut up you idiot!

Hate to be captain obvious here but with a good QB the team might make it to 10 and 6, with out 6 and 10. again.

Everyone here is sure Flynn will be great just because philbin has the faith. Well McDaniel or whatever his name was was ready to trade Cutler to the chiefs for cassel. And you would think he would've had intimate knowledge of cassel too. Yeah ...

im not sure on flynn. its a risk we need to take though

It took somewhat longer than 15 yrs for the Grand Canyon to be built. I know.

Bell could be cut...Rashad Jones might get a shot at SS...He's not a FS, he's a natural SS...Georgia University told everyone before the draft...Problem is our clueless coaches never understood that...Sparano and his bunch were specialists in playing guys at the wrong positions...Like John Jerry playing inside...He's better suited to play tackle...Playing Garner at LT instead of Carey or Jerry...Playing Jones at FS...List goes on and on...


I get it. You're talking about a Ginormous risk, RIGHT NOW! It's all or nothing.

Well, like you said, you have to have the balls. Ireland don't(in my opinion).

The only part of your plan I would flat out disagree with is reaching for any of the guys rated lower than Luck and Griffen.

Maybe some kind of trade down scenario where I gain a pick and reach, but I wouldn't reach all the way from 8/9 for any of the others.

One more question. It's easy for you or I to say we'd make that blockbuster trade for Luck or Griffen. Would you feel and do the same if your cushy Multi Million Dollar Career was on the line?

wolfman, look, Philbin's the HC, it's his 1st-year. I'll give him room to make his own mistakes. All I'm saying is, he BETTER work out (if they take Flynn). Flynn's failure = Philbin's failure, just like Henne's failure = Sparano's failure. And Philbin will then go the way of Sparano.
If I'm the HC, and I see ALL those skeletons of past HC's, ALL the corpses of FA QBs, I'd be pretty afraid to test those waters once again. I'd rather go down with a draftee (at least then I can try and blame the GM).
But, it's Philbin's team. And he comes from an organization that actually develops players (which is new to us). Maybe he knows something we don't.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 01, 2012 at 02:20 PM


Hey DC....my personal preference is to move down and draft RGIII. That's what I'd like to see happen, but obviously it's easier said than done. I'm not sure to what lengths teams are allowed to discuss such matters amongst themselves, but I would bet there is some behind the seens stuff taking place to determine the probability that Miami could move up with such and such an offer.

I would imagine that probability would be highly weighted in determining if they want to just go for Flynn (provided Philbin is on board) or risk it in the draft...not only taking the plunge to potentially give up a number of picks, etc...but also risking the very real posibility that ultimately their offer will be bested (ever have to put a bid on a house with multiple bidders...and you don't exactly know what the others are bidding...similar concept).

Mark in Toronto, exactly. This could be Philbin and Ireland's biggest offseason decision. Can you imagine if Flynn ends up somewhere else and he becomes a franchise QB? Wow!

It took somewhat longer than 15 yrs for the Grand Canyon to be built. I know.
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 01, 2012 at 02:42 PM

LOL, Oscar, Are you really that old?

DC - also, in RE to Flynn better be the guy or else it's on Philbin's head....that could be said for any decision made here. Coaches live and die by their QBs.

If they move up and mortgage their future for RGIII and he doesn't work out....it's on Philbin's head.

If they trade back and pick up Tannehill or something and he doesn't work out....it's on Philbin's head.

If he think Flynn has it, but doesn't work out....it's on Philbin's head.

If they do nothing and just go with Moore and he doesn't work out.....It's on Philbin's head.

well lets hope the pressure makes them sign flynn.

Mark in Toronto, are you on the right blog? I havent seen anyone say Flynn will be great because Philbin knows him.

What they are saying is Flynn can be possibly be a good qb for us because of his history in Philbins system & philbins knowledge of him. He will also cost much less than trading up. I'd consider him a low to moderate risk with high reward potential.

If anyone was sure of anything, we'd all pull a Biff Bowers & become millionaries over night.

Chad Henne has to have a MOUTHFUL to say....he just needs a MOUTHPIECE to say it in to...

Grill Dansby and ask how he plans to EARN that heft pay check....his play was clearly down....

I haven't read one WORD on this blog from a players mouth about the Firing of one coach..or the hiring of another....they have to feel some sort of way....

C'mon Armando...step it up...and get OUTSIDE OF THE BOX....

Posted by: kris | February 01, 2012 at 06:26 AM

Yeah... Armando...

Can't you go round up some sleazy Tabloid Rag information in some insignificant interviews concerning issues that play no part or have no purpose other then to bring disharmony, create more cynicism and drive wedges between players in the locker room..???

For God sake, Armando... Kris is right.... Go out and get us some "TRASHY, TABLOID, PAPARAZZI GARBAGE" to faint out anything that may just interest a fan of football... and humor little girls and douche bags who like to hear the latest rumors about who did what and what he said about what she said... Kris needs his girly man fix, Armando... get too it!

I bet Chad Henne does have a MOUTHFUL...(of something salty). I'll bet that mouthful saved his starting job more then once, because his TD/INT ratio sure as hell didn't....
I cannot WAIT to hear what Henne has to say.... NOT!

odin, yes I would. Of course, it's not so saying I would is easy. And (by the way), that scenario above was for Luck, for Griffin I'd offer less (slightly), and nothing for any of the others (as I believe we could land any of them at our position currently).

But why I would risk it (as the GM) is because this team isn't even really close to elite-ness now. Probably won't (can't) get there in the next 5 years (IMO). That means Ireland is basically biding his time until he's canned. With no continuity at QB, it'll come sooner rather than later. With all the FA movement, who knows which core team member will even STILL be here in 3-5 years if he gets the QB position filled (then new areas of concern will arise).

He's had 4 years, he doesn't have much longer. The time to make a splash is now. It was actually Year 1 (with Ryan IMO) but he passed. He can't keep passing year after year after year, when other teams are solidifying their QB positions. Listen to the radio, we are MOCKED by analysts. It's the same every year ("which teams need QBs, well, there's MIAMI....."). I think with Ross, it'll be better to try and fail than not try and keep running in circles.

I just think everyone who supports the Dolphins (outside of this blog) is acceptable to taking a huge risk to land a franchise QB. I think they've explored all other options and have come to the conclusion we just gotta go for it. If I'm the GM, I'd use that freedom from the fans. He can explain it by saying, "look, we have had an entire OFFENSE of QBs between Marino and Moore. I wanted to finally put an end to this charade. I tried to solidify this position once and for all."

Honestly, if it doesn't work, I don't blame Ireland (unless the guy he COULD'VE taken becomes the star over the guy he DID take). I give him credit for being the only GM with the guts to try.

If it becomes apparent to the Dolphins that a trade up to get RGIII is improbable, I would not be at all opposed to bringing in Flynn and drafting someone like Tannehill or Weeden as insurance/future development.

Likewise, I would not be opposed to just sticking with Moore and drafting someone like Tannehill or Weeden as insurance/future development.

Armando, usted es colombiano, ¿por qué no escribes en español para nosotros? Es cierto que ahora el control de Miami y han ahuyentado a todas las personas Inglés para siempre. Sólo quiero oír hablar de los Delfines de Miami EN ESPAÑOL!

Ha tenido 4 años, no tiene mucho más tiempo. El tiempo para hacer un chapoteo es ahora. En realidad, fue el año 1 (con Ryan OMI), pero pasó. No puede seguir pasando año tras año tras año, cuando los otros equipos están solidificando su posición de QB. Escuchar la radio, que son objeto de burla por los analistas. Es lo mismo todos los años ("que necesitan los equipos de mariscales de campo, bueno, hay MIAMI ....."). Creo que con Ross, será mejor intentar y fallar que no intentar seguir corriendo en círculos.
Creo que todos los que apoyan a los Delfines (fuera de este blog) es aceptable tomando un riesgo enorme para conseguir un QB franquicia. Creo que se han explorado todas las opciones y han llegado a la conclusión de que sólo tengo que ir a por ello. Si yo soy el GM, que haría uso de la libertad de los aficionados. Él puede explicar diciendo: "Mira, hemos tenido un DELITO todo de mariscales de campo entre el Marino y Moore. Quería poner fin de una vez a esta farsa. Traté de consolidar esta posición una vez por todas."
Sinceramente, si no funciona, no culpo a Irlanda (a menos que el hombre que pudo haber tenido se convierte en la estrella sobre el hombre que tomó). Le doy el crédito de ser el único GM con las agallas para intentarlo.


If I was a betting man (and I am), I'd bet we take Flynn (gut feeling). Like you said wolfman, go with what you know. Philbin believes he can coach Flynn up, and the kid did win a BCS Championship (though he didn't need to do much to do it).

Like Henne (and unlike Moore which I was wrong to do) I'll test drive Flynn before I complain. Just by GOD don't go 0-7 Philbin, the fan base will make you feel like your son died all over again.

Mark in Toronto, are you on the right blog? I havent seen anyone say Flynn will be great because Philbin knows him.
What they are saying is Flynn can be possibly be a good qb for us because of his history in Philbins system & philbins knowledge of him. He will also cost much less than trading up. I'd consider him a low to moderate risk with high reward potential.
If anyone was sure of anything, we'd all pull a Biff Bowers & become millionaries over night.
Posted by: Captain Obvious | February 01, 2012 at 02:49 PM


Yup....that pretty much sums it up in RE to people being willing to take a flyer on Flynn in FA. I haven't heard anyone annointing him a franchise guy....simply a good possibility with a lot of upside.

Franchise QBs don't grow on trees...it's easy to say, "just do whatever you have to to trade up"....but their are other factors involved. It's kinda like when people say...."just throw a bunch of $$$ at Cowher/Gruden/whomever, and they will come".....most often, there is more to it than that. As if nobody else thought of that.

..I keep seeing Finley as a guy many people would like to see to upgrade our tight end spot..I am going to go on record as saying this is a mistake..

Take a deeper look at his production the last 2 years..Injuries..And drops..yup Drops. Finley can't hold onto the ball anymore..I'm not sure what is going on? Ask a true Packer fan..They will tell you...Take him.

Proceed with caution with free agents that have been hurt for the better part of 2 years, and who have seen their production drop as well. finley isn't the same guy he was 3 years ago...This is a sucker bet IMO...

We should trade our no 8 pick and marshall to the rams for their no 2 pick and take rgIII or blackmon

It took somewhat longer than 15 yrs for the Grand Canyon to be built. I know.
Posted by: oscar canosa | February 01, 2012 at 02:42 PM


wolfman, I agree. I'm happy to say "just trade up and get a franchise QB." But you're right, there's other calculations that need to be made. How many franchise-worthy candidates are there? Last year, there were 3-4 (maybe 2 worked out). Year before there were a few.

That's why I say I really can't answer the "trade-up scenario" question, because I haven't graded out the talent. Who knows, maybe Tannehill really is franchise-worthy. Maybe not. Unfortunately, we'll have to put our trust in Ireland's hands here. I don't like to do that, but I have no choice (he's the GM).


chiming in...never meant to imply that Flynn is great for any reason...just wanted to point out that no one in the QB market has had more exposure to Flynn than Philbin and if Philbin takes him it will be for all the right reasons.

chiming in...never meant to imply that Flynn is great for any reason...just wanted to point out that no one in the QB market has had more exposure to Flynn than Philbin and if Philbin takes him it will be for all the right reasons.

Marshall is a piece of dung. How many more games would have been won by Miami and Moore if Marshall had not dropped fifteen passes, four or five of them sure TD's. What would Moore's completion percentage would have been if Marshall had not dropped fifteen passes, four or five of them sure TD's. Marshall always likes to talk in terms of would have's and would have been's. Well, there you go, Brandon. Have a ball (and please catch it too when you are playing REAL football games). Another "would have": Brandon probably would have caught more passes if he was not so afraid to get hit.

Captain Obvious, since you need items explicitly spelled out for you, my point is even if someone has conviction, they can still be wrong. I won't fell good about Flynn regardless if he is handpicked until I see him perform over a few seasons.

Just because philbin may have conviction, it means nothing. McDaniel knew cassel too, all I'm saying.

And my hope for this team is not to have just a good qb, a Joe Flacco. I want an Eli, a Rodgers, brees, Brady, etc. Settling for good enough gets you laying in the bed with that girl who's a six and end up wanting to scratch her eyes out after a few years because she makes you sick.

..Please stop with the trade Brandon Marshall for Justin Blackmon Jibber Jabber.. If Blackmon has a career anything like Marshall it will be a succesful one.Marshall is a bonafied proven weapon in this league....I get it..everyone and their mother believes Blackmon is the greatest thing to hit the airwaves since the first Wham album...Point taken..

So in this scenario we trade away our best offesnive player to another team for a rookie, who at his best next year may match Marshalls production? It makes zero sense..Don't give me this is a move for the future. B.S. There will be tons of highly rated recievers that will be available in the draft the next few years...I'm sure there will be a can't miss prospect in that bunch as well...If Blackmon somehow drops to 9..By all means do it. There is only one position we should be even thinking about trading up for..It isn't reciever.

LOL Mark @ 3:11. A 6 huh? Sounds like painful personal experience bro.

But I agree, a wise man once said:

You gotta know when to roll 'em. Know when to hold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run...

Mark in Toronto:

I will be bringing my ministry to Ontario so that we can be closer and engage in masculine activities together.

I propose that we avow our Faith in Him by applying almond oil to each other's nude body and then wrestling. Then, we can adjourn to the sauna and proclaim He Is Risen.

Mark, I knew exactly what you were saying. It was false. No one has said Flynn was a sure thing. No need to imply I need things spelled out because I corrected you. Play nice.

And comparing Philbins knowledge of Flyn to Cassel/Cutler/Mcdaniels is useless.

If you want to make a comparison; compare KC giving Cassell a shot after former NE execs went there to rebuild & went with their guy to Miami landing GB former coaches & giving Flynn a shot.

..................There is only one position we should be even thinking about trading up for..It isn't reciever.
Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | February 01, 2012 at 03:15 PM


110% agree....trading away anything (picks/players) to move up to get Blackmon is insanity!

I thought Atlanta was crazy for moving up to take a WR last year....but at least they pretty much had everything else in place, including their QB.

A potantial franchise QB is the only position worth trading up for at this particular point in time.

Darryl Dunphy, AMEN brother...Post of the Day...But Marshall did have some drops...LOL!!


Captain, nowehere did I imply that I thought anyone was saying Flynn was a sure thing. If anything it was a retort to Mando's blog entry saying it was a good thing.

So I used the same analogy where a first time head coach wanted his own guy and la ti da, it was the same QB he was the offensive co-ordinator for.

And three years later, that QB has proved to be delightfully average.

So for the final time ....


GET IT?!?!?!?!

And the McDaniels/Cassel comparison is applicable because McDaniels wanted Cassel badly but KC wouldn't budge and refused to Jay Cutler for him.

In hindsight, how stupid was that of KC and Denver dodged a bullet with that one too.


Mark, I literally tingle when I read angry posts from you like the one above.

My darling, please don't ever lose that fire and passion. Not just in your words and ideas, but also in your pants. I love you.




I think there was a Brother on here quoting Kenny Rogers!

Now THAT right THARS some FUNNY STUFF!!!!

odin, brothas like country music (remember Hootie, he's without the blowfish now).

Anyway, the only part of me that's black is my heart (from supporting this team for 3 decades).

I thought DC was Latino?


..I like Blackmon..He would be a great fit in the "West Coast" offense..He isn't a burner ala A.J. Green..even Julio Jones. If he is available at 9 great. I think adressing tight end is a more pressing issue at this point. Also lets see what we do in free agency first..My opinion could change dependant on what moves we make in the free agency period.

Back to the Flynn debate..Any move the team makes to try and improve the quarterback spot has to be embraced. If nothing else the familiarity with the system Philbin runs cannot be overlooked..With Flynn, you get a guy that can execute the full playbook..He has years of experience with it. Part of the problem with Young guys is that the playbook is limited because it is difficult to grasp the whole concept..It takes time. Think about teams that have vet QB's that have been in the same system..There is a reason they run more sets, more motion. They know where everyone should be. They understand the progressions, the protections. This cannot be overlooked as far as the value Flynn may have in this offense.

I don't know what will happen. I don't know how Flynn will fare should he be our guy..I just think that he has a tremendous head start on anyone else that may come in. Having the trust of the coaches is huge as far as running the offense..No doubt Philbin would be giving Flynn his show of support should we go that direction.

i'd like to see us get a qb from montana.

Darryl--shut up.

Just freaking shut the hell up.

..Wouldn't it be ironic if we aquired Flynn, and Henne ended up in G.B.? It could happen.

Mark/odin, it's actually neither. I'm like Derek Jeter, a bi-racial angel!!!


That among the WORST trade scenarios ever.....

and I mean EVER....

What makes you so sure that Luck will even be good.....

(3) 1st and( 2) 2nds....5 premium picks for a woulda-coulda-shouda.....a Maybe.....


No, that wouldn't be "ironic." What it WOULD be is completely uninteresting and stupid.

Just shut the hell up already and go back to scratching your butt and watching 'Maury.'

yes kris id do that trade. luck is basically manning all over again in terms of how cant miss he is

Ah, it's cool DC. Doesn't matter to me either way obviously, haha. Just thought I read that you were Latino somewhere.

haha, bi-racial angel, haven't heard that one before. I may use it in the nightclubs when talking to some of Toronto's finest with your permission of course.

DC--You're bisexual? That's cool. I've been with both, too.

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