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Peterson very much a part of the Dolphins coach search


That is Carl Peterson and Jeff Fisher on the field of the Dolphins practice facility waiting to board a helicopter following the coach's "interview" with the Dolphins today. (Trust me, I enlarged the picture sent by The Herald's David J. Neal and that is definitely Carl Peterson.)

The two men waited for a minute or so before owner Stephen Ross came out and boarded the helicopter with them and another unidentified man and took off. Their destination is not known.

What is known is that is Carl Peterson talking to Fisher. That is Carl Peterson boarding the helicopter. That is the same Carl Peterson who has said he would not be joining the Dolphins.

That is the same Carl Peterson who multiple NFL sources have told me -- even today -- will be named the Dolphins president in the coming days or weeks.

When Ross last spoke to the media he said he hadn't spoken with Peterson about joining and working for the Dolphins. Hmmm. Looks like he's doing Dolphins work to me.

In fact, I'm told Peterson was the Dolphins representative that both contacted and spoke with Jon Gruden about the Dolphins job recently. I'm told Peterson met with Gruden to gauge his interest for the Dolphins' 'coaching job.

Gruden made it clear to Peterson he isn't interested and Peterson carried that message back to Ross.

That also sounds like Dolphins work to me.

So why all the denials? What's the big deal?

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u wrote gruden to begin article not fisher, better change that before people go into a frenzy

Earl Thomas made he pro bowl this year instead of taking a ball hawking FS that we needed we took another D lineman in Odrick. Hows that move working out?

Jeff Gruden? Is that the ultimate coach combo?

I'm ok with Peterson consulting Ross on football decisions...Ross knows Real Estate, Peterson....Football.

The fact he is doing it out of friendship and is off the payroll is a bonus.

Fact: when Peterson ruled KC, they were contenders EVERY Freakin Year!

This guy knows Football...has insane connections and is an asset.

I actually feel comforted by the fact he is involved in the head coach search and the rest of Fins Nations should as well....


Where do you figure they are all heading in a helicopter? Maybe to take Fisher back to the airport for some other destination or are there other possibilities? Can you speculate?

When is Fisher's interview with St. Louis set? Any idea?


Totally agree. The guy had lots of success in KC. Don't get all the hate for the guy. I've come to the conclusion that most people don't like anybody. They just want to complain.

My take is that Peterson is going to be running the Dolphins football operations next year. Ireland might be coordinating the coaching search, but Peterson is the man the new coach will be working for, not Ireland. I would believe that the new coach will have to work Ireland for 2012 and, if that doesn't work out, Ireland will be dismissed or reorg'ed.

I don't mind Peterson on board if he could find us the next tony Gonzalez, derrick Thomas, or dale Carter. Those guys would be even more valuable in today's NFL. Throw in Neil smith too.

I personally like Peterson. I know many Dolphin fans do not. But NHFFINSFAN is right. When he was with KC, they were contenders. And when he was in the USFL, he had two championship teams. The man knows what he is doing and is a WAY BETTER football guy than Parcells. Ireland is not all that bad either. He has picked some good players, but has made some stupid decisions too. Not all GMS are perfect, but he is young, and does have respect. But a person like Fisher wants his own staff. The Dolphins for whatever reason, want to keep this one intact. I say, let a man come in, get his own coaches, take care of personell decisions. THAT is how you win and Ross should do whatever it takes. Peterson is there because Ross does not know football, Peterson does. I would rather have Peterson take care of the coaching than Ireland. If Ireland does it, we might end up with a Dallas assistant or a former one like we did with Sparano. No thanks.

Where was Irland? Just asking!!!

peterson was great here in kc, fans just hated yhim because he was a dick in public. but who cares if he does his job

I think people are misunderstanding too what Petersons role would be. He would be the VP, same role that Parcells had. Ireland will still be the GM, but I think Peterson would have more pull to aquire players and coaches than Ireland does.

hilarious news out of minnesota was vikings promoting spielman to gm. we should trade with them


You in KC? Were you there for some of those great teams they had in the 80's and 90's? I think if I was in KC I would have been a KC fan. I always had a lot of respect for the teams they put out there and liked the suport they got from the fans. Probably my second favourite team as a kid.


By any chance was Cowher on the helicopter?
(asking on behalf of NYG)

I see Peterson as the safety valve on Jeff Ireland.

Ross knows Ireland is still learning and with all of Parcels guys gone, who is watching Jeffy?

Remember, Peterson gave Ireland his first job in KC as a scout...so Ireland looks up to Peterson and would NEVER argue his decisions.

Example: Draft War Room, April 2012...

Ireland: let's draft that huge OL from Old Miss!
Peterson: now Jeffy, pipe down! I know he's 6'10, 400 Lbs. but we need a QB to lead this team.
Ireland: but look how freakin huge that guy is...Tuna always taught me to draft em' large.
Peterson: well Tuna is gone and I'm in charge now...so no OL this year, were drafting a franchise QB!
Ireland: ok Carl, you did give me my first job and I don't want to lock horns with you.
Peterson: ok...now run downstairs and get me some hot coffee!

im in kc yes. been here since 85. but never a kc fan, always miami and nobody else. but man was i jealous of them in the 90's. damn good teams


Is that even Jeff Fisher in that picture? Looks a bit like Cowher if you ask me.

far as peterson drafting a qb, well that would have to come from ross. carl never even thought of drafting a qb while in kc, always went vet route (montana,krieg,bono,grbac,deberg


NY "G"...."reports" that the other unidentified man WAS Cowher....

It's just a coincidence. Peterson needed a ride to the airport at the same time Jeff Fisher was in town. So since Ross was heading that way, he gave Peterson a ride.

Just a coincidence folks! Nothing more, nothing less. You don't actually believe Stephen Ross would lie to the media, would you?

ESPN reporting several teams tried to speak with Cowher by phone but couldn't hear him due to what appeared to be extreme helicopter noise.

Where was Irland? Just asking!!! Posted by: DR Dolfan


Putting his knee pads on in Mr. Ross' office.

Are you 'reporting' that DA?

ireland is complete garbage, where all those backers now who ripped me last year for saying so??

ESPN got that report from me. So yes, indirectly I am reporting.

I'm interested in what happens with the coaching situation..........but I'm more interested in what happens with the player personnel this offseason.......players can make coaches look really good.

I'm reporting that the Fisher interview was merely a ruse to keep the price down on Cowher.

Cowher is coming!

pure speculation. we dont know what Peterson was doing there. maybe he was flying the helicopter. lol.

If I were Fisher I would be very suspicious as to why Ireland wasn't involved in the interview process. The next HC has to work with the GM but they can't even meet to gauge each other??? Sounds fishy to me. Fisher must be wondering if Ireland is so bad that they lock him the basement for no one to see. You would be suspicious too if you were interviewing at a company and not able to meet your prospective boss.


I think Armando bungled the story. That is definitely Cowher in photo.

ireland and ross are known as a joke, pathetic


I see it too....clear as day.

So, you're sources are saying he's coming and you're sticking to that? How about Luck? He's coming?

Whats up fellas

Just on NFL network! Miami will interview Jon Gruden tomorrow at team headquarters.

This is big guys. I feel 2012 is a going to be a great year

I wonder if Martz resigned to try and land the Rams HC job?

This was according to Jason La Canfora


Ross, Peterson and Jeff Ireland watch Helicopter return after dropping off Jeff Fisher.

Peterson and Ireland board helicopter and leaves Dolphins facility.

UPDATE: Ross seen nodding to Peterson prior to lift off.

UPDATE: Ross watches Peterson and Ireland fly away in helicopter.

UPDATE: Ross seen standing with hands in pocket as the theme from the Godfather blares out over the practice field sound system. (see clip)


UPDATE: Helicopter returns and Peterson steps out and gives Ross a subtle nod.

Come on guys...that is Fisher in the photo, stop stirring the pot.

The fact that Peterson took the lead on the interview is a FANTASTIC development.

That tells Fisher that Peterson holds the POWER and Ireland is the second tier personnel person.

Peterson picks the groceries...Ireland does the paperwork.

I like it!

Did Cowher grow that much hair since Sunday?

sure poizen. told u nyg,zero chance on cowher

Got to hand it to Cowhers people. They know how to keep things quiet and work under the radar.

The next coach will be
Dave Toub. It doesn't look like Fisher was too keen on sticking around and brainstorming with the boys...couldn't get out of there fast enough, it looked like to me.
I just googled Toub...The dude will probably blow them away in an interview, and I don't see that he has any other interviews lined up.
I'm sold on Toub!

Poizen....best news I've read all day....

Guys go to NFL network its on there too!


yeah looks like we already lost fisher, ross must be dumb as a rock

OK there DA and kris...lol

Nice but just remember I stand by my call on Cowher.

Peterson picks the groceries...Ireland does the paperwork. I like it! Posted by: NHFINSFAN

I'm inclined to agree with you sir.

Bill Coward is not going to be the Dolphins coach.

Poizen, dont see anything updated on this site, twitter or any other sources about Gruden and the Dolphins. Highly doubtful. He will want his own people, and the Dolphins dont want to discard the whole staff. If you get more further updates on that, post them. But it is highly doubtful.

Dave Toub? Wow. The news gets better and better. I at least would be somewhat excited if an offensive mind came aboard but a career special teams coordinator? I know Harbaugh was one in Philly but that's the exception not the rule

Ross delivering on Promise...just like he tried to last year....


NY "G",

Is Cowher coming in via a submarine? Will he have a disguise on?

What are your sources saying in terms of when the interview might take place?

POIZEN, that article was related to fisher, Not Gruden!!!

So with Fisher leaving right now Miami has 2 options

Todd Bowles vs Dave Toub.

That Gruden story smells like a fake to me.

Gruden was the guy I wanted but with no QB why on earth would he want to come to Miami. I think Poizen is blowing smoke or mislead.

Maybe Ross is intentionally keeping Peterson off the payroll for now to avoid any NFL conflicts. Peterson is reaching out to others but not in a professional 'capacity'.

Lol @ Craig M @ 4:41.....

Armando, tough job you have tracking down the truth. Armando can you find out for us if the helicopter was in route to a strip club in Tampa?

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