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Peterson very much a part of the Dolphins coach search


That is Carl Peterson and Jeff Fisher on the field of the Dolphins practice facility waiting to board a helicopter following the coach's "interview" with the Dolphins today. (Trust me, I enlarged the picture sent by The Herald's David J. Neal and that is definitely Carl Peterson.)

The two men waited for a minute or so before owner Stephen Ross came out and boarded the helicopter with them and another unidentified man and took off. Their destination is not known.

What is known is that is Carl Peterson talking to Fisher. That is Carl Peterson boarding the helicopter. That is the same Carl Peterson who has said he would not be joining the Dolphins.

That is the same Carl Peterson who multiple NFL sources have told me -- even today -- will be named the Dolphins president in the coming days or weeks.

When Ross last spoke to the media he said he hadn't spoken with Peterson about joining and working for the Dolphins. Hmmm. Looks like he's doing Dolphins work to me.

In fact, I'm told Peterson was the Dolphins representative that both contacted and spoke with Jon Gruden about the Dolphins job recently. I'm told Peterson met with Gruden to gauge his interest for the Dolphins' 'coaching job.

Gruden made it clear to Peterson he isn't interested and Peterson carried that message back to Ross.

That also sounds like Dolphins work to me.

So why all the denials? What's the big deal?

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All you uys are idiots.

Craig M, DA and kris,

Just as I been "reporting" (which I was right on) that Peterson already works for Ross and he had his duties shifted over to football czar.

Now don't forget (I'll remind you if you do lol)) what I said about Cowher.

FVCK Gruden!

I'm not a huge Fisher fan...only because he's long in the tooth.

But Gruden is a Pvssy and not someone I'd got to battle with.

Here's how I judge a head coaches ability to lead men.

"would you charge up a hill, in war time, under his direct orders, with life on the line?

Gruden has that "smug" look that I cannot take seriously.

Fisher seems too "light-weight" to me

Cowher is getting closer...

Now Toub....this guy has IT!

Check out Toub...this is the one guy I'd storm the hill for!

Cowher should consult with bobby valentine for proper disguises. Get the night vision goggles....

"Where the heck was my helicopter ride?" - Todd Bowles

Jeff Fisher will bring the stache back to coach the dolphins.

Any reason that photo is entitled "PetersonGruden2"? LOL This is confusing, and the comments above aren't helping.


Yes Cowher IS getting closer.

Jeff Fisher's stache > Dave Wannstedt's Stache

andy gruden wont come here but not because of no qb, gruden never had a qb

NYG....one can only hope

Any word on whether they will be interviewing some real GM's.

I think Peterson and Ross should take that Helicopter, and Very Publicly fly across the country to interview Chris Polian.

Paybacks a Bit@h huh Jeff.

I don't get all the cloak and dagger stuff either. Actually the Dolphins are pretty easy to figure out. Just take what they tell you and assume the exact opposite to be true.

0 for 0

Cowhers current interview count and offers received so far.


That photo is entitled "PetersonGruden2" on purpose to cover Ross back when he oked Peterson to whack Ireland on the chopper ride. See my post @ 4:34p for those details.

Armando, you are looking too much into it. See that bag Peterson is carrying? He's just there selling Amway products to Fisher. That's all. Nothing to see, move along.

Ross is about as sneaky as a 20lb bass in a 55 gallon drum. Thinks hes smart incredibly stupid

Bill Cowher does have a nice stache. The Dolphins will probably consider him.

If I was Ross I would have told Fisher he would crash the chopper in the atlantic unless he signed a contract & agreed to coach the Phins.

Now I see Cowher's plan.

Wait for that golden opportunity (Miami). Pretend you are not interested while others interview for the position. Then when you are sure you are finally interested, don't tell anybody.

ARMANDO writes >>That is the same Carl Peterson who multiple NFL sources have told me -- even today -- will be named the Dolphins president in the coming days or weeks.

Um, um, I been "reporting" THAT since October +/-.

Guess his multiple NFL sources must be reading what I post here.

lol Ross keeps getting exposed by the media. I think he is just really that dumb to think this wouldn't be noticed. Even after last year's coaching search fiasco, his stupidity continously amazes me. I agree, I don't understand why they need to keep it a secret. I actually feel better knowing someone other than Ireland is leading the search. Ireland now seems like a pawn destined to be phased out (i.e. fired) after, or quite possibly even before, the draft.

At least they are not standing pat. Keep working and interviewing!!!!

Earl Thomas made he pro bowl this year instead of taking a ball hawking FS that we needed we took another D lineman in Odrick. Hows that move working out?

Posted by: Clue | January 03, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Clue.... Miami finished the season with the #3 defense against the Run in the NFL... and the Dolphins did much better with creating and making interceptions and turnovers on defense then last year. Miami is likely to lose one to three D-linemen this year to Free agency.
So IMAO... Odrick is working out pretty damned good.

I would also say that Peterson did a fantastic job in KC. They (The Chiefs) were literally a dead and buried team until 89 and the decade of the 90's when they won their division several times and led the NFL in attendance for 6 consecutive years (1994-99) and led the AFC in attendance from 1992-2008.

You could argue that KC has good fans... except that before he came to the Chiefs, they had some of the worst attendance in the NFL for years, and had some of the worst teams also... Who cares if Ross is keeping it close to his vest... with media like we have in South Florida, I would build a 20 foot tall concrete wall and only come out and talk after games on Sunday... then return to my fortress so I was not Crucified daily by the scumbags looking for another bad news story to print.

If ANYONE costs Miami a good coach... It will be the South Florida Media. Who would want these guys chasing them out of town in 3 years?

...ty561..Good points. Fisher still has to interview with the Rams. A job from the outside that looks like one to stay away from. But after a little thought and digging..Is where I believe he will go.

Here is why..1 they have in place a quarterback. Yes he struggled this year. I think it was a case of injuries more then talent. 2 they have a premium pick in this draft. A lot of things can be done with this as you know. 3 Out of all the teams in search of a coach, and perhaps the biggest draw.. The Rams have more cap room over the next 2 years then all of the teams in the coach hunt.. The Phins on the other hand start to take it in the shorts starting next year..See Dansby, and Marshall to start. 4. The division. I know the Niners raised cain this year. But that division is still mediocre.. You still get Arizona, and Seattle twice. Winnable...

I would like to see Fisher here in Miami. I just think unless Ross is willing to write him a blank check..St. Louis may end up being his spot.

Kevin Demoff told the STL Post-Dispatch: "His job is to represent Jeff Fisher; our job is to find the right head coach for the Rams.

Talking about his son being the GM of the Rams and he's the agent for Fisher, hmmm

Some of this crap from you guys is just priceless. No, they didn't "lose" Fisher by not being able to sign him on the spot. That's ludicrous. You guys DO understand he is in demand, do you not? Why WOULDN'T Fisher explore every opportunity available to him?

Posted by: ty561 | January 03, 2012 at 05:27 PM


You are 100% correct... Miami will finish its process just as Fisher will finish his...

Try to remember who you are speaking to out here.... Some (Some... not ALL) of our Dolphins fans aren't to "Bright".... There is a very good reason that many fans of different teams all over the Nation feel much of our fans base is either a bunch of "Front Runners" who bail at the first sign of adversity. OR.... Start calling for "Heads to roll" if the team does anything they don't agree with in their "Madden Minds".....

San Diego did a smart and courageous thing today by keeping Turner... He would have been gone 3 years ago in Miami... God I miss Don Shula and the days when fans were fans... not armchair GM's who have been somehow overlooked as Head Coaches and GM's by 32 teams every year of their lives....

apologies, that was supposed to be reversed not son father but father son

You want to know the DEFINITION of ARM CHAIR GM Derek.....

It's waiting UNTIL the announcement of TURNER NOT being fired.....and then coming on here to say what a great move it was to KEEP him.....

Look it up....that's the exact definition word for word.....

If the Dolphins can't land Fisher, what does everyone think about Mike Martz who just resigned from Chicago today? Offenseive minded he is. Then the Dolphins can keep Nolan too.

Hey mando where is he now

Hey Mando what's he wearing now?

Hey mando did he say anything about us?

Hey Mando WTF?

What do ya'll think about hiring this hack Fisher? Just cause Armando shoves it down your face as best available hire doesn't make it true.

The Jeff Fisher's of the world are a dime a dozen.

Ok guys...most of the reporting is,,,yeah,,,,crap.

About what is going on now and what people want to hear. How about some insights about other potential coaches outside of the three we all know about...yeah, Cowher, Grudden, Fisher (though Fisher rimes with Fish...je,je). But seriously mando if you were to pick up a Coach that was not one of the big three (of which 2 are out basically)? Who do you think it should be and why?

Not ruling our fisher but come on....the guy is as difficult to get as...whatever your want to think.

The only in this blog that cares whether or not we get Fisher is Mando himself.

Following him around and photographing him.

JFC mando get a grip; show some dignity.

Todd Bowles is the head coach of this team.

Deal with it and move on.

what a mess........

Well the fans have spoken. Fisher is an overrated hack and Jeff Ireland is a bum. Now what?

Chudzinski is still my 1st choice with Mike Shula and Greg Olsen.
Would also be OK with Philibin if he can bring Flynn to compete with Moore.
1st choice for draft QB would definitely be RGIII, believe he and Luck, are going to cost multiple firsts and seconds. Minimum to get either will be Vikings 3.
Chudzinski's ties to south Florida would push him in front of many OC for what Ross wants.

LaConfora reported Fisher to Rams a certainty with his ties to the front office. Can't look too good to Fisher having Peterson, who is not officially employed by Miami involved in the process.

Not sure if it was Peterson or Ireland that put Ross on the scent of Jim Harbaugh last year, but it was the right track.

Correct again ty, there is a lot more talk of finding the next-- young-- Shula, than there are real names floating around. So... last we heard the gang was flying around together? Ireland probably serving refreshments.

Let's ease off the negative remarks towards Mr.Ross.
Once again he is searching for a top hc.Wether it is who We think it should or not.He is showing a willingness to go after opportunities that would make Our team prominent.
As far as Carl Peterson being involve with Our lousy franchise,it can only be a positive.He has a great track as far as drafting players.Though his qbs have been suspect.
Fisher for head coach...might worth renewing my NFL package and wearing that new gear my spouse got me for x-mas.However,as a fellow Dolphan posted earlier,PERSONNEL MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Just saw Chad Henne on ESPN shooting the breeze with Lloyd Carr and the owner of the Saints.
Who is the backup to Drew Brees?

Oh Well.
Who better to back up the single season passing yards record holder than the most passing yards in a game record co-holder (Henne/Brady 950 yds)?

By nature, experience, and common sense, I'm not a fan of putting all the important aspects of a Football Team in one man's hands. As I recall, only Lombardi and JJ were successful when handling personnel, coordination and Coaching of a Team. I am a believer of separation of Powers. Yes.

Don't care where Inept henne lands.Just thrilled he will no longer wear a Miami Dolphins uniform! HELL YEAH!

I knew something like this would happen.

Didn't I tell you, People are going to complain no matter what. My experience regarding this? Wipe your as- with all those gripes, for their benefit.

Turd- and I say that with no disrespect- isn't it possible that the franchise looks like such a mess that a "non-employed" Peterson actually lends credibility? As sad as that sounds, and as a non-fan of Peterson...

What, you looking at Youtube?

No Fisher for Fins

Well since Henne and RG3 are both in the Superdome Henne can tell him all of the wonderful reasons to come to Miami.
That'll help.

fisher will be named next dolphins coach dolphins also to name peterson vp of football operations you watch........

According to NFL.com if Fisher joins Phins so will Peterson who will fire Ireland and bring in his KC people.
Peterson's 2nd choice is Jim Haslett.
Otherwise he won't be joining the Phins.
Great job of reporting Mando!

Mando how do you get scooped by a reporter that doesn't even follow this team?

This isn't even the first time that you've been scooped in the past 12 months.
Mando you found out from the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Henne and Daboll were colluding during the lockout.

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