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Peterson very much a part of the Dolphins coach search


That is Carl Peterson and Jeff Fisher on the field of the Dolphins practice facility waiting to board a helicopter following the coach's "interview" with the Dolphins today. (Trust me, I enlarged the picture sent by The Herald's David J. Neal and that is definitely Carl Peterson.)

The two men waited for a minute or so before owner Stephen Ross came out and boarded the helicopter with them and another unidentified man and took off. Their destination is not known.

What is known is that is Carl Peterson talking to Fisher. That is Carl Peterson boarding the helicopter. That is the same Carl Peterson who has said he would not be joining the Dolphins.

That is the same Carl Peterson who multiple NFL sources have told me -- even today -- will be named the Dolphins president in the coming days or weeks.

When Ross last spoke to the media he said he hadn't spoken with Peterson about joining and working for the Dolphins. Hmmm. Looks like he's doing Dolphins work to me.

In fact, I'm told Peterson was the Dolphins representative that both contacted and spoke with Jon Gruden about the Dolphins job recently. I'm told Peterson met with Gruden to gauge his interest for the Dolphins' 'coaching job.

Gruden made it clear to Peterson he isn't interested and Peterson carried that message back to Ross.

That also sounds like Dolphins work to me.

So why all the denials? What's the big deal?

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pricemaster I saw that as well. holly s$$T. We're in bigger trouble than I thought. I hope fisher ends up in st louis,

I couldn't care less about Peterson one way or another.
But read Mando's story.
Mando thinks Peterson joining the team is imminent:
What is known is that is Carl Peterson talking to Fisher. That is Carl Peterson boarding the helicopter. That is the same Carl Peterson who has said he would not be joining the Dolphins

The truth is since Peterson will only join for Fisher, and Peterson will not in fact be coming here, that means Fisher will not be coming here.

So why doesn't Mando just report that. Instead he's following him around, taking his picture from far away.

Is the Mel Kiper?

Anybody watching the Sugar Bowl tonight?

Denard Robinson is fun to watch. I don't think he'll ever play in the NFL, but heck of a college baller.

Brady Hoke would be on my Watch List!

Hire Polian and Hoke. Then make room on the Trophy Shelf!

If Mando were a physician would anyone in here seek medical treatment from him?
What if Mando were a mechanic would anyone take thier car for an inspection?
If Mando ran a food delivery outfit whose meal would arrive warm?
If Mando were a janitor would anyone be surprised to see that the gum had not been scraped up?

Why can't we bring in the colts old brass!!!! Seriously. Mr. Ross. Want my money? Want my faith? Hand the ball off to Real football front office men?

Breaking news helicopter goes down with a red head on board.

THERE IS A LOT OF SECRECY because there are a bunch of weasels at work!! there is NO REASON for it. If anything ross needs to be transparent about his intentions. Someone asked about ireland in this blog - who cares!! the FARTHER AWAY FROM THE PROCESS he is , the better

So there is intrigue in the searching for a Head Football Coach in Miami. Well, you are in the Casablanca of the Americas so your intention fits well here. Hell, any of these Powerful Nonfootball People here could throw a wrench into the best laid plans of the Dolphins if it was in their best interest to do so. But they don't. So, rest easy, you.

You never been in a helicopter? Neither have I.

I may be the idiot here, but Peterson put together some fine teams with some awesome talent at KC. No, they never won the big one, but every year 31 teams don't win the big one. It takes putting together a great team AND catching lightning in a bottle.


You see how Freakin Hot Michigans Cheer Leaders are?

That's how you survive the Winters up here!

Nobody live Blogging the Sugar Bowl?

WTF's Up wit Dat!?!?

" turn over some rocks" and " find some acorns" these are two statements that should never ever be heard coming from a pro sports general manager I'm still sick over those statements from four years ago, how is he still here mr. Ross?

I have to agree with Dave.

I don't think Ross gives a squat about how the press interprets his words and/or actions.

He's a Billionaire trying to put Miami back on course. He's trying to restore pride to what was once an NFL Powerhouse!

The last thing he's concerned with right now is the press and all the negative spin.

Stick a fork in it Mando!

..I'm watching Diamonds are Forever. And one of the villians..Shady Grove and his Acorns..Reminded me of Ross, and Ireland..The charachter Shady Grove actually looks like Ross.

Silly is putting it politely ;)

The *LONELY* voice of reason.


Why do we need to give up picks if we can get instead Flynn? RUFkidding me. It is about darn time we grow some balls here in SoFla. We have tried everything, and I mean everything since Marino left except for picking a QB high in the draft. So unless one year we decide to totally tank a season like gutless Indy did this season we will not have that chance unless we trade up. Will it work? No one knows, but if it does we can build what NE, NO and GB have, a lasting period of success and titles, wonderful games to watch, being happy to be Dolfans.

I lived in Boston and I can not tell you how much I hate the Pats but if you want the truth, almost every single game of theirs was fun to watch, can you say the same thing about our team's?

To Mr. Ross you are businessman and as such you have to know a simple truth: no risk = no reward. Yes it is certainly a risk to trade up but in doing so please understand this will be an investment on one of the best two prospects at the QB position in years:

1. Andrew Luck: to the haters, if there was any doubts they all should have been cleared last night, what a performance, no college QB is as ready as he is, NFL quality throws, on the run, accurate, strong.

2. RG3: a natural and trained leader, an athlete, a competitor, decent thrower who has improved every single year, over 70% completion rate and getting stronger. A great runner and someone that commands respect from his players.

Yes we MUST trade up. To those still arguing Flynn is our answer please spare me your arguments. If you want to go by one or two game of deceiving stats we can introduce Chad Henne to the Hall of Fame after last year's 1st game vs NE. Please do yourselves and rest of us real, knowledgable fans a favor and watch the film again. A lot of those throws were underthrown, he got bailed by the WRs and the most atrocious secondary I've seen in quite some time, I bet Brees and co will put 50 on that sorry Detroit team. In fact I dare you when you watch those highlights to tell me which QB was far superior the best one on that very same field. Stafford was so much better than Flynn, if you do not concur you should not comment about football ever again.

In my opinion only two types of candidates fit the bill for our head coaching position and it goes hand in hand with who our QB will be:Trade up for Luck and get someone like Billick, or a hot assistant coach somewhere like NO's Carmichael.Trade up for RG and absolutely must hire Rob Chudzinski and Mike Shula from the Panthers, 4th ranked offense in the NFL with nothing but one outstanding rookie QB with no weapons other than an aging Steve Smith and playing behind a horrendous line. Chud a former Cane alumni, player, and coach with plenty of NFL experience and his QB coach in Shula. Those two alone will sell you plenty of tickets and they are competent.

Please no more retreads, no Fisher, please he was a dinosaur before he GOT FIRED and he is a fossil now. Grow that fortitude and bring the younger guns here, trade up to get our guy and replace those picks with the signing of the best and YOUNG free agents you can find like:-DeSean Jackson, WR, fire sure deep threat, only 25!!!-Michael Griffin, FS, great hitter, FS, 28 will make your corners look like pro bowlers-Greg Olsen, TE, great runner up the seam, faster than Fasano, former Cane, played under Chud both in college at the U and at Carolina.

That will be one scary good team, one with swagger 80s Canes style, like the Miami Heat, and even though I do not know you Mr. Ross, I am sure you did not buy a football team in a football town to play second fiddle to an NBA and a (gasp) MLB team!

..Odin. Hey I'm trying to step up my game in the amp world. Any suggestions. I have a fender amp now..But I don't like how it sounds when the volume is turned up..The lower notes aren't crisp enough to my ear, and the high notes reverberate too much. Any help??

I didn't know lil wayne was the QB for Michigan

Marty..True.I learned chopsticks on the recorder as well..That was fun.

That's not true pricemaster I care if we get fisher i want him as head coach


When I played Bass my favotite amp was a Peavy Mark IV **Bi-Amp(years ago)**.

They still make the series and there awesome. The key is using the built in **Bi-Amp** system. You run it with another amp in tandem. I used a Fender Bassman 100 for the ULTIMATE low ends. You run it through the Peavy, which has Pyramid shift, built in equalizer, and a condenser. The condenser is a **MUST**, especially for newer Bass Players.

The Peavy will allow you to adjust exactly how much lows run through your Bassman and where the mid ranges and highs break in your speaker stacks. Especially if you use Horns for your extreme high ends. For *STAGE* stacks I always used Peavy Twin 15 Black Widows for the low end(one on each side of the drum kit). Fender 4 - 12's(standard guitar amp speakers) for the mids and alot of different types of Horns for the screeching extreme highs.

You don't have to be so elaborate right off jump, you can collect equipment and work your way up. I'm assuming your Fender is from the Bassman Series which is excellent when used in tandem with a Bi-Amp system. Keep it and find yourself a nice Peavy Bi-Amp to run it through.

Remember, MAKE SURE whatever you choose has a CONDENSER. It evens out your thumping. If you hit a string to lightly, it raises it up. Too hard it brings it down. It evens out your sound **Without LIMITING Your Accents**. It's a MUST HAVE!

Hope this Helps and Happy New Year.

Now go rip the strings off that Mother Fvcker-LOL!!!!

All the denials are called "competition" for the services of just a few highly sought after personalities by several teams, very high stakes at play here. Can't show your hand too early. It's nothing new, it has been happening for many years and will continue to do so. No reason to be surprised at all.

Why the fins will NOT get Jeff Fisher. Ross probably told Fisher that the fins will do anything and everything to get RG3 after the Colts take Luck. Now Fisher knows that the Rams have a franchise QB and are picking 2nd. So Fisher takes the Rams job and all the fins picks.

FROM: Miserable Dolphins fan for 40 yrs from NYC

Odin..Thanks for the tips..yeah, right now I don't need an elaborate set up..Just something to tighten it up a bit..I had never heard of a condenser before..(still a rookie) That sounds like the ticket..I have a standard Fender Jazz Bazz..We play mostly R&B so I thought you would have a pretty good idea of what was right for that sound..Thanks.


One more thing, besides an equalizer, you can simply use your Bass, Mid and Treble knobs to sharpen up or thud out your sound.

Try turning your Treble almost all the way down. The mid about a third of the way up and your bass control about 7/8's(up). This will sound completely opposite of those twangy sounding Rickenbackers like Getty Lee used. It'll give you more of a John Paul Jones(Zeppelin)sound.

It gives you a Booming Rich, yet Dead Thudding Thump at the same time.

People in the audience will feel like your Thumping Sounds are PUNCHING THEM right in their Cork Suckers! Viking Warrior Style!


Seeing Peterson doing the interviewing and not Ireland is quite interesting. Will be interesting to see how many more GMs get cut loose. Perhaps if enough get released, there will be a need for Ireland's services elsewhere and will make it easier on Ross to unload him.

Gallien-Krueger has some really nice bass amps

Posted by: dr. roberts | January 03, 2012 at 10:29 PM

I never owned one, but played through some of my friends(quite often-LOL).

I think you're absolutely RIGHT. I could get some Hot Kick Arse Rocking sounds back when we were covering a lot of the "Hair Band" Rock of the Eighties.

Good Call!

I waiting to see how they screw this all up like last year???????????



Why the lies?? Its not like confirming whether you work for the Dolphins will start WW3....

great pr move stay on good graces with fisher if we dont land him so we can trade uo for rg3 billick next miami coach it s done!

Anyone else notice that Mich cheerleader with the thick thighs?

Herm Edwards will be our next coach. Just face it now, people. Meanwhile I'll begin looking forward to our next coaching search, say in 2015?

I could live with sherm Edwards.
But why not just stick with Bowles?

Please tell Ross, that I have cancelled my season tickets (really have) because of Carl Peterson. I'm not supporting this crap anyomre. This is getting worse not better.

I have no idea who would be best for us as a coach. It sounds like Carl Peterson is hte new VP of football operations. The phins will prob do a new press conference whithin the next few days. Peterson President of Football operations, our talented buddy Ireland VP of FB ops. I hope it works, it sounds like Fisher laughed in their faces and ran for the G5 to Indy.

Dolphins Work. That's a great saying.


This is a you tube video representation on how the Phins have been run the last few years. Huzinga was our Uncle, is Ross the clueless uncle married to Aunt Bootsie lol?

If Fisher landed the job then why interview Toub for the job? Why put Toub through a sham interview?

Ross thinks he's J. Edgar Hoover running the FBI or something.


Those KC ribs sound awesome. Here is a vid how to cook em. I hope the Dolphins do the right thing, Im not sure Carl Peterson is the antichrist. AT least he can over rule Jef Ireland.


Not to long ago I made the comment (when Sparano was still on board) That NO high flying coach is coming to Miami. Not Gruden, Cowher, Reid, or Fischer. I made the comment "dont be surprised if our next HC is someone already on our staff" everyone tore me a new a-hole for that comment. Now some of those same people are wanting Bowles as the new HC. Ok, and what has he done here in Miami? and why all of a sudden do you want someone from our current staff? Could it be, that they are finally realizing NO big name coach is coming here, not with Ireland on board. I have nothing against Bowles, but would it realy be that much different had they retained Sparano? realy? There are some who wanted the entire staff fired (not mentioning names) and now the very same people are wanting Bowles. And whoever is still saying that Cowher is coming to Miami needs to put down the crack pipe. He is'nt and niether is Fischer.

The 13th ranked Wolverines(with the most improved, top D in the nation)beat no. 11 VT in overtime. They won the Sugar Bowl. Champs!

It's official, Brady Hoke has turned around his umpteenth program. The guy succeeded EVERYWHERE he's EVER went.

I wonder when he'll start drawing some NFL consideration?

The guy just wins-PERIOD! Everywhere, win, win, WIN! That's IT, that's ALL.

Win, win, win...................


Peterson, Polian and Hoke!

Sounds like an early Sixties Folk Rock Band!

(Buffett Of Success)

Odin, A Hoke Beat a Hokie? Imagine that.

Is it true that Powder is more popular than crack in Europe?

(Buffet Of Social Boundries)

Odin, A Hoke Beat a Hokie? Imagine that.
Posted by: Just Passing By. | January 04, 2012 at 02:35 AM

Can't believe I missed that one ;)





don't here much about crack here, rarely, although Im sure its around. Meth has been big as with x (the techno freaks)for like ever.




I don't know if Hoke could handle todays professional athletes. I suspect he could.

I do know that he's never failed in turning a program around. NEVER! And he done it PLENTY of times.

When it comes to Football, the guy just knows how to win. Looking back across his large and storied body of work, I wouldn't hesitate to give him his big shot.

Out of all the Coaches out there, Hoke is as close as it gets to the next Young Don Shula!

I'd get him a solid GM like Polian and let him get about his business!

ALoco, all I know is as with most reptiles they have to be kept warm..other than that I have no idea. Toilet does not seem to be the answer..lol

Aloco,After your lizard dies, Cook(Grill is the best option here)Lizard to a temp. of at least 165 degrees(To get rid of any Parasetic parasites) Serve with baby carrots and white wine., Thats what you should do with a coughing lizard.

Iguanna Cold?

I'm no vet my friend, but I'm sure Bourbon would help.

If that doesn't work, try some tequilla, you know........being an Iggy-u-Wanna and all.


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