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On Tebow, believing and beating Tom Brady

I covered the playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots Saturday and while this is a Dolphins blog, allow me to discuss with you something we rarely get to talk about on a Dolphins blog -- the playoffs.

Coming out of the thumping of the Broncos by the Patriots it's clear to me that while Tom Brady continues to play at his current level, the Dolphins have little chance of winning the AFC East unless they find their own franchise quarterback. I'm not talking about finding a nice quarterback or a fair quarterback or caretaker. I'm talking a Top 10 QB is necessary for Miami to compete with the Patriots.

Otherwise Miami is merely playing for second place in the division.

Coming out of that game, it struck me as odd one comment I heard in the press box from a journalist. Mocking the fact the Broncos were getting shredded, he turned to another writer and asked mockingly, "Where's Tim Tebow's God tonight?

Obviously, Tebow is a man of faith and he delivered an impassioned speech to his teammates before the game that was taken straight out of the Bible. It didn't work.

But does that diminish the power of faith?

I say not.

I say without faith we have nothing.

Now, some people put their faith in God. Some people put their faith in their abilities. Some put their faith in the greater group, as Vince Wilfork said following the game. But faith was at work all over the field last night.

Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe.

Today on Sportscenter the analysts discussed Tebow's future. It was interesting to hear their take -- even known Tebow hater Merrill Hoge who clearly has allowed his dislike of Tebow's game to blind his analysis.

The topic that came up was whether Tebow be the Broncos QB going forward. Tom Jackson made a troubling statement about Tebow when he wondered aloud if "Tebow's fansbase" would allow Denver President John Elway to make a change.

"Tebow's fanbase," seems odd phrasing to me. It makes the group sound like some cult or something. It makes them sound like drones that approve of everything Tebow does regardless of those actions. 

I'm a Tebow fan. I make no apologies for that because I like his approach off the field and appreciate his winning ways on the field. I identify with the fact Tebow's unorthodox. I love that he's gritty. And after he took a 1-4 team and helped it get in the playoffs, I cannot deny he wins.

But I'm not blind and I don't think "Tebow's fansbase" is blind. I'm not the spokesman for that fanbase, but allow me to tell you what I think Tebow's fanbase will allow, Tom Jackson:

They'll allow a legitimate quarterback competition for the right to start.

They'll allow the winner of that competition to have as much support as possible.

They'll allow for the idea that Tebow's mechanics are not very good, but mechanics can change and improve with coaching -- just ask Aaron Rodgers -- and in a lockout offseason, Tebow didn't get that coaching.

Tebow's fanbase understands that the guy they root for is not a complete player. But he's only 16 games into his NFL career. That's a bit early to throw up your hands and say, "Tebow's got no chance to improve, or Tebow absolutely positively cannot be a good NFL quarterback."

The statement is idiotic.

Perhaps you disagree. That's fine. It's America. But if you disagree, tell me how it is Drew Brees got two years of struggles knowing he would never be taller than 6-foot and a national outcry didn't ensue. Tell me how it is Mark Sanchez was awful his rookie season but the folks in New York thought him capable of improving because he went to the playoffs with his team?

No one said Sanchez needed to go after that terrible first full season as a starter. How is it that Tebow similarly takes the Broncos to the playoffs and he doesn't get the same room for growth?

Look, Tim Tebow is not Tom Brady. Nowhere close. Brady played Goliath to Tebow's David Sunday and Goliath clearly won. But I cannot discount Tebow's growth potential. I cannot discount that he was in a playoff game last night. And I cannot discount the fact that when the Broncos bring in competition for him next year, he just might do what he's been doing for a long time going back to college.



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I see you're imitating me again.
Let me remind you that after I assist you with your suicide I will not be disposing of your corpse down the hotel laundry chute.
First I will fill your mouth and stomach with my urine.
Then I will write a suicide note and sign your name.
Thirdly I will report the location of your corpse to the media and let them call the cops.
Lastly it will be up to your fat, ugly, poor, disgusting survivors to explain how it is that you ended up drinking my urine right before your death.

Posted by: PriceMaster | January 14, 2012 at 11:42 PM

Well said. I am proud of what Tim Tebow has achieved this season. He'll only be better going forward. His time will come.

**** MY DAILY RANT ****

OK... This is a short one before kick off.

The QB's yesterday are what it's all about. They were protected by a great "O line" and had great receivers, tight ends, etc.

The 49ers did a 180 in case you hadn't noticed when they acquired a HC with experience and also played the game as an NFL QB.

Brady, well, is Brady BUT.. It took a great HC to draft the IMPACT players for Brady to have fun with.

The point is that the Dolphin organization will never return to the days of competing unless they can fulfill all the MUSTS.

To begin we MUST go all out for Luck. No question they need to make deals for the kid but it will cost us. We MUST start with that and continue to provide the new QB tools.much like Belichick does for him to play with.

If we cant get Luck, draft, move up and aggressively take WR Blackmon. Believe me that kid will be as much as an IMPACT on a team even with a less then desirable QB. We cant allow the Jets, Pats, Bills, Colts to get him. He IS that good and worth it.

We MUST solidify the O line through the draft or FA. Shore up the "D", especially the secondary and LB's.

Finally, we need a maestro Head Coach who can bring in his bag of tricks with a staff that will orchestrate the team.

We are not going to move forward with some second rate HC. We have already been through that many, many and for some of us, MANY times already (depending on your age).

The experiments of Sabin, Cam, Soprano cost this team years of failure.

The owner Ross has no clue what he is continuing to allow happen under Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland. Ireland chases away potential HC not just because he's unqualified but for the fact that he wont draft IMPACT players, especially a QB.

So, where do I envision the Dolphins next season and beyond is where we left off. We will peak in 2012 at best 8 wins and we will level off and remain between 4 and 9 wins.

THAT is not going to get you far. If you think that winning 6,8,9 games is good enough... Think again.

We cant compete with the Pats. The Pats won BIG which only placed them into playing ONE playoff game followed by the AFC championship game.

We aren't going to travel down that one playoff game road winning 8 or 9 games. We need to win decisively in our division.

in the end, we will remain less then media-core.

The ONLY salvation is to bring in a great QB which is extremely hard to do, draft a WR like Blackmon, shore up the O and D and hire a REAL HC/GM.

Other then that, we will be here this time next season ranting to each other.

have a great football day.

My predictions.

Giants 37
Packers 27

Teblow is trash.

Yeah.... Great Miami Dolphins Football Blog, Guy's..... Keep up the great work and get help soon...

No wonder the MH blog is the human wasteland for anyone who is actually interested in talking about this team....

I'm glad I found a better class of losers.....

"Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe."

WTF are you talking about Mandy? This is completely illiterate.

Houston's Punter is terrible....or it is windy as heck down there....

B'more...short field again....

Is is a good thing no one reads your articles Mandy, because this one was a real piece of junk.

Jacoby jones is nervous......

The Raven's D feast on inexperienced QBs.....If the D doesn't hold them to FGs....this one won't be close by the 4th Quarter....

kris, thanks for telling the deaf bloggers what the announcers are saying.

No Problem....keep reading Hellen

Perfect throw from Flacco...TD.....

Ray Rice, another GREAT DRAFT PICK by Ozzie Newsome. Best GM in the business. Man, how awesome would it be to have a guy like that running your draft? The Ravens are a LOCK to make the playoffs every year and HE'S THE REASON WHY.

Brady better be ready for this Ravens defense.

You know what doesn't go together with faith?
Jeff Ireland.

He won a championship in high school.


I think Belicheat started preparing for the Ravens 2 weeks ago.....

The chance of TJ yates beating B'more was always infinitesimal....

May with their regular starter....it would be greater.....but slim to none with Yates.....


Tebow is by all accounts a competitor on the football field and inspiring to many people off of it. He works hard in both arenas to make what in his mind is the right choice. That's admirable. But Tom Jackson's comment has some validity in my opinion. There is a level of group think going on, here, though some people can separate Tebow's religious beliefs from the man himself and what he does.

If you don't think there is a level of group think or people possibly mixing up intent and belonging to a certain group, ask yourself this: What would be the reaction to Tebow if he did everything the same way on and off th football field, except for one. If instead of speaking of God all the time, he simply said the word Allah. How would people react then? Would he be the most popular person in sports or would some of those people that love and are inspired by him possibly hate him for his religious devotion? Unfortunately, I believe that he would be received much differently despite the fact that again he works hard every day to do the right thing on and off the football field. So there is a bit a thoughtless and bias going on here. Tebow's performances are dramatic, both in his successes and failures, and given his hard work, he definitely has some room to be a successful quarterback, but I also think it's true that if the Broncos brought in competition, many fans would root for Tebow in part because of their religious affiliation. I think that is what Tom Jackson is getting across, and there is a level of truth to that.

Mike @ 1:58...I agree....

and I would love if Armando would stick his head back in here and address your post.....

It was only a matter of time before other teams caught up with Harbaugh's sluggish ball control style. Getting harbaugh would have been more of the same old Parcells blueprint.

It catches you off guard at first, but it doesnt take too long to catch up too. 49ers will be one and done in the playoffs. Then everything will be downhill after that.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 11, 2011 at 10:51 PM

Armando, you should write an article every week in BOLD until the draft is over that basically quotes Rich Gannon's comments, Until Miami gets its QB situation sorted we could have Vince Lombardi coaching and it wouldnt matter!!!!!

The single common denominator between successful coaches and failed coaches is the successful ones had their franchise/elite QB.
The main reason for the failed coaches here since Don Shula has been Miami has consistantly ignored or tried cheap fixes on the No1 position on the team the QB.

For those who think Matt Moore is the answer, he is not!!!! There is no price too steep this offseason to acquire Andrew Luck if Indy are foolish enough to trade the pick, RG3 also has to be considered. Coming out of this offseason without a top flight QB is not an option although the options are very few. Unless Moore flops impressively as he did in Carolina we will not be drafting in the top ten next year, he is mediocre, mediocre gets us where we have been drafting in the mid teens year after year.
This is the year Miami has to trade the house to get that vital missing link that is so obvious to everyone else and that is why Armando has to hammer that point home to Ross and Ireland until they think the same, thats if they don't already!!!!

For a coach , I would be happy with a young guy in charge one of either Mike McCoy, Rob Chudzinkski, Pete Carmichael or Jim Philbin, no more Dallas retreads ie Zimmer and definately not Todd Bowles!!

You are blind Armando. The fact the Broncos made the playoffs has less to do with Tebow and more to do with parity and other teams failing.

Name one QB who routinely completes 1/3 of his passes and has any chance of becoming a very good QB. Sanchez completes far more passes than that and in his third season, the team still recognizes he isn't getting any closer to being a good QB.

When you rewrite your offense to use a high school option scheme because your QB can't routinely complete a pass, there isn't a lot of upside. Tebow provides a spark but he doesn't provide any passing skills. Can he improve? Of course. Tebow, however, has to improve dramatically to just reach the level of mediocre passer. Based on a risk/benefit analysis, you wouldn't put a lot of faith in Tebow.

I am not at all sure the Giants are going to own the Packers. Quite the contrary might be true.

I think Tim Tebow is to be admired, his winner's attitude and leadership is awesome, his work with disabled/disadvantaged kids is fantastic and he is just a very impressive young guy...........however I would not want him QBing my Dolphins in a million years!!!!

effing yates.....throwing the ball up for grabs....


Arian Foster is earning my faith.....

What a HIT bt Rolando McClain on Foster....

Who on the Dolphins can stop a 230 lb...RB with a full head of steam....and the RB not get another inch.....wow.....

are you getting this Heller...or has your blindness kicked back in....

TD Houston....that was HUGE.......

Posted by: mike | January 15, 2012 at 01:58 PM

I rooted for Denver and was rooting for the kid to do well coming out of Florida. Should he compete next year? Absolutely. That said I agree with your post 100%.

houston would be the best team in afc with schaub and mario

I give credit to Houston for hanging in there. They are a tough team.

http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=jc-cole_dolphins_stephen_ross_jeff_fisher_01312 sad sad article

With all this focus on Tebow, the crowd is missing what really sank the Broncos: their defense didn't match up at all with the NE offense. Remember the Marino days? Great offense, but the defense always had flaws that would get exposed against another great offense.

45 points wasn't Tebow's fault. That's all on the Denver defense.

http://www.thephinsider.com/2012/1/15/2708426/miami-dolphins-coaching-search-dolphins-putting-more-hooks-in-the?ref=yahoo .

uh 10 points and 9 comp sure was tebows fault, denvers d carried them to a mediocre 9-9 record. tebow is a great person but a garbage qb

This might be the best Game of the day. Huge highways being opened for Arian Foster.

To all Tebow fans, he sucks and can't throw the ball. And silly people actually thought The Lord wanted him to won games. Lol. The false prophet got u hyped, then u lost all your money. Idiots!
And Fyi, none of the teams that won the SB in the last 10 years, keeps drafting o lineman with every 1st round pick like people some fans think we need 2. Plus Ireland sucks at picking lineman.
Ill say it again, RG3 is better than Matt Moore right now. And that's sad. :(


Now I remember why I stopped reading the Herald and your blogs.

It's hogwash about the almighty quarterback. Baltimore won with Trent Dilfer, and if you get in Brady's face you can win fairly easily. Miami proved that, even with Jim Bates/Joey Harrington, and Saban/Frerotte. So I'm sick and tired of hearing about "Gotta have a Tom Brady" mantra because it's ludacris.

It takes the right set of coaches, implementing the right system that fits the players, discipline, and chemistry. Look at Jim Harbaugh right now. Alex Smith wasn't worth squat, heck, the whole team wasn't worth squat until he showed up. And when was the last time Brady won a playoff game? Oh yeah, 2007.

Knock off this speculative journalism and write about something worth believing.

I think you are reading into the "fan base" comment way too much. lol. He just saying Tebow's fans are loud, obnoxious and cannot be reasoned with...I do not think he was making fun of anyone's religion. Geez...

I wish we had Tebow.

We are going to have the opportunity to see how a good Coach adjusts.

Jim you cant win without an elite QB.

Great article Mando. I agree with you. It is ignorant to say Tebow will never be a great quarterbck in the NFL. He may, he may not. But, I like you, believe he has that intangible "it" factor. He has heart.

As for the one in the pressbox asking the question "Where is Tebow's God now?" Well, he's in the same place God has always been and always will be. Tim Tebow, opposite to some public and misguided opinion, is not praying to win footbal games. All I'm gonna say about that, I know this blog is about football.

Let's get a coach and quarterback and go to work.

Go Dolphins!


Great article and so true.

ARTICAL > Or as one source said of Fisher, he told Ross at one point, “I've been a head coach for 17 years and 12 of them sucked because I had to fight for what I wanted.” In other cases, he had to fight against what he didn't want.

Ross has no clue how much Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland hurts his team's chances.

We will be forever looking for Don Shula's and Dan Marinos replacements. That will change once the owner sells the team and/or Jeff THE SCOUT is fired or goes to another team.

Tebow, however, has to improve dramatically to just reach the level of mediocre passer. Based on a risk/benefit analysis, you wouldn't put a lot of faith in Tebow.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 15, 2012 at 02:06 PM

Talk about an understatement!

New Coach, you nailed it on this one.

It's one thing to sit behind a keypad and spout off about benevolence, faith and a kinder, gentler world.

It's a completely different universe to analyze the risk/benefit and put your Money, Livihood and Legacy on the LINE!

True that NY "G"

To beat Brady you need pressure up the middle from 4 rushers and LB's that can hang with their TE's. Also need to keep LB's moving around so Brady cant identify who's doing what. Miami has to improve their defense to match up with the Pats as best as possible. The division goes through NE almost every year hence they are the standard you must meet. the jets i believe are regressing and will likely be back to being a cluster it was for all those years. Yeah you need a QB. I thought getting Matt Flynn and hiring Philbin was the best choice before he had his tragedy.
Now unsure if he is up for the job?
I guess then Chud is a good choice...
Replacing Ireland would also be a smart move but Ross is lost, so there's little hope for that happening.


You are a SICK and TWISTED fool. Below dirt human being.

Hayden Fox,

The ACLU and the Left has come into here as Dolphin fan imposter's as that's their MO to turn nothing into something for the 99% that don't pay taxes.

Have to agree @ 2:52

why? @ 2:58

How come Irescum didnt draft Mallett or Dalton or T.J Yates?


Mallet didn't play yesterday.

By mentioning a New England Back Up Quarterback, I was just trying to sarcastically draw attention to Belli running it up on the Broncos.

I was just waiting for Brady to get his legs broken while leading by more than 30 points.

For all the accolades and fawning Belli and Brady get, it was pretty ignorant to keep him on the field for the fourth quarter.

Just saying......................

If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and acts like a rat, and blogs like a rat, then it MUST be a RAT!

Thank you Oscar for the agreement @2:52.

NOBODY can block that Monster one-one. Too big, too fast, too athletic.

Tim Tebow....Celebrated on a Dolphins BLOG.....

Kinda like Ross celebrating Tebow in the FINS Staduim....

Remember when you called Ross out for that Armando.....

and yet....

You bring us this......

Pot Meet Kettle....

odin's bottom...are you the asss of someone?

Must be talking about Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland aka THE RAT. lol

Thanks Blake @ 3:01

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