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On Tebow, believing and beating Tom Brady

I covered the playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots Saturday and while this is a Dolphins blog, allow me to discuss with you something we rarely get to talk about on a Dolphins blog -- the playoffs.

Coming out of the thumping of the Broncos by the Patriots it's clear to me that while Tom Brady continues to play at his current level, the Dolphins have little chance of winning the AFC East unless they find their own franchise quarterback. I'm not talking about finding a nice quarterback or a fair quarterback or caretaker. I'm talking a Top 10 QB is necessary for Miami to compete with the Patriots.

Otherwise Miami is merely playing for second place in the division.

Coming out of that game, it struck me as odd one comment I heard in the press box from a journalist. Mocking the fact the Broncos were getting shredded, he turned to another writer and asked mockingly, "Where's Tim Tebow's God tonight?

Obviously, Tebow is a man of faith and he delivered an impassioned speech to his teammates before the game that was taken straight out of the Bible. It didn't work.

But does that diminish the power of faith?

I say not.

I say without faith we have nothing.

Now, some people put their faith in God. Some people put their faith in their abilities. Some put their faith in the greater group, as Vince Wilfork said following the game. But faith was at work all over the field last night.

Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe.

Today on Sportscenter the analysts discussed Tebow's future. It was interesting to hear their take -- even known Tebow hater Merrill Hoge who clearly has allowed his dislike of Tebow's game to blind his analysis.

The topic that came up was whether Tebow be the Broncos QB going forward. Tom Jackson made a troubling statement about Tebow when he wondered aloud if "Tebow's fansbase" would allow Denver President John Elway to make a change.

"Tebow's fanbase," seems odd phrasing to me. It makes the group sound like some cult or something. It makes them sound like drones that approve of everything Tebow does regardless of those actions. 

I'm a Tebow fan. I make no apologies for that because I like his approach off the field and appreciate his winning ways on the field. I identify with the fact Tebow's unorthodox. I love that he's gritty. And after he took a 1-4 team and helped it get in the playoffs, I cannot deny he wins.

But I'm not blind and I don't think "Tebow's fansbase" is blind. I'm not the spokesman for that fanbase, but allow me to tell you what I think Tebow's fanbase will allow, Tom Jackson:

They'll allow a legitimate quarterback competition for the right to start.

They'll allow the winner of that competition to have as much support as possible.

They'll allow for the idea that Tebow's mechanics are not very good, but mechanics can change and improve with coaching -- just ask Aaron Rodgers -- and in a lockout offseason, Tebow didn't get that coaching.

Tebow's fanbase understands that the guy they root for is not a complete player. But he's only 16 games into his NFL career. That's a bit early to throw up your hands and say, "Tebow's got no chance to improve, or Tebow absolutely positively cannot be a good NFL quarterback."

The statement is idiotic.

Perhaps you disagree. That's fine. It's America. But if you disagree, tell me how it is Drew Brees got two years of struggles knowing he would never be taller than 6-foot and a national outcry didn't ensue. Tell me how it is Mark Sanchez was awful his rookie season but the folks in New York thought him capable of improving because he went to the playoffs with his team?

No one said Sanchez needed to go after that terrible first full season as a starter. How is it that Tebow similarly takes the Broncos to the playoffs and he doesn't get the same room for growth?

Look, Tim Tebow is not Tom Brady. Nowhere close. Brady played Goliath to Tebow's David Sunday and Goliath clearly won. But I cannot discount Tebow's growth potential. I cannot discount that he was in a playoff game last night. And I cannot discount the fact that when the Broncos bring in competition for him next year, he just might do what he's been doing for a long time going back to college.



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Measuring QB's by how many 300+ games they have is senseless and trite. Just consider how many stats are involved in coming up with a QBR.

That was awful. Never do that again. If I wanted to read about Tebow, I'd go to a Broncos blog. You are not good at your job. Try harder.

"Tebow is a man of faith."

He believes there is a God or does he believe that God cares about the outcome of nfl games and Broncos games in particular?

So by your logic NCW, Henne > Griese. Man are you dumb as nails.

Enough with the Catholic sermon nonsense. Your Bible was meant to enslave you, not free you.

Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so."

Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

If Tim Tebow chooses to believe in a superstitious death cult built atop a foundation of fear, ignorance and hypocrisy, that's his right.

I also reserve my right as an American to be critical of it, however. If religious folks don't like that, too freaking bad.


Posted by: Kris | January 15, 2012 at 05:19 PM


What is this, friggin Password?

No Toronto,

I don't believe Henne was better than Griese.

You apparently failed logic 101.

Senseless and trite is saying a "W" is the only stat that matters.

I realize you think cliches substitute for analysis but they don't.

A poster commented earlier, if Tebow was chanting Allah, instead of Jesus...well it would be a whole different story. And Armando would not have even written this blog.

I agree. And it highlights the hypocrisy of it all.

You need to blog the games Mando.

Anyways, went to take a dump, come back and its 10-10.

What happened?

Awesome post NCW

NCW (New Coach Wanted)

May I suggest a new name for you?

NBW (New Brain Wanted)

You'd rather have fancy stats than wins. I'd rather have wins than fancy stats.

You are dense.

A poster commented earlier, if Tebow was chanting Allah, instead of Jesus...well it would be a whole different story. And Armando would not have even written this blog.

I agree. And it highlights the hypocrisy of it all.

Posted by: Riley | January 15, 2012 at 05:28 PM

Agreed it is pure BS hypocrisy at its finest

You ate too much cheese?

"Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe."

Armando your grammar betrays you.

Packers have no cheerleaders.
Packer are gay.

Short field and the ELITE QB's punch that stuff in.

Wait, a member of the mainstream press was mocking someone's faith? SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!

No Toronto,

It is getting tiresome correcting you, but if I am evaluating a player, I use the proper criteria for a player of that position, not some meaningless cliche like "W" is only thing that matters.

Rogers ain't looking to elite himself today.

I bet Eli could never do that Elite type of play.

"Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe."

Armando your grammar betrays you.

Armando sucks, I don't read his articles. I just scroll down and join the blog convo. Also, will some of you knuckleheads stop posting blogs longer than the senior paper you wrote. Seriously, I don't know if anyone else sits here and reads all that crap but I definately do not.


300+ yard games is one teenie weenie tiny stat to base your sophisticated judgement on. That is not even 1% of the QBR.

I can see you are a person extremely in love with yourself. Now go give yourself some much needed affection.

What's up losers?

Tebow will have to deal with a tougher schedule, and improved teams in his crappy division. I don't except a repeat of luck and good fortune.

Trusting > Believing

Another brilliant story by Mando.
He only left out 1 part: Brady took a whole season off and the Pats were just as successful with Cassel.
Of course Casssel has been no where near as successful in KC because KC can't give him 5 secs to throw.

No Toronto,

Again, you are wrong. I never said 300 yard games were the only stat that mattered.

I can see you are a person who can't grasp complexity and must resort to fraudulent claims and attacking the messenger rather than admitting your deficiencies.

NBR that is some pretty good typing for someone only using one hand. Don't soil the keyboard now.

Marino was a choke artist

Wow there are some moron trolls on here today

Marino cried after losing the Super Bowl. What a baby.

I don't know who will win this game. I don't know if Eli is in the top 3 or top 5, but I do know Eli is a fine QB. Very fine.




Miami has the dolfans, the lamest I have seen. They whine and cry bout every move like no ones ever seen. They pound their fists, they cry on blogs, they're never in control. Cuz when you say the dolfans you're talking retard slow. Cuz were the miami dolfans, miami dolfans, miami dolfans dumber one. Cuz were the miami dolfans, miami dolfans, miami dolfans dumber one.

1) Brady


3)P Manning


5)E Manning

0-2 in redzone TD's for Eli.

It's ludicrous to believe a higher power would be interested in helping anyone win a football game. And I think this is the problem most people have with Tebow's 'faith'.

As to his future in the NFL, I don't think he has one. His throwing mechanics cannot be fixed. It's not a matter of tweeking a few minor things, he has a wind up like a major league baseball pitcher. And if you need to be told, this is a very bad thing.

Tebow is a classic case of an overachiever and will to win is simply off the scale. That's what has gotten him to where he is but it just won't be enough.

As far as Miami needing a top 10 QB....Duh, you think?

I wish we had a coach who's face got red during a game.

I guess Doug Flutie is elite now.




Some refuse to acknowledge this.

I'm not even a Giants fan. But. Great players play great in big games.

I am counting on that other fellow to show up once Eli makes a mistake or two. That doesn't change things. Eli has established himself.

Wow there are some moron trolls on here today

Posted by: Husketeer | January 15, 2012 at 05:51 PM


Were you looking into a mirror when you typed that?

The Giants just showed why never to kneel down at the end of a half! Another great play by Eli Manning!!

Hopefully the Phins next coach has the same jewels as Coughlin!

I bet Eli could never do that Elite type of play.

Posted by: Jeff Suckland | January 15, 2012 at 05:38 PM


Boy, do you ever look stupid right now.

Yeah, I was just kiddin ya earlier.

Eli has ALWAYS been my most FAVORITE!

Would you guys trade our 1st rd pick for Tebow?


Please give it up with Teblow being born to win and all that junk..the man has been figured out since the first meeting against NE and just continued to fall apart week to week, their defense became exposed and their passing attack was non existant...they won their division by defualt due to the faiders failing and the chargers choking..

Teblows Read Option offense is what the wildcat was for miami...dead as can be....

We could use a virgin on our team.

I'm just glad this Tebow thing is over at least for now. Armando, now can we get back to Dolphin's football?

Giants doing it again.....Packers dream may end abruptly....

I'm not a Coughlin fan, but I should be. He has his team prepared. He knows how to push their buttons. I would not underestimate him. Belichek won't either.

I see a rematch coming. NY vs NE. And I see the same result.

Drops and turnovers have been the story so far.

The Packers look like mere mortals!

Nah, I still think it'll be Frisco and Baltimore in the SB....Harbaugh for all!!!

I believe it will be the New York Giants versus the San Francisco Forty Noners next week in the National Football Conference BUT there is still enough time for the Green Bay Packers to win this game and then they would be the San Francisco Forty Niners

The Pack got the jitters. I thought NO was the best team. I say NO beats SF 4 out of 5 games, but SF beat them fair and square yesterday.

Stephen Ross' new favorite person in the world:

Shahid Khan.

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