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On Tebow, believing and beating Tom Brady

I covered the playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots Saturday and while this is a Dolphins blog, allow me to discuss with you something we rarely get to talk about on a Dolphins blog -- the playoffs.

Coming out of the thumping of the Broncos by the Patriots it's clear to me that while Tom Brady continues to play at his current level, the Dolphins have little chance of winning the AFC East unless they find their own franchise quarterback. I'm not talking about finding a nice quarterback or a fair quarterback or caretaker. I'm talking a Top 10 QB is necessary for Miami to compete with the Patriots.

Otherwise Miami is merely playing for second place in the division.

Coming out of that game, it struck me as odd one comment I heard in the press box from a journalist. Mocking the fact the Broncos were getting shredded, he turned to another writer and asked mockingly, "Where's Tim Tebow's God tonight?

Obviously, Tebow is a man of faith and he delivered an impassioned speech to his teammates before the game that was taken straight out of the Bible. It didn't work.

But does that diminish the power of faith?

I say not.

I say without faith we have nothing.

Now, some people put their faith in God. Some people put their faith in their abilities. Some put their faith in the greater group, as Vince Wilfork said following the game. But faith was at work all over the field last night.

Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe.

Today on Sportscenter the analysts discussed Tebow's future. It was interesting to hear their take -- even known Tebow hater Merrill Hoge who clearly has allowed his dislike of Tebow's game to blind his analysis.

The topic that came up was whether Tebow be the Broncos QB going forward. Tom Jackson made a troubling statement about Tebow when he wondered aloud if "Tebow's fansbase" would allow Denver President John Elway to make a change.

"Tebow's fanbase," seems odd phrasing to me. It makes the group sound like some cult or something. It makes them sound like drones that approve of everything Tebow does regardless of those actions. 

I'm a Tebow fan. I make no apologies for that because I like his approach off the field and appreciate his winning ways on the field. I identify with the fact Tebow's unorthodox. I love that he's gritty. And after he took a 1-4 team and helped it get in the playoffs, I cannot deny he wins.

But I'm not blind and I don't think "Tebow's fansbase" is blind. I'm not the spokesman for that fanbase, but allow me to tell you what I think Tebow's fanbase will allow, Tom Jackson:

They'll allow a legitimate quarterback competition for the right to start.

They'll allow the winner of that competition to have as much support as possible.

They'll allow for the idea that Tebow's mechanics are not very good, but mechanics can change and improve with coaching -- just ask Aaron Rodgers -- and in a lockout offseason, Tebow didn't get that coaching.

Tebow's fanbase understands that the guy they root for is not a complete player. But he's only 16 games into his NFL career. That's a bit early to throw up your hands and say, "Tebow's got no chance to improve, or Tebow absolutely positively cannot be a good NFL quarterback."

The statement is idiotic.

Perhaps you disagree. That's fine. It's America. But if you disagree, tell me how it is Drew Brees got two years of struggles knowing he would never be taller than 6-foot and a national outcry didn't ensue. Tell me how it is Mark Sanchez was awful his rookie season but the folks in New York thought him capable of improving because he went to the playoffs with his team?

No one said Sanchez needed to go after that terrible first full season as a starter. How is it that Tebow similarly takes the Broncos to the playoffs and he doesn't get the same room for growth?

Look, Tim Tebow is not Tom Brady. Nowhere close. Brady played Goliath to Tebow's David Sunday and Goliath clearly won. But I cannot discount Tebow's growth potential. I cannot discount that he was in a playoff game last night. And I cannot discount the fact that when the Broncos bring in competition for him next year, he just might do what he's been doing for a long time going back to college.



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It is also becoming evident that you can't win without a running game in this League.

Odin's assess......


Another name exposed....

Not today he wasnt.... and playoff wins speak louder than the regular season as rodgers just found out.....and for the record Eli has more playoff wins than rodgers does which speaks for itself...just sayin

It's not a bet with me....
You SAID it....be a man...stand by YOUR SELF- IMPOSED WORDS....
And stop being a sore loser.. ....
If your gonna cry about it....don't say it.....
Posted by: Kris | January 15, 2012 at 07:53 PM

Nobody had enough confidence in the Giants to bet on them.

You can't lose a bet if no one has the balls to make one with you.

It ain't my fault they suck.

No crying here, I hate the Giants just as much as I hate the Pack.

PS: Rodgers is still the better of the two.
Posted by: Always Hardcore | January 15, 2012 at 07:59 PM


You forgot to change your screen name back to Odin's bottom....


I've heard Tom Coughlin is hung like a horse. Reporters who have seen it say it's just enormous.

Posted by: Alberto de Cosmos | January 15, 2012 at 07:53 PM


I've seen it and can confirm that. It's not just the length but also the girth of it.

Absolutely massive. Tom Coughlin easily has the biggest penis of any man I've ever seen.


lol.. Thanks.


I was the first one to say it yesterday I'll gladly be the last one to say it today Jeff suckuland your a moron Eli manning is a great quarterback!!!!

Odin's assess......
Another name exposed....
Posted by: Kris | January 15, 2012 at 08:02 PM

Yeah, I know, but I figured I wasn't being very sneaky in the first place.

Oh well, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire ;)

I know that Milton Berle and Iggy Pop famously have enormous penises. This is the first I've heard about Coughlin being so well-endowed.

I dont know if Flynns stock declined that much....6 TDS in a game is still eye opening.... granted its with the pack, but I do think they are less likely to put a frachise tag on him....which would be ridiculous...like what Arizona payed for Kolb.....how'd that work out this year??*lmao*

Kris your FACTS are as laughable as your ability to make an arguement.


I'm Out.

Yeah, I also heard about Tom Coghlin's huge member. I don't really think it's a secret. Read that stuff years ago about him.

Good call NYG....

I never doubted the Giants couldnt win this game given their defense has really stepped up lately but I did think that the pack would pull away in a close game earlier this week....


I re-read that.

ANOTHER NAME? I don't think so man. I don't ever use more than one name, except in a couple of VERY OBVIOUS instances.

You on the other hand have been accused of it QUITE OFTEN.

I don't know who does what, but please don't try and drag me into the fake name/trolling bull crap that goes on around here.

Thanks In Advance!

Even the greatest NFL experts didnt see Alex Smith's passing game yesterday coming. Easily the entire best passing day of his career.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | January 15, 2012 at 07:59 PM


How about just admitting you were dead wrong. Aren't you the one so eager to laugh at others that were wrong? Own up, weasel head.

Doesn't Coughlin supposedly whip it out in the lockerroom sometimes to shock rookies and new players who have never seen it? I've heard he's actually kind of a prankster and a fun guy contrary to his image.

Yeah Tee....those are funny facts.....

Facts you can't DISPUTE....

Facts you can't REFUTE....

Fact that prove you don't know SH@T.....

And facts you can't CHANGE.....

Yeah....those facts are funny.....

Nobody said you have to like them.....you just have to be an ADULT and ACCEPT THEM.....

It is funny, I got caught in the hoopla(which is not typical of me) about the "mighty" GBPackers. I have to keep working on myself to not be influenced by the Media and continue to believe that mighty Teams just don't exist anymore in the NFL.

NY "G",

Me too, I have to credit where it is due.

Great Call!

I on the other hand would've bet on the Pack 9 times out of 10 this weekend. Duh!

Yeah Odin....

Like the one I re-posted.....

Why are u acting like such a girlie-man....

You said it....

Just own it.....

Who the hell cares about who has a big dik? Besides, it's been my experience that many women shy away from that type of guy.

Ross looks like a circus monkey!

eli was damn good, qbs are so big in this league, have to have a great one or great d

Oscar---No doubt you're right about that. I just found it funny that Tom Coughlin supposedly has this comically enormous penis.

Drew Carey is another one I've heard that about.

Yeah Odin....
Like the one I re-posted.....
Why are u acting like such a girlie-man....
You said it....
Just own it.....

Posted by: Kris | January 15, 2012 at 08:17 PM

What are you talking about?

I own up to my BullCrap?

What do you want me to own?

Good call NYG....

I never doubted the Giants couldn't win this game given their defense has really stepped up lately but I did think that the pack would pull away in a close game earlier this week....

Posted by: superPHIN | January 15, 2012 at 08:10 PM


They are as close to a sure bet this time of year. It's going to be a great NFC Championship game.

Smith and the 49er D and O is going to be challenging as well as both the G-men and 9ers have a huge momentum going into the game.

The 9ers have the 12th man but the G-men have the experience, Eli, the D and probably the best record in the playoffs on the road. I would have to research if there has been anyone better on the road this time of year.

I only wish the Fins were that good.

Jesus Criminy, so I made a bad call on Eli. I'm eating crow, big deal.

You make it sound like I'm Mel Kiper!


Well, my School classmate, the Hose, was once.....but that story belongs in another place and time.

NY "G"--I'm tired of reading your nonsense. Go away.

nfl rigged wants a harbaugh vs harbaugh sb

NY "G",

Me too, I have to credit where it is due.

Great Call!

I on the other hand would've bet on the Pack 9 times out of 10 this weekend. Duh!

Posted by: Odin's Bottom | January 15, 2012 at 08:16 PM


If it were any other team playing the packers today, I would have also picked the Pack. It would be a hard pick with the 49ers but I would give the edge to the pack.

I never believed in Eli. From the very start.

Even after beating the Pat(which I enjoyed trmendously)I sloughed it off as being a product of the TEAM and that Great D.

I thought he showed a ton of grit and determination this season and after tonight, I'm becoming a believer.

It's hard to argue with SUCESS!

Sorry, meant to say OB not DB.

Listen, Eli Manning has played very well this year and might be turning into that elite QB everybody was hoping for.

NY "G"--I'm tired of reading your nonsense. Go away.

Posted by: NY "Zzzzzz" | January 15, 2012 at 08:27 PM

NY "Zzzzzz",

Sure.. No problem.


I was just joking with you.....I had no idea you were so sensitive....maybe you need some alcohol STAT....

It wasn't suppose to get this out of control....

Do whatever you want dude.....

Doesn't really matter either way......

Anyone can take any fact and spin them however they would like. Acting like an adult would entail the ability to make an arguement without standing there like a child repeatedly screaming FACT FACT FACT. That's pretty much all I ever see you do. Lay down some drivel and then just scream FACT until everyone around gets tired of listening to you and walks away, like an adult.

Errr, success has two C's.

I don't get why everyone makes such a big deal out of someone getting a pick wrong.

As a football fan, I think making predictions are one of the most enjoyable parts. Especially picking the under dog and getting it right.

Anyways, my point is, it's part of the fun. NOBODY is perfect. You win some, you lose some.

Now, I do admit, some are funnier than others and some probably even deserve a little good natured ridicule.

It's ALL in GOOD Fun!

Hey Armando, how about those Packers? LOL!!! Do we still want Philbin? Or Moss? Get me an interview with that Giant'DC. Someone who can stop the Packers can stop anyone, including the Patriots. What a defense!! And that blow to the head call against the Giants was total BS...! Way to go New York!!

It wasn't suppose to get this out of control....

Do whatever you want dude.....

Doesn't really matter either way......

Posted by: Kris | January 15, 2012 at 08:34 PM

No worries Kris, it's not really all that "Out of Control"-LOL.

But you are right about one thing, I need some alcohol-STAT!

Just made my first Bourbon on the Rocks of the day(if you can believe THAT?)

Errr, success has two C's.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 15, 2012 at 08:36 PM

Great, it was bad enough having trolls around here. Now we have a theif!

Who stole my "C"!

Dolphin fan in Montreal, didn't Kris tell you? The Giants D is one of the worst in ther league FACT FACT FACT hahahahahahahaha

"Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our Company"

OK folks.. I need to recuperate from all the excitement with the G-men and get ready for next Sundays extravaganza.

Been fun with you all and catch you all later this week.

scares me that philbin is his number one guy now, do not want him.


That's what we call NOT ADDRESSING THE ISSUE......

If you don't like me for whatever reason.....fine so be it....doesn't affect my life one bit.....

It sounds like you finally got something off your chest in your last post....good for you....hope it makes you feel better....

In any case...you can"t refute, dispute,or change any of the FACTS that I posted.....

Please stop trying....

Ever attempt makes you look even more silly than the last attempt....


I saw a couple of bad calls/non-calls. They went both ways in my opion.

For the most part though, I thought the refs let them play some ball.

For once, I don't have any problems with the officials.


My early call..

Giants and NE Pats rematch. G-Men winning followed by Kraft punching Belichick in the mouth as Brady retires.

hilarious how we all argue on here. just a bunch of fellow dolphin fans, we should all chill,lol

I will dedicate the rest of tonight to watch the Golden Globe awards(traditionally the worst of these Film awards), but well...GN.

PS - PS-

Kraft sells team to Heinz after NE loss.


The sooner Philbin lost....the sooner they can do a 2nd interview with him....and see if he is the man....

If he is ready.....he may take more time....


Where are the Giants Defense ranked this past season?

I mean, just generally. Off the top of your head if you know.

I thought they were decent, but I also know they dealt with some key injuries during the season.

Just curious................

Man, I envy New York's WRs...Cruz, Nicks, Manningham...A good running game and a pass rushing defense. That's what Miami needs. We have Hartline and Bess instead. One pass rusher. We need more...

please just say no on philbin

uh montreal hartline, marshall, and bess could be those 3 if we had eli. we need a franchise qb!

Perry Fewell.....Giants DC....

Former DC of the buffalo Bills.....

You sure you love that suggestion Tee....

Flavor of the movement.....yeah.....

Hire that guy....they just won a game......

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