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On Tebow, believing and beating Tom Brady

I covered the playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots Saturday and while this is a Dolphins blog, allow me to discuss with you something we rarely get to talk about on a Dolphins blog -- the playoffs.

Coming out of the thumping of the Broncos by the Patriots it's clear to me that while Tom Brady continues to play at his current level, the Dolphins have little chance of winning the AFC East unless they find their own franchise quarterback. I'm not talking about finding a nice quarterback or a fair quarterback or caretaker. I'm talking a Top 10 QB is necessary for Miami to compete with the Patriots.

Otherwise Miami is merely playing for second place in the division.

Coming out of that game, it struck me as odd one comment I heard in the press box from a journalist. Mocking the fact the Broncos were getting shredded, he turned to another writer and asked mockingly, "Where's Tim Tebow's God tonight?

Obviously, Tebow is a man of faith and he delivered an impassioned speech to his teammates before the game that was taken straight out of the Bible. It didn't work.

But does that diminish the power of faith?

I say not.

I say without faith we have nothing.

Now, some people put their faith in God. Some people put their faith in their abilities. Some put their faith in the greater group, as Vince Wilfork said following the game. But faith was at work all over the field last night.

Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe.

Today on Sportscenter the analysts discussed Tebow's future. It was interesting to hear their take -- even known Tebow hater Merrill Hoge who clearly has allowed his dislike of Tebow's game to blind his analysis.

The topic that came up was whether Tebow be the Broncos QB going forward. Tom Jackson made a troubling statement about Tebow when he wondered aloud if "Tebow's fansbase" would allow Denver President John Elway to make a change.

"Tebow's fanbase," seems odd phrasing to me. It makes the group sound like some cult or something. It makes them sound like drones that approve of everything Tebow does regardless of those actions. 

I'm a Tebow fan. I make no apologies for that because I like his approach off the field and appreciate his winning ways on the field. I identify with the fact Tebow's unorthodox. I love that he's gritty. And after he took a 1-4 team and helped it get in the playoffs, I cannot deny he wins.

But I'm not blind and I don't think "Tebow's fansbase" is blind. I'm not the spokesman for that fanbase, but allow me to tell you what I think Tebow's fanbase will allow, Tom Jackson:

They'll allow a legitimate quarterback competition for the right to start.

They'll allow the winner of that competition to have as much support as possible.

They'll allow for the idea that Tebow's mechanics are not very good, but mechanics can change and improve with coaching -- just ask Aaron Rodgers -- and in a lockout offseason, Tebow didn't get that coaching.

Tebow's fanbase understands that the guy they root for is not a complete player. But he's only 16 games into his NFL career. That's a bit early to throw up your hands and say, "Tebow's got no chance to improve, or Tebow absolutely positively cannot be a good NFL quarterback."

The statement is idiotic.

Perhaps you disagree. That's fine. It's America. But if you disagree, tell me how it is Drew Brees got two years of struggles knowing he would never be taller than 6-foot and a national outcry didn't ensue. Tell me how it is Mark Sanchez was awful his rookie season but the folks in New York thought him capable of improving because he went to the playoffs with his team?

No one said Sanchez needed to go after that terrible first full season as a starter. How is it that Tebow similarly takes the Broncos to the playoffs and he doesn't get the same room for growth?

Look, Tim Tebow is not Tom Brady. Nowhere close. Brady played Goliath to Tebow's David Sunday and Goliath clearly won. But I cannot discount Tebow's growth potential. I cannot discount that he was in a playoff game last night. And I cannot discount the fact that when the Broncos bring in competition for him next year, he just might do what he's been doing for a long time going back to college.



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The Giants have a defensive line that can go against the best QBs in the league. Ask Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

dusty, Eli is great. But Hartline and Bess are not in the same league as Nicks and Cruz...

marshall is with nicks. bess is with first year cruz. and hartline is with manningham, no doubt. give us eli and a smart ocord they would do the same. theres players in the game that say bess is one of the best in football. our idiot coaches never use the guy

I like the way New York builds their teams...Always have. Ever since the LT years...Should be a good one against SF. The 49ers are the real deal. All these clowns that were saying Harbaugh is good because of a weak schedule, crappy division, etc etc...huh, no! Not really...

I expect people to start swooning over Kevin Gilbride ANY second now.

I'm with Dusty Bottoms, just say no to Philbin!

I think Philbin is still way to inexperienced to be a Head Coach. I don't know what effect the death of his son will have, but I imagine it won't be good.

pats favored by 7.5

dusty, Bess is SLOW...My 87 year old Irish grandmother runs faster than he does...



Is that WITH or WITHOUT Ed Reed?

Anybody here anything on the severity of his injury?

Kevin Gilbride wouldn't be a bad choice...Already has head coaching experience...

Apparently the Dolphins are set to interview Pete Carmichael and Mike McCoy...The Ravens'DC will also interview...

Isn't Gilbride the guy who got cloncked by Rex's father?


Hey Ross, why not interview the current Baylor kicker?? He would mix well with your bvtt boy Ireland and knows just as much about football!!

Giants/ravens= take the under

Doesn't matter who they get now. They all, just like us now, will suck.

No coach, no QB, no future


So glad the giants won tonight, As a lifelong fins fan I will always pull for the giants against anyone but the fins and I think we all know why, right mercury? Absolutely perfect!!!

Heck, I thought I could only have fun in this Blog. Now, in the Golden Globes, some guy comes up to present and says, " well I am here and I'm trying to hide an enormous hard on", Madonna says she knows a guy called "The Punisher"(el Castigador). Woody Allen never appeared, etc. Getting good.

Wow, How sad for a Phins Blog, Writing about Tebow, Cheering for other teamsa(NYG,Balt.Etc, Etc), It truely is a sad Day in Phinland.

I posted my picks last week, I hit 3 out of 4. Eli screwed up my batting average.

I don't know the line yet, but here's my early picks. I don't think they'll change.

The Raven's defense matches up against the Pats as good as anyones. Nobody really stops Brady, but the Ravens will slow him down a little. Unless Reed is badly injured. Without Reed it could ugly quick.

The MAIN thing, Flacco won't be able to generate enough Points. I'm taking the Pats by 14.

Eli keeps proving me wrong. I admit now that he's a lot better than I EVER gave him credit for.

To bad though, I'm just about ready to start saying the same things about Alex Smith.

Both teams have strong Defenses, but I think the Niners are better overall by far. The Giants are strong rushing the passer. The Niners are just STRONG.

That's why I'm going with the Niners. I think they'll get the run game going early and use all kinds of delays and screens to keep the Giants D off balance. This is turn will set up the play action passing. The Niners will win a close one with a balanced attack and the dominant D.

Niners by 10.

Is Odins Bottom Odinseye?, I Believe it is, Or Maybe Its DB,FB,YG, A million others.

I rarely write but I could not agree with you more. Teebow did more with less than any QB in recent history. He is definitely not the protypical passer but he is effective and inspires his teammates to play up to the highest level. You have to remember that they lost their best WR in a trade and Teebow won while Orton stunk up the place. Yes that is the same Orton that all the Phin fans wanted here. Give Teebow a full offseason to perfect his skills and get some better players around him and let us see what he does next year.

What I don't get is Armando showing TeBags all the love and cutting him slack.

He wouldn't(and hasn't shown other QB prospects this kind of baby gloves handling).

TeBags won the Heisman, a National Championship and was a First Round pick in the draft.

If these were the facts on Henne, Moore, Beck, WHOEVER, etc, etc. Mando would be ripping them new ones for turning in similar performances.

The Heisman Trophy Winning First Round pick had games this year with 3 completions. THREE on the WHOLE night! If it were ANYBODY else, Mando would be starting a grass roots movement to have the guy exiled to Saturn!

TeBags gets up on the Big Stage and lays a totally stinking rotten egg. 9 for 26 - 136 yards and NO TD's! ON THE BIG STAGE!

Spin it ANYWAY you want, but here's a simple fact for you. Let us spend a first round pick on a QB this year. Then watch Armando ABSOLUTELY CRUCIFY the guy for turning in the same kinds of performances TeBags turned in this year.

Armando would be trying to run the guy out of town, right here on this same blog that he defends Tebags on and makes excuses for. Preaching about Patience, Development, Fair Competition and Faith!

For "WHATEVER" reasons, you'll NEVER catch Mando using space here going to bat for a Dolphins QB prospect!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................Pot Meet Kettle.

I see the drunk has changed his name but not his colors, Oder, Visit Sweeden, They have Goverment assitted suicide.

Coalition, I Think OdinsBottom is YG,FB,DB, Or any other name he goes by, But I might be wrong.

Is Odins Bottom Odinseye?, I Believe it is, Or Maybe Its DB,FB,YG, A million others.

Posted by: Just passing by.. | January 15, 2012 at 09:56 PM

NOPE! It's me. Just want to let Ross and Ireland know where they can kiss me!

I wasn't sold on Fisher. I did however believe he was the most qualified to take over this particular roster(good mix, but mostly young-er).

But, to have Ross side with Ireland over a Fisher? C'mon Man. That was the last straw for me.

Fisher was an NFL player. Played under some greats including Ditka and Buddy Ryan. Then **WORKED** his way up and Coached under Ryan.

Then rebuilt a team, under some very adverse conditions and took them to a Super Bowl.

Ireland on the other hand was a collegiate Kicker whose biggest fear in life was having to make a tackle on a return or block. You minus his Daddy's connections and Parcell's Coat Tails, what you have left is a Glorified Ball Boy!

I'm no Fisher Fan, but for Ross to stick with the Ball Boy? He TOO can KISS Odin's BOTTOM!!!!

Agree with you on all counts Bottom(Or who ever you are) I believe the only recourse for this team is for Ross to Sell.We Can only hope he gets frustred and sells but I Doubt it.

Why would I commit suicide when I could just as easily off you?

I'm sort of fantacizing about it now.

I put the gun against your head, gaze into your eyes up close and personal. Smell the fear(and other things-Ewwwwww).

Staring intently into your eyes...............BLAM!


Another one bites the dust.....................

If Tebow was Muslim Armando never would have written this.

Religion breed prejudice.

What a HIT bt Rolando McClain on Foster....

Who on the Dolphins can stop a 230 lb...RB with a full head of steam....and the RB not get another inch.....wow.....

Posted by: kris | January 15, 2012 at 02:19 PM

kris (or his imposter),

Rolando McClain is currently a mediocre ILB for the Raiders taken last year in the 1st draft from 'Bama. I believe you may have him confused with another player that has skills and was playing this weekend. No slight meant, just pointing it out.


I'd love to see Ricky Williams get a ring.

..I understand that this is a forum where people come to offer opinions.. A lot of the times the opinions seem a little skewed, or out in left field..No problem. They are just opinions..No harm no foul. I don't do a lot of calling people out when they are wrong, as I am the king of opinions gone astray...But the nonesense the last few days about Chad Henne being a better quarterback then Eli Manning can be put to bed now.

Even if Manning would have thrown 3 ints, and the Giants lossed the game..The fact is that Manning is on a different level then our man Henne. This doesn't mean that he is at the Elite level.He is close. The same cannot be said about Henne. As of today. Eli has a record of 6 wins 3 losses in the playoffs. 4 of those wins came on the road..1 was in the Super Bowl against the team that was undefeated. Not bad.

Henne supporters will probably respond with the same excuses..Better personel, better overall team, better playcalling..The list goes on. The proof is in the play on the field. Maybe Henne will end up salvaging his career..This isn't the debate. The answer to the question of which quarterback is better is obvious.

If Tebow was Muslim Armando never would have written this.
Religion breed prejudice.
Posted by: Arnwall Brooks | January 15, 2012 at 10:36 PM

If Tebow was Muslim he'd be playing Soccer.Just saying.

Not much to add to all the experts on this blog except save your energy about Ross selling the team, he is in for the long haul, forget about your opinion's because no one cares and you don't have a vote, and its not your team, its the owners team, only Green Bay ticket holders have the right to say its there team, you go to a concert and pay for your ticket, that is all that you will get, you don't own the stadium, enjoy the search for a new coach, and be glad that Tony is the OC for the Jersey Jets. Bill

And would feel right at home with Virgins.

I'd love to see Ricky Williams get a ring.

Posted by: Gregg | January 15, 2012 at 10:42 PM

Yeah me too, except then we'd have to see Ray Lewis drooling all over the microphones talking a bunch of dumbshyt!

I see Ray Lewis' life after football being very similar to Lawrence Taylor's..........only worse!

ABSOLUTELY GREAT BALLERS, but that's about it.

Ross is the joke of the NFL...Sad.

At this point in time I could give a rats rip who the Dynamic Duo (Ross N Ireland) choose...


I am pretty sure its a done deal Chucky and Cowher are staying in their comfy booths.

That means the big three coaching hired guns are spoken for.

The next tier whether it be Billick or any of the OC or DC coaching choices simply has to get wins. By hook or by crook. The wins must come in the 9+ variety by their second season or there will be more clamoring from the Fin Masses.

This years team went 0-7 before finishing with a OK second half. If Moore gets a full camp and expands upon his own accomplishments and we have 35%-50% less drops we should be able to make the playoffs.

The schedule is less hard and the QB will be in his second season of chemistry building with the offense. Add a rookie or two that perform and the Fins should flirt with the playoffs.

They could backslide but I just don't see it imho.


Well maybe some of Fisher fans you will be happy we didn't get Fisher. He picked Schotty as OC. Perfect choice to keep up his 8-8 average finish.

I Can see that Idiot Lewis now in a interview
" Reed do what he do, You Know whats I Means Dog"?, Makes me sad for all the well Educated decent African Americans of this country.

I think I'm gonna do some coke tonight. Been about six months and I'm jonesing for some.

Well maybe some of Fisher fans you will be happy we didn't get Fisher. He picked Schotty as OC. Perfect choice to keep up his 8-8 average finish.
Posted by: PerSe | January 15, 2012 at 10:55 PM

Better then our last 3 coaches. Just saying.

Rob in OC...What Up!!!! Been awhile..How are you doing?? Good to see you here...

You have a good eye for talent. My question. Say we stay put with our draft position.(I understnad this opens a can of worms..but for disscussion sake we will keep it simple) What direction would you like to see the team go with the pick? I had originally thought corner back was a good idea. After having some sense knocked into me, and watching these games this weekend..I'm thinking pass rusher. Do you have any on your radar.Or do you thinbk it would be wise to explore a different route?

Whud I say?

Whoof Whoof WHOOF!

Das-ight! Dats I'm talkin bout!

Whoof Whoof WHOOF!

Rob, I See you still got the preseason Kool-aide they were giving out in august.

How about Magic Johnson in the booth? He talks like he has a sock full of testicles in his mouth.

If Tebow was Muslim Armando never would have written this.
Religion breed prejudice.
Posted by: Arnwall Brooks | January 15, 2012 at 10:36 PM

If Tebow was Muslim he'd be playing Soccer.Just saying.

Posted by: Just passing by.. | January 15,
2012 at 10:47 PM

Uh, there's been a ton of Muslim players in pro football (and the other sports as well).

You think guys like Ahmad Rashad, Az-Zahir Hakim, Ephraim Salaam, Rasheed Wallace, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and a bunch of others were visiting the Confessional Booth at St. Anthony's before a game?

So sick of this "my God is better than your God" crapola.

DD!!! Sup my brutha from anotha mutha! Always glad to see you post.

Great Niners game eh?

I hope there is not a single FIN FAN that has Henne in the same sentence with Eli Manning.

To do that would be delusional. They are not even in the same league.

Henne would lose a comparison to Matt Moore in my opinion. I would gladly let Henne take his talents to another team and draft a guy behind Moore.

If RGIII can be had for less than a kings ransom it is probably worth the shot as he is a talented guy.

I would be fine with taking a great talent at #8-9 in the first round and snagging QB Case Keenum later on.

This would give the Fins a chance to see if Moore could get better, and they could find an Andy Dalton/T.J. Yates type to groom in Keenum.


None of the guys you've mentioned sound as dumb and irritating as broadcasters as Joe Theismann.

At least Taylor was entertaining in a train-wreck kind of way. Theismann was just a clown.

Terry Bradshaw, too. So tired of that cornball dope.


Rob in OC---Hooooooooooooooooooooo! Hooooooooooooooo! Hoooooooooooooooo!

Reading this article felt worse than a forced broom in the butt. Armando is such a worthless hack.

To those who say that Eli is not yet Elite, I say - c'mon man! The guys played great, clutch against a lot of good teams now. I think many of you get thrown off by his boy next door demeanor. The guy has bloodlines, smarts, and he MAKES PLAYS WHEN IT COUNTS.




I'm not Rob Darryl, but I have an opinion.

I would like to get that first round QB, but I don't think it happens. I don't think the Colts will trade ANYTHING for the first pick.

Same goes for Griffen. Too many teams in front of us that wouldn't take NOTHING for the chance to draft him. Other than these two, I don't think there is another QB worthy of the 8th or 9th pick.

Having said that, my only other trade up scenario is moving up to get Justin Blackmon. In all honesty though, I think the same thing holds true for him. We won't be able to do it.

After that, all I got is the boring old tried and true BPA!

I would prefer a pass rusher, a CB and/or then, yes, even a the dreaded Tackle.

I would also be targetting a dynamic TE, but I don't think there is one that warrants an 8th or 9th pick there either.

The only thing I know for sure is I wouldn't want any kind of trade scenario. I mean not unless we getting a boat load of higher end picks.

I think we'll end up sitting tight and going BPA. Whoever that ends up being. It is what it is.

You think guys like Ahmad Rashad, Az-Zahir Hakim, Ephraim Salaam, Rasheed Wallace, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and a bunch of others were visiting the Confessional Booth at St. Anthony's before a game?
So sick of this "my God is better than your God" crapola.
Posted by: walt | January 15, 2012 at 11:07 PM

Thank you Wait, 5 Guys out of 10,000 that have played in the NFL, Maybe you could write a book "Famous jewish sports legends" It would only consit of 1 page but you keep up the good fight.

Ugh, Terry Bradshaw. I can't stand that imbecile either. Everything is just SO GOL-DANGED FUNNY for that airhead yahoo.

Man, I envy New York's WRs...Cruz, Nicks, Manningham...A good running game and a pass rushing defense. That's what Miami needs. We have Hartline and Bess instead. One pass rusher. We need more...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | January 15, 2012 at 08:53 PM

Cruz is great, and I read recently that he's "batting for the other team" (and since I am, too, that's just fine with me, lol!)

Seriously, though, what a find for them. Fearless guy and total clutch when needed.

In order to keep my work load at a minimum, I chose to write my college thesis on gay black jewish nose tackles.

..Rob. The question(about Eli and Henne) was raised here the last few days..I'm not sure if was just to get a rise out of folks, or if the posters truly believed what they were writing..Either way. They are welcome to their opinions. It is just kind of quiet on the Henne front tonight..

Anyway..I asked you the question about the draft kind of in a response to your post @ 10:53.. If we cannot lock down our future quarterback, and end up going with Moore. One of the ways I think we can be efficient is by strenghtnening our pass rush. I'm not sure we will be a Super Bowl caliber squad next year. But we could be competitve..A step.

Having the ability to pressure the quarteback can make up for a lot of offensive deficiencies. You look at teams like the Texans(I know they lost today) But that young front kept them in the game. If offensivley we can stop turning the ball over..We should be in most if not every game. Even the Donkeys as poor as their quarterback played. Were in, and won games where they didn't turn the ball over..Their ability to keep contests close were because of the defense. Young teams, even great teams cannot win if they lose the turnover battle(see NO yesterday)..

The common trend now, or belief is that you have to have elite quarterback play to win..I agree to a point. You probably aren't winning the cup with a journeyman. In our situation, it may not be in the cards again this year. This said..We have to figure out an alternative way to compete..I think that we have seen exaples this weekend of how to do this..

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