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On Tebow, believing and beating Tom Brady

I covered the playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots Saturday and while this is a Dolphins blog, allow me to discuss with you something we rarely get to talk about on a Dolphins blog -- the playoffs.

Coming out of the thumping of the Broncos by the Patriots it's clear to me that while Tom Brady continues to play at his current level, the Dolphins have little chance of winning the AFC East unless they find their own franchise quarterback. I'm not talking about finding a nice quarterback or a fair quarterback or caretaker. I'm talking a Top 10 QB is necessary for Miami to compete with the Patriots.

Otherwise Miami is merely playing for second place in the division.

Coming out of that game, it struck me as odd one comment I heard in the press box from a journalist. Mocking the fact the Broncos were getting shredded, he turned to another writer and asked mockingly, "Where's Tim Tebow's God tonight?

Obviously, Tebow is a man of faith and he delivered an impassioned speech to his teammates before the game that was taken straight out of the Bible. It didn't work.

But does that diminish the power of faith?

I say not.

I say without faith we have nothing.

Now, some people put their faith in God. Some people put their faith in their abilities. Some put their faith in the greater group, as Vince Wilfork said following the game. But faith was at work all over the field last night.

Believing is important is important in sports. You cannot succeed unless you do not believe.

Today on Sportscenter the analysts discussed Tebow's future. It was interesting to hear their take -- even known Tebow hater Merrill Hoge who clearly has allowed his dislike of Tebow's game to blind his analysis.

The topic that came up was whether Tebow be the Broncos QB going forward. Tom Jackson made a troubling statement about Tebow when he wondered aloud if "Tebow's fansbase" would allow Denver President John Elway to make a change.

"Tebow's fanbase," seems odd phrasing to me. It makes the group sound like some cult or something. It makes them sound like drones that approve of everything Tebow does regardless of those actions. 

I'm a Tebow fan. I make no apologies for that because I like his approach off the field and appreciate his winning ways on the field. I identify with the fact Tebow's unorthodox. I love that he's gritty. And after he took a 1-4 team and helped it get in the playoffs, I cannot deny he wins.

But I'm not blind and I don't think "Tebow's fansbase" is blind. I'm not the spokesman for that fanbase, but allow me to tell you what I think Tebow's fanbase will allow, Tom Jackson:

They'll allow a legitimate quarterback competition for the right to start.

They'll allow the winner of that competition to have as much support as possible.

They'll allow for the idea that Tebow's mechanics are not very good, but mechanics can change and improve with coaching -- just ask Aaron Rodgers -- and in a lockout offseason, Tebow didn't get that coaching.

Tebow's fanbase understands that the guy they root for is not a complete player. But he's only 16 games into his NFL career. That's a bit early to throw up your hands and say, "Tebow's got no chance to improve, or Tebow absolutely positively cannot be a good NFL quarterback."

The statement is idiotic.

Perhaps you disagree. That's fine. It's America. But if you disagree, tell me how it is Drew Brees got two years of struggles knowing he would never be taller than 6-foot and a national outcry didn't ensue. Tell me how it is Mark Sanchez was awful his rookie season but the folks in New York thought him capable of improving because he went to the playoffs with his team?

No one said Sanchez needed to go after that terrible first full season as a starter. How is it that Tebow similarly takes the Broncos to the playoffs and he doesn't get the same room for growth?

Look, Tim Tebow is not Tom Brady. Nowhere close. Brady played Goliath to Tebow's David Sunday and Goliath clearly won. But I cannot discount Tebow's growth potential. I cannot discount that he was in a playoff game last night. And I cannot discount the fact that when the Broncos bring in competition for him next year, he just might do what he's been doing for a long time going back to college.



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Odin..I'm not a big hunter. We do have fantastic big game opportunities here. Everything from Elk, Moose,Bear, Big horn sheep, Mt. Goats.. We have an early season that starts 5 weeks before general rifle over the rest of the state. It used to be worth it to come out, but the re-introduction of the wolves in yellowstone has wiped out much of that industry. The wolves have done a number on the Moose and Elk population. The animals have adapted and don't come through now until the snow flies..It has pretty much killed the outfitter buisness as well. This said the opportunity to bag some meat is still there. You can sight Elk 10 minutes from my porch. I'm not sure what an out of state tag is..That is where it gets pricey.

Your right about Moose...Those suckers are meaner then Grizzly Bears. I have been treed by a moose who sat under the tree for what seemed like an hour..They aren't scared of people, and definitley have a mean streak..Also the Beaver population is all but gone in the area..The willow meadows around town have suffered. Not nearly as many moose as there was 5-6 years ago.

IMAWriter--Watusi Goat will make you feel better. Think about Watusi Goat and smile.

My life does have the feel of VACATION!

But I EARNED it!

I'm going Moose or Elk hunting this year, You can bet on that.

I just thought it would be cool meeting and partying with a fellow Phin Fan from this blog.

There are lots of options for Chartering a Hunt. If Darryl can do it, that would be awesome.



I am not a fan of the giving up a ton of players and draft picks and/or players to get a guy like Luck or RGIII.

I would not do that due to the risk of an injury blowing that many potential upgraded players/draft picks on a needy team.

Throw in that Luck has never thrown a pass in the NFL and those wild 6-8 for 1 deals tend to work out against the single Superman player.

If RGIII could be gained while not giving away an incredible amount of compensation then possibly. I, like others, believe too many QB needy teams lurk in front of the Fins to make it happen without grossly overpaying.

My two cents.


No beaver? You need to move bro.

Enough with Tebow!!!! I will take him right now!! The guy didn't have a offseason with the coaches and took a team to the playoff on amazing win performance to a great team! Pats offense is great!! But I'm telling you guys San Fran or the giants going to pound the to the ground!! Pats don't like playing physical teams. They get mad and Tom Brady become Ms Brady....she don't like getting hit...giants or 49ers will but the whammy on his a s s!!! You see

The menu tonight at Chez 'writer...
Butter lettuce with marinated mushrooms and gorgonzola/vinaigrette
Then a trip down south with smothered pork chops in a red wine reduction/caramelized onions, etc.
Rosemary potatoes

The usual backed apples with prunes inserted, for those of us constipated by the actions of the Dolphins FO.

He wants to do some heavy 'Male Bonding' with you, Darryl. Wrestling, skinny dipping, etc. RUN!!

Baked apples...sheesh, hanging around here is dangerous. LOL

Seriously folks,
We all love our hapless Fins.
I just wish they'd get it together before I croak.

G'night to all.
(Unless I MUST reply!)

What does "etc." taste like? Is it easy to cook?

DD u still on?

Posted by: Rob in OC | January 16, 2012 at 12:15 AM

Rob, common sense says you are correct, of course. I'm just SO desperate for a team that can shoot straight.
The Broncos gave up a LOT for the draft rights to Elway, as did the Giants for Eli. Brady was a fluke.

I do agree we have way too many holes to compete with the Pats...those 2 TE's are better than ANYBODY we have.
Who here wouldn't trade Long even up for Gronkowski. What a freakin' weapon!!
And the Pats didn't have to suck to get him.

I have ZERO confidence in this FO to choose wisely, thus my want to trade em all for 1 chance at the jackpot.

..Odin..Come on out..I'll take you to a Griz game after you bag and tag one!

Rob in OC..I hear you loud and clear. It doesn't have to be gloom and doom all of the time..What fun would it be if you lost all hope?

This said. I agree with what you have said about Moore. I am totaly guilty of being one of the guys that laughed when we signed Moore. I remember having the reaction something similar to being kicked in the groin by a clown. He exceeded all expectation I had of him. He has earned at least the right to compete to start next year. And as a franchise, we have to feel a little bit better because he earned his stripes on the field.

Now this doesn't mean that I believe he is the future, or we can win the cup with him. But if he can hold it down until we find the right guy. It could be the turning point for this franchise. Like I said earlier. It is doubtful whoever we bring in next year will take us to the promise land. This is the ultimate goal. To me a competive playoff team would be a nice start..Something to feel proud of. If we do not get our dream guy this year. The franchise should feel good about having some competancy beind center until we do.

Posted by: Julia Child | January 16, 2012 at 12:19 AM

LOL, ya got me there.

..Ginga. You don't know the half of it..Seriously. I live in a mountain town with 100 winter residents. Not a lot of women here in the winter..Summer is a different story. The funny(or sad) part. We depend on snowmobiling for our winter economy. Not a big sport for women. These groups of guys show up thinking they are going to score with a local girl.."Where are all the women at" is the most common question..The most common answer.."Why would women live here"

DD and Odin...I had my first elk steak a few years ago at a restaurant her in nashville called the Wild Boar.
It had the same tender vibe as a filet, and with the light dressing of wine sauce, not gamey at all.

Good hunting!

I was thinking of using some "etc." in my dog tacos.


Oh I see. I know you definitely have a point and a high level of disdain for this FO. No worries, I hold them in contempt as well. I just think it may work out worse if they only have one bullet in the team upgrade gun. Knowing it has to be a silver bullet to come out ahead is too risky for my blood.

Questions: Do you think A. Dalton is a good young QB? Would you be all in on Flynn? Would you try for an accomplished guy like Peyton?

Flynn or Peyton would have a higher price tag as well. Just curious as to your thoughts...



Here Here to DD @ 12:26.

Well put my friend.

Start with some semblance of consistency at the QB spot and have Moore give it everything he's got while bringing along a groomer. Some like Weeden, some want to sellout for RGIII (will be too costly), some want Cousins or Tanneyhill. I happen to like Keenum as my developmental QB prospect.



You ever hear of a place called Lebanon?

Potato Peeler Road?

We used to do some gigs in and around Nashville(Chatanooga and Memphis too). Antways, I fell in love with this Chick and used to go out to her house on Potato Peeler Road.

You ever hear of it?

..Alright fellas..Have a great evening. Time to check out for the night. Good stuff tonight. Iguana???


Just wondering of you saw my answer for pass rusher @ 11:44?

I would totally fine going for a solid pass rusher if the 1st round QB stud thing is the mirage I believe it to be.

I have been a BPA guy vs filling exact needs only. That said, there may be an attractive RT at 8-9 as well and solidifying the RT spot would be a good thing. I wonder if John Jerry was a flash in the pan tease or if he could effectively anchor a T spot?


Good Eve DD!

Thanks for the mini rap session after my stint in hibernation.


Cousins is intriquing!

Not to many people talking about him or knowing about him.

Being a Michigan fan, I hate State. Lately, because of Cousins-LOL.

I'd take a flyer on the guy.

Goodnight, my sweet!

Odin's B,

My theory in a nutshell says that trying to get either Luck or RGIII will stunt the Fins growth in asking price costs.

Thus, taking a stab at one's favorite next tier guy would be the next best thing. This won't sit well with the throngs that say Luck or Bust or RGIII or nothing but to me it seem less risky than having so many eggs in one basket.

If we were one or two picks away from the spot then the price would not be so heinous. You wanting Cousins is on par with my Keenum although I am pretty sure Cousins goes higher and thus you would give a higher draft pick.

I am not sure how it will shale out as it's still early. Allstar games, combine, and private workouts could change things a bunch.


Im going to call it a night but will try and hit the blog tomorrow.

Thanks for the posts fellas.

Whatever Coach we get, I just want some results!! I am preaching to the choir though.


I dont think RG3 will be a top 10 pick. Dont think he's the 2nd QB taken either.

Armando, by virtue of the simple fact that we are talking about the current Denver Broncos QB (Tebow) on a Miami Dolphins blog in my opinion proves that Tebow indeed has a fanbase, and you are a part of it. I for one don't hate or dislike Tebow, but then again I don't like or love him either. He's the QB of a team that beat our Dolphins during the season and that's all he means to me. I think the reason some people react the way they do to this Tebow madness, is because the group known as the media has plastered the guy all over the place, and to any real educated football fans recollection none of that attention is based on any real merit. So he took his team to the playoffs and won a game, what exactly does that mean? The Texans won a playoff game with some guy named TJ Yates! I guess if you believe in moral victories it means alot, however if we judge him like every other QB who has led (or not led) their teams to the playoffs, then we can only sit back and say he's failed to win a championship for now and let’s move on. I for one as a Dolphins fan do not want to hear about another team's QB on our blog, we have our own problems such as who will be our next coach, and how can we become what teams like NE, BAL, SF, and the NYG are now. Please no more Tebow talk on a Dolphins blogs.

"But I cannot discount Tebow's growth potential." Brilliant! Nice piece Armando. Keep up the good work and speaking the truth. The city of Miami is lucky to have you!

So, its all or nothing regarding the quarterback situation. Pray tell, where are we going to get a top 10 quarterback?

RG isn't going to play this year for anyone, unless its in Washington. He needs at least five years to be NFL ready.

Tom Brady had to rely on the no-huddle to beat us. If we figure out how to beat it, we can beat the Pats. I think the best way is run it ourselves, and keep Brady off the field.

It would be nice if Mando would write something this positive and hopeful about the Dolphins.

You are all wrong if you think the Tebow fan base will allow fair competition with their hero. First, unless the Broncos expend a 1st round draft choice on a QB or sign a stud in free agency, neither of which will happen. The Broncos, for better or worse, are married to Tebow for awhile. They must appease the rabid Tebow fans in Denver. This is nothing against Tebow, it is just those rabid fans seem to believe he is the second coming of Christ. I believe he is what he is....someone who can will his team to wins but not talented enough to take them to the Super Bowl. The only way he is not the QB in Denver for the forseeable is if he suffers an injury and his backup flat out outplays him.

What amazes me, is that the Denver Broncos wins seems to giving more credit to Tebow than any other QB in the league. Yet very little credit is giving to the rest of the team. I dont know if Denver Defense is ranked number one or not, but they were the most impressive defense i have seen this year. They totally dominated when Tebow time after time put them in bad position. Time after time they came thru and put the team in position to win. But yet Tebow completes a couple of passes at the end of game for the win which was set up by the defense. And if they do mention the rest of the team success, the credit is giving to Tebows faith that inspired them to play well. SMH

and so why do we not give Henne the same chance to mature as you give Sanchez and Tebow. We started with a new OC last year and no time to get to know the play book. It will be the same this year.

I have one question for you, would you take Tebow right now to be your starting QB? I absolutely would not.

Let me begin by saying I am a devout Christian, just as Tim Tebow is. I believe in Jesus every bit as much as Tebow. I am also visually impaired. I am nearly blind. I have enough vision to get around without a cain or dog. I love football (especially the Dolphins) This, by the way, is why I make so many typos in writing on blogs, such as this one. I love football, though can barely see it. I have a 48 inch plasma screen, and have to press my face to the screen to see that. I myself can see Tebows sloppy mechanics such as bad footwork, staring down his receiver, can't read coverages can't and wont throw before wr is out of his break) etc; I think Tim will ultimately have to move to rb,te,h-back,or even wr to have any success in the NFL. I admire Tim as a man greatly, but he is a follower of Jesus like all of us Christians he isn't Jesus himself, and this is where people especially non-Christians go wrong. I believe in Jesus, but can't drive a car (not because I don't believe, but because I am physically limited) same as Tebow. He is physically limited, and I don't think Tim will ever be a successful qb in the NFL just as I can't be a truck driver. For some reason, Mr. Rossviews Jeff Ireland in the same light a lot of people view Tim Tebow. Occasionally, Ireland does something good liie acquires Reggie Bush or drafts Charles Clay.just as Tebow completes a pass every now and then. Neither is likely to be great. I think Tebow will always be a well below average QB in the NFL. I believe Jeff Ireland will always be a below average talent evaluator. Tim Tebow is a well respected honorable man. Ireland seems to be a power hungry man who lacks self confidence and his asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute shows he lacks morals, ethics, or class yet Ross will continue to defend him despite the poor drafts,loosing seasons that will likely follow and a half empty or more than half empty stadium. I don't understand this but don't blame Jeff Fisher one bit for refusing to work with Ireland. At least Fisher and Tebow have class, dignity, and honor. What do Ross and Ireland have? Ok, Ross has plenty of money. What does Ireland have besides The support of Peterson,Parcells, and Ross

So God lost to Tom Brady in the playoff game! So what, he is only God, he's not Tom Brady. Sheeesh!

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