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Perspective always a good thing this time of year

Let's pause from the news that is almost certain to break out later on Friday (Joe Philbin in town, the Jeff Fisher watch) to take account of what is going on right now.

I know the narrative in covering the Dolphins is often that the entire organization is comprised of bumbling, driveling dumb-dumbs. Anytiome I write anything even remotely positive, many of you call me a homer. You say anyone that works for the Dolphins is not as good as the guy working for the Patriots, Packers, Giants, Saints or Ravens because, well, those teams are better than the Dolphins.

So their people are obviously better than Miami's people.

Well, that is sometimes the case. It's undeniable.

But not always.

I knew long ago when the Dolphins got rid of Wes Welker and he turned out to be quite special in New England that mediocre results here don't mean a player or coach or front office man is mediocre. I learned the lesson when the Dolphins fired Mike Westhoff and he is still one of the better special teams coaches in the NFL. I learned it when year after year Miami would blow out assistants like Mike Mularkey, Joel Collier, Dom Capers, Clarence Brooks, Paul Boudreau, or Keith Armstrong, and they'd land somewhere else and do great work.

Same with the upper management.

People we don't appreciate much here leave or are fired and they end up being great for other teams. Browns President Bryan Weidermeier and former Dolphins marketing man Jim Ross come to mind.

I'm reminded of this because the Dolphins were a disasterous 6-10 this season. And someone has to be responsible. So we think everyone in the organization thus sucks.

Not true.

Too simplistic to think that way.

There are quality people working for the Miami Dolphins today. There are fewer, than years ago, I grant you, but still there are quality professionals around.

In coaching, you can tell quality beyond player production in how quickly folks get hired. I assure you men such as Mike Nolan, Bryan Cox, Todd Bowles and Brian Daboll will not be unemployed long if they are not retained in Miami.

And it says something when Brian Gaine out of the personnel department is mentioned as a candidate for the Rams general manager job. (I don't know Gaine that well, have heard some things about him I didn't love, but still am open enough to believe he brings certain gifts to his job.)

It says something when Bowles is considered a candidate to interview for head coach jobs elsewhere. Bowles, by the way, reportedly is on the Rams radar to interview for their open job. The NFL Network reported the Dolphins denied the interview request but that is inaccurate. The Dolphins had not even received the consent request form as of late Thursday.

But I digress ...

The point here is we have to take a step back and breathe sometimes during these hectic times following a terrible season. No, the club is definitely not producing. One playoff appearance in a decade is completely unacceptable and I understand the frustration that has caused.

But does that mean everyone working for the Dolphins is awful?



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How about this for perspective, this season brought another reason to have nothing but contempt for Nick Saban! Thanks to that Jackass another of Dan Marino's records gets broken by a Saint who should have been a Phin - Drew (they call him the) Brees! Hey Nicky come back to the NFC East as a Jet head coach as penance!!!!

Ok that should obviously be AFC East - my bad!

Combination of ROOS/IRELAND will always keep this franchise mediocre.

meant ross. sorry !!

I agree with you. However, I think our ownership has always been the problem. It has not been the same since Joe Robbie died. Huizenga and Ross are both clueless. I thought Huizenga was bad, but Ross appears to be even more clueless. Maybe Mark Cuban can buy the team?

Awwwwwww, somebody has a man crush on the Cuban.

It's more to do with impatient people, from the Media to the fans in Miami. Mr. Ross would be wise to not worry about what either wants and just do what he and Jeff think is best.

The reporting down there undermines the team. Because people will believe anything in writing and the negative atmosphere that is always driven by the media has turned the fan base into angry fans who are coveters.

Everybody else’s players are better than ours in their minds. Jeff should be fired because he was brought here by Parcells and so who cares that he has put together one of the most balanced teams we have seen in years. And we have a solid foundation to build from with young players who just need to be coached up to meet their potential. They would rather point to the teams’ wins and losses as if for some reason that is Jeff’s fault.

When will this madness stop? It never will because just like being the president of this Country no matter what they do someone will complain.

Why Jeff Fisher? Why not Billick? Why not Cowher? Why not a up and coming OC? Why not a DC? Why not promote within?

So when the next one fails they can say I told you so!

A great franchise QB will solve a lot of these so called problems!

The right man behind center all the sudden makes the GM, Head coach, Off. coordinator, and other skill players look a lot better.

If this problem could have been solved soon after No.13 retired I'd be willing to bet we wouldn't have went through so many Head coaches, and this decade would have seemed much better.

It's all about decisions good and bad and who the decision makers are.

The owner, GM and HC are the main players. Owner hires a good maybe outstanding GM and a lot of the problems are solved. Get it wrong (Ireland) and you're doomed until you make a change.

Ross didn't hire Ireland but he is retaining him. Would you really want Ireland over Bill Polian? Wrong decision.

Ross/Peterson(?) clearly would rather have Fisher. Why when he said less than a year ago he wanted to return to the Dan Marino days of exciting football? If he wants exciting then Fisher is the wrong decision. You want to keep Nolan? Fisher is a 4-3 guy.

Interviewing Joe Philbin who does NOT call offensive plays. Sorry but I find it strange the HC is calling the plays and the OC isn't. So why? Because you think he'll influenece Matt Flynn? Fat chance.
Rob Chudzinski's name hasn't even been mentioned. Why?

fisher is headed to miami lots of reporting out there and tweets fisher is coming to fins

And that is what I have been saying all along. The team is not that bad. The D is borderline very good to great. The offense is starting to click. The thinking that Fisher or Billick or anyone else is going to make it better could be very wrong and once again the long road of a total rebuild.
The rebuild is not necessary. What should happen is that a successor should take place that will tweak the team to 11-5. If Fisher or Billick has a plan that states that then for sure hire one. But if they plan on coming in and destroying the current system, I won't be going to games or buying Jerseys.
The coach does not win games. Players do. The Phins need an upgrade at a few positions to get them over the 2 and 3 point losses and turn those into wins.
Prevent defense late in the 4th quarter is death and I seen the team playing too much of that. So we need a pass rusher and a tough hard hitting game changing free safety.
On offense we need a right tackle that can block for passing and for the run.
A great qb would be a blessing but I think Moore has done very well.

What happened to goiong for a coach that actually made it to a SB and won? Fisher was w/the Houston Oilers that then moved and changed to the Tenn Tintans and only went to one SB and lost. I am not getting this. Also, if the Miami Dolphins have to lure a potential coach by outbidding another team, is that a coach that we really want in that the coach will not hang around. I am realy disappointed in how Ross is handling things.

I think a majority of the unfocused hostility is just due to frustration. We haven't had a good team in a while. And it's been so long since Mia has been to a super bowl championship game or even the second round of the playoffs. People see Miami pick fairly low every year and not get value for their picks. Even long regressed this yr Fans want value. Fans want to see their team at least look like they are trying.

This team hasn't been the same since Joe Robbie sold the team to the mafia thug H. Wayne.

I think it all comes down to ownership of the team. The really good teams have owners who want to win championships. The really bad teams (like Miami) are in it for the money.

Joe Robbie loved football. Steven Ross loves money.

PS...Fisher will end up in St Louis. Ross does not like bidding wars. We saw that with Harbaugh.

The Phins do not need to start over, but that is what will happen if Jeff Fisher comes here. The should hire Bowles, keep all the coaches in tact and give these guys 3 years and see what they can do. The team started pulling it together at the 1/2 way mark. They played hard. Get another good pass rusher to help Wake and a good safety and the defense will be ok. Get a RT on offense and maybe a RG to move people inside and a speed receiver that can catch a deep ball and take it home and we would be ok. Starting over with a 4-3 and new offensive scheme,,,the stadium will continue to be empty.

@ 8:00,

So all Ross has to do to make you happy is find a Super Bowl winning Coach that will take less money than the other teams are offering?

Oh yeah, there's all kinds of those out there. Freaking Ross, you'd think he would know this.


It's the information that is important, not your opinion.

Ronnie Cruickshank, it's funny you brought up Nick Saban right away. I'm pretty sure he traded Wes Welker to the Patriots as his last deed in Miami...I remember being shocked when he did that.


Wes Welker was not average he led the dolphins in reciving yads. Idiots traded him for cheap and Belicheck jumped all over it.

I think Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller traded Wes Welker as their first deed in Miami.

As great as Welker is in the slot with Brady, he wouldn't have been much more than a 60 catch 600-700 yard guy in Miami with their cast of lousy QB's. But he would still be a valuable piece to the offense. Basically what Davone Bess has been since then.

I guess everyone is not an idiot Mando...but we sure do have more than a handful

on pft, ross says peterson is only an advisor & peterson wont be an executive.

another one of craigs "proclamations" gone up in smoke!

Do you guys realise that Shula lost a SB before coming to Miami.

How about Ireland. If he gets fired, will he land another job elsewhere?

Is RGIII really a lost cause? You figure Luck goes with the 1st pick, a given.

2. St. Louis Rams - Bradford
3. Minnesota Vikings - Ponder
4. Cleveland Browns - Might take a QB
5. Tampa Bay Bucs - Freeman
6. Washington Redskins - Need a QB
7. Jacksonville Jaguars - Gabbert
8. Carolina Panthers - Newton

If either of Cleveland or Washington signs Flynn, it's down to one other competitor. If that team decides to do what Cincy did last year (for instance, draft Blackmon, and take best available 2nd round QB), it's conceivable he could fall.

Granted, not an extremely high probability, but not out of the realm of possibility.

When is the draft. April ___?

Another possible WR to keep an eye on if he falls in second - Mohammed Sanu - Rutgers. Reminds me of McDuffie. Not elite speed, but good size, catches everything, returns punts, ran the wildcat (although I've grown to hate the formation), and is a great kid. Reminds me a bit of OJ McDuffie.

Looking forward to Craig M accusing me of being everyone else again. Lets get it on!

The picture of Philbin on the main page is not flattering. He looks like a Sociology professor, not a football coach. Looks aren't everything, I know but, come on!

With Jones & Barkley out, Flynn & Philbin(if qualified) seems like a safe bet. Fisher has to make up his mind soon or move on. Miami looks desperate waiting on him. Put him all in & make him choose St. Louis over us.

As goofy as he looks, Philbin might be able to get Flynn to come along. With a QB out of reach in the draft, we can address other needs. Flyn may or not be good but there won't be a viable 1st round qb for us this year anyway.

Giants gave up alot to get Eli, can't see ball boy Ireland having the guts to make a move like that.

For all those saying last years class of qbs was garbage and we should avoid it to take a qb now, what do you think now? This years class is non existent. Never put off for tomorrow what your can do today.

I think people get frustrated with the dolphins brass and ownership for the lack of planning. It seems to the outside world that they do not ever have a strategy. I can honestly say I am not the biggest Sparano fan out there but honestly he ranks right up there with the current crop of names that I keep hearing. It seems like they have put all their eggs in a basket once again with fisher. If he says no it will be like harbaugh all over again. If/When he says no will the coach we settle on really be better than sparano? My guess with the coaches the fins have been interviewing....a big NO.

I don't think everyone is garbage associated with the dolphins but Jeff Ireland sure is.

if Joe Philbin is hired, he would be able to help lure Matt Flynn to Miami

Mark, absolutely 100% correct. And the top 2 names next year will be 2 of the more questionable ones that were coming out this year.

New coaches & GM's come in & address their QB situation FIRST, not last. That's why Flynn makes the most sense now. Will probably have to overpay him but we may not have any other choice unless Manning is available.

We are so screwed it's not even funny anymore.

In football as well as any sport you have to play the game. I cant recall any team going from bad to good without change. Hello! we just made a change by firing a coach in mid season. What we saw after that was a totally different team a team with spirit, fight,as well as a never give up attitude. We can all guess as say this and that however math does'nt lie. WE HAD A WINNING % IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON. I have been a Dolfan since the 60's. We didnt change Sula because of a bad year we gave him a chance to win because he was hot. Bowles Is hot! like it or not We won. If we have the same winning % Next year we are assured of the playoffs. Enough with the change!!! Man up and and look @ the math. Stop stopping what is working and then when it's not stay with it for 2 extra years. Let's go Dolphins.

Out of all the candidates interviewed or even mentioned I am in favor of Jeff Fisher still.

Outside of Fisher, Joe Philbin intrigues me the most for the simple reason it would make sense that he bring Matt Flynn with him to a QB starved franchise. I know Flynn is a flavor of the month type of player and Miami has been fooled before in free agency (Culpepper) and trade (AJ Feeley) but I don't think Miami has a chance to get RG3 and forget about Luck altogether. Miami still needs to find a way to bring in a QB.

Flynn could very well end up being the next Kevin Kolb. However, the biggest difference would be he is staying in the same EXACT system which is a huge plus. He won't have any of the same weapons but Miami has a few Marshall, Bess as a chain mover and even Bush out of the backfield.

Philbin could be Cam Cameron part 2. However a package deal for the 2 might be the next best thing IMO outside of a proven coach. At least it gives Miami fans hope.

A great qb would be a blessing but I think Moore has done very well.

Posted by: klndry | January 06, 2012 at 07:57 AM

Really? He stunk against the Jets. He actually went backwards in the 4th qtr when we needed him against the Denver, the Giants, Cowboys, Philly, New England and stunk against the Jets again.

I agree with Mark in Toronto. Not everyone associated with Dolphins is garbage but IRELAND is. Keep doing the same thing and expect a different result is crazy.

Search, this franchise is pathetic with its attempts in addressing the qb position. They haven't paid the premium in 30 years. We have no future until we get it rectified and I'm not sure Flynn is the answer either. I'd break the bank and trade up for griffin. Given next years schedule, we won't finish 8th last again but we will be in that 8 9 win purgatory again.

There is no hope anytime soon for this franchise. We won't be relevant for the better part of the next decade unless a tom Brady falls in our lap.

Wayne Huizenga wasn't clueless. He brought Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and Bill Parcells to the Dolphins. They were all the best picks at the time. They let him (and all of us) down.

I agree as well, Ireland is trash. He has not drafted one pro bowl player since he's been here excluding Jake Long(who was the number 1 pick). All of our best players have come via free agency or trade from other teams. Look at all the good teams in the league and most of their impact players came through the draft. By firing sparano they are telling us that ireland is drafting the right players and they are just not being developed. I guess we will see.

I love listening to guys who say "he doesn't call the plays", don't even understand what that means, and then believe they know what the Dolphins should do.

I love listening to guys who say hire a HC who has won the Superbowl and don't understand the historical results of such a decision.

I love listening to guys who say hire a proven HC and forget how great that worked out for us previously when we hired Jimmy Johnson or Dave Wannstedt.

I love listening to guys who say the answer begins and ends with the QB and don't remember we had Dan Marino AND Don Shula and couldn't GET to the Superbowl.

I love listening to guys who blame the owner, fail to understand the simple stupid answer is always to blame the owner, and has been that way including Joe Robbie.

I love listening to guys who couldn't evaluate a person for a position as job collector, or don't know how to write a proper resume, yet, they know who should be hired or drafted or retained but can't articulate a single cogent reason why.

Your right Jimmy keep hiring and firing is Crazy. After all thats what we've done since We Scream for Sula's Head just to replace it with Jimmy the Quitter Johnson then we hire and fire again then We get a coach that We like again (Saban the Quitter) then we hire and fire again, etc, etc Give these guys 1 Year After all in this city of great teams The Dolphins could only Hire Dungy, or Cower to make everyone happy.

The Dolphins have a QB, Matt Moore. After RG3 and Luck are drafted there is no one better then what the Dolphins have. Theres Matt Flynn. There this or that, nothing is certain. Not Fisher, not the sunrise tomorrow morning. Philpin from the Packers makes more sense then retread Fisher, who we all know, is .500 Fisher. LEts start from scratch, with the exception of Mike Nolan. Was Brian Daboll any better then what we've had for the past 10 yrs? I think so, but a new HC(and a broom) will sweep clean.

RONZOCHE, I hate to be picky, but we were winning games before Sparano was fired. Bowles won 2 games? Um I did not see any different SPARK from the transition to Bowles. Maybe its just me. I saw the team coming together during the Giants loss.


If my memory serves me...Welker was not traded to NE; he was a RFA that Miami elected not to re-sign, therefore the team that signed him (in this case NE)had to give a 2nd round pick. In hindsight, a steal.

I agree with you. Lets see what the Draft can Do we are only a few Players away.



My spell check no likey! Disastrous is better!

new coach, so explain it all why dontchya? enlighten us with your intelligence!

i love listenin to guys like you whine about what other guys know nothing about.

shut the h3ll up n get off your high horse you blowhard!

I have explained it. Read for comprehension and leave your kindergarten grammar and analysis at home. I am glad to see your vocabulary does include "enlighten" but it would be nice if you actually employed basic punctuation. You might want to look up "whine" however because my post was no such thing. It was an observation employing sarcasm to evoke an emotional response. Thank you for demonstrating its effectiveness and accuracy.

what you demonstrated is what a blowhard you are. take your superiority complex & talk to someone who cares about your likes n dislikes. if you can find one!

Did I not dumb it down enough for you to grasp? Is that your malfunction? I try to be helpful so if I need to use 6th grade words I can if it will benefit you. As an aside, you might want to consult a thesaurus to discover a synonym for blowhard because your schtick of calling people blowhards is getting worn out.

Worn out or not, it's irrelevant. You're a blowhard. If the shoe fits, wear it! And you do, quite well.

First, it's what people like to talk about. Then it's about spelling & grammar. Who cares what you like or dislike? Here's a hint: NOBODY!

Drop the holier than thou schtick. It doesn't work for blowhards.

BTW...how's that for grammar, punctuation & spelling? Now you have 1 less thing to whine about! Be gone scrub!

I think that Moore (and not Orton) and Bush have been a success. Pouncy may be a good pick at 15 and Odricks looking good too. Ireland must have had something to do with all that.

However, he's made mistakes. This draft is an opportunity for Ireland to show he's the right guy. What will he do?
Trade down for picks and a QB (Barkely?) next year?
At 8/9 we're in a good position to get a pass rushing OLB that could take the D to the next level (PFF says Wake is the best 3-4 OLB, put someone on the other side and Brady spends 2 games a year on his back).
Bet the house on the Colts no 1 pick?
Do due dilligence on Flynn, Luck, Barkley, RGIII. Flynn is a free agent how does he compare to these other prospects?

Betting on Flynn can't be riskier than betting on a QB in the first round. Take Flynn, an OLB with the first pick then get help at RG and WR/TE in FA.

Well done. I like the punctuation. Now consult a dictionary and look up blowhard. You might discover why your using it in a post where you say "drop the holier than thou schtick, it doesn't work for blowhards" is amusing; take a look at schtick too and see why your use of it was erroneous. We may be able to get you to write a post where you actually understand the words you use and put together something coherent.


You would take an OLB rather than the best receiver in the draft?

I agree with the assessment on Flynn - if the price doesn't get ridiculous and you keep him in a familiar system; he would hit the ground running.

I think the other part of the equation though is to throw Blackmon in there and your skill players on offense are set. Grab a couple linemen and a TE via draft/FA and the O is good to go.


Good post as usual. You named many of the individuals on the Dolphins who are talented professionals and I've no doubt you are correct.

Would it be possible to name a few that, shall we say, have a high ceiling for improvement? Mark Columbo does not count. Lol.

You are right that most fans are very frustrated about the lack of quality teams over the past decade.

The team's drafting has been terrible for many, many years. Recent drafts have not altered that view. The investing of top picks in the OL is disturbing as other teams find higher quality players in lower rounds.

A refusal to invest in or find a quality QB prospect has also set the team back for years. And, although he played well at times, Matt Moore is probably not a top tier QB going forward. He deserves a chance to compete, but the Dolphins simply must find a talented young prospect to offer quality competition.

I know many on this blog blame Ireland for much of the current sitation and it's very understandable given some of the personnel choices he's made and the unfortunate question in the Dez Bryant interview. He is also perceived as a backstabber due to how he handled the Sparano situation. His public relations in dealing with the media and fans is awful.

At the end of the day, the Dolphins need to keep the talented individuals they have and make sure the working environment is conductive to putting a good product on the field and allow talent to excel.

And that includes getting a top QB prospect and surronding him with playmakers. Something that EVERYONE on this blog has said at one point or another for years.

Aside from kissing up to Armando, that was an excellent post Sigh; well worth the read.

New Coach Wanted -

Your compliment is appreciated! Thanks.

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