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Philbin's desire to be Miami's coach already a plus

I don't know what kind of coach Joe Philbin will turn out to be. I don't know if he'll be a success. I don't know if he'll ever get his team to the playoffs or Super Bowl. I do know he wants to be the Dolphins coach. He's excited about the idea. He is eager and sees this as his career's grandest opportunity even, as I write in my column today, following a terrible personal tragedy.

(Please read the column.)

And yet, with all the uncertainty, Philbin is already better than what the Dolphins have gotten in the past in one regard.

He is better than what Miami might have gotten out of Jeff Fisher in one regard.

"I have seen how much the fans in South Florida care about the Dolphins, and that passion is one reason why I’m really excited to be here," Philbin said in a statement. "I’m looking forward to their support, and I can’t wait to get started.”

It's important that Phibin is so fired up about the idea of taking over the Dolphins because I've covered too many Dolphins coaches who weren't really into the idea. You will remember that in January of 1999, Jimmy Johnson no longer wanted to coach the Dolphins and actually walked away from the Dolphins.

Then owner Wayne Huizenga begged him, convinced him to return to the team for the 1999 season. Johnson was miserable. It was a nightmare. Bad idea.

Fast forward to Nick Saban. He had it good at LSU. He loved it there because he was a hero and a national champion. But Huizenga convinced him to take the Dolphins job -- even after Saban reportedly changed his mind about coming. Huizenga helped him change his mind back again and put him and the family on the plane to South Florida.

It was a mistake that would reveal itself inside of two years.

Fast forward again to Jeff Fisher. You may be upset that Miami didn't land him. I certainly was. But ultimately, for whatever reasons, Fisher didn't want to come to the Dolphins. So the Dolphins are better off not having him. It's better to not hire someone who doesn't really want to come.

I warn you that wanting to be here is not a guarantee or predictor of success. Tony Sparano wanted to be the Dolphins coach more than he wanted to draw breath on some days. That didn't help him the past three years while the Dolphins posted back-to-back-to-back losing seasons.

But do I like the fact Philbin is by all account commited to being the Miami coach? Absolutely.

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Joe Philbin come on down! Bring a new start and let's get this thing going

Sigh. The team only goes backwards. The Fins are a playground for people looking for a fancy job title. Ross may be good in real estate, but he is a total failure on all levels as an NFL owner. Now its another countdown until the next regime change. My expectations for 2012 are lower than low.

I have nothing against Matt Moore he is what he is. One thing he is is a QB that has never beaten a winning NFL team.
Miami beat Green Bay in 2010 with Henne at QB and Philbin stood right there on the sideline and watched him.
Henne also beat Pittsburg last year. And Tomlin watched that. He put more yards on NE this year than any other team and Belechick watched that. He beat the Jets a total of 3 times in the 2 years thet went to AFC c'ship game, and every Jet fan cried over it especially Mike Greeneberg from Mike & Mike.

All of those winning NFL coaches know firsthand that Henne can and has beaten thier teams with the horrible talent that we have. Keep in mind that in 2010 neither Ricky nor Ronnie had even 1 100 yard game.


Devlin can handle the backup.

Wannstedt and Cameron also wanted to be the Dolphins coach. Obviously, it's preferable to have someone who wants to be here. However, knowledge of the X's and O's, ability to motivate NFL players and especially ability to evaluate talent is more important. We know that Philbin has the first quality. Does he have the other two? We shall see.

PriceMaster, LOL. Henne beat Pittsburgh last year. He really did. It's amazing how the league refuses to address the travesty that happened in that game

I hope he doesnt get to happy and be quick to jump for Flynn. I rather we try and trade up for RG3. RG3 can be more explosive. Flynn did wat he did against suckass defense. RG3 brings more excitment to the game than flynn would and yes he can run/throw/win games. I still say we get RG3 and another thing, Packers will not give up Flynn that easy knowing many teams that need a qb are looking to sign him. Other than that good hire by mr. Ross.


I want some of what you're smoking. That must be some GOOD sh*t!

Henne franchised? Really?

WOW...I've heard it all now.

Be happy people, at least hes not a Dallas Cowboys assistant. Im glad they didn't get McCoy, I dont think he would have worked out. Maybe Philbin can get a couple more Packer coaches to come over here along with Flynn. Start building a culture similar to Green Bay.

To me the most important quality that Philbin has is the ability to say, "..this is an NFL quality player...", and "...this guy is a special teams player at best but definitely not a starter...".
I think at most we have 10 NFL starter quality players on the roster.

The beauty about Philbin is he didn't pick any of the players here and he knows first hand what super bowl quality players look like.
He knows what to keep and what to throw away.

I expect year number 1 we'll be playing the players that are here so we will still suck in 2012 but at least I feel like we have a chance to get better in 2013 & 2014.

I think our offense will FINALLY come out of the dark ages.

That alone is a relief. It seems like decades since our offense has been exciting and dangerous.

IF Philbin brings Matt Flynn, and he plays like the last game, 480yds 6tds, we could finally have something going on here.

An offense like that, with a solid Defense like ours...we'd be CONTENDERS!

Of course he says he wants to be here. He isn't gonna bad mouth a team. I like Todd Bowles but the secondary has been an embarrassment for a long time.

Chad Henne has 2 fans in this blog: TheSMF and me.
You say, "Henne only threw 15 TD passes last season" and I say "he got pulled 30 times in the redzone for the BACKDOOR wildcat what did you expect?".
You say "Henne can't hit the side of a barn" and I say, "Chad Henne set the record for combined passing yards in a game with Tom Brady in game 1 on MNF and everyone in America saw it".
You say, "Not one person in Florida thinks Chad Henne is a good QB" and I say "Chad Henne holds EVERY Michigan AND Big-10 passing record and by the way the biggest contributor to Michigan Boosters is Stephen Ross. If you study business at Mich you do so at Ross School of Business. Stephen Ross likes Henne so much he bought this team".

We'll see what happens yo.

If Henne is franchised I will issue an apology to you, but you realize how crazy that sounds, right?

It would cost more than the 12mil it cost to franchise Soliai last year.

It would be the talk of the NFL if it happens, that's for sure.

Philbin seems like a really nice man, which is already something vastly different than many recent dolphins coaches. Character matters.

Story behind the Dolphins hiring of Joe Philbin http://wp.me/p1Lu4D-1y

Ross hired Philbin so he could get closer to Kathy Lee and Kelly. You know he loves C List celebrities. Maybe Kath Lee will sing the National Anthem?

Go Phins!

Hopefully he will draft a great player and his "family"

Go Phins!

For the better part it is good to see Miami fans being positive and showing a sense of welcome to our teams new head coach.

Then there are those that will inevitably make the rest of us look like the same clinically cynical messes they have become...

Joe Philbin is a fine man and a damned good football coach. I feel we are lucky to have him, and since he IS going to be our teams coach... it would show a great deal of class and respect by everyone to at least be welcoming and respectful of a guy with who has suffered and withstood such and intense loss with the sort of strength and fortitude that any human being should find admirable.

But, because our team is in a region of the Nation where the only thing that matters is flash, and a ridiculous belief that just because something went bad before... it is distend to repeat itself. Like Just because Cam Cameron was a Horrible coach, an he also was a Coordinator before that... ALL Coordinators are the same...? That thinking is not only misguided... it borders on insane.

Similarly, just because Miami brought in a FA QB like AJ Feeley and he did not work out as a FA... that must mean ALL FA QB's are mistakes...? Right...?

I see it ever time I read a Miami blog... some doofus trying to compare one mistake or miss with any attempt at a new effort... It is mind blowing to even try and stomach it on occasion.

It is clear, the only way Ross and Ireland will be able to operate this franchise and allow Joe Philbin the room he needs and the weapons he asks for is to do so without the insanity driven fan base trying to interject their ever split and misguided opinions...

Yes... they will threaten to "Boycott" and some who have never owned a season ticket in their lives will tell us all how he/she is giving up their season tick's forever or until ...???

Want the truth...?

The moment this team starts winning... Every person, including the guy "Clam" above... will jump right on board the band wagon... and tell us all every day how he was there all along.. in complete support of the team and owner...

There are THOUSANDS who will fit that mold... and years gone by, it was easy because winning was always around the next corner... this time... those who have bashed and been clinically cynical for the longest time... will have to be much more creative... Changing screen names... pretending to have towed the line always...

But we... those of us who know better will see right through it....

New Coaches... Even fine men like Joe and QB;s mean NOTHING... Winning will solve every sore issue and solve it completely... just watch and see.

I hope he is good relative to and doz type a tings and we'll get dat cleaned up look at da film...

Go Phins!

There are 2 things that Henne has never has as a professional at the same time: time to throw AND a running game.
At Mich Henne had the team ranked in top 25 for 45 WEEKS.
No one else has done that.
Peyton Manning didn't do that.
Henne started 4 BCS bowls and put up 35 every time against guys like PeteCarroll/Reggie Bush; Vince Young Texas; Tim Tebow Florida.
His 2nd start here he threw the bomb to Ted Ginn on MNF to win the game and everyone in America saw it.

Like I said Henne has 2 fans in here me and TheSMF. Mando pounds him in here every single day like he is the reason this team sucks. But when Moore was QB we won fewer games, averaged fewer points per game, fewer yards per game and DID NOT BEAT ONE TEAM WITH A WINNING RECORD


Whenever I see your sign I think of a B-Mer but can't put it together.
Help a brother out yo.

Henne? He lacks virtually every quality required in a WC QB: Precise accuracy, touch, ability to choose from as many as 5 receivers and be able to run...often. Not occasionally -- for his life -- because he can only choose b/t 2 receivers. Rodgers avgs. about 300yds. rushing. So....Henne is toast as a Dolphin. If anything, Pat Devlin fits mold better as WC QB behind MM and, hopefully, Flynn.

That is absolutely right Henne is to slow for the West Coast ( The East the South and the North as well) He is slow of foot and MIND and slow throwing the ball. Comparing his success on the College level to the NFL is beyond silly, the NFL is a much, much, much more faster game.

Great article Armando. Nice read, balanced,,,,good job.

I like that the new HC isn't an Ireland crony. I am uncertain about Philbin's ability to move on so quickly after the death of his son. I don't want to sound callous but who can do that? I'd be a wreck.

We have a coach and now lets get to work filling the holes left by the Sparano.

Henne will be a Jet. Bet on it.

Although I'm beginning to think PriceMaster is Jeff Ireland... Watch. Henne gets franchised.

Dolphin coaches are miserable because of the Florida media. You guys crucify coaches. Im glad Omar Kelly almost got punched in the face. Sucker deserved it!

When You say, ",,,Henne will be a Jet".
I can dig that.


What are you smoking?

You are incorrect about Sparano being a Henne fan. Quite the contrary, Sparano wanted to yank Henne for Moore before he was hurt in SD this year, but Ireland wouldn't have it.

Welcome Joe,

Might I suggest a chat with a certain Mr Flynn?

Good luck in your HC career!

henne becomes jet, jets beat dolphins, henne puts up 400 yards and three scores and dolphin fans cry about losing henne.lmfao

Philbin over Mccoy,...thank god i saw Cam Cameron all over again....no more Parcells boys start with new fresh ideas 2 beat the PATS.

to Welcome Home to the Dolphins Joe

Thank you for posting everything i've been thinking for the last 12 months or whenever the "Lets trade multiple draft picks for Kyle Orton" movement began.

To Joe Philbin

Welcome to the Dolphins and good luck. :-)

Scottish Chris--

I am pregnant and you are the father.

Thank you Armando. Have a great weekend!

No Comment other than Time Will Tell

"Packers will not give up Flynn that easy knowing many teams that need a qb are looking to sign him."

Really? Flynn is a free agent. Packers will not frachise him at 15M or transition him at 10M.

Henne went to 4 BCS bowls, such as the Alamo and the Capital One.

Henne BCS bowls wins = ZERO!

Henne wins v. archrival Ohio State = ZERO!

Chances dolphins franchise Henne at 15M = ZERO!


This is a much more balanced post than your 1st one about our new HC.....and that's all I was really saying in the last blog......i really feel like this should have been your INITAL post Philbin was confirmed.....minus any quotes of course....

Clearly Philbin is dedicated.....as evidenced by his participation in last weeks playoff game.....

Clearly he does not have the Drama Queen gene.....and does not have a sense of entitlement.....but rather a sense of urgency.....something that Fisher lacked.....

There will be plenty of time to bash Philbin if he doesn't get the job done.....but can weat least give him a chance......

Welcome Home.....

That might be one of the Best post I ever read......thanks for putting that out there......

Henne went to 4 BCS bowls, such as the Alamo and the Capital One.
Henne BCS bowls wins = ZERO!
Henne wins v. archrival Ohio State = ZERO!
Chances dolphins franchise Henne at 15M = ZERO!

Posted by: Armando | January 21, 2012 at 06:02 AM

Yeah, but he beat the bejesus out of Tinkerbell Tebow in that bowl game.LOL!

Just kidding, actually he beat the **DOG SNOT** out of Tinkerin Tebow-ROTFLMFAO!

Sorry Man, facts are facts!


I got a good feeling about Philbin already.

The guy can actually speak in sentences and everything........................

Dear Mr. Salguero

As Darkoak has said " I am uncertain about Philbin's ability to move on so quickly after the death of his son. I don't want to sound callous but who can do that? I'd be a wreck.

There is a saying or quote about, no parent or parents should see there children pass on before they do, although it happens all the time.

From what I have gathered there are alot of steps to the Grieving process.

I'm not really sure what I am trying to convay but my heart still goes out to you for your loss Mr.Philbin

As a Dolphin fan I welcome you with open arms and a open mind.

Wecome aboard SIR

Soiled :)

I was so depressed just a day ago thinking McCoy was getting the job.

NOPE! It's Philbin Time.

I do have to echo Tebow's sentiments though: THANK GOD!

Nice Soiled!


I was with you.....did not want McCoy......

Philbin brings both hope and relief.....without the ego-maniac style that I was feeling with McCoy.....who withdrawals there name from an interview for an NFL team....before u are hired.....

Or tells the press that YOU are the leading candidate......

Dumb moves by McCoy.....glad he didn't get hired.....

i still wish dolphins had a new owner and g.m.

Pricemaster I would have to disagree with your statements concerning Moore. If you mean has never beaten a winning team with the Dolphins so be it, But to say NEVER is not exactly true. Might want to research his stay in Carolina a little more. Nor was he to blame for the coaching change in Carolina. Now with that Im not saying he is elite, but I do feel he deserves his chance, and barring any great change he will in the coming season. This would make his longest stint of consecutive starts in his career.

of all the coaches out there that were available philbin is right a the top

Please accept that achieving sustained success will take time

I sincerely hope the lost decade is over and that the road back to our rightful place as perennial contenders has begun

McCoy Turing down an interview with the Raiders is the equivalent of my boy....Ryan Mallett Blowing of his interview with Carolina last year before the draft......

Something's you just don't do......

Finally....a coach who's name I can spell.....

P H I L B I N....

Some things....

I will also take a moment to welcome Philbin to Miami. Ok, he was not my choice. But, he is now a Dolphin, thats all that matters, from here forward he has my support. I hope this is the time of change and we start winning again. WE ALL JUST NEED PATIENCE, THAT INCLUDES THE FO. It takes time to build..


As PriceMaster points, there are few supporters of Chad Henne. Until he gets a different jersey, I'm one of them.

The fact that during this weird season he got a different tandem of running backs, an inconsistent offensive line with rookie center, and a tackle converted to guard, bring new problems for a passionated guy who left the field after bringing 110% of him.

Everyone here must review this season's games before posting and you'll get two undeniable facts:
A) Chad wasn't the reason for Miami loses and
B) Chad played like elite QB, he resembled Eli Manning at SB, put his heart and moved the football, no matter the weak O-line nor the dropped passes.

I don't expect him to be franchised, because as Alex Smith in SF, he's committed to the team and will sign a new contract as soon as he talks to Joe Philbin.

For those saying Moore is better fitted for a WCO, let me put it this way: Chad used a WCO derivation in Michigan and his results were brilliant. All he needs is to adjust the O-line and a pair of big TE.


Fin4Life....from the last blog......

I am very sorry hear about the loss of your father.....from what you wrote.....it seemed that you and he shared some special memories.....and Dolphin football memories at that.....while the flesh grows weak and gives way...those memories can be an unbreakable bond between you and your father that can with stand the test of time....and bypass all dimensions.......

Good luck in the healing process......and understand that there are some REAL people on this blog who consider you a friend.....

Good Morning BoneSmokers!

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