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Philbin's desire to be Miami's coach already a plus

I don't know what kind of coach Joe Philbin will turn out to be. I don't know if he'll be a success. I don't know if he'll ever get his team to the playoffs or Super Bowl. I do know he wants to be the Dolphins coach. He's excited about the idea. He is eager and sees this as his career's grandest opportunity even, as I write in my column today, following a terrible personal tragedy.

(Please read the column.)

And yet, with all the uncertainty, Philbin is already better than what the Dolphins have gotten in the past in one regard.

He is better than what Miami might have gotten out of Jeff Fisher in one regard.

"I have seen how much the fans in South Florida care about the Dolphins, and that passion is one reason why I’m really excited to be here," Philbin said in a statement. "I’m looking forward to their support, and I can’t wait to get started.”

It's important that Phibin is so fired up about the idea of taking over the Dolphins because I've covered too many Dolphins coaches who weren't really into the idea. You will remember that in January of 1999, Jimmy Johnson no longer wanted to coach the Dolphins and actually walked away from the Dolphins.

Then owner Wayne Huizenga begged him, convinced him to return to the team for the 1999 season. Johnson was miserable. It was a nightmare. Bad idea.

Fast forward to Nick Saban. He had it good at LSU. He loved it there because he was a hero and a national champion. But Huizenga convinced him to take the Dolphins job -- even after Saban reportedly changed his mind about coming. Huizenga helped him change his mind back again and put him and the family on the plane to South Florida.

It was a mistake that would reveal itself inside of two years.

Fast forward again to Jeff Fisher. You may be upset that Miami didn't land him. I certainly was. But ultimately, for whatever reasons, Fisher didn't want to come to the Dolphins. So the Dolphins are better off not having him. It's better to not hire someone who doesn't really want to come.

I warn you that wanting to be here is not a guarantee or predictor of success. Tony Sparano wanted to be the Dolphins coach more than he wanted to draw breath on some days. That didn't help him the past three years while the Dolphins posted back-to-back-to-back losing seasons.

But do I like the fact Philbin is by all account commited to being the Miami coach? Absolutely.

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I am not a huge supporter of Henne....but I also saw many of the same things you saw in Henne last season....

I just need more of a body of work to really get behind him.....clearly Henne has all of the physical tools.....he threw for 300 yard on quite a few occasions....and he was much improved at he start of the season.....

It will be an interesting decision to say the least......unless Peyton comes here.....

FIN 4 LIFE...........


Is this the chatroom?

Matt Moore is our QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

My reason why this was a good move by Ross, Philbin from a wining organization and has build great OL knows how a great QB looks like in Rodgers...and hopefully he can force feed this team a wining attitude, only time will tell, now with that posted, MR ROSS THANK YOU FOR NOT ALLOWING THAT C O C K SUCKING IRELAND TO HIRE ANYMORE DALLAS RETREADS...
and please can you fire this clown!!! I know it was you Mr Ross that had that final decision on Philbin, because JI would have pick his boy McCoy, now Mr Ross go get that QB that That we need what ever it takes, get it done
Thank you Mr Ross for not allowing JI to hire anymore Dallas rejects... From a true die hard fan....

I have nothing against Matt Moore he is what he is. One thing he is is a QB that has never beaten a winning NFL team.
Miami beat Green Bay in 2010 with Henne at QB and Philbin stood right there on the sideline and watched him.
Henne also beat Pittsburg last year. And Tomlin watched that. He put more yards on NE this year than any other team and Belechick watched that. He beat the Jets a total of 3 times in the 2 years thet went to AFC c'ship game, and every Jet fan cried over it especially Mike Greeneberg from Mike & Mike.

All of those winning NFL coaches know firsthand that Henne can and has beaten thier teams with the horrible talent that we have. Keep in mind that in 2010 neither Ricky nor Ronnie had even 1 100 yard game.


Devlin can handle the backup.

Posted by: PriceMaster | January 21, 2012 at 12:14 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/01/philbins-desire-to-be-miamis-coach-is-good.html#storylink=cpy

Retard.. Dont you realize players get better? Didn't you watch the games last year? He got better right in front of our eyes!! Now was it a 1 year wonder... who knows, and that's the problem with Moore. True Henne has also improved at a much slower pace, and no way Henne is franchised, that would mean paying him the average of the top 3 players at his position. Dose Henne deserve Brady money?

"Last week was the end of the world for Joe Philbin and the Dolphins"

I can not comment on the column this line came out of but, it was the first line from the column Armando suggests we read.

This was the first line and only line I read or will read from that article.

It is garbage to imply that a son passing would be the equivelant of the Dolphins football troubles. WHAT A JOKE!

JI strikes again good points, I would bring back HENNE, but Mr Ross need to go draft or trade what ever dude it takes to get a QB in, so he won't be left with his pants down!!
Oops Ireland already done that!! hahaha...
We need a QB can't keep doing what screw us for years...not this time...

Hope Fisher enjoys London the next 3 years and only 7 home games in St. Louis.......I think the Rams forgot to mention that idea during negotiations. How is that competitive advantage working now???

Once again Omar hits a homerun with one of his comments. When asked by someone in a tweet if the Dolphins have the personnel to run the west coast offense he responds, "the receivers are solid." Really?

Get that WR in the first round, any QB can hit atleast one open receiver, Henne, Moore, Flynn would have a field day. Open up the offense with passing and then run all over them. Keep the defense on the sidelines (for once) and they would be the best in the NFL, you can't run a horse to death, they need a break sometime!

This interview says something:


Maybe it's just me, but I Seee Cam Cameron in this guy. Jus Sayin'

No way is this guy anything like Cam Cameron. Coach Philbin will be a winner with our team.

Great choice.

I was searching within myself why I don't like this guy already, it can't be he has not done anything yet good or bad....and I found out why thanks to Armando. He's the spitting image of Larry Coker. Thanks, Arrrmando.


May God bless you and your late father. Sorry to read about the passing of your father. He is in a better place now . And one day you will be reunited with him.

I know we have been over this before but, can anybody tell me the difference between a West Coast offence and a regular offence? Just the difference.

Philbn is 100%..he was a coach at harvard while our friend and still head coach was there. I have heard nothing but great things. He's not an emotional guy, and he will out work everyone in the dolphin organization! Offering philbin this job is the best decision Ross had made as the dolphins owner. Hopefully, this is the begining of more great decisions to come!
Go fins!!!

Out of the 3 (I wanted Chud) Philbin was the best choice. No doubt he knows Xs and Os I just wonder about his leadership qualities.

Oh well, if there's ever a time for hope, it's now. Joe, don't let us down!

Can't wait to see what kind of staff he puts together. Go Dolphins!

Agree with Mando here. Most important is to have a coach who has the fire. having a coach who is in tune with modern football is also a good trait. Whether he can apply it here and handle the team, let's see.

But the most important thing is that this seems to be Ross' choice over Ireland's choice as has been reported here by Mando.

That means the quarterback position will be finally addressed!!

West coast is passing attack, usually the shorter variety.

I would have to say one of the biggest pluses to not getting McCoy is the fact he learned under Dan Henning. The media even pointed out his use of gimmicky offensive schemes in Carolina and Denver. This team doesn't need any more gimmicks.
It needs an offense that works and doesn't need to rely on gimmicks to move the ball. That is why they can't score in the redzone. Solid offensive schemes score points.

Clearly Philbin is dedicated.....as evidenced by his participation in last weeks playoff game.....

Clearly he does not have the Drama Queen gene.....and does not have a sense of entitlement.....but rather a sense of urgency.....something that Fisher lacked.....

There will be plenty of time to bash Philbin if he doesn't get the job done.....but can weat least give him a chance......

Posted by: Kris | January 21, 2012 at 06:10 AM

Another strange post from Kris. Does he really believe the other candidates were not dedicated?

Is Fisher a drama queen for talking a week to decide, or is that the media doing its thing? Entitlement? Had the others 17 years of HC experience in a shallow coaching pool, they'd feel that to.

I stick to my original statement, you are bipolar or have a little too much hostility bottled up.

For those who want to bash Henne for Moore remember this...Henne was 0-3 as a starter but without the drops by Marshall he would have been 3-0 or 2-1 at worst. The Phins were in EVERY game. He didn't have the benefit of our coordinator figuring out how to use Bush yet, Fasano was none existant because he had to spend his day helping that clown Colombo, Marshall was dropping everything except his paycheck, and he was constantly running for his life. He got hurt in Game 3 and Moore promptly lost that game and went on to loose 4 more before he got the first win. Henne doesn't get hurt I don't think it would have been 7 loses before they get the first win. This blog was all about bashing the line and Marshall the first three weeks with very little complaints against Henne.

There will be plenty of time to bash Philbin if he doesn't get the job done.....

Posted by: Kris | January 21, 2012 at 06:10 AM

And how is this any different than what you complained was negative from Armando? Hypocrite.

Btw, Moore did beat a winning team as a dolphin. The jets were 8-7 when they played Miami in the last game. They weren't a winning team after the game.

To Joe Philbin

Welcome to the Miami Dolphins. Have fun with proving some nay sayers wrong. And simply do what you do. So sorry to here about the loss of your son.

Run with it Joe.


If you don't understand the difference of BEFORE and AFTER....

Then we REALLY have nothing to talk about.....I don't have time to waste on those that comprehend what they read.....

That's what your 1st grade teacher was for.....

Certainly wasn't "disappointed" not to get Fisher. More than happy with Philbin!

FINALLY a head coach that wants to be here.

Things are looking WAY UP already:D

Even though, its snowing here in NYC, this news has made my sports weekend.

Now all the Giants have to do is win tomorrow night and YAAAAAY BABY.


Pricemaster go suck hennes di#k somewhere else. Its over, finished. He will stand on tje sideline somewhere else. They beat greenbay wo rodgers. Big deal. He sucks and that is the bottom line. Moore has already proven to be thr better qb. With this new coach look for flynn to be in miami as well.

Systems win in NFL. Very rare to have best player at enough positions for talent only to win out. I am hopeful that our new coach can install and instill a new system that wins. Wouldnt it be great for our cast offs to be starters elsewhere instead of retiring after a couple years in south beach.....

I hope father is not like son , and there’s no child rape spree going to hit South Beach.

Oh great, another dud without any NFL head coaching experience. Bring back cam cameron.


If Henne didnt get hurt we would have Andrew Luck.


The more I read your post....the more I realize you have NO idea what you are talking about.....

My post have been plain....straight forward....and direct......

Feel free to disagree with whatever you like.....but at least make an attempt to address me on the issues....

I think you mistake your inability to comprehend.....for a disagreement between us.....

As surely as you have no clue to how to properly apply the word bipolar to your post.....i am equally sure you do not fully comprehend the words you are reading.....even now.....

Good day sir.....

I don't know what Moore is capable of but the 94 yard, 21 play drive he led Miami on, culminating in the td throw to Clay, was nicely done on his part.

Of the turds on the steaming pile, he is the one with the least number of flies on it. Ross f'ed up another offseason which will have ramifications for YEARS to come!

Cam Camoron Jr.

Philbin reminds me of a stoic Tom Landry.
Very precise, intensely disciplined and extremely smart.
There will be NO drama in our clubhouse moving forward...get with the program or you are gone!
The sun is a little brighter today for Dolphin fans and cannot wait until free agency & the draft so Philbin can do a little shopping.

"IF we get Flynn, and IF he plays like he did in his only NFL start, and IF we trade up to get RG3 and IF he turns into a stud , and IF Philbin turns this thing around"..... IF,IF,IF.....everybody's talking about IF because what actually IS is boring and nowhere. The bottom line is that us Dolphin fans are back to waiting and hoping that this thing gets turned around....AGAIN. We deserve better by now.

Big win for Miami. Wait and see how things come together. I'm excited. More pieces to come. And yes if the right pieces get here. Henne could be in the mix. Which IS a good thing. At least to compete.

Thank God it wasn't Toub or McCoy....a ball boy would have a better chance of being successful than those two.....wait, we have a ball boy running our FO. Oh S--T!

I was very disappointed not to get Cowher or eveb Fisher. This guy Philbin has never been an NFL HC and his chances of success are very very slim. Especially with Ireland as a GM it makes it even tougher to succeed. I think he fails to bring the team near .500 and gets fired within 2 years….hopefully with Ireland!

Matt Flynn will be a Dolphin before the season starts. Who knows the new coach's offense better than him?

PriceMaster, do you know what means to franchise tag a player. Do you want to pay Henne a salary which is in the top 5 in the league for his position............are you crazy or a moron.

Hennes gone, it will be flynn, moore, rg3. Bottom line.

For all those trolls suggesting trading up for RGIII.....WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO TRADE FROM 8 (or 9) TO THE 2ND PICK IN THE DRAFT. This is not a Madden video game. The only team that has enough to pull that off is the Brown (2 first this year)...this would allow St. Louis to trade down and still get Blackmon. What else dose MIA have to offer..#9 and ...this years 2nd and next years 1st? Too steep (especially for RGII, he's too short for the NFL) but not enough to move that far up. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. GET OVER IT.

Anthony your pigeon holing the possibility. A head coch puts pieces together that work. He has a great offensive mind. GB QB coach may come here. A solid d coord. Those are recipes for success. Now it's getting the players that fit the system

Please think about it. EVERY head coach started as something less and made the best of the opportunity.

I like Joe Phibin I think we should look at what happen when Chad Henne went down.Matt Moore came in and the team looked better. Remember he's young and can improve with Phibin's help Let slow foot Chad roll on down to the Jet's. The team likes Matt let's build round him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read this on ESPN for whatever it's worth.

"Worked five years with Joe Philbin," former Packers executive Andrew Brandt tweeted. "Calm, cerebral, humble and a skilled offensive mind. His style will resonate with players."

Matt Moore came in at a time when this team started to click, nothing more. Colombo finally made a block or2. Marshall held on to the ball a couple times more. The ocoord starting using bush far more. The d came together. If you really think it was because Moore came in and henne being hurt I think you really did not pay attention to the season or watched many games.

That is my opinion.

i got bad feeling he going be next cam cameron again?

Well here we go. Let's see how this will work out. I hope that Ireland doesn't ruin this one too. Cuz then he will back stab Philbin too and blame him for a losing season and then get him fired behind his back. Lol. I just don't like nor trust that Ireland dude!!! Maybe this year we can all chip in and drag Ireland from the back of a plane over the stadium instead of a sign saying fire Ireland !! Maybe we can get lucky and he can be a hero!!! Doubt it. Well here we go again excited about our team before the season just like every year!!

Could be CJ. But has the same odds of being exactly opposite. Try and enjoy a new beginning until it starts to fail. Today there is finally a bright side

I also don't understand this love affair w. Flynn. He had two (statistically) good showings in meaningless games at the end of two seasons against opponents that had nothing to play for. And by the way, he had an extremely good team around him. When Flynn came out of LSU, there were many reasons why he was drafted in 7th round; weak arm, slow, inaccurate. If I recall properly, he was a untalented QB of an extremely talented LSU team that asked little of him. I think he was destined to go to Dental school. Since the FA QB pool is shallow, anyone who signs Flynn will have to pay Kolb type money which is putting that franchise in a risky position for many years. The next Brady (not) or the next Scott Mitchell (probably). I don't think he's a $40+mill QB. As much as it appears that Moore is an average QB (at best), his skill and price tag are better suited for this team. Draft a midlevel QB in the 3rd or 4th and wait for 2013. Barkley, Jones (maybe some improvement in the next year), possibly Bray (I think he is the real deal) will be in that class. Too much money will be thrown around for Flynn....Porsche money for an Impala.

Worried about how this coach will handle Marshall Interesting and maybe we will see philbins ankle sticking out of Shawn smiths butt. Cuz his foot will be in it. Now let's see who our defensive cooed will be

Coordinator that is

FLJ. No enfatuation with Flynn here. However we do know he has shown pro bowl type success in this coaches system. So to takeing a chance on him makes some sense. Yes it is a small body of work. But a nice result in games where the d was trying to beat him. Not mop up time. For the right price. I for one hope he comes here to compete. I am more hoping the gb QB coach comes her. He is second to none

Is he the next Cam Camoron? We will see draft day. If he tries to draft a guy with a broken foot (and his family), then we are in trouble! BTW, we had the #9 that year as well.....spooky!

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