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Philbin's desire to be Miami's coach already a plus

I don't know what kind of coach Joe Philbin will turn out to be. I don't know if he'll be a success. I don't know if he'll ever get his team to the playoffs or Super Bowl. I do know he wants to be the Dolphins coach. He's excited about the idea. He is eager and sees this as his career's grandest opportunity even, as I write in my column today, following a terrible personal tragedy.

(Please read the column.)

And yet, with all the uncertainty, Philbin is already better than what the Dolphins have gotten in the past in one regard.

He is better than what Miami might have gotten out of Jeff Fisher in one regard.

"I have seen how much the fans in South Florida care about the Dolphins, and that passion is one reason why I’m really excited to be here," Philbin said in a statement. "I’m looking forward to their support, and I can’t wait to get started.”

It's important that Phibin is so fired up about the idea of taking over the Dolphins because I've covered too many Dolphins coaches who weren't really into the idea. You will remember that in January of 1999, Jimmy Johnson no longer wanted to coach the Dolphins and actually walked away from the Dolphins.

Then owner Wayne Huizenga begged him, convinced him to return to the team for the 1999 season. Johnson was miserable. It was a nightmare. Bad idea.

Fast forward to Nick Saban. He had it good at LSU. He loved it there because he was a hero and a national champion. But Huizenga convinced him to take the Dolphins job -- even after Saban reportedly changed his mind about coming. Huizenga helped him change his mind back again and put him and the family on the plane to South Florida.

It was a mistake that would reveal itself inside of two years.

Fast forward again to Jeff Fisher. You may be upset that Miami didn't land him. I certainly was. But ultimately, for whatever reasons, Fisher didn't want to come to the Dolphins. So the Dolphins are better off not having him. It's better to not hire someone who doesn't really want to come.

I warn you that wanting to be here is not a guarantee or predictor of success. Tony Sparano wanted to be the Dolphins coach more than he wanted to draw breath on some days. That didn't help him the past three years while the Dolphins posted back-to-back-to-back losing seasons.

But do I like the fact Philbin is by all account commited to being the Miami coach? Absolutely.

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na na na, na na...

I forgot the ending

GREG Z...........




ESPNsucks nice job of repeating what armando and other sites wrote and we already know.

you obviously missed the part where I was simply explaining to ALoco the similarities in the two coahes history as he was slamming Sparano. But thanks for letting me know that I am repeating things from past blogs, posts and media reports. I was not aware that was taboo....

I hear ya bro, like I said not arguing against Philbin at all. Just don't agree that Sparano is/was as stupid as many claim but it is a moot point now so we can move along

I am and have been a Dolphins fan for many years now. As a Dolphins fan I have vented on players such as Henne and Sean Smith. I have and still believe Henne was a huge reason for our shortcomings these past few years. Henne was our starting qb and the team looked lackluster and lethargic. Moore came in and in a matter of a few weeks that team made a complete change on both sides of the ball. I think franchise tagging a qb that has had three years to prove himself is a ridiculous statement. Sure Henne put up yards but he couldn't see the touchdowns. He didn't have that killer instinct that often times puts defenses on it's heels. Henne seems like a nice guy and I don't hate him as a person but I really don't see him as a quality starter in the NFL. I'm not saying Moore is the answer and yes if we can bring another quality arm in here why not. RG3 is seems like a great pick at qb but at what cost? Matt Flynn had a great game but is he just another backup thats going to fail as a starter once he gets the chance? Moore has earned the right to compete for the starting role and may the best arm win once his competition has been decided. We may not get the arm we need here this year due to a weak qb class. It may be a few years before we can properly address that issue. But one thing is for sure we will continue to be a floundering fish out of water until we do. 8 and 8, 9and 7, 7 and 9. Henne had his chance now it's time for him to clear out his locker and find a new home.

So this is the 4th straight Dolphin HC thats never been an NFL HC before. The first 3 failed, yet Ross is repeating the previous mistakes? Isnt that the definition of insanity? GEEZ!!

Regis will make a very good coach for your team.


Ross couldnt get a proven HC with Irescum at GM.

He retired from LIVE specifically for a career change and he is very passionate about football.

Philbin's current record with the Dolphins is 0-0. He hasn't won a game and he hasn't lost a game. I think the least we can do as fans is welcome the man to our Dolphin Nation. He wants to help us have pride in our franchise again so lets allow him to do that without judgement for now. In time we will know if he is going to help or hinder us and if he is hindering us then by all means vent. But for now congratulate the man for his promotion tell him we are looking forward to him giving us something to be proud of again and lets start this offseason on a positive note!

To have NFL head coaching experience, you had to have been an NFL head coach before. There are only 32 of those jobs and the ones who are out of a job either are dead, retired, or fired. Somebody's trash would have been the Dolphins treasure? Maybe. It's not like Philbin is a stranger to the NFL. All head coaches had no head coaching experience once.
Draft a RT or OLB w/ 1st pick, get Flynn or pick Foles, Tannehill, Weeden as competition for Moore, and let's start next season already

I'm wondering if the press conference to introduce Philbin as the head coach today at 4pm is going to take place at St. Petersburgh before the beginning of the East-West Shrine game.
Otherwise, who will be there to evaluate talent?

No Gruden, No Cowher = Fisher
No from Fisher = Philbin, Mccoy, Bowles
therefore congratulations Philbin

Just happy that we don't have Fisher

Now give Philbin a chance to show what he's got

If I were Ross, I would follow what Ireland and Peterson like and not what he likes. Of course, I am not Ross.

Sending Philbin out to coach against Bellichick is like sending my 10 yr old out to block Cam Wake. You just close your eyes and hope he doesnt get slaughtered!! LOL

Takeafterme, I agree, and I have followed henne his whole career since Michigan. He is alot like Andy dalton, but has one major difference...the 4th quarter. Either qbs have it, or they don't, or they worse than don't, they choke. Dalton has it. Henne chokes.
Matt Flynn isn't the answer. But he is better than moore and henne, but don't think this is a weak class just because they say it is. Flynn was seventh round, and what was Brady? Russel Wilson is a four starter real deal, and wheeden doesn't stare down qbs and has the maturity and quick thinking needed. Chase keenum just lights it up every time he touches the ball, even in that system I know....

prof. lou, ireland evaluates talent with a dart board,same way as he does the draft.

Someone look through the posts last week and find those where the same guys speaking favorably of Philbin now were saying he had done nothing then. There was post after post criticizing anyone who supported Philbin. This week all those guys are doing their best to change their positions without acknowledging they are hypocrites and do it over and over.

If Henne comes back, they will have to try this again. Henne won't be franchised but he is easily signed as a FA. It will be up to Philbin to decide. All the Henne haters will post and post about why Henne sucks. They will ignore history. They will ignore reason. They will ignore facts. When Henne takes us to the playoffs, they will ignore their previous statements and tell us why Henne is a good QB. Some people are just too stupid to figure out you can't escape the truth.

And that truth is many of these posters just do as they are told which explains their hypocrisy and alternating viewpoints. Where did all the Winston Moss talk go? Why haven't the Raiders hired him yet since he was so qualified? Some of you guys simply parrot whatever Armando says. Armando says whatever will sell newspapers or drive up blog views.

i sure hope they let philbin put together his own staff without interference. ireland needs to remain in his rabbit hole.

If Ireland liked McCoy and Ross liked Philbin, that has to be an indication that Ross is his own man and not as lost as people/media want to make him out to be.
Ross had a gut feeling about Harbaugh and was right. He must have a gut feeling about Philbin. Let's hope that he is right again.

But I have always wiped my asss with Ross!(and most of you). hehe

none of the NFL guys have anything bad to say about philbin. he is well respected amongst his peers;much like mike nolan is. i believe ireland is the reason nolan left.

Like my older son says, I can't stand mediocrity.(We have grown in Excellence).

Henne is History, as he is Bill Parcells' mistake and Ireland hates him.

It wasn't for some random reason! We didn't get Fisher because he wanted to make his own personnel moves, but Ross wanted Ireland to stay as GM. They want a guy that conforms to Ross' ideal coach and make the team like Ross and Ireland want.... Ross and the Dolphins are turning into Jerry Jones and the Cowboys..... When an established HC comes in for the job he will want to have a certain amount of control... Ross wasn't going to have it... Hope he knows what he is doing

Well, general, certainly we believe in separation of Powers, but up to a point(as always).

"Henne is History, as he is Bill Parcells' mistake and Ireland hates him.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 21, 2012 at 12:33 PM"

Don't see a single fact in there. What will your position be when Henne comes back and is the starter and is successful in a new offense?

How many great QB's would you have lost because you couldn't correctly recognize talent or correctly identify the issues impacting a QB's development or figure out why your team lost so you just blamed the QB.

Henne's development is not unusual and he is still the best QB available to the Dolphins for the foreseeable future. The right coach and system and Henne is a star. Then... lots more posts from the Henne haters where they suddenly are wearing Henne jerseys.

As much as I don't like Ross and Ireland I will take Philbin over Fisher, McCoy, and Bowles. Its about damn time that we bring in an offensive minded coach. Everyone needs to give this guy a chance, remember the demise of the Fins has been Ireland and Ross. So if Philbin can turn this team around then all the power to him.

prof. lou, ireland evaluates talent with a dart board,same way as he does the draft.

Posted by: greg z.
so i guess you think bush, moore, marshall, dansby, and burnett were all bad moves?

Parcells was the demise of this franchise, not Ross or Ireland. The next 3 years determines Irelands fate and defines Ross. I don't much like Ireland but this off-season will go a long ways towards making or breaking him. The future of this franchise is now dependent on who Philbin chooses to be assistants. No one on the offensive side of the ball should be retained and Bowles doesn't exactly inspire confidence given the play of our secondary.

You cant argue with some of the geniuses on this blog. Example being people screaming about how horrible Henne was in going 0-7 and how great moore was to take us to 6-3...

psst...Moore was 6-7.

I also recall way back at the beginning of the year everyone absolutley begging for Orton and then trashing matt moore like he was the worst QB in the league.

Why wouldn't the packers franchise him. the pats franchised their back-up free agent QB and then traded him for a top second round pick to KC. GB will probably do the same.

I cannot believe these two morons are still singing Henne`s praise, there`s a song about Henne from when he played in college and its not endorsing him , they hated him as much or more then Dolphin fans do , he`s robotic , he telegraphs his passes , he didn`t even care when he threw an Int, most QBs get upset look at pictures on the sideline, try and figure out what happened so it won`t happen again , Henne just said oh well and sat there with that stupid grin on his face. I`ll admit he didn`t do bad this year before he got hurt, but he is a backup at best , Moore is much better ,he is more accurate, doesn`t make stupid mistakes , can run if he needs to, and is not a freaking robot and telegrapher!!!!.
I welcome coach Philbin, my only problem with the hire is that he didn`t push for more control , the main reason Fisher didn`t come is because they wouldn`t let him have final say on who gets drafted and who we get via FA, Ireland still has final say and that could STILL be this teams downfall.

"I have seen how much the fans in [Insert local area here] care about the [Insert local team name here], and that passion is one reason why I’m really excited to be here.

Wherever a new HC lands, they are of course "really excited" about being there. More of the same ol' same old.

I think Matt Moore earned the start for next season , and with a full camp of training and practicing with the starters I think he will be even better next year, he made good decisions, bought time with legs to get the open man ,and if it wasn`t there ,he threw it away instead of forcing it, he`s a smart guy and seems to have good chemistry with the receivers
Even if we somehow managed to wheel n deal and get a young QB in here ,it`d take a yr or two to learn the system and get used to the speed of the game in the pro`s. and all the wheelin n dealin would cost us players we desperately need at other positions, would love to get another big tight end who can block and catch, and another slot receiver with speed on the other side of the field.

You all realize that theres only about a dozen posters here, at the most 24 if you double my estimation, so I suggest to you not to put too much weight on your oppinions, even though you see them in print in front of you, not many people care about what we say.
Welcome Mr. Philbin to Miami and the Dolphins world. So sorry for your loss. I hope that the rebuilding of this once proud team will be a monumental task that you can devote heart and soul to. Whishing you the best, Lets go Dolphins!
PS: Take a look at Henne, he seemed to be in route to a breakout season before he got injured.

This is absurd. I'd REALLY like to do a lot of things. Doesn't mean I'd be good at them. It's sad, we've fallen so far that this loser being a cheerleader is seen as a positive. I'll see you guys on the other end of another losing season when the next coaching search starts. Maybe we'll be luckier next time.

Philbin will be gone in 2 years and we will be back in search again?

I don't think it will take that long. Probably more like 10-12 months.

This guy inspires zero confidence. If it's possible, seems like even more soft than Cam "Ted ginn family" Cameron.

i am so sick and tired of our acceptance with mediocrity.. i am not excited about this hire and so glad i don't have season tix (because i live in california) because i wouldn't sign up.. do these people really know what they have done to a once storied franchise?? we can't get the coach we want and deserve.. this totally sucks and i'm disgusted as a lifelong fan.. even the 49ers have done better than us and i'm still not convinced they are a good team.. they just play in a very weak division.. i'm sorry for joe philbins loss but i don't think he's any better than sparano, or bowles.. who really wants him?? so dang frustrating!!!

Philbin has several seasons with a VERY successful franchise, and has been no small part in it.
You HAVE to feel he is more prepared than was Tony, in a dysfunctional situation as were the Cowboys.

Here's wish, hoping and praying he recovers from his grief (never completely when losing a child), can obtain the best assistants, and find the leadership spark inside.
We've been rudderless, with no identity (other than as losers) for several years.
Hopefully that ends TODAY.
Welcome, coach Philbin.
Oh yeah, coach...there's a guy that lives not too far from Joe Robbie that has a WHOLE lot of experience with this franchise. call on him from time to time.

fin4life, my condolences as well, to you and your family.
God has him now in HIS loving arms.

Rob J

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