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Philbin's packet impressed everyone

Jeff Ireland said that 15 minutes into Joe Philbin's first interview, he knew the Dolphins were onto something. Stephen Ross said after his interview he talked to Carl Peterson, his long-time friend and adviser, and Peterson told him it was the best presentation by a coach he'd ever seen.

Yeah, Joe Philbin apparently had the Dolphins at hello. Or at least that's the narrative today.

So how did Philbin do it?

“I put together a packet of information that I really started working on in 2009 maybe," he told me Saturday. "And I’ve been amending it and adjusting it and tweaking it for the last couple of years. But I had things ready to go in case an opportunity would have presented itself. I had really worked on it hard in the summer. Obviously I don’t have a lot of time to work on it during the season. It’s been brewing for a while.”

The packet, which Ross indicated is about an inch or two thick, is meant to show teams what Philbin is about. It speaks of Philbin's history, his philosophy …

“Yeah, expectations, values, things in my core belief, base philosophy," he said. "It’s not how we’re going to attack Cover 2 but how we’re going to run an offense. What kind of system we envision running. Are we going to be a multiple formation team. Are we going to be a no-huddle team, things along those lines. More broad based.”

After the interview, Philbin was happy with his performance. He said he got on a plane home and felt like he was flying at 30,000 feet -- plane or not.

“I though it went well, I really did," he said. "When I flew home I thought it went very well. And I thought we got along well, also. Mr. Ross and I, the first time we sat down, just the two of us for well over an hour. And we kicked around a lot of things and talked about the things he had done in his career. I thought it was good.”


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Well, if Henne is kept, at least most of Us will know which way they lean. Yes.

STFU and use that mouth the best way you know how.............Eat A Dik!
Posted by: odinseye | January 21, 2012 at 09:01 PM

Yep, that is the odin we all know.
Posted by: beezer | January 21, 2012 at 09:11 PM

Well, you attacked me and started up with the third grade name calling.

What did you expect? A little pat on the hiney?

Why don't you go fvck with somebody else...........I'm trying to talk with the grown ups.

Phones off the hook, try back later.................

Have seen Matt Flynn play prior to the Detroit game..
He is the real deal..

Sign Him..

Henne who????

dude looks like an axe murderer


Please call yourself the RAINBOW FERRY.We know you really are.

Yep, that is the odin we all know.

Posted by: beezer | January 21, 2012 at 09:11 PM

Excuse me! Ahem........"AND LOVE". You forgot the "AND LOVE" part.

Allow me:

Yep, that is the odin we all know "AND LOVE".

That's what you meant to say...........RIGHT?

he should def bring flynn with him, knows the offense inside and out

From a business standpoint Philbin doesn't have to be a super bowl contender in his FIRST year.
He needs to be a playoff team in the LAST year of his contract.
Since he is an outside hire he needs a season to judge who stays and who goes.
He's not going to gamble his career on Matt Flynn before the first practice.
Similarly there are a lot of people in America that feel Henne is a really good QB stuck on a s h i t t y team.
Neither Philbin/Ireland/Ross can take the chance from a PR standpoint that Henne goes somewhere and excels while the Phins continue to struggle.


So, who is Ron Paul?

franchised, lol yeah we are gonna pay henne 14 million,lol hilarious. henne is long gone. moore will be our backup. fins will pursue flynn big time, lets hope he will come here

Now we have our own Larry Coker Aka Tom Coughlin AKA Joe Philibin

Ron Paul, is a former doctor turned US senator, and he has some really different ideas on politics, but it's all how you look at things.

Odin, that is exactly what happened with me, but I must admit I am impressed, he seems collected and confident, hopefully it pans out.

Posted by: PA finfan | January 21, 2012 at 09:22 PM

The more I learn about the guy and the more I compared him to those available, the more I liked him. His press conference impressed me quite a bit. I came away from it feeling tons better about him.

I don't know how it plays out. But, I do believe out of all the Coaches available this year(Fisher INCLUDED), Philbin is as good, if not better, than ANY of them!

He's ALREADY making me feel like Ross did something RIGHT-LOL!

Oscar, I'm in Miami Lakes, what's better than Crown Royal, cigars, football and dominos!

Odin, it's been in the 60s and 70s here, heaven.....plus my Crown!

So, Philbin's packet impressed every one...ho,ha,heee.....

Well, I was impressed with his introductory press conference. I like him so far.

What kind of doctor? These days and times you must be accurate.

Odin, like I said, I was pi**ed when I first heard the announcement, and for no good reason other than it was Ross and Ireland making the decision, unreasonable, huh? But after a cooling down period, I came to realize it was a good pick, especially after I watched the conference, and like you I came away with a pretty good impression of the guy. In my job I have to be able to read people, and I liked what I saw.

what's better than Crown Royal, cigars, football and dominos!

Posted by: redsky | January 21, 2012 at 09:34 PM

Me and the Brunette made up last week.

When she gets back tonight, I'm going to try and talk her into some Jack, Hot Baby Oil and a game of Naked Twister.

I know it's not dominoes and cigars, but sometimes you have to do the best with what you got ;)

You mean he never had a winning season in Miami.
Neither has anyone else.
This is a team with horrible talent.

Put another way Sam Bradford has never even had Henne's success from a win/loss standpoint or from a stats standpoint.

I'm surprised at you deedles. I thought you were smarter than that. What scares Jeff Ireland more than anything is that Henne goes elsewhere and wins.

That is the kind of thing I expect Mando to say. Mando is not an elite, franchise journalist that is why this blog is mediocre.

I enjoy firm men.

Hold on, Clint Eastwood is about to kill Gene Hackman on AMC, "The Unforgiven."

LOL Odin! I'll take sloppy seconds!

Oscar still talking about Philbin's package!

I think we need some FLEA and TICK spray out here.

victor newman,
Matt Flynn was drafted in the 7th round by a playoff team that means he was in the LAST five players chosen.
And he was Nat'l Champion.

He set Packers records in the Detroit game. Records that neither Bart Starr, nor Brett Favre nor Aaron Rogers hold.

If he is so good, and the Packers are so smart, then how are they just going to let him walk.

They could trade Rogers and keep Flynn if he was that good.

Yeah, redsky, I have come to enjoy the Quiet Life.

price nobody said hes better than rodgers. green bay cant afford to pay 2 qbs big time money. flynn has a good short resume. id take the risk

Assuming Philbin=Flynn it's like assuming your mouth=your as-hole.

I enjoy firm men.

Posted by: odinseye | January 21, 2012 at 09:43 PM

Look at Beezer Ya'll. The name calling third grader got embarrased when I pointed out that he was the one actually dragging the blog down into the sewer.

This is the best comeback he's got-ROTFLMAO!

You'd be pretty impressive yourself Beezer..........if we were all Grade schoolers!

Oscar LOL!!

I agree some would take the risk.
Personally if I were going to go all in I'd offer my first rounder to NE for Mallet.
Belechick would probaqbly do it because he loves Henne and could sign Henne to back up Brady.
For Belichick it would be like tarding Mallet for Henne and a first rounder.

That's 'trading' not 'tarding'

a first rounder for a guy drafted in the third round just last year??? guy looked awful in his last game. and belicheat would trade mallet for a first rounder in a ny second. and the pats would never sign the garbage that henne is. they love hoyer

Don't be fooled by Odin. He knows a lot of Football and is a great Person.

The Brunette's back!

Time to pretend like I know what I'm doing!


Mallet went in 6th round not 3rd.
Flynn went in 7th round.

You're ready to bet everything on Flynn.
Last year you wanted to bet everything on Mallet.
I believe Mallet is better than Flynn.
I believe neither are as good as Henne (Mallets' freshman year he was Henne's backup at Mich, Henne set the bar so high as four year starter that Mallet transferred)

For Belichick it would be like tarding Mallet for Henne and a first rounder.

Posted by: PriceMaster | January 21, 2012 at 10:00 PM

That's a Fruedian Slip if I've ever Heard One!

Tarding for Henne-LOL!

wrong mallet went in the third rd. he transfered because carr retired

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1033506-2012-nfl-free-agents-dolphins-must-bring-matt-flynn-to-miami .

Price, no, that was tarding as in retarding. Trading a 1st and Henne for Mallet? You must be daft man!

Im starting like this philbin hope he gets a good coaching staff?


After TheSMF and I you are Henne's biggest supporter in here although I'd say at best it's 50/50.
There are 2 emotions that motivate people to act: greed and fear.
Fear is the emotion that will cause the Phins to fanchise Henne.
Here is why: this team is going to suck next year because it sucks now and has 7 FA and only 6 draft picks.
If Henne is here than he takes the blame not Ireland/Philbin/Ross if things go wrong.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Todd Bowles unzips his breifcase lets his packet fall out and stands there....Dawn Aponte blushes and looks away

McCoy unzips his briefcase and fines his packet turtleing....says I just took a cold shower

Philbin unzips his briefcase and his magnum size packet flop out...Ross, Peterson and Ireland all agree, this guy can please everyone and should do a guest apearence on the showtime show "Hung".

Soiled :)

I've heard that Tom Coughlin has a famously enormous package but this is the first I've heard of Philbin's impressive equipment.

It is good the team will be led by a man who not only possesses character and intellect but also a large and impressive penis.

price your either drunk or being sarcastic on henne. he is long ass gone. and if we sucked last year then who cares what players are free agents for us, they must of sucked anyways right.

flynn wil be here or seattle next year. hope its here. id chase finley also if they dont franchise him

I just realized that odin and Soiled are the same person.
Look at the paragrapoh structure and capitalization.

odinseye + SoiledBottom = odinsBottom

of course price, thats been known for some time

and Soiled and Ray get directly to the point!

I've been Chad Henne's fan from day 1 at Michigan.
I've never not supported him in this chatroom.
The Business School at the Univ of Mich is named the Ross School of Business.
Who do you think it's named after?

I was in the pool!!!!

Mr.Dusty and Mr. PriceMaster

I only post as myself Soiled :) SoiledBottom

Mr. Odinseye use's the alias Odinsbottom and ....can't think of the other one....its the Indian alias he use's when he gets a little hammered

Soiled :)

price who cares if its named after a retarded owner. henne is complete garbage, he will be holding some teams clipboard next year. 100 percent wont be here, guy sucks

Let's suppose that Flynn is better than Rogers, Rogers is better than Brees, Brees is betten than Stafford, Stafford is better than Ryan, Ryan is better than Romo and Romo is better than Smith.
None of them are as good as Eli.
And even if they are how does that help us?
Our starting RT was Columbus who is a free agent. Prior to being a free agent he was fired by Dallas for being too s h i tty to be on the team.
Our starting TE is Fasano. He was also fired by Dallas for being too s hitty. He is a free agent also.

We have to spend our draft picks on getting the roster back to 53 players no matter how good they are.
Neither Flynn no Mallet nor Henne nor Moore nor Devlin nor Brees can win here under these conds.
But Henne is a good fall guy.
And he's not going to sign a 1 year contract.

Mr. Dusty and Mr. Pricemaster

Another thing is Odinseye talks football alot....I talk alot of sh it.

Soiled :)

Andy Reid has a humongous penis and it didn't do him much good last year. Certainly, it can be a factor (Coughlin reportedly exposes his to rookies and new free-agents to establish authority) but I think you're making this a bigger issue than it should be. Great coaches such as Landry and Don Coryell were known to have extremely small penises.

We'll see what happens.
Evidently Ireland reads this blog.
If Henne is franchised it will indicate that Ireland agrees with me.
If Henne walks it will indicate that Ireland agrees with you.
Good luck to you my brother.

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