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Philbin's packet impressed everyone

Jeff Ireland said that 15 minutes into Joe Philbin's first interview, he knew the Dolphins were onto something. Stephen Ross said after his interview he talked to Carl Peterson, his long-time friend and adviser, and Peterson told him it was the best presentation by a coach he'd ever seen.

Yeah, Joe Philbin apparently had the Dolphins at hello. Or at least that's the narrative today.

So how did Philbin do it?

“I put together a packet of information that I really started working on in 2009 maybe," he told me Saturday. "And I’ve been amending it and adjusting it and tweaking it for the last couple of years. But I had things ready to go in case an opportunity would have presented itself. I had really worked on it hard in the summer. Obviously I don’t have a lot of time to work on it during the season. It’s been brewing for a while.”

The packet, which Ross indicated is about an inch or two thick, is meant to show teams what Philbin is about. It speaks of Philbin's history, his philosophy …

“Yeah, expectations, values, things in my core belief, base philosophy," he said. "It’s not how we’re going to attack Cover 2 but how we’re going to run an offense. What kind of system we envision running. Are we going to be a multiple formation team. Are we going to be a no-huddle team, things along those lines. More broad based.”

After the interview, Philbin was happy with his performance. He said he got on a plane home and felt like he was flying at 30,000 feet -- plane or not.

“I though it went well, I really did," he said. "When I flew home I thought it went very well. And I thought we got along well, also. Mr. Ross and I, the first time we sat down, just the two of us for well over an hour. And we kicked around a lot of things and talked about the things he had done in his career. I thought it was good.”


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Is this the chatroom?

Matt Moore is our QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture.

It's nice to have a coach that can string a sentence together and it sounds like he is speaking English. Philbin sounds like he is going to be good. Just compare a presser with one of Sparano's. No more 'yeah, like I said... yeah, ummmm, yeah, Henne is, ummm yeah, improving, yeah, he's umm coming along'.

Philbin looks like he is going to take control of the locker room. nice....

Also, love Ross' little dig at Fisher in his press conference when he said they interviewed 6 people, and with the exception of 1, they all wanted to be the Dolphins coach.

Looking forward to 2012!!!

I'm looking forward also.
However I expect Philbin will take the first season evaluating talent and deciding who is not an NFL quality starting player.
When we know who has to go then we can start to get better.

Was Ireland fired yet?

Don Shula wasn't particularly well endowed and it certainly didn't detract from his coaching abilities. Yes, if Philbin has a big Johnson thats certainly a plus but there are other factors to consider.

Sparano > Philbin

Not landing Fisher was a huge setback to the Dolphins franchise. Philbin = Cameron.


By your writing style I can tell you have a good IQ. You shade it with a lot of warped package posts etc but it's there no doubt.

How in the H E L L can you talk about franchising Henne? You and I both know we have a new Sheriff in town. Generally speaking, they don't want to run off and get right into salary cap purgatory by franchising a QB of so little repute.

Manning's, Brees's and Rodgers's are the only types that get franchised as they have earned the right to drop a ton of cash on them.

Henne is from Michigan? Ross is a Michigan guy...so Henne got a longer trial than many QBs with lil or no competition to sweat out. Sorry but Henne already used up his get out of jail free cards. The New Sheriff will absolutely punch his ticket outta town.

Just like you make the connection from Ross to Henne to Michigan... I wonder what your connection is to Henne? I mean are you related or does he have any crazy pics of you that you don't want to get out? I kid, I kid...kinda. I just am surprised that you still hold Henne in such high regard.


PS The new Sheriff Coach Philbin will assure Ireland and Ross that Henne can walk with nothing lost. He will be a journeyman backup type wherever he goes.

Rob I disagree.
I'll tell you what: all of us have made our opinions known in here.
According to Mando Irelenad reads this blog.
If Henne walks you and everyone else can take the credit.
If Henne gets franchised I get the credit.


Hey bro, just wanted to say I feel for all that you are going through. I lost my father as well and it is a difficult thing to handle. You can be with him by keeping all of your fondest memories close and to think of him often.

Like DD and a few of the other bloggers have told you...you have support out here in cyberland. The Fins are the thread that keeps us all coming back. After a while, it seems you always develop a set of bloggers that you most identify with if they come around long enough. You are one of those regulars that make this blog chug forward.

Stay strong for your family, friends as your Father would have wanted.

Take care,

This guy will open up the offense, there is no doubt.He loves speedy recievers.

Very fair Moore Is Less!

I will acknowledge it publicly on this website if Henne gets franchised that I did not know near what I thought about Henne's skill set.

Same goes for you as well eh?

Always seems more fun when a little written tar and featherin' is on the line. ;)


The game/bet is afoot!

If Henne is franchised, then Philbin is a worthless marionette. I hope Henne is a success on another team!

I'm only guessing like everyone else but I would imagine Philbin would enter the season with Flynn(if it can be arranged) Moore and a draft pick. It depends on what Philbin thinks of Devlin but most Coaches want to work with their guys. I believe Devlin may get clipped in lieu of a hand picked draft pick.

My sleeper QB still remains Case Keenum.


Before the start of the 2011 season I really started to wonder who could possibly be a future replacement for Sparano going into 2012. After the Harbaugh fiasco you just got that certain feeling that anything short of a playoff run was going to get his ticket punched, couple that with his obviously strained relationship with Boss Ross's darling Ireland and the 2011 season in my mind had disaster written all over it before the late training camp start. You couldn't overlook either the fact that GM Ireland (GLORIFIED SCOUT) in all honesty gave Sparano a short deck to work with while saddling the man with a less than inspired pick to run the O.

I started at the obvious choices in Cowher and thought NOT!! I really felt the J.J. syndrome would be at play at the 1st sign of trouble. Later Gruden and again NO!! His one shot at running an Org. ended with Tampa in flames, then Fisher who I liked given that he was young had never won it all and I felt would be hungry. I was obviously not alone and the fact a 5 share TV market in St. Louis, Miss. could beat us out in that derby shows how far we've fallen in the Pro Football landscape, unbelievable!! To think it probably came down to wanting control over Ireland and it's enough to kill the enthusiasm of even the most HARDCORE Fin fan!!

I later went to the assistants and started reading alot on J.Philbin specifically and came away thinking he was fools gold. He doesn't have anything to do really with any game day decisions and the mere mention of him being the one who puts together the game plans for McCarthy is laughable. McCarthy has proven to be one of the great O minds of the modern game and don't see how anybody can buy that a HC who calls his teams plays on gameday will go with somebody elses playbook or gameplan to do so. The one thing as fans we MUST hope, pray and wish for is that he learned enough in his time there to translate it to his big shot, that and we also better hope he is a true leader and not career second fiddle like the uninspiring Cam was.

wassssup redsky,

I agree with the first stanza of your post...

There would be no profit for me in seeing Henne excel on another team. Much like John Beck...I don't wish him ill will but, I don't want to have become a "hidden gem" we are now missing out on.

Henne seems like a nice enough guy and is very even keeled but, I seriously doubt he can get teams through any playoff minefields.

Plus like most everyone, I hate eating crow and I have been touting Henne as a pedestrian QB for 2 years now. I apologize to all those that have a stronger stomach to tolerate the glacier moving pace of a 5-6 year wait and see him blossom plan.


Rob @11:21,

Thank you and highly appreciate the sentiment, in my time on this blog I've developed bonds with some and you my friend are high on that list.

fin4life,....Right on Brother! The feeling is mutual my man.

Sparano said he wouldnt rule out signing Henne to the Jets practice squad to give him more time to develop.

Sparano said he wouldnt rule out signing Henne to the Jets practice squad to give him more time to develop.

Chris | January 21, 2012 at 11:46 PM

In the career's of Henne Vs. Sancheez I've always felt the two very interchangeable and wouldn't be suprised in the least if Henne ended up in NY and even coming off the bench stiring up the pot in some sort of QB controversy further burying the house Tannenbaum built.

All of you clowns who are recommending that the Dolphins take an OL in the 1st, don't live down here and don't attend the games. The local fans, the fans that the team needs to fill up the stadium, will go completely nuts if the team drafts an OL in the 1st.

The season ticket sales were off by 30% last year. 5 of the 8 games would have been blacked out if Ross and the television station had not bought up the remaining tickets, reportedly 30,000 - 40,000 tickets per game.

The local fans have had enough of the same ole same ole and they are showing their displeasure by not showing up.

You cannot keep grabbing another teams leftovers in the most important position and expect the fans to be happy, especially a QB who has only played in two professional games. There is no price to high for a franchise QB. you take them, no matter the cost. The front office had better be aggressive about this.

Tom Clements will be the OC for the Packers. Not here in Miami. It's already reported if you search on google. Oh well. Have to find an OC.

I like the fact that Philbin said, in the interview with The Finsiders, that a QBs mobility is important to him. Accuracy, Velocity , Mobility. All of this screams Robert Griffin III, but I know that Ireland will not draft a black QB.

This McCoy flap shows that McCoy is still a little immature and not ready for "Show Time". Ireland told Philpin that Philpin would have final say over his coaching hires, so why would Ireland or Ross tell McCoy he had to hire Bowles as DC? makes no sense.
I think the Dolphins made the correct hire.

Mando, if you just called it a portfolio, not a package (wtf?) then you would have avoided the inevitable sexual comments to follow.

I agree with Odin's first post. They didn't trust McCoy with the keys to the kingdom and they do with Philbin. And looking at how the two of them behave in comparison, I'm not surprised.

Thank god we dodged the mediocre game-managing Fisher, and thank god we avoided the McCoy disaster. We have a real coach now. A shula-quality coach.

Yesterday I was happy as a clam after what I read about Philbin, but cautious. After the press conference I was stoked. After that presser, NO ONE here can have any doubt.

..."later went to the assistants and started reading alot on J.Philbin specifically and came away thinking he was fools gold."

LOL, you got it the other way around. Sparano was fools gold. Philbin is the keen football mind.

..." like the fact that Philbin said, in the interview with The Finsiders, that a QBs mobility is important to him. Accuracy, Velocity , Mobility."

And Decision-making. Decision-making was number one on his list. He also mentioned pocket presence, as 4th. Neither describes our Chad Henne, btw, Chad doesn't see people open, holds the ball too long, and has no pocket awareness. So I don't think JP will like him to much. Can we get RG3? Long shot but we can dream.


Would like to see Miami now go after RGIII and make this the most innovative offense in the league. I mean crazy, freaky plays that we've never seen before. Super spread offenses, reverses, no huddle, 3 tight end tiers. But first, they MUST be aggressive bringing in talent. Bring in another speedy running back, go after a true #1 receiver. Comm'on Joe make it happen!

The Patsies are in the Super Bowl , I am going to puke. I wanted Ed Reed and Ray Lewis to win a Super Bowl before they retire. The play before that was a TD , the reciever held on to the ball for a few steps , cant believe that wasnt reviewed.


You're right. Lets only go after players and coaches Green Bay lets go. Ireland loves this philosophy.

Matt Moore outplayed all QBs in Miami since Marino and Penny, He got a team inspired, MADE BIG PLAYS, SCORED TDs, Blew out Inferior teams, all of these while learning on the job.
This guy will outplay everyone and will start next season, mark my words. FIGHT FOR FINLEY, GIVE HIM ANOTHER WR THAT CAN CATCH THE BALL IN THE REDZONE!

For the record, with what was left available to the Dolphins, they got it right. Philbin sounded the most HC ready of the coordinator group, and I like what I read so far about his detail oriented mind, and preparedness, if nothing else. An actual plan from our HC ... THIS is what we were waiting to happen with Sparano, and never did.
Best of luck to Philbin, and I'm glad he was the pick. I'm betting he'll do well.

Good post JS in LA. It sucks that Dolphins fans are so SPOILED. This is the first Coach that has even sounded like a coach in my opinion sense Don Shula. They got it right on this one. I have the best feeling about next year. The bad days are going away. People get behind your coach and believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is going to change the way things are.....no more 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

I wonder if joe would hired mike sherman as oc that would be a good hired.

WHEW! A HUGE bullet was dodged when re-tread, same-old-middle-of-the-road Fisher was NOT hired! Or when Gruden or any other -- excepting Cowher, who is class, class, class above 95% of all other coaches out there -- were not brought in to "upgrade" the Dolphins to a perpetually average team.

So often these unexpected, out-of-the-box coaches plucked from relative obscurity or the college ranks (Harbaughs, for example) become the dynamic tonic that long-failing teams with crappy management need -- like our Dolphins since the great Joe Robby.

I am excited because, despite the abject, long-running administrative/management failure of the current ownership, the Dolphin Nation got EXTREMELY LUCKY that those idiots blundered their way into Philbin. He will be what Sparano ostensibly was -- THE coach to lead us back to respectability and perpetual playoff contention.

I am soooooo excited about next year!

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