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Reason Mularkey won't interview with Dolphins

Mike Mularkey has been named the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The coach interviewed with the Jaguars Tuesday and was scheduled to interview with the Dolphins at some point this week -- probably starting Wednesday and leaking into Thursday -- but his representative has contacted the Dolphins and told them Mularkey won't make it to the interview.

He's got a new gig in Jacksonville, beating out Carolina offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, interim coach Mel Tucker and Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, all of whom interviewed for the job.

Mularkey, a Fort Lauderdale native, was on the Dolphins radar based on his work as the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator the past four years. It was interesting that he was on the radar at all because the Dolphins fired Mularkey as their tight end coach in January of 2008.

Dolphins general mananger Jeff Ireland and then football czar Bill Parcells made that decision. And Ireland was key in getting Mularkey scheduled to meet with the Dolphins.

Mularkey was considered a strong candidate in case leading candidate Jeff Fisher did not accept the Miami job. Fisher has not yet made a decision.

Can I be honest, here? I'm glad Mularkey is going to Jacksonville. While I recognize the Dolphins valued his work in Atlanta, and liked the fact he had head coach experience in Buffalo, the truth is he seemed underwhelming to me as a candidate.

Mularkey will likely be solid, and consistent and all that. But if his history is an indicator, he'll also be bland and unspectacular. Yes, he'll work hard. But getting to the playoffs and winning in the postseason requires more than than hard work.

Mularkey had a very talented offense in Atlanta. They scored a lot of points in the regular-season. But the Falcons have been 0-3 in the postseason under Mike Smith with Mularkey as the offensive coordinator.

Last weekend against the Giants, the Falcons offense was shut out. And as I have written previously, during Mularkey's two-year stint in Miami -- the first of which in 2006 he served as the offensive coordinator -- the Dolphins were unsuccessful on offense. Miami averaged only 16.3 points per game in 2006 under Mularkey.

Regardless, I wish coach the best. If he is given excellent talent, he will likely develop that talent into successful regular-season records. Will that translate beyond the regular-season?

He now gets to prove whether it does or does not.


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Marty S, Eric Mangini, Jim Fassel, and Mike Nolan are all fine candidates that deserve an interview.

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I'm not sure if that guy(s)was just trolling or really intent on showing off some ignorance.

Either way, it was entertaining for about a second. I had a drink and laughed my a ss off at the dummy routine!

Anyway, I can't believe Fisher hasn't made up his mind yet. My whole day centered around popping in on the internet and sports news channels. All for NAUGHT!


Whew...the fans dodged a bullet with Mularkey if report is true that he was a leading candidate after Fisher.

Speaking of Fisher, the fact that he still hasn't announced his decision yet may indicate that he really is giving Miami a fair consideration. I respect that in him.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | January 11, 2012 at 12:02 AM

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Unbelievable, NFL.com reports Jets plan to hire Sparano as their next OC. Field goals galore!

Odin, you are an idiot.....you got a player AND 2 picks remained!!
Posted by: Odin's an idiot | January 11, 2012 at 12:06 AM

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Do you have difficulty walking? Thinking is obviously hazardous.

Lets take your poor thinking.

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While I agree with your view of Mularkey, it still begs the question: Jeff Fischer? Why does Miami want him so badly and please describe in detail - aside from base experience points - why he would be such a great addition.

While you're at it, explain why Kyle Orten was such a hot commodity in preseason.

Then let's go back to Mularkey and explain why that situation is so different...

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Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/01/reason-mike-mularkey-wont-even-interview-with-dolphins.html#storylink=cpy

What a moron oden is,he is trying to get you guys all worked up, and the best part is you other morons are playing his game..

I've said it once and I'll say it again,,,just keep Bowles as the head coach and keep everything in place for continuity for 2 or 3 more years. Get some players and if it doesn't work, fire Ireland, Bowles and everyone. The team seemed to start jelling midway through the season.

You are not getting it either Al Bundy. You were spending a grand anyway. So you could get a Yugo for a grand or the Caddy for 3 grand. The Caddy cost you an extra 2 grand. Pretty freaking simple.

I know its complicated but there are sunk costs, net costs, gross costs, out of pocket costs...

In your Caddy example, if there was a rebate for a grand, how much did you spend? Still 3 grand?

We didn't lose three picks for Thomas - we were spending 1 anyway, we lost two additional picks.

Who cares?

Let's respect him if he doesn't want to be interviewed. Let's just support their team.

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