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Reasons some things are happening as they are

If you want to know why the Dolphins want to hire Jeff Fisher to be their head coach, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

If you want to know why the team is lukewarm at best on the idea of even talking to Marty Schottenheimer although his career winning percentage blows Fisher away, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

And if you want to know why Brian Billick has zero chance to become the Dolphins coach even if Jeff Fisher doesn't accept the job, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.


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Darryl, from the last blog:


I was just getting a buzz and messing around for the most part earlier. I enjoyed the game. I would have prefered a Lions win, I just love an under dog.

Anyways, IN MY OPINION, the real reasons the Lions lost(besides the fact that Drew Brees is Drew Brees)are:

1. First and foremost, the missed tackles and not being able to get off the field on 3rd down.

2. Javid Best being injured and their OVERALL lack of a run game.

3. I'll give the officiating crew a no. 3. Regardless, EVERYTHING else aside, they did one of the more memorable piss poor jobs I've EVER witnessed in a playoff game.

I've been around for awhile and I've seen some bad games by the officiating crews. This one is a top ten all timer for playoff games. Absolutely inexcusable.

Having said that, I have coached quite a bit and I always told my kids: Good Teams overcome Bad Officiating. I believe that still holds true today at all levels of organized football.

The refs sucked big time, but I have to lay blame for this one on the Lions themselves.

On the bright side, For Lions Fans, they've come a long way in a short period of time. Getting rid of Millen and cleaning house was the best thing that ever happened to this franchise. I expect they'll be a pretty good team, challenging for a playoff spots for the next 5 years.

This wan't a blog post.

It was an advertisement for Mando's latest article in the Herald!



Cmon Mando, you could've let the others know Fisher was going to visit the Stl facilities tomorrow...
Which leads to the question, would you go a second visit if you were looking at Miami seriously?
Not so sure I would...

I cant believe Armando even put Marty Shottenheimer's name in our ch search. That all but guarantees we'll be doing a new hc search in two yrs.

Shottenhiemer's 68, in two years he'll be 70. Why not just hire a medium to call up Vince Lombardi?

Ok, the Fisher visit is mention on an updated story on the sports page...
At least its out there...

I wonder just for the sake of curiosity why Jim Fassel's name hasn't shown up anywhere...

Just a thought

Luckily we will lose Fisher. We need to hire an innovative leader of men, not some nice guy that everyone likes. Other coaches like him because they know they can beat him. We need someone who will take what little talent we have and build around a master plan, not a quick fix like Fisher who is the supposed top coach on the market. Please don't let the next Mike Tomlin walk out of that facility and get hired by another team. I believe the man we need is already in-house. Todd Bowles impresses me. It's not too big for him, he get's it and is a leader of men. Give him a chance and surround him with bright offensive minds and more talent.

ARMANDO WROTE >>>>> Fisher is the leading choice simply because he is the safest bet. He was an NFL head coach for 17 years before eccentric Tennessee owner Bud Adams fired him in 2010.

He compiled a 142-120 record (.542 winning percentage) with the Titans and is known and respected in venues throughout the league.

He has a fine reputation. He has experience. He has credibility.

Fisher knows how to be successful, and he’ll know it his first day on the job rather than having to learn by trial and error. So he’s the guy.

For the Dolphins, that’s logical. ARMANDO END <


exactly what drugs had Ross, Ireland and your Dolphin Sources been feeding you?

Fisher KNOWS HOW to be Sucessful????

WHAT A CROK OF CRAP. Please oh PLEASES let us all know how you measure sucess!

Sucess = .542 winning % ????

Is THAT to you Sucessful???


HOW MANY GAMES HAD A Fine Reputation and creditbality WON HIM??

Go to sleep little Armando my friend as you have way too much time on your hands to write such giberish.

We all know about your love fest with Jason Taylor and now it's with Jeff Fisher?

Jeff Fisher SUCKS just a little less then Sparano. Jeff Fisher wears Sun glasses Just like Sparano, Jeff Fisher has a stach, just like ASparano.

We dont need another Sparano.


Marty Shottenheimer would be 1000000000% better then Fisher, Gruden and the rest.

The numbers speak for themselves.

It's about rebuilding. Unfortunitly for us, that word rebuilding never goes away.

Notice how nothing he don't like don't post?

Stop trying to win a popularity contest and hire the best man for the job. We don't have to know or like the next head coach because all that matters is that he wins games and gets them back to being champions. Have the guts to think out of the box and hire someone who is revolutionary, someone like a Chip Kelly who is a brilliant Offensive Coach and can handle the rigors of being a pro coach. Have an idea what qualities you want in a coach instead of saying "I want the next Don Shula". Fire that back-stabbing brown-noser who has had four drafts to build this team and has come away with just one pro-bowler and no QB. I don't even know why I am writing this because Ross/Peterson/Ireland are not going to get it right.

Next year at this time you bums will wish Tony S.was still your coach!

For the ones who thought Sparano would not get another coaching gig, look how wrong you were. I bet he takes the Jets job.

I still don't get all the man love for this Fisher guy. Again, he is allright and probably a good coach. Why overpay for good?
Oh well, I have my Packer hat on now. Again. It is actually getting quite comfortable and all of the beer girls are checking me out.
Will I ever wear my aqua and orange again in January?

we threw money at harbaugh who declined;same with fisher who will decline. could ireland be the reason? fisher will go to one of the NFL's worst teams for less money because he can pick his GM. ross and ireland belong together but not in miami.

nope I think I will pass on your 'analysis' Armando. the city sucks, it's people suck, the dolphins suck and the miami media sucks. you are all a bunch of whiny losers and I hope the Dolphins are moved to a city that cares. You wanted baseball so now suck it MIami cause that's all you are good for now.

Why aren't the Dolphins looking at a successful head coach from the college ranks like Chip Kelly from Oregon? Look at the 49ers turnaround this year under Jim Harbaugh. Even more so, the Oregon offensive strategy put in place by Chip Kelly can be successful in the NFL. This would really create excitement for the Dolphins fans.

For the ones who thought Sparano would not get another coaching gig, look how wrong you were. I bet he takes the Jets job.

Posted by: finfaneurope | January 08, 2012 at 04:06 AM


are YOU one of those posters who will TWIST anything people say those they're ROUND words fit into your SQUARE pegs.....

C'mon man.....why even RUSH to post an "I told you so"....when the I told you so doesn't FIT.....

The KEY WORDS (you know what KEY WORDS are right).....

The KEY WORD was HC...my bad....HEAD COACH....

H E A D C O A C H.....

That what HC means on this blog.....HEAD COACH.....

Now that you are better informed....you will be able to better formulate relevant "I told you so's"......within the CONTEXT....that the original conversations took place.....

No need to thank me....

Consider that lesson on the house.....


If Brian Schottenheimer leaves the Jets, they are considering Tony Sparano for their OC's position.



not just Sporano.....it is being reported as a package deal....both Sporano and Haley (chiefs former HC)......will be co-OCs.....whatever that means.....

Tony will manage the run game (LOL)......and Haley the pass.....

That is some funny stuff......

I wonder if Rex Ryan knows.....


. This would really create excitement for the Dolphins fans.

Posted by: Steve G. | January 08, 2012 at 06:57 AM

1. The majority of the Dolphins fans (people who go to the stadium) know nothing about football. It's a place to party. They spend more time away from their seats than in them.

2. Their last attempt at a college coach was Saban, who was about as exciting as a twinkie.

Am I the only one that doesn't quite get this Billick story? Where Armando writes "The meeting went downhill from there." is what needs to be explained, because that half joke about owing Ross 40 million seems darn trivial to me, like when your girlfriend is mad at you for not noticing she had her hair done.

You write a column ? lol

You need to write an article detailing how the Dolphins Franchise has fallen since the Robbie's sold it. I know it will put you in a tough position to rip Ross in public; but Heizinga is fair game. You need to detail that under Shula, the Team, in 25 + years experience 2 losing seasons; and those season we're the embarrassing kind of losing seasons. Detail how Shula made it to the SB with David Woodly. Discuss how this francise has fallen even with the "Best available" (JJ, Saban, Parcells, and Ron Wolf's coaching search consulting).

It is an absolute shame, how bad ownership, and terrible management, and putting money over winning, have crippled this Franchise and Fan base. If we were given the option, back in 95/96, of 15 more years of a declining Shula or 15 years of this "CRAP", there isn't a Dolphin fan that would have not opted for Shula.

I find it so hard to believe that just 15 years ago, Bill Walsh, Chuck Knoll, and other great coaches would have considered the Dolphins as there "Dream Job". Now we can't even pull in a fired Fisher, fired by of all people, Bud Adams......gosh!

I bet that when Kraft snagged Bellicheat, that sent some NE fans over the edge, especially since he failed in Cleveland.

It's time to find the next Shula, not some retread. But, Ross, you better provide the next HC with the money, tools, equipment, and people to make him successful. And for the love of either Money, or the Dolphins; whichever you put first after God, Please stop marketing to the "Other Teams" fans and truely establish a homefield advantage.

DA, I felt the same thing. I read it like, "what is he talking about? Ross blames Billick for paying more for the Dolphins? What's that have to do with Billick?" If he had gone for it on 4th-and-1 and not gotten in, they would have lost anyway, so who's to say he made the wrong call (though personally I would have gone for it, since the Ravens weren't in the Playoff hunt that year). Stupid reason to dislike Billick if you ask me. Sounded like a Three's Company episode.

billick has always been an idiot so im glad either way they dont want him. i would love marty schot but wont happen. lets hope fisher will choose us even though eveyrthing out there says hes gonna pick the rams


Good point about Belichick. I think like Sean Peyton in New Orleans, we wouldn't be talking about either of these guys if it weren't for Drew Brees and Tom Brady. ANY coach can be substantially better if the right pieces are in place. That's why having a solid QB incumbent is so important to HC candidates. That said, I think Philbin and Flynn could be a cheaper and more successful selection(s).

getting philbin doesnt mean we get flynn


I wouldn't read to much into that....read the link below....

it takes the same story...but has a different spin....and its more detailed....and written from the perspective of Billick......

It might give you a some more information with which to evaluate Armando's article....


frank you win post of the day
i think we are cursed for the treatment of COACH SHULA and Dan Marino

If you guys read the caption next to the picture....it says that Ross and Billick have a "friendly" relationship.....


I read that link, and found it shed no more light on the matter. I don't get it really. Something is still missing from that story to explain why Billick is not being considered.

It seems Billick is never being considered for any HC spot, so thats another story too.

billick is not wanted by any teams in the league because of his arrogant attitude. guy is a moron

CraigM, Happy New Year's to you and yours as well.

And you're right, I did love the Saints-Lions game.

Not sure how you propose to beat the Pats and win the divison? Get a Steelers-type defense? Ok, I could live with that, but do you think we have the talent for that on defense right now? I don't. I think we're closer to having a powerhouse offense than defense. All we need is an elite QB, to keep the machine efficient. Moore is ok, but I don't know if he can sustain it for a long time and become more efficient (we sputtered a lot this year).

We have to do what fits our team (can't be the Ravens or 49'ers). We're much closer to being the Dolphins of the 80's than we are the Dolphins of the 70's. Plus, there's too little room for error playing 70's football. And a Matt Moore isn't efficient enough to handle that tiny margin-of-error. That's another reason you need an elite QB. Even if you wanted to do it your way (which, I guess is run-driven, game managing QB, tough defense), you need at least an elite game manager (like Pennington was for 1 season). Flynn/Moore fit that role to you? Not to me.

DA....Its is curious that Billick name isn't surfacing as much as one might think...I agree....

I posted that to to show that there may not be as much animosity between the 2 men as Some may want you to believe....

thanks kris, couldn't read the blog (it wouldn't load for some reason).

anyway, i'm not a billick fan. just thought the reasoning was faulty. kinda like our draft position, there aren't many good choices. could be another unlucky year for us.

DC...you might have better luck if you google it....

I just entered ]"Ross likes Billick....

It was the 2nd or 3rd article.....

I really have no faith in this team at any level. Not the Owner, not the GM. They do just enough not to get fired, but never enough to make big splashes.

If your star player on defense (Dansby) doesn't get motivated enough to come into camp in shape to play at a high level, what's that say about the Coaches and FO that's supposed to turn these guys into a well-oiled machine.

Seems the Packers were motivated to play this Season. Our players don't have that same fire.

kris, you're an EFFING GENIUS!!!

Thanks, read it. Yeah, gives you a different take on the same event. Goes to show you why these guys are sports journalists (not the sharpest nails in the box, are they?).

To me it's just puff, meaningless. Ross might not have liked Billick's coaching that year, but Billick won a SB and has experience. That event most likely has nothing to do with the coaching search.

I think Billick would be hesistant to come back to coaching if he's put in the same position he left in, except the defense would be worse. Miami hasn't had a good offense since Marino. That's a daunting task for an incoming HC that wants to redeem themselves. We have bad mojo here.


All Billick did was build a Superbowl winner...whats not to like about that....

his principals and foundations are STILL what the Ravens win off of....

He adjusted his style to fit his team....he was billed as an offensive guru....but won with one of the best D's in NFL history....

I don't want to win like that...but I think it shows his flexibility....and kinda pokes holes in the whole "arrogant" thing.....

Besides....SO WHAT if he is arrogant....will anybody on here be having a beer with Billick anytime soon......

People read the word arrogant....and associate it with co-workers and aquaitences they have negative feelings twards....

His perceived "arrogance....doesn't bother me....why would it....

When the GIANTS lose....Tom Coughlin is "arrogant...

When the GIANTS win....Tom Coughlin is a "hard-nosed football coach"....

Its all in the pen of the writer....

bad franchise dc no doubting that. we can turn it around though

I dislike Ross and Ireland so much.

Also, to respond to finfaneurope from an earlier blog yesterday, it's only you (the community's) perception that I think I'm right and everyone else is wrong.

I speak forcefully because that's my nature, I'm confident in my opinions. But I know I'm not always right. And I accept others opinions and own up when I'm wrong.

I was wrong on Moore. He's not horrible like I said Pre-Season. I'd rather him than Henne. I want him on the team next year in a competition to start.

I'd accept a 49'ers style team, I just don't think we have the personnel to make that happen anytime soon. My position is we're closer on offense, so let's put in the final pieces. Or else why would we waste a 1st-rd pick on a LT. To protect a mediocre QB on a mediocre team?

I have long posts because UNLIKE others, I don't like to say I'm right and others are wrong and that's it. I like to provide detail so others can examine it and agree/disagree. For me, it's all about the info and the debate, NOT the personal insults mocking posters.

I said people are dumb to want Flynn because what do you call doing the same thing expecting different results? Remember Trent Green? Culpepper? Harrington? Frerotte? Rosenfels? Etc? Did ANY of those guys work (even Pennington)? As a long-term solution? I think as far as DOLPHINS history is concerned, I'm right about being pessimistic about getting a FA QB who maybe looked good for a game or two, but isn't considered now or ever being elite. I don't think it's surprising I'd rather try something we haven't tried in 30 years.

You can disagree with me, that's fine. Anyone can. Just know that if people want to start any conversation with attacks, I'm not the dog that doesn't bite. They'll find themselves in a fight, and usually they lose.

fisher is average and a safe pick which the regime seems to relish. exciting is not in their dna.

greg z and what is exciting to u?

greg, couldn't have said it better. exciting is a curse to this franchise. can't believe dusty is more optimistic than me.

fisher would be a great hire, but looks like hes def going to rams. so now what?

dusty, Green Bay, Saints, Lions, even Carolina is exciting. Heck, even Ravens, Steelers and 49'ers are exciting (to watch on defense). Elite'ism is exciting. Impressive professional atheletes are exciting. Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush are exciting (when used correctly). Even Matt Moore at times can be. But running on 1st down 80% of the time isn't exciting. Sitting on a 7pt lead and not efficient for 2 quarters is not exciting. Medicore is not exciting.

dc i agree 100 percent, thats not what we were talking about though. he said hiring fisher was a safe pick and not exciting, i asked him who would be exciting then

Carolina is exciting because they have an exciting QB. That's what 1 player (at that position) can do for your team. Turn if from otherwise meaningless to lightning people want to see. They will put butts in seats.

yup dc thats why we draft a qb, cam turned that franchise around in one season. u will see them in alot of prime time games already next year.

Ozzie Newsome Built the Ravens SB team, not Billick.

Oh, yeah, that's because Fisher is a defensive guy. He'd need a Mike Martz to make his offense exciting. Not sure there's a known quantity out there that excites me for HC. I just want a guy who can control this team, motivate them, get them ready to play from game 1, not take any sh*t, and force the GM to get him the players he needs to win championships.

If that person exists.

thats what fisher will do dc


Sure....we call that semantics....

I guess Billick should get ZERO credit right.....

I guess Belicheck should get ZERO credit right.....

kris belicheat drafted those guys, built those teams. billick didnt .

I guess Sean Peyton should get ZERO credit right....

Twist it however you need to fit your argument....

Dusty...which team did Fisher build...and WIN with...

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