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Reasons some things are happening as they are

If you want to know why the Dolphins want to hire Jeff Fisher to be their head coach, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

If you want to know why the team is lukewarm at best on the idea of even talking to Marty Schottenheimer although his career winning percentage blows Fisher away, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

And if you want to know why Brian Billick has zero chance to become the Dolphins coach even if Jeff Fisher doesn't accept the job, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.


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Devil, you should NEVER quote Parcells...He's always been OVERRATED. He's nothing special. Sure he didn't take Matt Ryan, he doesn't like QB's. He's still stuck in 1987. Franchise QB's get a lot of attention and he gets jealous. He's a narcissistic douche...


Don't try to spin my words....

I'm not hind-sighting anything......i'm merely answering your questions....

I started this conversation saying I have never advocated one way or the other....


You make some fair points. Once again though, reducing it all down to 'the pick' does not complete the whole picture.

Drafting - passing up great TE's and DB's for marginal players
Sticking too long with Henne, Ronnie, Ricky

So, there are many reasons why we are not in the playoffs independent of that single pick.

There ya go Fisher haters, looks like he's probably going to coach the Rams. Meeting with Bradford now.

Woo Hoooooooooo! Bring in the next coordinator reject! Bring in Philbin, the guy is sooooo good that McCarthy doesn't even allow him to call the plays during the game. Cannnnn't waiiiittttttt.

I wonder who the Dolphins will be going after in 2 years? We might as well start looking at the next wash out,first time, know nothing, coordinator now.

I hope they at least hire Chud! This Philbin guy looks like a high school guidance counselor! This team is a f***ing joke.

The great Matt Ryan.
Plays on team with 12 pro bowlers and can't win a playoff game.
Falcons fans are in the 4th year of a Marino-like career.
They have to put up with this for 12 more years.


Parcells comes off to me as a cold hearted arrogant AHOLe. With that being said, I do respect his football knowledge more than all the bloggers put together.

He was a great game day coach, he won often with many teams, and if you want to say he didn't win with out Belichek, you have to give him credit for seeing the value of Belichek and hiring him. Thats what great leaders do, seek out and hire those that can help them the most.


I agree with your assessment....but the QB makes EVERYBODY look better.....from the ball boy...to the owner....

Everybody seems smarter when the QB plays well...


I was in no way spinning your words. Maybe something was lost in the translation.

"Best news yet no fisher, ultra conservative and no super bowl win in 17 years umm no thanks!! I'd rather see a new face"

EXACTLY! Hopefully we can bring in the next Tony Sparano or even better the next Cam Cameron! Or maybe they can go to the college ranks and find the next Nick Saban!

The future looks bright Miami fans, no need to worry at all, We won't be getting an experienced coach who will put together a top notch staff. We'll be getting a first timer with no connections! Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa! Can't wait for 4-12 next season. Thank goodness we have Matt Moore at least!

Hahahahaha what a freaking joke this is.

Said it before, if Fisher turns the Dolphins down, I don't believe the next head coach has been interviewed yet. I'd be talking to Jay Gruden, Mike Zimmer, Chudzinski and Winston Moss. Are any of them the 'next' great young head coach? No idea. But here are still some pretty good candidates out there.

Not sold on Philbin or Carmichael or Mularkey. And this idea that Flynn will go where Philboin goes is total BUNK! He's going where the best offfer is coming from and I wouldn't be surprised if it's Washington. Not a fan of throwing all kinds of money at a 7th round QB who plays in a great system with great players, a great coaching staff and has started THREE games. Let someone else make that mistake. There's EVERY reason to believe he'd want to work with Kyle and Mike Shanahan in Washington, as he would with a guy like Philbin in GB.

Ryan is less than Stafford...
Staffords is less than Brees...
Brees is less than Rogers...
Rogers is less than Flynn...
And Flynn is less than Luck

Montreal, I liked some things I saw from Bowles, and disliked others. Not sure how much was on him or the coordinators. Also, I haven't watched all of the Patriots game, only saw the 1st-half (was travelling that day). But we were up 17-0, and lost 24-23, I can pretty much imagine. They started clicking (can't keep Brady down forever), we got into our defensive, conservative, prevent shell, and didn't make the 1-2 plays in order to hold them off. If that's accurate (you can correct me if not), then it's JUST like the Sparano strategy, the Cam strategy, the Sabon strategy, the Wannstadt strategy, it's safe. And safe hasn't done it lately.

I'd rather have a HC who not only takes chances, but consistently has a "chance-taking" philosophy. I don't know if that's Bowles. Don't know if that's Fisher to be honest. On who would be the best HC, I just don't know (but my choice would be an offensive innovator like Martz). Coughlin would be good too (disciplinarian who understands offense today), but don't think he'll be available.

"The great Matt Ryan.
Plays on team with 12 pro bowlers and can't win a playoff game.
Falcons fans are in the 4th year of a Marino-like career.
They have to put up with this for 12 more years.

You're obviously very young or just started watching the Dolphins when Marino left. Please tell me which year Marino played with 12 pro bowlers? Can you name all of the all pro receivers and running backs he played with after 84? Don't strain your brain, there's maybe 2 and that's being generous.

Marino made average players look great, Ryan needs great players to make him look average. See the difference?

Screw Fisher - tell him to go pound salt if he doesn't want to coach the Dolphins. He can go run the Rams into the ground and get fired in 3 years. C'mon Ross - Mularkey?!? - way to make a splash. Todd Bowles is the best candidate of the bunch.

and DA....

in the END...they STILL blew it.....

Posted by: kris | January 08, 2012 at 02:11 PM

Precisely what we've been debating. And I say we don't know if we blew it or not. Because had Ryan came to this team with this FO and coaching, and our personnel, it could very well have not worked out.

We'll never know. Chicken or the egg. And thats my opinion on the matter.

Fisher will join the Rams...this is why the FINS are interviewing other coaches...lets get Philbin and maybe we can land Matt Flynn !!

I believe it is important for a team to SCORE MORE POINTS than their opponent in order to get a VICTORY instead of a DEFEAT. Have you noticed that the all the winning teams in the NFL often score more points than their opponents? It's TRUE!

If I were coaching, this would be my strategy.

Dullfan, you read my mind. That's seriously exactly my coaching philosophy, score more points than the opponent.

That's a comment you've made here now MULTIPLE times. Got anything else to add, or was that all you came on to say?

Don't you see the irony, in your trying to make me sound foolish, only proving you're the fool?

"Screw Fisher - tell him to go pound salt if he doesn't want to coach the Dolphins".

Yeah we have such a great and stable organization he would be out of his mind not to coach here. What an idiot he is!

Thank you STEPHEN ROSS for keeping the last Parcells reject on the team. He is the last mistake Parcells hired and will be your downfall. Great football sense you have. Thanks a lot for insuring no serious coach will ever come to Miami.

You kept a guy who back stabbed the coach he was tied to. Why in the f**k would Fisher want to take a job working under that weasel. If he wasn't loyal to Tony whom he worked with in Dallas why would he be loyal to a coach he has never worked with? Why do I have to explain this???!!!! To a successful billionaire?!!! Did Petersen give him this advice,,,,"oh yeah, definitely keep Ireland, that will surely help". I just don't get any of this.

I'm joining the Rams cause the Dolphins need a QB.

Yeah dulfan, in trying to make DC look bad you just look so much worse. No one is listening and DC doesn't even care. What a waste of time.

I hate Bill Parcells. Jerry Jones knew what he was doing when he told him to take a hike...

Heard on Fox news that Mike Zimmer will be interviewing with Phins.
Jay Glazer is reporting that Fisher will be Rams head coach in the next 24-48hours....

Craig M, funny you have Winston Moss on your list...I would bet the farm you didn't even know who this guy was until Armando's column today...

Hakeem Nicks. Another guy Miami could of drafted...

Had Matt Ryan been able to develop for a year under NoodleArm he would be performing at an even higher level than he is now.
We would have already won the super bowl and Matt Ryan would move into 2nd place behind Bob Griese as greatest Phins QB.

Eli is better than most give him credit for. He rises to the occasion.

Atlanta's "D" is playing well. It's up to Matt Ryan and the offense to win this game...

Oh, why can't WE land a guy like Cruz? A star out of nowhere. Even Welker was a college star. Closest we had was Bess. Who's good, don't get me wrong, but not a playmaker like Cruz. Also he doesn't have Eli throwing to him. One knock I have of Moore is he doesn't appreciate the talent he has. I'd NEVER look to Marshall as my primary receiver on 3rd down. That's why we were 30% on 3rd downs. You need a guy with sure hands on the money down. Like Bess. Yes, he's dropped a few, not as much as Marshall though.

Devil, he's averaging 296 passing yards a game. That's awesome.

Eli is more reckless than Ryan.
He takes chances that Ryan never would.
That is why he throws a lot of picks.
That is also why David Tyree was able to make that catch in the Super Bowl against NE, because Eli put up a reckless pass and Tyree was able to make the circus catch to keep the drive alive.
And you can't teach that either.

DA @ 2:28...and that brings us full circle.....and we will never really know......

and it is possible something got lost in translation on either your end or mine....sometimes they words don't read what we intended....my bad on the hind sight comment....we mis-commumincated somewhere......

In any case...thanks for the debate....

I always try and learn something from those I can have reasonable back and forth with....

CraigM didn't have anyone on his list until Armando told him what to think.

I mean, its laughable. Guys losing their mind and screaming Philbin is a loser who doesn't call the plays and let the local media guy say "Moss" and suddenly thats THEIR guy even though he is an assistant that not only doesn't call the plays, he doesn't even create the gameplan.

The analysis done by other football guys in other cities far exceeds that of the insight provided by the Herald guys or many of the folks on this blog.

There was a nice one on why QB's fail. There was also one on why Flynn would likely succeed with Philbin. Doesn't take much thought to understand why. Of course, that means you must get Flynn. I am not sold on him completely either and would prefer a QB with the smarts and the arm but we aren't likely to find one this year.

Well fins78 I'd rather try a new face than have a coach for 17 years and can't win a super bowl but keeps his job cause morons like you read that he's a good coach cause he's well liked in NFL circles, bringing up cam Cameron is ignorant the greatest coach in the world needs more than one year with to see if he's any good or not especially when his QB was Cleo lemon idiot

If Ryan doesn't put some points on the board soon....he will be bashed on here mercilessly in about 40 min....


What you call reckless I call finding a way to make a play. See Eli's last several games in the SB season. See Eli's recent must win games this season against the Cowboys and the Jet's. He has been playing awesome, far better than Ryan ever has.

If Ryan doesn't put some points on the board soon....he will be bashed on here mercilessly in about 40 min....

Posted by: kris | January 08, 2012 at 02:59 PM

I got my Ryan bashing in pre-game ;) Seriously though I like Ryan. Is he elite, not at this point.

Good debate today, Kris even though its a tired old subject.

These Giants don't look like the Giants that knocked of the brett favre led Pack....and the undefeated Pats in 2007-08.....

and Matt Ryan looks like a guy who is feeling the pressure....

He is gonna have to start letting it fly like its the 4th game of the season.....

everyone thought we should draft Ryan. Mel Kiper said "If Miami wants to be a playoff team they better draft Matt Ryan."

I guess Mike Mularkey is lookin pretty terrible.

for those who critized the dolphins for taking Long over Ryan. Hows matty ice doing now. his third playoff game in his career and in today's game Atlanta has two points. Even the braves outscore matty ice. Until he wins anything in the postseason hes just another average thrower along the lines of the many miami has had since marino retired. Jake long 4 pro bowls in four years. euff said


Mel Kiper? You can't be serious.

Look around, most GM's are wrong 50% of the time, and the sports writer pundits far more. Kiper is a joke.

New tell me where Kiper had Jamarcus and Leaf rated.

so Mularkey is the next possible HC in miami. He's doing a hell of a job in today's game against an average giants secondary. But hey if miami can win 2-0 most games maybe hes the man for that job. No offense is quite a game plan. Seems to work wonders in ATL.

Dolfan 29, you're right. It's much better to finish 6-10 or 7-9 every year and bit** at Ryan during the playoffs. Couldn't agree more. Let's hope we finish 5-11 next year so we can say how Ryan sucks in the playoffs.

The SB Giants were smoother and more dominating. But this team is tough and scrappy. Got to give Coughlin credit. I was never a Coughlin fan, but...I respect him. He knows how to keep a team going.

Ross should hire Mel Kiper to do the drafting instead of MORON IRELAND!

New Coach, that's my hesitancy with Philbin. As far as I know, the HC calls the plays. The HC is the offensive genius. If that's true, then what's Philbin bring to the table? Obviously (well, hopefully) the FO will get to the bottom of that, but that's the key piece in knowing if he should be considered.

That NE game went pretty much like the Denver game. We were winning, we had constant pressure on the QB..And then, we stopped. The D could not play zone, Brady had time (not that he needs a lot) and he burnt us. Part of it, i think is Bilcheat is the best at changing strategy, and game plans. But, when it is something Ive seen more than once this season, Im not realy sure how much credit I should give to NE.

3 picks for D Thomas was absurd.

not saying its best to finish the year at 6-10 or 7-9 montreal fan, but everyone was drooling for matty ice. Whats he doing today thats so great. just defending the Long pick is all. Matty ice is doing no better today then when jay fielder took miami to the playoffs back in the day

Dullfan is here again, geez. where has he been hiding? I have missed his comments and opinions.....not.

europe, one thing we agree on, belichick knows how to make adjustments. Why our Coaches don't understand they can't take their foot off the accelerator once they've got him on the ropes is beyond me.

Jake Long has helped us to 6-10. WOW!

LOL Montreal @3:16

havnt been hiding anywhere. just pointing out facts that matty ice is about to go 0-3 in postseason with more picks than TD's. a QB is measured by playoff success. Not regular season mirage.

Dolfan 29, Ryan was the better pick. I don't care what he does in the playoffs. HE'S IN THE PLAYOFFS. We're NOT. That's how sad this franchise and it's fans have become. We HOPE a QB we decided to pass on really sucks in the playoffs so we can justify it. Laughable.

Dont forget Atlanta was 2-14 before drafting Matt Ryan.

I like Eli I'm not putting him down.
He did finish the season big time. He also lost 6 in a row mid-season.
The point was there are 2 ways to win in the NFL: 1. Give the QB 5 seconds to throw (Brady, Rogers, Brees) 2. Take chances when you don't have time to throw (Eli, Peyton, Roethlisberger & Brees) Brees does both.
Matt Ryan can execute the playbook when he has time to throw.
But it's not in his nature to take risks.
You see the same thing in race car drivers.

We had the days of just making the playoffs back in the heyday and into the JJ years and won squat once we got there. I agree we need a franchise QB, but if a franchise QB wins in the playoffs and gets their team to the next level, ie tom brady, both mannings, brees, then matty ice cant be considered a franchise guy until he proves he can do it in the postseason. Its one thing to beat the lowly bucs in the regualr season in the comfy georgia dome, but lets see matty do it against the NFL elite in the playoffs. just sayin. I hope we have a franchise QB soon. Matty ice aint it. Long has been more successful at his position than matty at his. look at the personal accomplishments. pro bowl every year


Is McCarthy a genius? Philbin creates the game plan, McCarthy calls the plays, and Rodgers frequently audibles out of the plays called by McCarthy.

I think too much credit is given to a HC under the guise that he calls the plays.

You were gone but I provided an example. Carmichael in New Orleans has the same role as Philbin. He did actually call the plays one game: the Saints put up 62 points. Interesting note about Carmichael - it was Tony Sparano who suggested him to Sean Payton.

I agree though. It is entirely up to the Dolphins FO to properly and thorough evaluate his plans for the Dolphins and his qualifications. There is no doubt Philbin is a great coach... the question is can he be a great Headcoach.

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