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Reasons some things are happening as they are

If you want to know why the Dolphins want to hire Jeff Fisher to be their head coach, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

If you want to know why the team is lukewarm at best on the idea of even talking to Marty Schottenheimer although his career winning percentage blows Fisher away, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

And if you want to know why Brian Billick has zero chance to become the Dolphins coach even if Jeff Fisher doesn't accept the job, read my Sunday column in The Herald.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.


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Guys, at this point, Jake Long is the best player at his position on our team. We can't do anything to change who we drafted, but all we can ask once drafted is for that player to be the best at his position in the league.

But that's also why I say we need to get our franchise QB soon. Getting a Jake Long (in hindsight) becomes a less appetizing decision if he spends his career protecting a carousel of mediocre QBs.

Sorry Dolfan29, was not refering to you. Was refering to DC Dullfan, he only showes up (it seems) to antagnozie the real DC.

another thing montreal. I dont hope matty ice sux in the playoffs. He's taking care of that on his own. two great wide outs, hof tight end, 3rd rank rusher in the NFL and can t score against an average giants defense. Wow what a franchise QB. Next you will want sam bradford here

Dolfan 29, Pro Bowl so what??? Playoffs is what matters, not a stupid Pro Bowl. Ryan is an above average QB. That's all it matters. QB is more important than a LT. Who's Drew Brees' LT? Who's Aaron Rodgers'LT? Who's Eli Manning's LT? Did you notice how the Dolphins are a powerhouse since drafting Long? Scary...

you see matty ice numbers today montreal. thats the scary part. All that talent around him and still mediocre at best. Im not blind in saying we dont need a franchise qb, but for alot of fans here to say long was a bad pick over ryan is ridicious. what has ryan done other than beat teams like the bucs and panthers. Where is the playoff success. We seen the success long brings once he left the philly game. Ask matt moore how good jake long is

Dolfan 29, wake up and smell the coffee dude...Did you see the Miami games this year? This was Long's worse year since being drafted. Gave up quite a few sacks. Oh wait, I guess it's because he was playing hurt. Bottom line is I'd rather BE in the playoffs than looking forward to the draft in November. Whenever a QB brings his team in the playoffs on a regular basis, HE'S DOING HIS JOB. Keep on drafting linemen and we'll probably make the playoffs twice again in the next decade.

yes he was hurt this year and showed his mettle in staying in there. The guy is a warrior and the anchor on the o-line. An elite tackle, where if the qb doesnt have time to throw it wont matter who is the qb. Yes wonderful in making the playoffs and getting knocked out rd 1. Lets not aspire to make the superbowl but make the playoffs and lose in rd 1, then we can draft at 21 in the first rd and get that next average linebacker to fix special teams. Maybe we can trade 6 number 1 picks for average matty to throw for 152 yds and be out rd 1.

sorry but until matty achieves more than wins against the lowly bucs and st louis of the world. he another average thrower in a long line that the dolphins have had in the organization. hes no marino

You have published an awesome site.

Whatever Dolfan...You're way of thinking is what makes a team a contender like the Dolphins have been for the last 15 years. Let's keep on drafting those offensive linemen. Super Bowl here we come!

He's no Marino? How many Super Bowls has Marino won?? So by your logic if Ryan wins 1 SB he should be considered a better QB than Marino? Whatever dude...

well i know matty wont be there the next 15 years unless the NFL make the super bowl a rd 1 affair. just a final. Atlanta and matty ice = 2 points. hof matty. lol

Ah you know what's going to happen the next 15 years? I'm sure you also knew Marino would never win a SB. You seem to know it all. Did you ever consider starting your own business, like telling people what their future holds?? You'd probably make a lot of $$$. There's actually a lot of suckers out there who would fall for this type of crap. LOL!!

marino was elite. one of the best of all time who got his team deep in the playoffs. wont have to worry about matty going to the super bowl. hes a one and done in the playoffs. 0-3. i dont measure a qb by rings on the finger, but by a whole body of work. dude have you watched ryan and his three starts in the playoffs. hey if all we want is a frnachise regular season qb, then matty is our man. how would you feel if we traded up for luck by selling the farm. i think your saying, matty who.

no i dont know what will happen the next 15 years by you also seem to think i want oline drafted the next 15 yrs. i want that franchsie guy at qb but sorry. matty ice isnt a franchise qb. hes jay fielder with the flare.

At least Matt Ryan knows what's it's like to play a playoff game. Jake Long will never know. But let's keep our fingers crossed and make sure Ryan doesn't win anything. It will make us feel better. LOL!!

ah jake long made the playoffs in his rookie season when miami won the division in 2008. So jake long has been in the playoffs. Let me ask you this. what make mattyy a franchise QB?. If all it takes is making the playoffs then andy dalton and tj yates are franchise guys

Look at Fiedler's career stats and look at Ryan's. Not even close. That comparison makes ZERO sense. Better luck next time.

you dont even know when miami makes the post season. jake long was a huge part of that division title

Andy Dalton made the playoffs in his rookie year. Not bad at all. TJ Yates played because Schaub is hurt. Duh...

I meant he'll never play in another playoff game. Or maybe next year if we can draft a RT or a DE...

but yates still got them to the playoffs. he must be franchise qb according to your criteria for franchise throwers. i see you didnt comment on long in the playoffs his rookie yr. another thing on fielder. he has won a playoff game. another thing lacking on matty's resume.

oh now he never plays in another playoff game. Maybe we can get tj yates for a number 1 pick and he gets us to the postseason

Fiedler's has 1 career playoff win so he's better than Ryan? LOL!!!!!! In that case, Trent Dilfer must be a better QB than Marino. Look at Yates's stats and compare them with Ryan's. Duh.

If my memory servs me right, Houston already had 7 or 8 wins when Schaub got hurt. Yates my butt.

stats are for fantasy geeks. wins and loses are where it counts. if we compare qb's to their stats, marino obviously is better than dilfer in that regard. if we measure on super bowl wins then the guy who has the ring is better. look bottom line is would i rather have matt ryan over matt moore?. yes. Do i think jake long was a bad or worse pick over ryan. No. Long has made our line play better and more stable. My point all along is that ryan hasnt been that franchise guy like a brady, brees or manning. Guys wanna knock the fins for passing on ryan. Now if he has won a superbowl by now or gotten them there then yes i say fins brass f'd the pick, but Long has been a solid player and anyone in the NFL will tell you hes a franchise Left tackle

im not a yates fan but shows he can win a playoff game where matty hasnt. proof shown this weekend

Dolfan 29, are you aware that we came close of breaking a franchise record for sacks allowed?? He made our o line play better and more stable?? Yeah, right! We have a crappy o-line, what have you been watching? Matt Moore was running for his life back there...Hello?

yeah allowed those sacks playing hurt. i believe it was columbo and fat ass carey allowing those sacks and the backup who's name eludes me. over his whole career hes been elite. Yes last year was an off year and still he makes the probowl. obviously you dont know when miami gets to the playoffs so i know your not watching the fins

yeah turnstile garner was the backup. he and columbo in that eagle game showed me all i need to know on jake long's value to the team

Dolfan 29, I'm sure you watch film...Whatever dude...Think what you want, but you obviously have a lot to learn.

And just so you know, Matt Ryan is STILL a young QB. Yes he's losing in the playoffs but HE'S LEARNING. You better HOPE he doesn't turn it around. As long as he loses, we can still justify Jake Long. LOL!!

i watch all there games and did point out he did have an off year. i think you need to watch what a true elite franchise qb is and see that matty ryan just isnt in that group.

well matty has aloooootttt to learn. Atlanta cant do anymore than give him the weapons he has already. An average qb in his spot would have scored more than 2 points. oh wait the defense got those two points for them. I wonder how hard hes been blasted today in atlanta

And one more thing, a QB that makes the playoffs his first 4 years, including his rookie year, STILL HAS POTENTIAL to become a franchise QB. Do you have any clue how difficult it is to make the NFL playoffs? You don't make it in just by being lucky. So he's far from done, regardless what you think and how many Pro Bowls Jake Long plays in.

you are great with facts. he hasnt made the playoffs every year. hes had three career starts in the playoffs. 0-3. where do you get your knowledge from.

I meant 3 years, he was drafted the same year as Long. Duh. Typo dude.

and finally in your last post you said he still has the potential to be a franchise QB, thus hes not yet which is what ive been saying all along. hes average. elite gets you to the playoffs and deep into them. maybe he gets there one day. im not a falcons fan and could care less if he does. i worry about our guys on the team thus i support long.

yep blame your lack of knowledge on typos. thats two in one discussion

You could care less is a lie, we've been posting about this for the last half hour. Why would you exchange posts with me for a half an hour if you don't care? You do care. You want Ryan to lose so you can justify how great of a pick Jake Long is. Whatever. It doesn't matter. I want the Dolphis to win as well, but this formula is obviusly not working very well.

hey matty is improving in one area. each playoff lose he gets worse

Dolphins* Another typo. There goes my knowledge. LOL!!

no i didnt want ryan then and dont want him now. i dont believe he has those intangibles to be elite. so whatever he does with the falcons is fine. i only comment now because so many dolphin fans blast the pick of long over ryan based on making the playoffs. Was ryan so automatic coming out of boston college that he was a cant miss number 1 prospect?. No.

im only saying that the two guys were discussing have had success in their own ways. now if Long had been a tony mandrich then i would say the pick was a failure. it was a solid pick. Most fans cant admit that. At that time as well we had many needs. Matt ryan was not automatic. He wasnt a manning or aikman coming out of BC

ah your incorrect in your facts and blaming it on typos. Not spelling mistakes

Dolfan 29, fu** you. Long was drafted in 2008, so that would mean Ryan as well, this is what this whole debate is about. Look at your keyboard and you'll notice the "3" and the "4" are one next to the other. Yes it's been 3 years. Duh. Stop being a smart a**. Ryan getting worse with each playoff loss? (You posted lose, I assume you meant loss) OK, what about the Dolphins going from 11 wins in Long's first year to 6? Pretty impressive isn't it? It's been downhill ever since. So saying Ryan is getting worse and worse, the same could said for Long and the Dolphins. Oups!

ryan has been getting worse in the playoffs since his rookie year by numbers alone. Long is not a quarterback who has way more say in how a game is played out. the dolphins going from 11 wins to 6 has been coaching and team direction amongst other factors. Plain and simple. Matt ryan has regressed and not improved. Hell they were the number 1 seed last year with home field throughout and got blasted at home. today he cant even lead them to a score against a weak giants secondary who got torched all year. if you want that as your QB in miami we are in for many long days

Is it all Long's fault? Absolutely not. But the same could be said about Ryan. How many times did Atlanta have a 3rd and 1 or a 3rd and 2 today and couldn't convert on the ground? Ryan's fault I guess? I think you get my point. Fair enough?

yes not all ryan's fault but elite qb's overcome those things. look at tom brady. worst defense in history yet he leads his team time and time again. drew brees. all he does is throw for 400 every week and cover up a shotty defense and patchy o-line. oh aaron rodgers another guy we passed on and way worse than passing on matty ice. what does he do each week. Only passes for multiple td's and 300 yards, oh and he has a super bowl. Where is the outcry for rodgers, when we got Ronnie brown 2nd overall

Dolfan 29, just so you know, we're about to get rejected by another coach( And I'm not even a Fisher fan) despite having our great LT. Reason? No QB.

my biggest grip on here is that guys feel matt ryan has been this all world qb. all im saying is hes been average as far as NFL success for a QB

average is better than below average Dolfan 29...

yes big lose losing out on fisher. If he thinks sam bradford is better right now than matt moore i would argue that. All sam bradford is, is a name. Hes done squat in st louis. Im sure steve spagnolo will send bradford christmas cards for getting him fired. Yes average is better than below average. I want elite and matt ryan at this time aint that. neither is sam bradford

And Dolfan, another thing...If the Fins would of made the playoffs the last 3 years, even with first round losses, you wouldn't see so many empty seats in the stadium...

lets also not forget that fisher realizes that St louis is in the NFC west. Not wanting to face brady and bellicheck each year probbaly weighs into his decision as well. Oh that number 2 overall pick and no bafoon Steven ross not in st louis might also factor in

We all want elite. But average and in the playoffs is better than nothing. And it's a lot better that 0-7. You can build from being average. It's much harder to build from winning 6 games. Shows you have a lot of holes...And the Dolphins DO have a lot of holes. And guess what? One of their biggest holes is o-line.

you see those empty seats because fans have grown tired of the front office and ownership. the only way to prove your fed up is to not show up.

agreed. jake long and pouncey the only ones worth keeping.

ive been a fan since 1983 and have been thru average and just making the playoffs. if we cant be elite i want the team to crash and burn so they can draft the luck's of the world. they screw that this year by starting to win after 0-7. sorry but just making the playoffs has become old and tiresome

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