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No deal yet on Jeff Fisher

Regarding the only topic anyone wants to know anything about right now:

Jeff Fisher is still not the Dolphins' coach. Or the Rams' coach.

He was scheduled to make his decision on either the Rams or Dolphins on Wednesday. I do not know if he did that. My sources got suddenly vague at one point, refusing to tell me if negotiations were underway on a contract or not.

All I could get out of one was this: "No deal done."

I did ask about the NFL Network story that said Fisher was close to a decision and leaning toward the Dolphins. Dolphins didn't know anything about that. So if Fisher is close to deciding or has decided, I cannot tell you.

Fisher has been speaking with both teams (either directly or through his representation) over the past few days -- apparently to get clarificcation on certain issues.

It is interesting this has not happened yet because it shows that neither organization -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams -- is a slam-dunk in Fisher's mind. Both have positives aspects. Both have negative aspects.

Understandable since both have been strangers to the playoffs most of the past decade and as for playoff wins? Zero.

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Live in Miami, 8 million to coach the Dolphins, a top 5 defense and an owner that wants to trade up for a stud QB.

plus you get to see Mando everyday! what negatives?

Maybe his last name is a clue as to where he'll end up

Hire Todd Bowles and lets get on with the show.

Hurry up Fischer...take our coaching job amd it will be Penithh Lamb Sausages for all !!!




St. Louis has scheduled interviews for their HC position for thur. & fri.. I don't know if they are just doing their due diligence or moving on because they believe Fisher is going elsewhere. Chudzinski is one of those interviews. If Fisher does go to St. Louis, Ross should get Chud in for talks right away.

I agree! This is isn't Bill Cowher we are waiting on!!

Mr Ross, tell him thanks but no thanks!!

Hire Todd B or Zimmer!



in 2 years you will all be laughing at yourselves over this hype for dull fisher, mr. 8-8.

And if Fisher does choose Miami and runs the 4-3 goodbye Soliai. That will save a ton of money for the team. I personnally like the 4-3 better. Most everyone runs the 3-4 now & it's hard to find enough quality DT's & DE's. It should be a lot easier finding outside pass rushing LB's that don't have to "bulk up".








I'm starting to hope he picks the Rams. The last thing I want is another man responsible for this franchise with one leg in and one leg out.

Get lost Fisher!

nationalfootballpost.com is reporting miami has offered fisher 8 million a year and executive vp which would give him the upperhand over ireland when it comes to personal

Anyone wondering if Fisher will suddenly accept a newly vacated head coaching job of the Colts?

Someone wake me when they actually sign someone, but it had better be soon because the East/West Shrine game is in two weeks and the Senior Bowl is in three. The new coach will need time to start putting his staff together to attend those events and begin evaluating talent.

this head coach cant make a decision??? a positive is that he would be given more power than ireland.

pull the offer. fk him.

let ross decide for him. times up.

Yes, give him a deadline in which he must make a decision rather than wait while he tries to play one team off against another (which is what I'd do given the chance).

Line up an interview with the Packers assistant head coach and the Panthers OC.

Ross and Ireland may think Fisher's the best available but it can't be any more than an educated guess. Is there a coordinator out there who will out perform Fisher in the near future. almost certianly. Find him, save some of that $7 million and keep Nolan, one of the best DC's in the league.

Time to start screaming about a qb again. Rams or Dolphins turd? Pick one today. You can only screw it up for 3 years. This is like picking a Republican leader.

I give up on this organisation. This does not auger well for the future. Ross you have no idea clueless dude. Do us all a favour and sell up.

By the way his name is Fisher, not Fischer or anything else people.

Okay we signed Fisher, and then we convert to a 4-3 defense, do we have the players for that is my next questions. I am concerned with messing with our defense and Fisher is a 4-3 guy. Who will be playing where?

Good work Armando, perhaps Fisher is not trying to leverage over money but control over certain football operations. Perhaps it's drafting a quarterback or certain pieces to allow Fisher with his perspective a better chance to win. Two desperate organizations; the one that gives Fisher the most control will most likely win.

Here is what we have today. Defensive Tackles:
+ 95 Igor Olshansky DT 6-5 315 8 Oregon
96 Paul Soliai DT 6-4 355 5 Utah '07
Defensive Ends:
70 Kendall Langford DE 6-6 290 4 Hampton '08
78 Tony McDaniel DE 6-7 310 6 Tennessee '07
94 Randy Starks DE 6-3 305 8 Maryland '05
97 Phillip Merling DE 6-4 295 4 Clemson '09
98 Jared Odrick DE 6-5 304 2 Penn State '10

In this case no news is good news.

I hope that he does not take that much time to decide when its 4th and 1!!

I'm beginning to think there is more to the story than a few details. Waiting on Colts decision?

Justin credible. Armando is Cuban but he looks Dominican or Or something else, very ugly, and chubby, his voice is extremely annoying, the positives are: He slips a $100 to the towel boy in the locker room and they listen for to Fins executives conversations. Do not bother listening to his show, his voice will make pull your hair and kick the radio.

we will be using all of our timeouts in the 1st quarter to make a decision!! ross should have put a timeline on the offer; 1 or 2 days max. if he cant decide,we dont want him.

people just because fisher ran a 4-3 doesn't mean he has to stick to it. get a clue. if he thinks a 3-4 fits better with our current players that is what he will use, or he will acquire what he needs to make the switch.

Mando, what is the backup plan, rehire Sparano? Any potential new coach that was already interviewed is now going to have to be abused by the media coming in as to how they feel about being 2nd fiddle. This has become a sh&t show.

If Fisher does not decide to take the HC with the phins, than i think Ross and Ireland should look at the defensive line coach for the 49ers, Jim Tomsula. If Ross is looking for the next Shula, he is coaching the defensive line for the 49ers.

Maybe the Raiders came calling?


I do enjoy reading your blogs. But why are we once again exciting the fan base over mediocre?

Please explain. Why is a coach who's record is just north of .500 the only person for the job? Why was a back-up quarterback (Orten) the savior of 2011? (would have been, right?)

I realize reporters have to chum the water and get the fans all excited, but at least do it over someone who is worth the energy.

Fisher may turn out to be the next Shula. But he ain't that young. Chud may turn out to be the next Shula...

I respect your reporting very much, but please don't try to get us excited or try to make us believe Fisher is our "best" option. And don't use the "they know what they are doing" crap either. I am not 12.

So, please explain why Fisher is a make or break scenario...or cut the drama. Conservative media likes to play with our fears...even in entertainment.

Ok people, its time to move on from Jeff Fisher. If he hasn't made a decision by now then he really doesn't want to coach the Miami Dolphins. What ever happened to the coach who is excited about the job?

I haven't been sold on Fisher but yesterday I started feeling at ease with the choice when it was reported that he was coming here. Now this morning to find out he hasn't made a decision yet is just making me sick.

MR. ROSS, you have a business to run here and WILL miss out on other viable candidates if you continue with this fishing excursion!

Let's see, $8 mil/year, an exec VP position which allows me to pick my own GM, possibly trade up to #2 spot to draft whomever I want, make final decision on all player acquisition, have direct access to the owner, South Beach, babes in bikinis, and possibly more helicopter ride? What the heck are you waiting for, Fisher? It's a no-brainer, go for it!

Good morning guys,

I been on board with Fisher since day 1 on the blog and think he would be the best candidate. But enough is enough already who does he think he is Lebron with some huge "decision" to make. In the end if he becomes Miami's next HC then that's all fine and good but Fisher c'mon now with all this already. You're pisssing me off!

David, in a 4-3 most of our DE's would become DT's. Remember Starks played for Fischer and he was a DT in Tenn. What happens is the OLB's that we have now (that were DE's in college) move back down to DE's (Wake and Misi would be fine fits). Soliai could be retained because some 4-3's play with a larger nose type tackle and the off tackle is the lighter tackle. The main players that would have to be gotten would be the new 4-3 OLB's but Burnett would probably move outside and Mitchell could as well. So yes there would be some retooling but not a major overhaul. Fischer also could just keep the 3-4 and let Nolan run it for him. If the guy wants to win right away he might not want to go through the process of putting in a new defense.

Jiff Fisher SUCKS. If we hire him look at the last 10 years and that's what we will still be. Losers.

Cowher is the only HC that can clean house and turn this around.


cowher? permanently retired. waste of time to be thinking about him.

get fish from barney miller,he'd be a better fix.lol

If Ross and any sense he'd tell Fisher thanks but no thanks. This isn't a young Shula we are waiting for and there is ZERO proof Fisher can do any better than anyone else.

Six or seven winning season out of 17 years? Are you kidding me?


I'm with you guys. Fisher wasn't my top choice, but I thought he'd be a good, experienced HC, but I'm not trying to wait until the SB to get a freakin' HC. There won't be any Coordinators LEFT after he takes his sweet *ss time with this decision for him to hire.

The players need direction, Ireland CERTAINLY needs direction, and there's an entire offseason of planning and strategizing that needs to start happening NOW...LIKE TODAY...LIKE FIVE MINUTES AGO!!!

If I'm Ross, I give Fisher to NOON TODAY, and then move on and take your 2nd choice. This is ridiculous.

Mr.Ross, tell this guy to go fu** himself, go to St.Louis! Holding us hostage like that...We're bending over for a guy who had 6 winning seasons...Big fuc***n deal!

I don't understand why I keep reading Sparano is a turncoat. They tried to replace him last year and fired him this year. So he takes another job and he is a turncoat? I don't follow that reasoning, and I hate the Jets as much as the next guy. If I was him, I'd be hoping to stick it to this organization too.

I'd much rather he took his time with this decision than bolt two years into his contract or quit the way Saban or Parcells did.

Not sure why the unrest because he hasn't decided yet. This isn't just about money guys. It's about who has final say or personnel decisions, what if he doesn't get along with Ireland, who are the guys that will make up his staff, how does the personnel on the team look for a 4-3 versus a 3-4, who are the FAs on the team, what FAs will be out there to fill holes and what are the draft prospects.

I have NO problem with Fisher taking his time with all this. He's STILL the best prospect out there and he knows it. Isn't it worth the extra few days to make certain it's the right fit for him. I don't want him half-assing it and bailing after three years. If you don't know anything about Jeff Fisher, this is how he works. I know it's a new concept for Miami fans to ACTUALLY have a fotball coach who THINKS and talks intelligently.

PATIENCE guys.....either that or a little more de-caffe in the morning.

Fu** Fisher. Time to move on.

The good news is Fisher will not want RGIII. Other then that, we have a continuation of the Bill Parcells regime.

Anyone know what the expected cap will be? I think the Dolphins have about $108 million tied up as of this moment. There are some good WR Free Agents available this year.

Funny.....like Miami ACTUALLY is the hotbed for NFL coaches and can get the pick of the litter ANY time they want....LOL. Maybe guys missed the memo....Cowher and Gruden....NOT INTERESTED.

But that's OK....let's rush the process and just grab any old assistant. It's how we do things in Miami. And then we'll wonder what went wrong, when we're showing the next guy the door....COMICAL.

All this wait for a guy who had 6 winning seasons. OVERRATED.

I'll sound like that broken record again,,,hire Bowles and give him 2 or 3 years to make the playoffs. What the Phins don't need is to start over again.

THANK GOD you guys aren't in charge....

Like he's SLIGHTING the BEST franchise in pro sports.....LOL.....COMICAL.


Craig, when his OC is the ball boy for the Toronto Argonauts you'll think differently. There's 24 teams getting a headstart on planning for next Season already. I know you're thrilled with our mediocre, sub .500 ballclub, but the rest of us see us as needing to get ANY headstart we can. You see how last year turned out. I guess you're ok with going 0-7 and being out of the Playoffs by October.

All that other stuff should be decided AFTER he makes a decision anyway (defense schemes, etc.). Only decision he needs to make is does he want a franchise QB, or the money. THAT'S IT! All the talk says this arrogant pr*ck really only cares about the money, so effing kiss Mr. Ross' hand for the generous offer, take your boatload of millions back to your family, and be happy your not back coaching for a loser Owner like Bud Adams.

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