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No deal yet on Jeff Fisher

Regarding the only topic anyone wants to know anything about right now:

Jeff Fisher is still not the Dolphins' coach. Or the Rams' coach.

He was scheduled to make his decision on either the Rams or Dolphins on Wednesday. I do not know if he did that. My sources got suddenly vague at one point, refusing to tell me if negotiations were underway on a contract or not.

All I could get out of one was this: "No deal done."

I did ask about the NFL Network story that said Fisher was close to a decision and leaning toward the Dolphins. Dolphins didn't know anything about that. So if Fisher is close to deciding or has decided, I cannot tell you.

Fisher has been speaking with both teams (either directly or through his representation) over the past few days -- apparently to get clarificcation on certain issues.

It is interesting this has not happened yet because it shows that neither organization -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams -- is a slam-dunk in Fisher's mind. Both have positives aspects. Both have negative aspects.

Understandable since both have been strangers to the playoffs most of the past decade and as for playoff wins? Zero.

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I disagree about saying you want a guy WANTING to be in Miami. This isn't college where coaches have their dream jobs like Michigan or that school from ohio.

Fisher is starting to work my nerves somewhat too but he has a lot to consider. He is choosing which millions of dollars makes the most sense for him and his family to relocate too and which gives him the best long term success to win.

Have any of you ever had to choose between 2 jobs? You guys are taking his decision way too personal. I do think by the end of the week he should make his decision and if he don't then Miami should say they are moving forward. Miami can't always have public relations disasters at least save face in 1 situation Ross and Ireland!

Fisher should sit out until there's an opening with the Packers, Saints, or Patriots. In the meantime he's not much use to anybody!

Which is the better franchise Buffalo or Miami?

So, we hope Fisher signs and then hope he assembles a good staff, and then hope that it doesn't take 2 or 3 seasons to transition to new schemes...OR, we could retain the staff we have. That would give us a big head start on assembling a staff & installing an offense & defense.

What i really want to know is...are we the 0-7 team that started the season or the 6-3 team that finished the season. If we don't get Fisher, I'd be willing, as a fan, to invest another year in the current staff in order to get the answer to that question.

1 year, put up or shut up.


You do realize how much cap space Sam Bradford and Jake Long would be on the Rams right? They both were former #1 picks on the old ridiculous CBA contracts. Financially you can't build that way. The only way the Rams take Jake Long is if they are trading Bradford to Miami and going with RG3. But doubt that happens.


Offense wins games. Offense wins championships. Defense keeps us from getting blown out by the opposing teams offense.

Green Bay, Patriots, New Orleans, Giants, Steelers. Heck even Miami's offense won 6 of the last 9 games for us.

We need to draft a RB first round, WR second round. The D is good enough right now. We need a young RB and young WR to make the offense powerful. Not just strong.

how come we are always being held hostage?? this shows poor leadership at the top. i want fisher only if he axes ireland as his 1st priority. we need to cleanse the franchise of the trifecta so we can move on.

And another idea, Ross believes that hiring a known head coach will put fannys in the bleachers. The only thing that puts fannys in the bleachers is a winning football team. How many fans will purchase a game ticket just to see the head coach?

1 year, put up or shut up.

Posted by: Blog Fodder | January 12, 2012 at 09:50 AM

That's what last year was. The system this GM & coaching staff put in place failed. Team needs a new start with fresh ideas. Not the ones that have failed 3 years running.

NH, but isn't that what shula did? He went to the superbowl with baltimore colts then actually won 2 when he came to miami?
There are many coaches that have taken multiple teams to the superbowl but only one with one team. Parcells comes to mind.

Andy NJ.....

None of this is personal to me......

I have never met the man...and I doubt I will...

I feel that Fisher should have interviewed with every team he he wanted...and then make a decision in a timely manner....

In my estimation....He has past the point on what is considered Timely.....Apperantly...Mr. Ross and I have a differnt Idea on what we consider timely....

I think this speaks more to Fisher's character than anything else....and this DRAMA QUEEN behavior tells me that when things aren't going so well in the future....he might split....and hand the FINS another embarrasement.....

Craig's gone, so I guess this is to everyone else, but we can't keep anointing these guys before they did anything for us. That's what we did with the Trifecta, Cameron, Sabon, and on and on. We get these new HC's, yet remain mediocre.

So, as fans, yeah, I think we can be a bit standoff'ish. I don't think we need to kneel in any HC's presence (except Shula).

Do SOMETHING for us before we give you any credit. The Trifecta got in after '08, but they lost it soon after.

I'm going to need to see a better than .500 Season, competing for a division title and Playoff spot before I thank my lucky stars for the HC I have.

Show me, THEN I'll congratulate you. This isn't my first time at the rodeo, so don't expect me to stargaze.

Also, that last post from DC Dolfan talking about Flynn was not me (the real DC Dolfan), obvious to anyone who's read even 1 of my posts.

Why was no one else beating down Billick's door to coach their team? Billick is like the chocolate mint chip of ice creams. No one wants him.

I was just trying to think of a scenario where the Dolphins can select a franchise QB in the first round. Only Luck and RG3 are considered first rounders and any other QB we take in the first will be a reach. I guess were stuck with Moore because there no way were taking a QB in the first round until we move up. Moore = 8 and 8 at best

What is this THE DECISION II. Come on Fish, pull the triger.

Fisher is taking his time making a decision. That's all. He's not making anyone look like a fool. Even if he chooses the Rams he's not doing it to hurt the dolphins. He's making the right decision for his life and for his families life. It is a big choice and not quite as simple as you make it out. I want him to want Miami and to know that he made the right choice. I would bet he likes both options and that is making it hard to make the final choice.

You guys are acting like someone took your lollipop. We have plenty of time to land a half arss assistant. Lets be patient. IMO Fisher is the best option that Miami has interviewed so I am willing to wait.

How many defenses failed to stop Denvers offense from scoring in the last few minutes of the game this season.

How many failed to stop Denver's QB from Tebowing in the Endzone after another 4th QTR comeback? Or over time win.


nc is right, pull the trigger,,, at fisher.lol.
f him.

Boulder....Shula was like 29 years old when he left Baltimore to coach the Fins and was on the rise...just like Belichick when he left Cleveland and joined the Pats.

Fisher's best days are behind him.

Why is the fans that are so "PATIENT" (the good guys)....always the one's throwing insults....and making silly analogies....

While the ones that want Ross to Move on from Fisher (the bad guys).....post mainly about the situation and Fisher....


Fisher would be a damn fool not to take the Miami job. Who really like 25 degress blizzards during winter? Come to Miami, coach a few years make million, and retire on a boat in Key West like JJ did.

That's what last year was.

Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!! | January 12, 2012 at 09:53 AM

I hear what you're saying, but I have a hard time ignoring a 6-3 finish and the idea that it would carry over to next year.

But, I realize it would be a big risk for ownership to retain this staff and have another losing season. A new coach/staff would get a pass next year.

weeden beat luck
weeden beat griffin
weeden beat noles
weeden beat tannewtfhill.
weeden beat jones.


I hear you man. I wish there was a way Miami could find a way to get RG3. He seems to be the perfect fit in Miami. His style of play would energize any franchise but the city of Miami is flashy and exciting and outside of beautiful Marino passes the team has resembled very little of the city.

I'm obviously in NJ but RG3 would be a star in Miami. Endorsements through the roof! Too bad he will end up in a miserable gloomy city like Cleveland. Washington ain't so bad I guess being the nations capital and all but man he would look good in a Dolphins uniform.

Get ready for mediocrity of Matt Moore in 2012!

Personally I liked the way Bowles coached the team at the end of the season.
The problem here is Ireland. If Fisher can make Ireland to go, that can be some start. But not sure that Fisher by himself can make a big difference specially if he stars from fresh firing Nolan and Daboll. Things don't look good either for the QB position. Moore is a good option for next season but we need a franchise QB.

get richardson at 8/9.then get weeden in the 2nd.
and then the phins r offfffffffffffff.

Weeden will be 76 years old next season!

Posted by: Kris | January 12, 2012 at 10:02 AM

Great observation

Ok Fisher you drama queen, make a decision

dcm and rothles were the youngest qb's in the sb, the rest r old farts.

Also, Gregg Williams is a fine DC. However, you need the right OC for his aggressive defense. Williams takes chances, ALL THE TIME. He has a blitz-happy defense, damn the CBs getting burnt.

I'm ok with that, AS LONG AS the OC understands the defense WILL get scored on. So the offense needs to be just as aggressive.

So if we got Williams, Daboll would NOT make a good compliment. While Daboll is more aggressive than Henning (who isn't?), he's not aggressive enough for a Williams defense.

The type of OC you'd need to compliment Williams is Mike Martz. Someone who wants to score quick, and often, and doesn't let his offense settle down and take the pedal off the medal once you're up a score or two.

That's the issue I had with Daboll this year (though he's been the best OC here in a while). We need high-powered, 60 mins offense.

I'm not saying Moore is the next Peyton Manning but I am saying he's just as good as Eli Manning.

Reggige didn't show up until the last 3 or 4 games.

Moore needs a consistent running game lining up behind him. That means drafting Trent Richardson.


sooooo dc, u'r saying s.smith will not be on a gw d.?.lol

Yes NH. Fisher is a retread, and is playing us for leverage. Let's move on for a young OC. Like Carmichael.

maybe the hold-up is that fisher has told ross he needs more power/control on the football side including player personnell,draft etc. this could mean he could bring in his own GM hopefully and not be dragged down by ireland. that would be a win win.

Jeff Suckland,

You are outta your mind, sorry! Matt Moore as good as Eli. C'mon get real. Eli is almost as hated as much as Tebow is by NFL Sunday Countdown crew. Eli has a Super Bowl win! He has playoff wins! He answers the doubters over and over and in the end he might end up with more Super Bowls then his much superior brother

Jeff, I disagree.

Eli gets it done when it counts. Moore couldn't do it against the Cowboys. And made mistakes at ALL THE WORST TIMES against the sucky NE defense. That throw to Hartline was AWFUL. He had his guy beat by 3-4 steps. The fumble, recovered by Wilfork turned the game around.

Moore will only be asked to do more. I think that will only increase the amount of mistakes he makes. That's why he's not elite. That's why he has one good year followed by a bad year. Not saying he's not adequate for now, but he's NO Eli Manning, who comes up big in big situations.

Only thing that has my interest in Fisher is if he can pull a "Vermeil"

That is take a second team to the Superbowl...and yes I do want the Fins to win a championship and those here who think we can't should look for another blog to spew on.

Vermeil's return to football was a rocky one, going 5-11 and 4-12 the first two years...then in year 3 something magical happened: Trent Green went down and Kurt Warner stepped onto the field....the rest is history.

Just like Belichick in NE. Bledsoe goes down and Tom Brady walks onto the field.

Is Matt Moore our Warner/Brady in waiting???

I would trade Bradford for Long straight up then take Reiff or Martin at 8 or 9.

Both teams win.



With MORON Ireland at GM I would hesitate too.

Posted by: Blog Fodder | January 12, 2012 at 10:03 AM

I think nothing of the 6-3 finish. Out of the playoffs, no pressure on them. The fact is this team has regressed the last 3 years. It either starts off slow or ends slow.

The end results are always the same. No post season & sub .500 seasons. No one wants to see the franchise blown up every 3-4 years. But if that's what it takes to finally get it right someday, you do it.

Riding a failing formula in the hopes that it works someday is just as big a waste of time as rebuilding.

I was here all day yesterday so that I could high five and cheer with my fellow Miami Dolphins fans over some optimistic news that never came.I'm going to unplug and check back tomorrow.Good day fellow Dolphans.Keep up the rightfight Kris.I know you'll hold it down.

ESPN is reporting that Jeff Fisher has had a bowel movement after breakfast film at 11pm.

I would trade Bradford for Long straight up then take Reiff or Martin at 8 or 9.

Both teams win.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto


Interesting idea, but pretty risky. Jake Long is a consensus all-pro and has a chance to go to the HOF one day. You don't know about Reiff or Martin. Bradford has been a bust so far in St Louis. You would have to be pretty sure you could develop him into a franchise QB.


Better chance Miami trades up to #2. Cost will be VERY high though. St Louis would then draft Reiff or Martin with Miami's pick, and enjoy an extra #1 next year, an extra #2 and likely more...

The only difference between Eli and Moore is experience. Experience comes with time.

Moore is what I call a natural. Eli is what I call a machine designed and built to play the game of football. Eli was given circuit boards and blinking lights to work with.

What happens if we give Moore the *players* to work with?


To add to your posting on Matt Moore you are right his duties and responsibilities will only be greater next season. I have said it over and over when Moore starts a season 0-0 and not at 0-7 you will see the pressure will not be equal to his skill level. Miami is about an 8 win team with him at starter. He didn't come on until the season was over.

What don't you Moore supporters get? It's easier to let it fly when there is no pressure to win games. Moore was able to just got there and play. The stakes are much different when every game counts and every decision he makes counts. Matt Moore is a good back up at best!

Aloco...you're just guessing like the rest of us.
Hell I can say:


There, done.

As well as Moore has played, he is NOT as good as Eli Manning...

We can both agree though that IRELAND SUCKS!

Why are the Dolphins letting Jeff Fisher hold them hostage? BECAUSE WE'RE DESPERATE!!

I hope he calls his plays a little faster.

Who brought up that Dallas game?

The DEFENSE lost that game for us. Romo drove down the field like he was on one of those stretchers.

If we had a running game that was effective we would have driven down the field methodically and won that game.

Posted by: SEARCH THIS!!! | January 12, 2012 at 10:14 AM

I'm pretty sure it's a moot point, because there will be a new head coach in 2012.

Honestly guys, Rams or Dolphins aint much of a choice haha

Picking between the Rams or Dolphins is like picking between the 2 ugliest girls at school...

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