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No deal yet on Jeff Fisher

Regarding the only topic anyone wants to know anything about right now:

Jeff Fisher is still not the Dolphins' coach. Or the Rams' coach.

He was scheduled to make his decision on either the Rams or Dolphins on Wednesday. I do not know if he did that. My sources got suddenly vague at one point, refusing to tell me if negotiations were underway on a contract or not.

All I could get out of one was this: "No deal done."

I did ask about the NFL Network story that said Fisher was close to a decision and leaning toward the Dolphins. Dolphins didn't know anything about that. So if Fisher is close to deciding or has decided, I cannot tell you.

Fisher has been speaking with both teams (either directly or through his representation) over the past few days -- apparently to get clarificcation on certain issues.

It is interesting this has not happened yet because it shows that neither organization -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams -- is a slam-dunk in Fisher's mind. Both have positives aspects. Both have negative aspects.

Understandable since both have been strangers to the playoffs most of the past decade and as for playoff wins? Zero.

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Fisher is stalling to see what happens to Caldwell in Indy... It's obvious!!!

Moore was 19/32, 288 yards, 1 TD, O INT's
Romo was 22/34, 226 yards, 2 TD's and 2 INT's

How did Moore come up short in the Dallas game?

That's a pretty good game especially since they were up and the defense folded.

enough is enough...is this fisher the guy who will get us fans to the stadium? forget it!

He doesn't want us....ROSS, ARE YOU A DECISION MAKER ? speak up !

If I were Ross I'd give an ultimatum for an answer Friday at the latest.. If he doesn't choose fins, I talk to this Moss guy.

Jeff, he fumbled

Here is another thing. Since Ireland is still there, guess who starts next season? Chad Henne will start. That's why I think Fisher is skeptical of coming here. Its obvious Ireland and Ross refuse to give up power over who starts and who doesn't.

Look, we all knew Moore was better than Henne during pre-season. But Ireland is gonna ride or die with his boy Henne.

He also threw a ball away on 3rd and goal instead of walking it in..

I'm pretty sure it's a moot point, because there will be a new head coach in 2012.

Posted by: Blog Fodder | January 12, 2012 at 10:28 AM

It's a moot point only if the phins hire someone from OUTSIDE the organization to change everything.

Hire from within & you almost ensure the same processes & failed strategies stay in place.

That's the definition of insanity.

Other than those 2 plays, he was great against dallas

As someone in a position who has to unfortunately fire people, but also interview and hire people.....I'm always much more concerned with the individual who just jumps on my offer right away. It's an immediate red flag to where I think that individual is just "looking for a job"....not necessarily considering if he/she is a long term fit with the company.

When someone takes their time mulling over the decision and even goes so far as to dicker a little....I end up having a lot more confidence that that individual is really thinking through things and will most likely be able to think critically and analyze a potential situation before getting the company into a bunch of S&*t.

In other words, I like that he's taking his time. Yes, I would like an answer, but to me it shows that he's really wanting to make the best decision he can and that he intends to stick with whatever he decides for the long term. He's not just looking for a job.

HennePuke is gone. No way do we sign him again.

Sticking with Henne was what got Sparano fired.

jeffsuckland @ 10:42 - Henne is an unrestricted FA this year. He will not be in a Dolphin uniform this year. It is not in his best interest first and foremost as Moore is signed through this year and will likely be the starter.

New regime generally = new QB.


For the patient ones asking the same of others. Seems like your patience is exactly what Jeff Fisher is banking on to steal more money from the team he picks.

Both teams should move on.

Thanks for the clear update, Armando.

Ross is probably being cheap with Fisher

Henne will be the starter for the Jets next year when Sanchez goes 0-4.

Ross may be a lot of things.....cheap isn't one of them!

In other words, I like that he's taking his time. Yes, I would like an answer, but to me it shows that he's really wanting to make the best decision he can and that he intends to stick with whatever he decides for the long term. He's not just looking for a job.

Posted by: wolfman13 | January 12, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Isn't it more likely this is about playing the other team for more money/power? Most published articles indicate it's about levarage, not about the best fit.

We need first and foremost to start off with the right foundation and build from there. We need the best players and best coaches and the best game plans for the modern day game. We need to score points and play good special teams and solid defense! All three are important.

Solid offense scores points and keeps our D off the field while keeping their D on the field!

Solid D prevents points against us so its less points we have to score to WIN!

Solid special teams gives us better field position both offensively AND defensively!

Those are the three key points along with the other key points we need to be successful!

You're right, irelandsucks. I guess it comes down to do you believe Bradford is the guy you saw in year one or year two. I could care less about giving up Jake long as long as one of the top end left tackles are somewhat comparable.

In the end you could be stealing a franchise qb from the rams I can the case of buying an asset when its perceived value is low.

Buy low, sell high!

Only 2 possibilities here: or he's milking the Teams for more $, or he has a better prospect than Miami or the Rams and he's waiting for developments, or both.

SEARCH THIS!!! - That's certainly possible, but everything I've ever heard about Fisher and everyone I've heard talk about Fisher who knows him personally say he's just not that kind of guy.

Being the optimist, I generally give people the benefit of the doubt that they are indeed genuine until the prove to me otherwise. It has served me well in business.


right on at 10:45

oscar canosa - If you were making a decision that you thought basically meant the next 10-15 years of your life, wouldn't you possibly take a bit of time to mull things over?

You're probably one of those people I end up hiring and then firing a couple months later because you have an inability to think things through.

This could be an interesting development in that Fisher could have made up his mind and choose Miami...all the while gathering intel from the Rams for the upcoming draft.

He had a one-on-one sit down with Bradford and if he liked what he saw...he could be scheming in his head about a draft day trade involving Bradford, Long, draft picks etc...

Marty Schottenheimer is available and hungry for a Super bowl.

And he's not in it for the money.

Greg Cote has a point when he says that hiring Fisher will provide credibility to Ross as serious in improving the Dolphin's franchise. It could also provide Ross with a scapegoat if things don't turn out well as in, "I tried to go with the best one".

stan - Shotty is as old as dirt! I believe he's pushing 70. He's not going to last more than a few years, just given his age.

My father-in-law is 71....I'm scared to even get in a car with him....I can't imagine a 70 year old effectively running an entire football team.

regarding the age thing...I agree 70 is way past prime time.

...but I just heard Dick Lebeau, defensive coordinator for the Steelers just resigned for next year and he is 75!


Good article...lets see if other take the time to read something that may not jive with their opinions....

Jeff, I don't blame Moore for the Cowboys loss, but I'm proving how he and Eli are different. The end of the game was when Moore had to come up big (1 TD ain't enough anymore to be called a great QB). He didn't. He choked. No, not all his fault, but he's the QB, he runs the plays.

As far as a run game, you're kidding right? Take a look at our run game (we were like 6th or something in the NFL), and then see the Giants. Don't you remember that game we played against them? Bush was on fire, and they had ZERO run game. Eli got it done BY HIMSELF. Nicks was hurt much of the year, they had this guy Ballard (a WORSE Fasano) as TE, pretty much his only consistent weapon all year was Cruz. And he's in the Playoffs, round 2. That's thanks to only one person, ELI.

And that's what I want in a QB. When it's time to make moves to win a game, he works like a machine (like you said). Moore hasn't done that yet.


The jets seem to be imploding.....We all knew it would come...just took a bit longer than we thought....

NHFINSFAN - being a coordinator is far different than being the HC. There's not nearly the responsibility. Plus, Dick Lebeau doesn't have to change/install anything....he just has to keep doing what he's been doing.

The Steelers in general are pretty much on auto pilot anyway with the "Steeler way"

We're talking about bringing in a guy that we need to hit on and keep around for awhile for the sake of some assemblance of consistency and continuity....I don't think a 70 year old fits that bill. The Phins can't keep switching up coaches every 3-4 years and get anywhere....If you look at the really good teams, they all have continuity and a long term "system" in place.

It's unfortunate there were "sources" that started the frenzy yesterday. Telling Fisher thanks but no thanks you took too long might make you feel good for a few minutes but that's about it. We are just filling space in a complete information vacuum.
Jets situation is strange, TS almost seems like an impulse hire.

To those who DON'T think Fisher is making a fool out of us: Read what PFT has to say

Even if the bouncing back and forth is about "leverage".....who cares....I would expect nothing less of a high level employee I was going to hire. If someone just jumps on my first offer with no dickering....big red flag.

I'm going to low ball your salary and benefits to start with and if you really think that's all you're worth....you're probably not worth much and you'll probably be sitting in my office a couple months later getting the "it just isn't working out" speach.

It all starts at the top with the Jets, Kris. Ryan is a big mouth. Is it any surprise his players are following his example?

One more year of insisting Sanchez is his QB & this kind of backstabbing & dysfunction & Ryan will be gone.

There hasn't been any consistency with the Dolphins sense 2003......The only thing sense then has been loosing that has be consistent.
They need to get a coach and stick with them. They can't keep changing things every couple of years. That's what I like about Fisher....17 years with a team.....that's commitment.

If you get Marty Schottenheimer as a head coach guess who you get as your new offensive coordinator? The guy who left/got fired to be replaced by Tony Sparano. I'll pass.

Wolfman, In these days and times, people are quick to jump on any offer they receive from employment because jobs are scarce. I hope you dont continue to think that way because ppl are desperate for jobs and will take anything. You cant possibly know what financial difficulty there in..

Live in Miami, 8 million to coach the Dolphins, a top 5 defense and an owner that wants to trade up for a stud QB.

plus you get to see Mando everyday! what negatives?

it was the first thing you said living in miami, huge negative

Chris in the 623 - Actually, Schotty Jr as stated that he doesn't realy want to follow his dad around and is more interested in making his own way.

Most reports I've read say that they will not coach together.

Posted by:wolfman13 January 12, 2012 at 11:16

So you don't like the idea of Bowles taking over. Like Tomlin did for Cowher?

Breaking News!!

The Oshkosh Police Department have confirmed the body found in the Fox River was not that of GB OC Joe Philbin's son. It is now confirmed it was Jeff Fisher!

This would explain why no decision has been made yet!

Yes this is an insensitive joke...


I did wasn't thrilled about Fischer in the first place and now I am an emphatic NO.

This guy is so overhyped, and now he cant even decide on which team to coach, how is he going to decide when the game is on the line. What he is doing now just proves how conservative he is and is not the aggressive risk taking coach that we are looking for. I want a coach that first of wants to be here and doesnt take a week plus to choose us from another team. Pllus the guy only had 6 winning seasons out of 17, no thanks I rather go with a rookie head coach.

Ross should step up right now and announce that the offer is off the table and Sorry Fischer no thanks.

I dont know about the rest of you but I would have a lot more respect for Ross if he closed the door on Fischer before Fischer closes the door on us.

How many times is our beloved Franchise going to be embarrassed. Every offseason the only thing the Dolphins are in the media for is, coaches quiting, after they said they are staying (Saban), Players failing drug tests and then retiring from football, (Ricky Williams) , shopping for a new coach before firing the old coach, then getting rejected by the new Coach (Harbarugh, Sparano.) Calling mothers prostitutes (Ireland, Dez Bryant.) and now Fischer. Enough already of being the whipping boy of the rest of the NFL. Let's end the Fischer saga and move on. (Plus we are offering this guy obscene amounts of cash and power and he still can't pick between us and the Rams, No thanks!)

Hadn't heard that Wolfman. Good information. I'll still pass on Marty and hope it's a moot point by the end of the day.

Spiderman - I know times are tough...but I don't run a charity....I don't want to hire someone simply because they are desperate for a job and will take anything.

The positions I hire are relatively high level...most at the junior executive/mid manager level. These positions require a lot of hard hours at the office and more at home...nights and weekends are common place. I need someone committed and someone who wants to be here....I need someone he's actually thought about what they're getting into and they're on board. I do not need someone who "just needs a job" and is going to bail on me when the going gets tough.

Slutsky, he is overhyped & over rated. But, he's the target for a reason. He has experience, he has credibility & is respected.

No one respects the fins as an orginazation anymore. For that reason alone, Fisher is their man guy. He makes sense.

If he walks & we end up with Bowles or another unknown assistant, expect more of the same. Especially with Ball Boy ireland in charge.

stan - why are you comparing Tomlin and Bowles? Tomlin was a defensive coordinator in Minnesota before becoming the Steelers HC.

I too want stability for the Fins and Fisher will bring that to the table.

...NFL Network is reporting that Fisher is leaning towards the Fins for one reason:


There is a clause in the St. Louis deal that allows them to MOVE THE FRANCHISE and Fisher is not happy with it. This could be the deciding factor in him choosing Miami.

wolfman, I dont think employees will "bail" on you when times get tough, but dont underestimate the amount of ppl who are working much less than they anticipated after graduating college. Put it this way if you were expecting 60000 coming out and couldnt find anything for a year guess what when that 40000 comes around it doesnt sound as bad. During these times employers know that if an potential employee is playing hard ball they can with draw that offer and find someone who will take even less. Unfornetley these are the times were living in.

I'm saying Bowles can take over a winning team.
Not a losing one.
As a business owner you should know the pressure is enormous.
And Marty is one of the few qualified to turn things around.

Of course this is speaking hypothetically of the team keeping the current coaching staff.

Pull the offer off the table Mr. Ross.
You'll earn my respect.


I agree...1 million %.....

Ohh optimistic and pessimistic folks, none of this truely matters. The only thing that matters and would make a significant enough difference to make Miami yearly contenders for a Super Bowl, which is what everybody here is yearning for is an ELITE QUARTERBACK. Look at the past6-7 qb superbowl winners they all had one and that trend will not change. So without an elite qb, all this coach really doesnt matter.

Jeff, I don't blame Moore for the Cowboys loss, but I'm proving how he and Eli are different. The end of the game was when Moore had to come up big (1 TD ain't enough anymore to be called a great QB). He didn't. He choked. No, not all his fault, but he's the QB, he runs the plays.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 12, 2012 at 11:12 AM

not very smart comparison. eli has had years on the team as a starter. it took him time to be clutch. moore was on the team for only about 5 weeks when he jumped in mid season as a starter.

DM...I agree with that as well....

ANother reason to stop all the fan fare for Fisher.....

He will only go as far as his QB takes him.....same for most coaches....

Posted by:DM |January 12, 2012 at 11:41 AM

I couldn't agree more.

Great post!

Has Ireland been fired yet?

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