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No deal yet on Jeff Fisher

Regarding the only topic anyone wants to know anything about right now:

Jeff Fisher is still not the Dolphins' coach. Or the Rams' coach.

He was scheduled to make his decision on either the Rams or Dolphins on Wednesday. I do not know if he did that. My sources got suddenly vague at one point, refusing to tell me if negotiations were underway on a contract or not.

All I could get out of one was this: "No deal done."

I did ask about the NFL Network story that said Fisher was close to a decision and leaning toward the Dolphins. Dolphins didn't know anything about that. So if Fisher is close to deciding or has decided, I cannot tell you.

Fisher has been speaking with both teams (either directly or through his representation) over the past few days -- apparently to get clarificcation on certain issues.

It is interesting this has not happened yet because it shows that neither organization -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams -- is a slam-dunk in Fisher's mind. Both have positives aspects. Both have negative aspects.

Understandable since both have been strangers to the playoffs most of the past decade and as for playoff wins? Zero.

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DM...I agree with that as well....

Another reason to stop all the fan fare for Fisher.....

He will only go as far as his QB takes him.....

same for most coaches....
Posted by: Kris | January 12, 2012 at 11:43 AM

Question Miami Fans.....who would we rather have RG111 or Luck? If we could pull of a monster trade and move up in the draft who would be the better fit in Miami?

Ohh optimistic and pessimistic folks, none of this truely matters. The only thing that matters and would make a significant enough difference to make Miami yearly contenders for a Super Bowl, which is what everybody here is yearning for is an ELITE QUARTERBACK. Look at the past6-7 qb superbowl winners they all had one and that trend will not change. So without an elite qb, all this coach really doesnt matter.
Posted by: DM | January 12, 2012 at 11:41 AM

So what do you propose? Manufacture one on a computer like they did with Kelly Lebrock in Weird Science?

Miami likely wont give up the farm for RGIII & unless Manning becomes available, that's about our only option.

maybe some of you should consider whether brees, rodgers, brady would be an elite qb on our team. i think not.

calidolfanfan, Luck its not even close. Hes the superior QB. (Leadership, Ran a Pro Style Offense, Great Accuracy, Good Athlete)


So Spiderman you don't think there is anyway we can trade up and get him? There is got to be a way to do it.

Stan - first off...I wish I was the owner! LOL....I'm just the CFO, but that puts me in charge of the whole accounting and finance department.

secondly...I just don't agree that Bowles would be taking over a winner. The current staff has compiled only one winning season in 4 and only gotten progrsively worse the last three. They always start slow and then go on a streak which is why I think big Tony was able to hang on as long as he did.

The bottom line is that the Phins are currently a tail of two teams....the team that starts off slow every year and then the team that goes on the streak in the middle or at the end and puts them at 7-9, 7-9, and 6-10 the last three years. I just don't see how that kind of production can be rewarded.

I found this quote on PFT amusing about Sanchez. Doesn't this basically mean Sanchez isn't a good QB & they needed to bring in a dumbed down coordinator & playbook just so that he can play average?

“Look for Sparano to scale back the playbook. Schottenheimer ran a high-volume offense and it overwhelmed Sanchez at times,” Cimini writes. “Sanchez also needs a quarterback coach who can help him better understand pass coverages. Too often he doesn’t know how to react when his first read is covered.”

I def think Ross/Carl P. is telling Fisher that they will do whatever it takes to get a franchise qb. Whether that involves trading up or going after a Matt Flynn. There is no way Fisher comes here without that guarantee.

I think yes zip. My opinion.

Spiderman - I don't mean to come off as an a-hole....though at times, business as it is can certainly bring that out in me.

I'm more than willing to give someone a chance, it just throws up a flag when someone jumps on whatever I'm offering. I've had it work out in the past and those employees have been rewarded with substantial raises and additional perks when it's all said and done.

All too often though, my gut is right, and I end up with an employee who is uncommitted and not willing to put in the work. All too often, I end up with that employee that was just "looking for a job".

Some would ask why I would go against my gut then in the first place and hire them...well, like I said, sometimes it works out, and I end up with a great person on my team. Beyond that, while times are tough....it is often amazingly difficult to fill some of these positions for lack of qualifications, etc. Sometimes positions just need to get filled and you have to go with, often, limited options.

You would think in this market that more people would jump on these types of positions when they're offered....ironically, pickins' are often slim.

calidolfan, I would trade all of my 2012 draft to move up to select Luck, but thats not enough.

Ive heard something like like 2 1st rounders and 2 sencond rounders will do it. I'll still do that to select Luck.

Elite QB is a must to win....we all agree with that.

But there is a combo of luck & skill in finding one.

Warner fell into Vermeils lap....instant winner!

Brady was drafted, but no one thought he would ever "outplay" Bledsoe for the starters job...Instant Superbowl winner!

Same with Brees...He was good in SD, but no one ever thought he would be THIS GOOD with the Saints....Instant turnaround!

In all three of those instances...the head coach of those teams was wallowing through mediocrity until the franchise QB fell into their laps.

The one thing Jeff Fisher brings is a PROVEN ABILITY TO GET THE MOST OUT OF HIS QB'S.

So if we all agree that a franchise QB is needed...you also need a HC who can bring out his best...and Fisher is that guy!

The piece on PFT that everyone keeps referring to is an editorial by Mike Florio. I'm sure you guys are familiar with editorials......that's where someone gives OPINIONS. Doesn't actually mean any of it is true. Truth be known, it's probably a journalist, sick and tired of this whole affair and writing about it every day. I think everyone is sick of talking about it and the good news is we should have closure on it soon.

So what are the problems with rg3 I wouldn't mind having him in miami.


zip, in case you didn't know, Matt Moore has been in the league for 5 years or so. In that time period, Eli had solidified himself as a starter, won a division title, AND a SuperBowl.

So, in discussing how Eli is an elite QB and Matt Moore is not, yes, that was a very apropos comparison.

Who cares if Moore came in 1/2 Season on our team. Why wasn't he a starter instantly once coming into the league? When he won a starting position, why'd he fail?

Brees, if you remember, went to the WORST FRANCHISE IN FOOTBALL, and turned them around (with Sean Peyton). So to say Brees, Brady and Rodgers wouldn't be elite on other teams is sheer nonsense. They're elite because of their talents and the way they approach the game. None of those QBs is elite because of the system they're in.

If Peyton leaves Indy, and goes ANYWHERE ELSE, and is still capable of playing at a high level, you'll see him instantly improve that team. Same way Pennington came here, and we won the division (though I wouldn't call Penny elite). But the point is great QBs are great QBs because their great, not because the HC is great.

Fisher (a) + Elite QB (x) = Winner (y)

Easy formula to calculate. We are close to acquiring (a).

(x) is the hardest to acquire, but Fisher is the only one in my book who can polish a turd into a diamond ( See Vince Young).

(y) is the easy answer and is automatic!

cali, rg3 is great as well but you ask the preference which is Luck cause he the better prospect. RG3 is nice


That looks like the same article from yesterday except they changed the decision date from Wed to Thurs.

Interesting about the VP specualtion. That would put Ireland in a very weak spot. Maybe he'll resign & Fisher would hire his own GM next year or sooner!

If this guy cant make a decision between 2 teams , then how the s**t is he going to make an important decision on the field? This dont seem very promising.

I would rather have RG3. He is a raw talent, but the upside is awesome. That is a move the Dolphins should make.

wolfman, don't really think you can compare the company you run to the Miami Dolphins. I mean, completely different.

For one, when somebody walks into your anonymous company, they don't know very much about it other than what's on a web site or what has been filed with the SEC.

The NFL is a tight knit community, the way the company is run is pretty transparent, think about it. You knwo who is responsible for what with the Dolphins to a certain degree. Any everyone knows everyone in the NFL. Most people already know when they walk into an interview whether they want it or not.

And as far as money goes, it's already been written by Mando that money won't be the deciding factor.

Man, the ones that act like the biggest authorities are sometimes so oblivious.

No offense but you remind me of why I got out of public accounting as fast as I could once I passed my exams and set up my own shop.

Go against the safe moves the dolphins always seem to make

Elite QB example. Wes Welker.


Only picking up your comments to someone else half way through here. Where are you on Flynn? Is he 'elite' or is he a product of his system? How about Cassell when he was in NE? 'Elite' or product of his system?

I'm curious....I just want to get you on record. And I'm not picking on you but you were in the camp that Matt Moore was 'complete garbage' before he got here and I don't think you feel the same way now. So is Flynn better or about the same and how much are you going to pay him?

It the Great Accountant Debate!

Mark vs. The Wolfman

Craig...there is no such thing as an elite backup QB.

I don't blame Fisher at all for his due diligence. This is a huge decision for him and his family and a lot of factors are at play. Frankly, thats a lot more important than our own impatience. Making him out to be a bad guy over this is juvenile. Most of us would do the same in his situation. I can wait a few more hours or an extra day.

dc, those qb's didn't turn around the franchise in half a season. moore has had only half a season and no training camp either. no comparison either way.

mando sid rosenberg is reporting rob chudzinski to be named the new head coach in st.louis


I KNOW that but I want to see if DC feels the same way.

By the way, 'The Great Accountant Debate - Mark vs The Wolfman'.....sounds like a great tag line for a Summer blockbuster!

Here's a good article on where we are sitting with this situation today.....


wow people sending new articles> Great updates. NOT.

I said this earlier but I think it bears repeating:

If you think things would be ANY different were it to be Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden who was considering his options, you are KIDDING yourself! Jeff Fisher has been a head coach in this league for SEVENTEEN years....he's not hurting for money! This isn't about trying to squeeze more money out of both teams. Miami has said they will not be outbid for Fisher. St. Louis doesn't have an infinite budget and have said they will not give him a blank cheque. It goes much deeper than that guys. Likely there are things with both franchises that Fisher doesn't love. He's likely tried to get some of that cleared up.

How is this any different than what Cowher or Gruden would do? If things don't feel quite right for Fisher then I wouldn't doubt he would choose either option. That's a problem how exactly?

This organization is full of incompetence. If they wanted Jeff Fisher they should have re-signed Tony Sparano and saved themselves millions. Both coaches rely on a ground game and tough defense. Fisher, oh i cant wait to see the new Dolphins.

The word around the league is to 'proceed with caution' as far as Ireland and Ross are concerned. I've read that many times from different writers aroudn the NFL. That's what Fisher is doing right now.

That's a problem how?

OH - Thanks for the link!
Here's my favorite line, and it comes at the end of the article:

At this point, both Kroenke and Ross would be wise to move on. It’s obvious that they’re being played against each other. In the end, one will be left holding the bag.

Over the long term, the guy who’s holding the bag could have the better chance of ultimately holding a Lombardi Trophy.

Make your choice already.......

your welcome NH

"The great accountant debate"....LOL, that would be a damned boring movie....don't think any blockbuster would be in the cards there.

Mark in Toronto - unfortunately or fortunately (depending on perspective), I do work for a company and I have a responsibility to my boss and the share holders, which means I often have to hold people feet to the fire. I'm actually a great boss when I can be...for example, my folks really busted their arses this past year...most are currently on a week long administrative "sabatical" if you will. I told them they don't have to use vacation...just take a week and enjoy life and your families and get your arses back here next Monday.

I know I can't make any direct comparison to my the company and a football franchise...but some elements of business are constants regardless of industry. That's all I'm saying. There's the business side to football and there's the public/entertainment side to football. Most of us will never see what really goes on in the business side.

wolfman, you must really be a boss because all you do is blog Dolphins, are you sitting on your ass letting your workers do eveything?

I agree that Fisher is a defensive minded coach....but if he was really all about ground and pound, how did he end up with a QB who was a 4 time pro-bowler and league MVP?

Generally QBs who play on ground and pound teams are game managers....game managers don't really go to pro-bowls as a general rule and certainly don't get named MVP of the league.

I think the ground and pound thing is all perceptions because of the success they had with Eddie George. But people forget that it was, in fact, a very balanced offense and they through the ball a ton with McNair. He tried with V Young, but Young can't throw.

Clue - Get a clue....I just said that we were off all week here...that includes me.


I got the comparison you were making earlier and I agreed with most of what you are saying. I get what Mark was saying but as you've said, 'business is business' and I do see the similarities.

I think the thing that people are missing, is that Jeff Fisher has EARNED the right to do things on his terms. I know that doesn't sit well with some people but that's just how it is. He can be choosy with where he wants to coach and where he doesn't want to coach (Jacksonville and Tampa, for example). He's put the time, has success and perhaps more importantly, been paid well for it. The Dolphins KNEW this before they even approached Fisher and if they were comfortable they could have walked away. You want what THEY perceive to be the best candidate out there, you have to be prepared to be patient.

Wo Wo wolfy slow down with the insults wolfyman. If you wrote that on your posts I would of seen it, for a boss you sure dont pay attention to details...

Fisher is starting to annoy me with his prevarication.He has had ample time to decide his destination and is making fools of the Dolphins.
I don't think Miami should wait any longer,say "bye bye" to him and move on to someone rather more decisive and who actually seems to want the job.
Say 'NO' to Fisher.

I see Tannehill may need foot surgery and be out for a while. For the guys that know him, how good is he and where would you draft him? How good could he become and who would you compare him to in the NFL today? Thanks.

Some observations:

1) To the fellow who posts here who calls himself "9/11 Was An Inside Job" - You're not funny. You're not clever. You're not daring. You're not independent. You're not wise.

You're pathetic.

2) I only hope that my daughters marry men as fine as Tim Tebow... but with more accurate arms.

Has Mr. Fisher made a choice yet?

3) Someone will have to explain to me why not hiring Jeff Fisher will send Dolfans into paroxysms of grief. I just don't see the achievement to warrant this obsession.

4) Since exactly 9 months before the day I was born was my parents' (Potsdam & Hortencia Dodsworth) 10th wedding anniversary, I am one of the few people privileged to have a pretty good idea of when he was conceived.

McNair never threw for more than 3400 yds or 24 tds in a season. That was his best season with a career 82 rating. Sounds like Mcnair was the ultimate game manager. Sure, he was a pro-bowler and an MVP. How he was an MVP with those numbers baffles me. I think your general rule need not apply here bossman.

5) A classic joke:

Two flies are going about their business around some dog doodie. One fly bends over and passes gas.

The other fly responds angrily: "Hey! Do you mind?? I'm eating!!!"


give fisher a deadline..........
that will judge where and if he wants to be a

Give Fisher time. Joining the Dolphins is like marrying an ugly girl haha

Clue - see my post at 12:47...we are on a week long "sabatical", if you will.

Don't worry, December and January are the slow months around here and it's like a ghost town. We'll be full steam ahead in a couple weeks and I won't have any time for this nonsense. For the moment, it's a nice escape from reality.

Finally the news is in!!! Yee Haw!!

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