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No deal yet on Jeff Fisher

Regarding the only topic anyone wants to know anything about right now:

Jeff Fisher is still not the Dolphins' coach. Or the Rams' coach.

He was scheduled to make his decision on either the Rams or Dolphins on Wednesday. I do not know if he did that. My sources got suddenly vague at one point, refusing to tell me if negotiations were underway on a contract or not.

All I could get out of one was this: "No deal done."

I did ask about the NFL Network story that said Fisher was close to a decision and leaning toward the Dolphins. Dolphins didn't know anything about that. So if Fisher is close to deciding or has decided, I cannot tell you.

Fisher has been speaking with both teams (either directly or through his representation) over the past few days -- apparently to get clarificcation on certain issues.

It is interesting this has not happened yet because it shows that neither organization -- neither the Dolphins nor Rams -- is a slam-dunk in Fisher's mind. Both have positives aspects. Both have negative aspects.

Understandable since both have been strangers to the playoffs most of the past decade and as for playoff wins? Zero.

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I just saved a lot of money switching my car insurance...

DM - Oh yes....those are absolutely horrid stats for a QB.

....Here is one thing that hasn't really been discussed. If Fisher ends up here. It looks like he will take on the role of VP of football operations..Irelands Boss. I have been critical of Ireland, and believe he has deserved every bit of criticism pointed in his direction.

With a proven coach like Fisher. Perhaps Ireland has a different approach to building a football team. Leaving behind the Parcellian blueprint, for one that is affective, if not updated to the modern game. I didn't mind the prototype player model that Parcells had. It was just that prototype doesn't work like it did in the 80's-90's.

Fisher has the credibility to offer a different way of thinking. Something Ireland has to respect. I'm not sure TS worked with the same sort of orginizational respect. Also, as far as free agents..Fisher is a guy that players will come here to play for..This is huge.

Fisher may not have the best record in the history of the planet. If you can get past that. He gives the orginization some credibility, and he can take some pressure off of our GM..who so far has proven that he cannot build a winning team under the structure his mentor built for him.

Craig M -

The rub I've heard in RE to Tannehill is that he has tremendous upside. He's being graded right now on a substantial curve because he only has 2 years or so of actual experience playing QB. He was the leading WR before being moved to QB due to the starting QB being injured. He did so well, they just left him there.

Most scouts think he will have to bulk up a bit as he is tall at 6'4" but only around 219...he should be playing at 230-240 with that height.

He also needs quite a bit of work on his mechanics and footwork, but like I said, he's being graded on a substantial curve right now.

Most boards I've seen have him going mid 2nd because of the upside....but definitely a project kind of guy who may or may not work out.

My advise to Fisher: STOP 2nd GUESSING YOURSELF! Time to shi* or get off the pot.

If Miami was your first gut reaction go with it.

Give Fisher time. Joining the Dolphins is like marrying an ugly girl haha
Posted by: TGH | January 12, 2012 at 01:04 PM

HAHAHA, Another sexist joke, Can you please keep it clean please.

Aw Wolfy you've proved me wrong. I've never been wrong on this blog before. I tip my hat off to wolfman.

Fisher wouldn't be taking this long unless he was trying to get St. louis to pay him what Ross will. IMO.

....The ugly girl is rich though!

There are a few people here who act as if they're never wrong. You should start your own bowling team "The Never Wrongs"

I wonder how much lower the Rams offer actually was

Fisher wouldn't be taking this long unless he was trying to get St. louis to pay him what Ross will. IMO.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson



Think you have it backwards. He's trying to get cheapskate Ross to ante up.

Hey Nathaniel, you hear about the man with five penises?

His pants fit like a glove.

Turd - Kroenke could do it too. He has deeper pockets than Ross....but just barely with a net worth of $3.2B vs Ross' $3.1B.

SEARCH THIS - It seems to me that most people here admit to being wrong when they're wrong....of course, I'm only here part time, so I may be missing something.

People just have strong opinions about things...nothing wrong with that....makes the world turn.

..I'm not sure why there are those who feel Fisher needs to make his choice now, or else?
It's isn't like Miami is going anywhere. Or should he wait a couple of days the Dolphins would change their mind. He is the number one candidate out there. Like it or not. (there maybe a better coach out there in the end..different story)..So we can all throw hissy fits, and demand an answers..the Phins will patiently wait out the process.

Give Fisher time. Joining the Dolphins is like marrying an ugly girl haha
Posted by: TGH | January 12, 2012 at 01:04 PM

If that's the case Jeff might be in some bar somewhere getting Hammered.

I don't think St Louis will match Dolphins 7 million, there more of a 2-3 million club. It may be taking more time also because Fisher wants V.P. . Ross would have to work around Ireland. That might be going on. I don't think Fisher is worth 7 million, I'd rather have Marty S. or Billick.

Marino had a career QB rating of 86.4, with his first two seasons his highest rated (96, 108.9). In 1997 his rating was 80.0. He had 5 seasons with a rating over 90 and 2 under 80.

First, I am not saying Matt Moore is the next Dan Marino, but listen to this.

Moore, undrafted, played sparingly in 2007 and not at all in 2008 after breaking his fibula in the pre-season. He started 5 games in 2009 throwing 8 TD's and 1 interception.

As the starter, in 2010, he suffered a concussion in the VERY FIRST game of the season. After some back and forth between him and Clausen, he was placed on injured reserve in week 9 after a shoulder injury. Out of the 4 seasons in which he has played off and on, he has twice finished with a rating over 80, 98.5 (only 5 starts) in 2009, and 87.1 this season (12 starts). As far as QB rating, Marino only topped Moore's best ONCE. Moore is 27 years old.

In 4 seasons, Henne never broke an 80 rating for a season of play. He had a 79.0 rating when he went down this season.

I could be wrong, but I believe Moore is the first QB since Dan Marino to break the 80.0 barrier for a season of play (outside of just one or two starts). Moore has largely been decisive, able to make plays, and get the team in the endzone. Personally, I think we may very well have the QB of our future on the roster right now.

...and you want to know something else? Jeff Ireland got him.

Bring in some competition, but give this kid a chance.

"Never Wrongs", "Always Justified", "The Law",
"The Unaccountables", "The Dont Blame It On Your Dad"....All good names for a bowling team.


My opinion of Flynn is the same as Moore PreSeason, except just seeing what Moore did, then I might not say he's complete garbage until I see him play more than 2 games. In those games, yes, there were things that were intriguing with him, but who's to say what he can do manning something less than the best offense in the league.

I put Cassell maybe one step above both those guys. He's not elite. He's a serviceable QB, but nothing special. Probably benefited from being with the Patriots (so looked better that year then he has in KC).

But I don't feel either of those guys are as good as say a Matt Shaub.

I'm not directing this at you, but at the group as a whole, I'm not sure what's so hard about spotting elite QB talent. Eli comes in, and instantly breaks records on his team. Wins a division title and a SB, within 5 years. Rodgers develops under a legend, then takes over and the team doesn't miss a heartbeat and wins a SB. Brady takes over off an injury to the starter, never relinquishes control, winning MANY SBs on the way. Brees starts OVER a team's 1st-rd draft pick, then gets hurt and traded and becomes a legend in his own right. Peyton comes into the league, has a few years learning, then becomes amazing.

Yes, these guys all had hiccups. They all had off games or off years. But, other than Brees (who was traded if I recall), none were fired from their jobs, were they? None were demoted, were they? None have zigzagging trajectories, do they? All kept rising. And are still rising.

To me that's an elite QB. Matt Moore failed previous to this experience. He's played like this before, right before he played good enough to be fired. Flynn hasn't even done that. So why are people trying to compare them to players who have DONE SOMETHING in this league? I don't get it.


Thanks for the feedback on Tannehill. About all I've heard about the kid is he has a good arm but needs work on the footwork.

So would you be fine taking him with the 9th pick in the second round, even with apparent foot surgery on the horizon?

Not only do I & almost every published article think this has to do w/money, more importantly, I think it's power too. Anyone who thinks Fisher isn't trying to squeeze the most he can has never been in a business negotation.

He's been around for a long time, he probably thinks he's earned the right to have more. I have to believe he knows where he wants to go, but wil go where he gets most money/power combo. Leverage sounds about right. For him, nothing wrong withthat. Miami should consider moving on at this point.

It looks bad for the franchise even if he does sign. The fact that he is having such a "hard time" choosing, shows you just how far this franchise has sunk. The Rams? Come on!


Stats are for loser!

Whats the combine record of teams Matt Moore beat?

Once you find that out, youll see that you wasted time writing that post about Moore potentailly being a franchise QB.

RE: Matt Flynn
Even a chick like Candy From Coral Ridge could throw for 400 Yards with the talent the packers have., Just saying.

Oh come on, Eli is playing is best football THIS SEASON. THIS AFTER 7 SEASONS AS A STARTER.

Eli is nowhere near Peyton or Brady or Brees. Eli is second tier. Just like Moore. But Moore is a natural unlike Eli.

Eli is a 58% completion QB average. 227 yards a game AVERAGE. That's HENNE AVERAGE STUFF.

4-3 IN PLAYOFF GAMES. If not for Strahan AND the defense, and a WR miraculous catch, Eli wouldn't even have a superbowl ring.

Based on STATS alone, Moore is just as good as Eli but simply lacks experience, coaching, GM, Owner and players to carry him.

WOW,Still with the Cowher, Gruden and Dungy thing, OK all they don't want to come back, I'm sure if Ross thought he could get them he would throw double what he is offering Fisher, move on people, He is going after the most experienced coach available, hopefully he may change his mind and give Billick a shot

See Chad Pennington 2008.
I agree, we should give him a chance, hes earned it for the most part. But we also have to pursue a QB in the first round. we havent done that since 1983, that worked out ok. Not saying were going to find the next Dan, but the organization must search to find the next one aggressively. And that doesnt mean waiting untill the second or third rounds for a Chad Henne or Sage Rosenfels.


With respect to your post at 1:09pm, I'm not sure where you're hearing that but that would sound like a good set-up to me. Some of this delay may be just that....setting up a structure like you are talking about. As someone who has defended Ireland more than others here, I think having Fisher as his boss sounds like a good idea. My understanding from eveything I've known about Fisher is he doesn't really want to be involved in the personnel side of things. It's not what he knows and it's not what he does best. He's a coach. However, after having Vince Young thrust on him I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to avoid a similar type thing happening to him again.

Posted by: wolfman13 | January 12, 2012 at 01:22 PM

I've been here about a week & half but can name at least 3 off the top of my head. I wont name names cause I'm pretty sure everyone already knows who they are.

Posted by:Jeff Suckland |January 12, 2012 at 01:32 PM

Have you watched Eli play?

People put your stat books away and watch the freakin games.

Eli is elite. Henne is garbage.

Watch the games please......

Trent Dilfer is better on paper than Eli Manning.

Awfully convenient that Tannehill has the excuse of a broken foot while he won't participate in the Senior Bowl.
More chances to display his inexperience is bad for him. More private workouts that show his swell arm are good for him.
I'm really hoping we aren't targeting him as our QB of the future pick.


Eli is indeed elite and Henne is indeed garbage. Sounds like your getting too worked up over obvious observation

Moore is as good as Eli Manning? I guarantee you there is not a single person actually employed in pro football who would agree with you. Not one.

Man, this place is a comedy show.

Truly pathetic watching two of the most pathetic franchises in the league squabble over a highly over rated coach. I hope the Dudphins get him and it will just be another chapter in the JJ, Wanstache, Saban, Parcels gong show. 6 playoff appearances in his career. How exciting!

Tannehill! Not another project. Has anybody seen Pat White lately.

What SEARCH THIS!! really meant is, he's been here about a week and half, under the name he's using now. Don't be fooled folks....it's that same negative spin from another REGULAR poster here who all of sudden has disappeared off the face of the planet. Same negative, 'down on the franchise' approach as the other guy too and coincidentally two word title. Only question is, why did he change? Did he get booted? Is his name some kind of protest to the organization he loathes so much? Did he flip over for 2012? But make no mistake about it....it's the same guy. Clashed a few times with him over time and it looks like that part has continued too.

What he NEGLECTED to point out in last post is there have been MANY articles who have mentioned it's NOT about money as far as Fisher is concerned and that the Rams have said they will only pay up to a certai point for Fisher. But let him tell us how it REALLY is.


Posted by: wallyfin | January 12, 2012 at 01:41 PM

More reason to put Fisher all in. Miami should leak a story that they're talking about a contract with Zimmer. We'll see if Fisher walks or takes the bait.

As far as what I'd pay for Flynn Craig? A meager amount. To me, Moore/Flynn (or the other way around) is the same as Henne/Moore. Two backups who might have the potential to be more, but haven't proved it to any of 32 NFL HCs or OCs or QB Coaches enough to maintain a starting position.

It's different than paying for a QB via Draft. Yes, you're taking your chance in that regard. Who knows if Luck or RG3 will be elite. But those are the chances you take. Sometimes you're right (as the GM), sometimes not.

But go back and see how Flynn or Moore were received out of college (by the experts, who you seem to defer to in other arguments you make). Not very well, evidenced by their draft positions.

Now see what they say about Luck/RG3 (top of their class, almost sure things). Luck they say is a "generational" player, like Elway.

Sure, not a slam dunk. Could be Flynn's career is better than RG3's. Experts aren't always right. But that's the game. Everyone takes chances. Goal is to take the RIGHT chance. You can play if safe all the time, take no chances. And you can stay mediocre. Educated risk is something a GM needs to be willing to take, and the best ones at it field the best teams.

OK, got to work again guys....

I'll let SEARCH THIS!! entertain everyone while I'm gone.

This waiting game is really old and getting tiring fast.....make a decision and move on ALREADY...we've spent too much wasted blog entrys on this sour subject.....

Fisher is NOT that good of a coach to be worth all this attention....

Too worked up.

Well when it's so obvious that we need a elite QB. And the team not only sticks with Henne but gives him no competition.

Yeah, I get a little "worked up" over the subject.

Speaking of Saban, I just want to, as a Dolphin fan thank him for being the great football mind that he truely is and passing on Drew Brees for yours truely Daunte Culpepper, and Aaron Rodgers for Ronnie Brown. Thanks Nic, you forever royally screwed us with your infinite football knowledge

I'm not sure what I enjoy more .... being so flipping smart or snapping one off in a fellow die hard. Oh yeah! This ones gonna be messy. Can't hold it! Thank god for those cheap socks.




Glad you see it that way. I was fearing that you'd think Flynn was the 'next' guy based on a couple of big games in GB. I think you'v got it pegged right as far as he is concerned.

F Fisher. I'm bored with him already. Let's pick up the season where we left off and kick some A.

Moore is just as good as Eli period Ray. That's why you must work for the Miami organization. You guys don't see talent when it drops in your lap.

I disagree, Eli is far more reliable than moore when it comes to crunch time and 4th qtr comebacks...the stats will ring true on that...

According to Florio of PFT on AM 1050 Toronto, Jeff Fisher "is the prettiest girl at the Ugly Stick Dance". Is he really the guy we want in South Florida?

I'm no stat boy. But I'm willing to bet that Eli had the same if not better stats than Paytons up until now.

Neither does Carolina, or Dallas, or UCLA. All places Moore left in an attempt to fit in elsewhere. Eli never had to leave , Rivers, Roethlisberger, Rodgers,Brady etc...none of these guys leave once they arrive because it is abundantly clear once they get on the field that they are elite top notch level QB's who can and compete for a super bowl year in and year out. Moore, the guys a traveling man. I wonder why

According to this organization that Ray works for, Wes Welker wasn't even worth keeping and Carlos Dansby was worth giving a huge contract to.

According to Ray and Ireland, getting rid of BOTH Ricky and Ronnie for BUSH was a great idea. Bush didn't show up for a game until the last 3 games of the season.

According to Ray and Ireland, Henne gives us the best chance to win next season.

But I'm suppose to believe Ray and this organization even remotely knows what talent is?


Eli got Henne average stats.

Forgive Craig, he takes offense at ANY & ALL posts which he disagrees with. I've seen the EXACT same treatment towards New Coach, yesterday etc.

Then you resort to accusing everyone who thinks your a pompus clown of being someone else. EVERY TIME.

Do you think if you keep repeating the accusation you'll somehow convince yourself it's true or get people to care?

I can assure you, nobody cares about you, me or who you accuse everyone of being. Be a man for christ sakes. He said this, she said that. Grow up! Acting like a baby is no way to go through life.

*********BREAKING NEWS**********

**Fisher Expected To Make Decision Soon**

As speculation runs rampant, sources insist a deal will be announced soon.

Fisher's representatives have explained the delays, telling insiders they have been busy this week hamering out a **New Endorsement** deal for Fisher.

A Press Conference is expected later today to introduce Fisher as the new SpokesPerson for Vagisils latest add campaign.

Inside sources report that Fisher wanted this deal to get done sooner, but was having a difficult time deciding which company he'd prefer to represent.

Executives from Midol Brand Products declined comment, but it is believed they were also vying for Fishers services.

-Follow Me On Twitter For Updates-

WQAM is reporting that Chuz is the man that will get the Job in St Louis….

That they are not offering any more than 5 million to Fisher where Miami is offering up to 8 million…

Matt Moore,

For the 100th time guys what don't you guys get? I don't mean to come off like this but isn't it obvious why Moore's play was good but not great? If it's not obvious let me break it down.

Matt Moore in 2009 Carolina was 4-7 and out of the playoff mix and he came in and threw 8 TDs and only 2 ints. Moore finished season with 4-1 record as a starter.

Matt Moore in 2010 is given the confidence as full time starter he goes into camp with only rookie Jimmy Clausen. He throws 5 TD to 10 ints and 4 fumbles. Moore 1-6 as a starter.

Matt Moore in 2011 takes over an 0-4 team that makes it way to 0-7 and throws 16 TDs 9 ints and has 9 fumbles. He finishes 6-6 as a starter. He didn't have a single win vs a playoff team 0-3.

He is up and down in his career and he is up and down game to game. He simply is not a starter.

Career as a starter 11-14 record
25 TDs 17 ints 15 fumbles

And you guys are ready to make him a starter? SMH!!!!!!!

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