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Report: Jeff Fisher is interviewing with Dolphins today

Jeff Fisher is in town and interviewing with the Dolphins now, ESPN has reported. I have not yet confirmed this independently.

[UPDATE: I've confirmed Fisher is indeed in town today.] Fisher arrived at the Dolphins facility aboard a helicopter. Owner Stephen Ross was supposedly with Fisher.Dolphins copter

Assuming the report is accurate, this would be a good sign in that it shows aggressiveness by the Dolphins to move on the best candidate on the market immediately. You must remember, the Dolphins coaching job has been open about 36 hours.

This interview is interesting. It frankly promises to be more of a sell-job or recruiting mission than an interview. After all, are Ross or Jeff Ireland seriously going to interrogate Fisher as to his defensive strategies? They would never balk at anything he tells them.

Fisher, Ireland and Ross in the room is a room with one highly credentialed NFL man and two others trying to reach those heights. Sorry if that frays anyone's sensibilities but that is the truth.

The mission, now that Fisher is in town, should be to prevent him from leaving town. The Dolphins should show Fisher around, let him meet the personnel staff, get a clue whether Fisher would be comfortable working with Ireland (which I'm told isn't expected to be a problem), and then do one last thing:

Throw a brinks truck loaded with big bills at the guy.

Hire the guy!

The Dolphins would be foolish to let Fisher go to his interview with the Rams, which is scheduled for later this week. If Fisher stays in town, that's a glowing sign that he will be the next coach of the Dolphins. If he leaves town ... issues.

It would be a bad sign.

I am encouraged about a couple of things here: The fact Fisher is talking to Miami first is great for the Dolphins. The fact Fisher is at the facility is a great sign he's not put off by what Miami's current QB situation is. There was a report that said Fisher needed to be comfortable with a team's quarterback situation or prospects to be interested in a job.

Fisher's presence doesn't mean he'll be the Dolphins next coach. But it suggests good things for a team trying to make a splash in hiring their coach.

Today should be interesting.

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Hopefully Jeff Ireland won't ask Fisher what his mother does for a living.


Hire the OC for GB and flynn comes in a package deal.. Then draft blackmon in first round and weeden in 2en round.

That would take care of the QB position for the next 10 years!!!

Craig M.... I'm glad you brought up FLYNN...cause it highlights INCONSISTENCIES in your arguments..... Yesterday....you were on your high horse telling EVERBODY who would listen that Matt Flynn was the flavor of the day...and you ridiculed them for not showing more love for MOORE....

NEW COACH WANTED told you repeatedly that many teams wanted Flynn's services last year....and you disputed that....and basically told everyone on here that they just heard of "Flynn yesterday"....

in short....you basically discounted New Coach Wanted argument that FANS may want Flynn because other GMs and coaches do....

. Now your making the EXACT same argument to me about Fisher....your saying FANS should want him because other Owners and GMs want to interview him....

Do you see the IRONY in your arguments.....

Blowhard would call it hypocrisy.....but I'M not gonna go that far....
Posted by: kris | January 03, 2012 at 10:42 AM

I wonder if the celebrity owners make a cameo appearance during the interview.

Man....I hope we dodge this Fisher bullet.....

Ireland was a bears ball boy when Fisher was a bears player.

Moore might not be a franchise QB but he's hardly chop liver either.

We won't get Fisher but at least we tried.

Weeden will be 28-29 years old by the time the season rolls around, would not waste a pick on him, he might only be around 4-5 years

I would rather get Flynn, and keep Moore. Moore is still young and would be credible backup if Flynn is what people think he is

Fisher interviewing this early means he will leave with nothing signed while he explores other options and is not likely to be back.

Mando, I can't believe that you didn't offer the most obvious reason that Fisher is in Miami first....leverage! Reports indicate that he wants the Rams job...

why not go to the guy who is most willing to overspend (Ross) first...take his huge contract to the Rams and say "what can you offer me?"

What did Fisher's mom do for a living?

Mando...he will not be the coach. Move on.

Surprised if Fisher is our coach, think he is using us just for leverage...seems to always happen this way for us

During the initial phase of the interview,I hear the voice of Ireland saying:
Excuse me Mr. Ross can I ask a question to Mr. Fisher.
Yes go ahead Ire. feel free.
Mr. Fisher is your mother a prostitute working for your father.... and sudden I don't know what was broken inside the room and I went out of there because I don't want to be involve in any controversy


I didn't dispute that Flynn was in demand last year. That's not what i said.
Flynn may or may not be a good QB. We don't know. i happen to think he's a product of his environment. Too many guys have come out situations like that and failed. Personally I don't think he's any better than Moore but I guess guys will need to see that for themselves before they believe it.
YOU, more than anyone has been beating the drum of having to have a first round QB on your team. We're sitting with the 8th or 9th pick, with a chance to finally draft a QB and you'd prefer to take a guy like Flynn. It's going to cost some big money to sign him and there's no guarantee of any more success. It's a constantly revolving door, with no plan. Stick to the plan...

Yeah we have been snake bitten before by Harbaugh and rightfully so. I think he signs with Miami. I think the reports about the Rams and Chargers having QBs and all is the leverage he uses to get Ross to anti up his cash. Fisher obviously has other suitors out there and Ross and Ireland know it. Fisher goes to Miami first so they don't find another Head Coach they end up liking.

Fisher is 53 and more than likely is his last HC gig in the NFL so why not get paid and enjoy what you do best and for Fisher that's coaching!

And guys I broke the story before Armando check the last blog!


There seems to be a real DISCONNECT.
I'm not saying Jeff Fisher should be the head coach because other oweners and GMs want him, I'm saying he should be the head coach because in my opinion he has the most to offer. It has nothing to do with popularity. There's a popular train of thought out there to hire a top assistant from a team like GB, NO or NE. That's fine. I can respect that. But I think after trying a couple of assistants with no head coaching experience, which didn't go well, it's time to hire a guy who has down the job before, in this case 15 years.
He must have done something right because Bud Adams is a demanding guy. Fifteen years should count for something.
Posted by: Craig M | January 03, 2012 at 11:00

Matt Moore is rated #12 by ESPN.

Why would a guy like fisher take a job here with no quarterback and no chance of acquiring that quarterback for next year. This franchise has lost any sheen it had left. Thank you parcells.

hire whoever the heck you want Mr. Ross. Just continue to buy up the the thousands of unsold tickets each each week or i'm done with this team like i'm sure everyone else will be.


Great job!!

Let's see how things go. I said this yesterday but to me the situation in St. Louis is much more dire than Miami. I guess guys didn't watch too many of the Rams games this year but there were VERY few games they were actually in. Yes, injuries played a part but COME ON....
Seemed like I was watching Indy a lot of the time. OL is a mess, defence is a mess, Jackson not getting it done and Bradford hasn't proven anything so far. If that's what Fisher wants, then good luck!

Here in Nashville we are happy to see coach back out there on the market. Beyond being a great coach he is the closest thing to a normal human person in the NFL. He will not sign anything while he is there because that is the kind of careful guy he is. When he has talked to everyone and evaluated all offers he will then make the best decision. My honest feeling - St. Louis.

Besides Fisher and a few others, we just don't have any information about other potentially good Head Coaches for Miami. Ireland does.

Here comes an unpopular opinion....

The reason Henne so-called - "lost" his first 3.5 games - is the same reason that Moore so-called "lost" HIS first 3.5 games... and that's because last year's #6 over-all defense TANKED IT for the first half of the season! I mean... let's face it... they SUCKED! It's amazing to me how that's completely lost on this knee-jerk fan base! We had the lead late, in most every game we played in that 0-7 stretch - and the ONLY time we were beaten soundly - Henne threw for 450 yards! I've only seen 3 QBs overcome a crapy defense... Mario, Manning & Brady - and we don't have 1 of those on the roster.

If our defense played up to their potential - like they finally did for the LAST 9 games of the season... we'd be talking about how Henne "turned the corner" this year (as he actually DID!) - just like MOST QBs do in their 3rd year as starters... and how Sporano had the patience to stick with him - resisting outside pressures and the knee-jerk reaction most FANS have.

Look at Sunday's result for example - Moore throws for a buck-35 and 2 BAD picks, puts up only 19 points (9 of them off of turn overs - none of those resulting in TDs), and we win by 2 at home! I COULD HAVE DONE THAT FOR HALF THE PRICE! Sure Moore played well in maybe HALF his starts - but that's no reason to vilify Henne. He did nothing but elevate his game and his locker room presence and team-mate respect this year.

The fact that this team NEVER quit on Sporano after 0-7 says more about the coach than the 0-7 record does. As for the 0-7 record - Sporano was let down by EVERYONE around him... the owner (last year's embarrassing coaching search debacle), the GM (terrible draft & FA decisions), Parcells (failed to finish the job he wasn't really interested in in the first place), and especially the so-called #6 defense. Sporano was the fall-guy for the Ross's, Ireland's and Parcell's outrageous failings and Henne's untimely injury.

Why does this matter?... because at the end of the day, SPORANO is the "BEST COACH AVAILABLE" for THIS team... because, let's face it - there's NOTHING out there that excites me (or any of you if you're being honest - what the hell has Fisher done?!). Except for Gruden and Chower that have said they're not going to coach at all - we got NUTHIN!

All Sporano's firing was was Ross's knee-jerk reaction to appease YOU - the knee-jerk fan base - so it would LOOK like he was actually DOING something that wasn't hobnobbing with pop-stars. All he REALLY did was shoot himself (and US) in the foot, and piss of the 95% of the team that loved and played hard for their coach. All the while, while giving Ireland - the ACTUAL reason for our ills - a FREE PASS!!!

Because of this year's lousy record, we drew a soft schedule and will have a respectable year next year, but that won't help us in the long term goal of winning the Super Bowll. In fact, it will HURT us because it will LOOK like Ross actually DID something right. When All he did was shoot us in the 'long-term' foot. So until this "read's his own press" owner is gone - we've got 'much the same' for years and years to come as a fish (pun intended) stinks front he head down. And now it looks like we'll end up with HIS BOY Carl "what the hell has HE done?" Peterson at president... and the good 'ol boy network continues to churn while WE buy tickets and SUFFER!

What are the chances I can raise $1,500 to buy a banner that reads "Fire the Owner - Bring Back Sporano!"... LOL!

Go Fins!

It is good that Mr. Ross has been patient(and I wish I had that attribute).

These jokes about is your mom a prostitute were old and boring a week after it happened. Two years later people are still stuck on such trivial nonsense. Most football fans are dumb boobs like those idiots in the beer commercials.

mark in toronto apparently you OBLIVIOUS to the fact its pretty easy to trade up to get RG3 or maybe able to sign peyton manning or matt flynn or get Brandon Weeden who is a first round talent but is 2nd round QB coz hes 28 both all can are or will be franchise QBs in the NFL. And btw Moore is a better QB freeman by a LONG way fool

Craig M....

I definitely have been beating that drum for years....

But I don't see that can't miss prospect.....some say it's Luck.....I dont see it....I don't think he played the TOP competition....and when he did..they lost.....but nobody will talk about that.....

Maybe I will be wrong.....I don't get paid to evaluate talent....and Luck will probably prove why in a couple of years....

But since we will not get luck.....or RG3....I don't know who else would be able to lead this team out of college....

Last year I thought Flynn was a one game wonder....but after standing up to the Lions DL..

I've taken a step closer to the Flynn......

First off, the jokes about Ireland asking about a mother's job are no longer funny...2nd, none of us reading this blog know anything about who will get the job..if so, we would be writing breaking news articles...I for one will enjoy watching this all unfold..Would enjoy watching a playoff game more, but it is what it is..I love hearing views of you great fans, but some write their views as fact, we do NOT know!!

MArk Toronto,

Miami has a chance possibly to get RG3, a slim one but depends on what they are willing to give up as opposed to other teams. Another option is the most obvious since about 4 pm Sunday is Matt Flynn. Of course several other teams are out there that will want the same thing and Miami may end up on the short end of the stick.

At worst Miami has Matt Moore who has been serviceable in his time a Pro Bowl WR even if does drop a ton of passes he still is a threat, a 1000 yard rusher who averaged over 5 a carry and an offensive line that features a stud (Long) and promise (Pouncey) and a solid road grader (Incgonito) which is Fishers style! On D they have a lot of nice pieces Wake, Dansby, Vontae, Odrick, Starks (played for Fisher).

And with all that said Ross will make him probably a top 5 paid Head Coach. I don't think small market teams like St. Louis or Chargers will pay him but they have a promising/potential franchise QB and a Franchise Qb respectively.

Fisher was a DC before HC not a OC. If you want a wide open passing attack like Ross said and I want, don't you want a offensive coach and a pocket passer, not a defensive coach and a running QB like RG3 or Tree Fiddy as I call him. When will you people get off of these super hero black running QB'S that always fail, like Young, Russell, Vick, Culpepper, McNabb,and Cam will be a bust also. You think Fisher wants to work with another black QB after the war with Young that cost him his job.


Jeez some of you come on blogs to write a novel. No one reads your post!

Fan Reminder: How have the Dolphins done over the past 18 years playing back-up QB's hoping they will become the next BIG THING?

Answer: Disaster!


Sometimes I wish the Herald had a like button. That's one of the funniest comments I've seen in a long time. I still don't like Fisher. If we get him, so be it, but I think we're all failing to consider that the first offer could be leverage for the offers that Fisher really wants. "Hire me now, San Diego, the Dolphins have 7 million a year on the table." I'd pull the trigger then and there if I were another team interested in Fisher.


AND BERGER ...................


So aren't you really going against your premise that you've got to have a first round QB. You're the one who brought up the stats. You're the one who said that's the best way to have succcess. You're now changing the tune to a 7th round QB.

Of course there's no slam dunk. But here really wasn't a slam dunk last year either. Even your guy Mallett wasn't a slamdunk or he would have gone much higher. But when presented with the opportunity and with there being a need, I think you've got to take it.

By the way, I'll be in the minority but I wouldn't be opposed to take a guy like Weedon in the second or third. I know he's 28 but I like what I see from him. I think he could be decent for 8-10 years.

Craig M,

I'm with you! The Rams may or may not have a franchise Qb. I personally like Bradford but what does my opinion matter but outside of a possible, potential franchise QB they have S, Jackson who has a lot of wear and tear on him and nothing else to speak of offensively, ok I will give you Brandon Lloyd.

Defensively the Rams did have injuries but have a horrible secondary as a whole. 1 good LB in Lauranitis and a good DE in Long and potential good one in Quinn but nothing else. Miami is much more close to competiting then the Rams.

Now San Diego is probably a good fit for several reasons, Phillip Rivers, Gates (if healthy), Ryan Matthews, V Jax (if he resigns) some good O-linemen but defensively they have Weddle and an old Jammer, Shaun Phillips and not much else. Rivers could be the deal breaker but again San Diego doesn't seem like an organization that will be big spenders with their thrifty ways.

Blowhard would call it hypocrisy.....but I'M not gonna go that far....

Posted by: kris | January 03, 2012 at 10:42 AM

why not? he is a hypocrit.



I agree with those who say those jokes aren't funny. They're pathetic. Just as pathetic as the Dolphins having a GM who actually asked the question in the first place.

I dont normally get into draft talk this early....but if he's on the board (if rgIII) is gone, i'd like to see us draft justin blackmon. Our offense would be greatly improved and it would open up the field for other players. I know WR isnt a big need, but sometimes you just have to take that special player if he is there. Also, the jeff fisher signing would be a giant step in the right direction. Our team is close to being a contender every year. Just a few more pieces to add to the puzzle. Go phins!


Fisher is going to St. Louis. We're getting the special teams coach from Chicago. Fun times.


The talk is that Rivers is pushing hard for the Chargers to keep Turner. I don't know if it's going to work. But I agree with you, if the San Diego job is open it will be appealing to him.

Craig M...

Remember..... Mallett hasn't played a DOWN yet in the NFL....so we don't know what we he is capable of....

Also remember....it wasn't Mallet's ARM that dropped him.....it was his off-feild activities and rumors that made his stock plummet.....

Remember...Rodgers sat on the bench for a couple of years as a 1st rd pick....so Mallett sitting behind ONE OF THE BEST QBs IN NFL HISTORY.....says nothing about his talent of lack thereof.....

Jordan, if you knew me, you'd know that I'm not oblivious to anything.

Sure, easy to trade up to rg3? You've got to outbid Washington and Cleveland for him. Browns have more picks than we do and Dan Snyder never gets outbid for anything. Good luck.

Flynn is no more of a sure thing than matt Moore -who is not even an average NFL starter and weedon is 28. He should be at his NFL prime, not college prime. Obviously you are too young to remember Chris weinke, whereas I am experienced enough to remember him as a Toronto blue jay let alone a Carolina panther or Seminole.

Isn't Aaron Rodgers like 29? Imagine what he would do to college defenses. Same thing.

"The fact Fisher is talking to Miami first is great for the Dolphins."

Exactly what I said in the blog comments yesterday...

If you think about it, the fact that Miami doesn't have a set QB actually favors them in getting Fisher. Fisher had a lot of problems with Vince Young in Tennessee, but seemingly couldn't get rid of him because of the owner. He was basically tied to him (although he certainly showed him the bench a few times).

But I just know that pitch job that Ross is selling to Fisher is that he will have a very large say in who the Dolphins have as their QB. I think that is enticing to Fisher, because he won't be tied to someone he can't work with. Ross is probably telling him he's willing to do whatever (i.e. trade up in the draft) to get the guy he needs.

I'm encouraged.

Why the big news about Fisher for coaching the Dolphins- a coach that in 17 years has a record of W-142 and L-120 almost, and I said almost a 8-8 per year? A 50% coach and a looser in Conference games and Super Bowl? Why the Euphoria?
C'mon guys be real this guy is crap, like Wannstead,Saban,Cameron,Sparano....bring someone starving from winning franchises like NO,GB,NE,Giants, that know how and what to do to get there because they has been there some of them few times.

HC in St. Louis is not a very stable job. They're looking for their fifth HC since firing Martz in 2005.

Craig M,

I don't see Norv sticking but on NFL Sirius they pointed out he has done a good job there winning something like 3 division titles, playoff win and maybe just maybe AJ Smith didn't provide enough overall talent.

Who knows? All I know is I want Fisher in Miami. He might not be most of out preference for offensive minded but we know we will be getting a quality coach who has proven success!





That's not the ONLY reason Mallett dropped. But that's fine if you want to tell yourself that.

Regardless, I'm debating his talent, I'm debating whether he's a slamdunk. If he was he would have gone in the first round. At some point maybe you need to take a chance on a first round QB. It's not for now but rather for down the road.

I think Fisher would be a smart hire. He's an accomplished Coach that can put together a decent staff.

Of course, all of this is moot if Ireland can't deliver the goods. This is a GM's league. If Ireland can't land a franchise QB and plug up the holes, the Coach isn't going to matter much.

It all has to work together. Ireland finds the guys. Coach develops them. If either fails, we are looking at perpetual 6-10 seasons...

GRAIG M......




Im so sick of Phin4life and his racists comments.

Anyone that thinks Moore is an answer at quarterback is delusional. First off he was 6-7 and lost his first 4 games as a starter. He didn't beat any good teams (Jets suck as well as Oakland)and he didn't start winning until Marshall fixed his dropsies issues and the team started running effectively. He had the EXACT same issues in the redzone as Henne in his early games. Henne for those who have short term memory could have easily been 2-1 or 3-0 as the starter had the receivers actually held on to the dmn ball. Don't forget also that Moore was a starter that was benched for the Panthers last year that enabled them to get the first round pick for Newton. Henne has more potential than Moore but either way the team needs a bonafide QB. None of the QB's in the draft are sure things and neither is Flynn, however, Flynn at least has NFL experience and has had the luxury or learning in Green Bay.

On another note, who is brought in as the coach, along with the staff and program that will be run is a larger issue than QB.

As crazy as this is going to sound from me, this team is a PLAYOFF TEAM next year with only a few key additions in free agency (and with Moore still at QB).

Why? Because the schedule next year look brutally easy just like it did 4 years ago when we made the playoffs.

That being said, my goal is still to WIN A SUPERBOWL. This team is not going to win a Superbowl. We have to upgrade the talent at the skilled positions with STUDS to have a chance at a Championship (especially QB if possible).

It can be done, but there needs to be a change in organizational and draft philosophy. IF Fisher agrees to be head coach here and IF he agrees to let Ireland stay on as GM, I am hoping he will only do it if he gets final say on personnel. I certainly wouldn't trust Ireland with his track record and the way he through the last coach under the bus.

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