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Report: Jeff Fisher is interviewing with Dolphins today

Jeff Fisher is in town and interviewing with the Dolphins now, ESPN has reported. I have not yet confirmed this independently.

[UPDATE: I've confirmed Fisher is indeed in town today.] Fisher arrived at the Dolphins facility aboard a helicopter. Owner Stephen Ross was supposedly with Fisher.Dolphins copter

Assuming the report is accurate, this would be a good sign in that it shows aggressiveness by the Dolphins to move on the best candidate on the market immediately. You must remember, the Dolphins coaching job has been open about 36 hours.

This interview is interesting. It frankly promises to be more of a sell-job or recruiting mission than an interview. After all, are Ross or Jeff Ireland seriously going to interrogate Fisher as to his defensive strategies? They would never balk at anything he tells them.

Fisher, Ireland and Ross in the room is a room with one highly credentialed NFL man and two others trying to reach those heights. Sorry if that frays anyone's sensibilities but that is the truth.

The mission, now that Fisher is in town, should be to prevent him from leaving town. The Dolphins should show Fisher around, let him meet the personnel staff, get a clue whether Fisher would be comfortable working with Ireland (which I'm told isn't expected to be a problem), and then do one last thing:

Throw a brinks truck loaded with big bills at the guy.

Hire the guy!

The Dolphins would be foolish to let Fisher go to his interview with the Rams, which is scheduled for later this week. If Fisher stays in town, that's a glowing sign that he will be the next coach of the Dolphins. If he leaves town ... issues.

It would be a bad sign.

I am encouraged about a couple of things here: The fact Fisher is talking to Miami first is great for the Dolphins. The fact Fisher is at the facility is a great sign he's not put off by what Miami's current QB situation is. There was a report that said Fisher needed to be comfortable with a team's quarterback situation or prospects to be interested in a job.

Fisher's presence doesn't mean he'll be the Dolphins next coach. But it suggests good things for a team trying to make a splash in hiring their coach.

Today should be interesting.

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